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What Jesus has to Say about... the End Time

What Jesus has to Say about... the End Time

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Another mind-boggling chapter of the free eBook project "What Jesus has to Say"
Another mind-boggling chapter of the free eBook project "What Jesus has to Say"

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Published by: mcdozer on Mar 27, 2010
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What Jesus Has to Say at the Onset of the 21

Century about…
…the Endtime
“The night cometh, when no man can work.” – John 9:4
Soon that which they say now rules the world – money – will be no more, and you will loo and it!s "one# $irst to be
re%laced by Satan!s mar for his short time and then to be re%laced fore&er and eternally by 'y new ( e&erlastin"
System of true &alues#
)he hour of darness is comin"# *et 'e be your only li"ht, and + will li"ht your %ath#
)hey!re all li&in" on borrowed time, and "uess Who they!re borrowin" it from, + lend it to them, and soon + will return to
see what each man has done with it and reward them accordin"ly#
When + return, will you cry, -+f + only had "i&en u% this thin" and that or the other for the *ord, how many more + could
ha&e sa&ed.!,
)hin"s will /O) continue as they were# 0nd when they will chan"e, when that which is forecast will come to %ass, then
you will ha&e your chance, and + will ha&e 'y chance, if you will let 'e wor and s%ea and mo&e and li&e throu"h you#
)hat!s why you must train now, so you will be %re%ared when it ha%%ens#
1e lie 'e# Endurin" unto the end# 0nd + am with you always e&en unto the end of the world, which isn!t that far off
2ou must wor hard to %re%are for the calamities that are about to befall the World# 0nd 3ust lie /oah needed 'y e4act
instructions in order to be able to build the first shi% in history, so will you, if you wish to sur&i&e the flood of ini5uity#
)he time is truly drawin" near ( you!re feelin" the &ibes of im%endin" doom# 6o what you can ( + will do what you can!t#
*ift u% the standard of *o&e, 'y %ioneers. $or soon this standard will fill the whole Earth, lie a mi"hty mountain that
will fill the whole Earth, and you will ha&e been 'y %ioneers, the foundin" fathers, who, in the last ( most wiced days
of man will ha&e withstood all o%%osition to declare ( establish this eternal standard#
+n 'y in"dom, that standard of lo&e will be 3ust as tou"h a law as the laws of man today# +f you will brea it, you will
rea% conse5uences#
)here will be statutes which will ha&e to be e%t, and they will all be %art of the new standard, the standard of lo&e# 0nd,
oh, how %roud + am of those lie you who now, when this future is considered nothin" more than a wild dream by those
who surround you, already %roclaim it#
'y day shall come as a thief in the ni"ht#
1lessed will those be whom +!ll find liftin" u% the standard of lo&e in their li&es, deeds ( actions, and teachin" others to
lo&e 3ust the same# $or soon that lo&e will be a cuttin" li"ht in the darness, which will be seen from miles away# 'y
shee% will follow your beacon ( 'y &oice in you, so, be 'y standard bearers, 'y heralds, %roclaim 'y standard of lo&e.
+ don!t want to scare you of the future, but if you would see the se&erity of the im%endin" doom, you would act
differently. 2ou would di" out the Word and start readin" ( memori7in" as if your life would de%end on it as much as
breathin"# + will ha&e to become your o4y"en, if you want to sur&i&e the days to come. + will ha&e to become your only
li"ht, your bread, your water, and e&erythin" you need to li&e, for the 6e&il is "oin" to try to cut all other means of
)he less firmly you are attached to the World ( the System, the less you!re "oin" to be affected by the cataclysmic
chan"es that are "oin" to befall it#
)he more you stay tuned to 'e ( mo&e with 'y S%irit, the safer you!ll be# 1ein" a %il"rim ( stran"er in this world always
shows its ad&anta"es when this world is bein" shaen u% by 'e ( turnin" e&ents#
*et 'e carry you abo&e all the wa&es the storms are whi%%in" u%# )he sea beneath you is seethin" ( foamin", a blac,
menacin" brew# 1ut you are safe in the %alm of 'y hand#
)he forces which will be at wor durin" the time of the 0ntichrist are already at wor ri"ht now to brin" him to %ower# 0
new world order doesn!t 3ust %o% out of nothin" without ha&in" been thorou"hly %lanned# Some thin"s loo sim%ler on
