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Democracy the Saviour

While American Presidents Barak Obama and Russian President Vladimer Putins
speech at the 70th anniversary of United Nations General Assembly was under
limelight particularly due to their growing differences on Syrian conflict.
President Obama highlighted a single point that was the abstract of all the
problems Syria is facing as a failed state. He said why Syria is suffering is due to
its weak institutions
He no doubt stroked the bulls eye, If Syria had a strong institutional background
i.e. a strong parliament, executive and judiciary, this stage could have been
avoided. This can only be achieved if the form of government is pure democratic.
States where government represents public opinions are stronger as they are
very much aware of the unrests among general public and this unrest can be
avoided before it turns into an anarchy. This is equally applicable to all the Arab
states that went through Arab Spring in past several years. If they had a strong
democratic structure, intervention of non-state actors in state matters would
have been a difficult task.