the surface than they really are, and 3ust because you can!t see the intricacy on the surface, it doesn!t mean it!s not
)he Enemy was bar"ainin" with 'e ( said, -Sure they!re all "oin" to ser&e 2ou with the fear in their necs that this
world is "oin" to %ot soon# 1ut "i&e them a little more time ( they!ll all fall for me, 2ou!ll see.! 0nd so, + had to "rant him
more time, + had to "rant him the ability to dis%lay e&en "reater tem%tations than e&er before, mae his matri4 loo more
a%%ealin", more attracti&e than e&er before with all its "litterin" ( shiny toys ( distractions ( enticements# + had to let
him mae 'e ( 'y %ro%hets loo lie fools to ha&e been %redictin" an earlier doom, and now### +t!s true, many ha&e
fallen by the wayside ( ha&e "i&en in to the attraction ( the lure# 'any ha&e been hy%noti7ed by his sirens ( ha&e fallen
aslee% with the fumes of his o%iates#
1ut + will raise them u% a"ain, and you can be there to hel% them u%# )o show them you!&e been waitin" for them# 2es, it
may still loo lie the 6e&il is winnin", but not for much lon"er# )hose who discern the si"ns of the times can tell that
his days are numbered ( -the wiced shall be turned into hell ( all the nations that for"et 8od#! +t will come to %ass#
9re%are for the time of the End when you will teach many#
2ou will be the beacons of 'y li"ht to the world in the "reatest darness this World has e&er nown#
)he Ser%ent will s%ew out a "reat flood of lies after the 1ride, and the Earth will swallow it :;e&#12<1=>, so be %re%ared#
1e %re%ared for the "reatest collision and confrontation between 'y 1ride and the World which has e&er been, resultin"
in the "reatest tribulation there has e&er been# $or + will wrea trouble on those who see to trouble you# +!ll "i&e them
"reater issues to worry about#
)he %la"ues of 9haraoh are a "ood %icture of this# He o%%ressed 'y %eo%le, and + sent him %la"ues, and althou"h the
0ntichrist will ne&er let u% on you &oluntarily, nor will he be %ersuaded, + will "i&e him enou"h distractions on all fronts
to ee% him busy with other matters than %ersecutin" you, 'y belo&ed, and in the end he will face his final /emesis
descendin" from the sy, namely 'e, and he shall taste the white?hot sword of 'y mouth#
)here will be an end to the in"dom of Satan, his world, to be re%laced by 'y @in"dom, with the barrier between the
dimensions "one# + will brin" about that End, 3ust lie + brou"ht about the be"innin" of this World#
+t!s a rou"h ( tou"h e4am you!re learnin" for< the hour which is to come u%on the whole world to tem%t them that dwell
on the Earth# +f + am to ee% you throu"h it, + must be sure you!re not so attached, so affected by all that!s "oin" on in
the World#
)he days of %eace ( of ease are numbered# )he hour of tem%tation which cometh u%on the whole earth to try e&ery
man, woman ( child which dwelleth therein will come# )herefore + say unto you< 9re%are. 9re%are your heartsA for what
you will need most of all is faith to %rotect you from fear ( des%air. $aith for miracles to hel% you rise abo&e the most
atrocious ( miserable circumstances of all times.
1lessed are those who are %oor now, who are learnin" to do without, who ha&e already learned to a%%reciate the little
thin"s, the small thin"s, that which the rich, the wealthy, the mi"hty ( com%lacent des%ise, for those who li&e humbly
won!t fall as hard# Woe unto the mi"hty, for in that day e&eryone shall say BHow the mi"hty ha&e fallen, ha&e fallen###C
'ar&el not that you are a lone &oice of warnin"### Were there not DEE %ro%hets who foretold &ictory, ( yet the one who
%ro%hesied the in"!s death was ri"ht, )herefore, redeem the time, for the days are e&il. *earn to truly rely on 'y arm, (
not on your own# )he time has come to lean utterly on 'e, 'y child.
)hese are 'y 3ud"ments on the wiced who for"et 8od# 0lthou"h they are %art of the E&il one!s %lot, + allow these thin"s
to 3ud"e ( humble the wiced, the mi"hty ( %roud#
)here will be a "reat Har&est durin" that time of 8reat Confusion# )he comin" crisis will cause a mi"hty widenin" of the
eyes of those who ha&e not discerned the si"ns of the times, ( it will o%en their ears ( hearts to your words#
Woe unto the Earth and the inhabitants thereof, for the ser%ent will soon be cast out, ha&in" "reat wrath, for he noweth
his time is short. 2ou are 'y bride, who + will care for and %rotect and hide in the wilderness, so worry not, but trust.
)rust in 'e and for"et thine own arm. *ean wholly unto 'e and + will carry you and see you safely thou"h the tem%est
and ra"in" storm.
)hou"h a thousand shall fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy ri"ht hand, yet shall it not come ni"h thee, for + ha&e
chosen you out from amon" them, thou art 'ine# 1ecause thou hast %ut thy trust in 'e and hast said unto 'e, B)hou,
*ord, art my roc and my refu"eC, therefore will + %rotect thee and ee% thee and carry thee all the days of thy life.
E&en thou"h the times ahead will be the darest in all of history, you will be 'y shinin" li"hts in it, for you hold 'y truth,
( you are 'y candles ( torches in the ni"ht, 'y diamonds of dust# 2ou were created for this %ur%ose, ( + ha&e %re%ared
you for this# $ear not, but wal into the future with your heads held hi"h ( raisin" hi"h the torch ( flame + ha&e "i&en
$i"ht ( resist the o%%ressin" forces of darness# )he E&il one will see to control e&ery facet ( an"le of a man!s life#
So, %re%are yoursel&es# $ocus on, ( "uard in your hearts 'y hi"h callin" for you to be 'y shinin" li"hts to the World in
"ross darness.
+ will feed you, ee% you, su%%ly for you ( care for you 3ust lie + always ha&e#
+t!s hard to belie&e in the Endtime a%%roachin" when you!&e been floatin" on a cloud of ease for years, ( Bnothin" e&er
9ersecution ( 3ud"ment ha&e always hit most of 'y children by sur%rise, but + want you to be %re%ared# + want you to
now that time is short ( not act as if thin"s are "oin" to ee% "oin" the same way they ha&e been for the ne4t hundred
years, for they won!t#
6urin" the Endtime the 6e&il will ha&e a lot of %ower, but yours will be "reater. +t already is. Fse it.
)he time of the mer"in" of the s%iritual ( %hysical realm is drawin" ni"h, and + want you to be %re%ared for it, by
focusin" more on the s%iritual ( less on the %hysical# + want to use you as 'y heralds of this e&ent, "i&in" others the
chance to %re%are for it, too#
See your 3ob as less that of a %ro%het of doom, but as a herald who is "i&in" others a chance to %re%are for comin"
e&ents# John the 1a%tist was a &oice of one cryin" in the wilderness, G'ae strai"ht %aths for the *ordG, in other words,
G9re%are for the *ordHs comin".G ? Which is, in essence, what + also want you to do# 2ouHre 'y &oices in the wilderness,
tellin" the %eo%le to %re%are for 'y 2nd comin"#
)he messa"e + want you to "i&e %eo%le is to G%re%areG, ( to let them now that youHre willin" and able to hel% them to do
+tHs time for 'y called?out ones to sto% %retendin" theyHre 3ust a bunch of nice %eo%le# +tHs time to come forth ( show
their true face as what they really are< 'y %ro%hets of the End, heraldin" the downfall, the colla%se ( the destruction of
the System#
)here will come a time when you wonHt be tem%ted anymore, when you will ha&e abolished the mind frame of the World
com%letely, ( + will ha&e renewed your mind com%letely, transformed you into a non?conformist of the e4treme ind# 0
flint a"ainst their faces, their %roud ( hau"hty loos a"ainst 'e# 2es, they shall hate you, as they ha&e hated 'e, but +
will lo&e you, you will lo&e 'e and nothin" else will matter#
2ouHll ha&e much "reater hel% a&ailable#
2ouHre "oin" to see# 2ouHre "oin" to belie&e, because youHre "oin" to see# 2ouHre "oin" to see because you belie&ed, and
then youHre "oin" to belie&e e&en "reater thin"s, and ha&e faith for e&en "reater thin"s because of what you saw#
)he more you belie&e 'y Words ( draw down that miracle %ower from 'e, the more you stren"then your faith to belie&e
all +Hm tellin" you# )his ne4t e4%losion of faith is "oin" to result in 'y Endtime ;e&olution and ultimately in 'y @in"dom
established on Earth, because the time is drawin" near# G)hey canHt sto% our rei"n.G
)he 0ntichrist has his own heralds, ( althou"h he %ortrays his era as an era of %eace, Ghe shall by %eace destroy
manyG, because his is not real or true %eace, and the %eace the 6e&il "i&es is only short?li&ed# 1ut you can be a herald (
messen"er of the 9rince of true, "enuine, e&erlastin" %eace and freedom#
Sooner or later, the G%ro%erG way of doin" thin"s is "oin" to disa%%ear# )he G%ro%erG way is headed for the mar of the
1east, ( at that %oint, you will ha&e no %art in it anymore, ( the sooner you start to %re%are ( find an alternati&e way of
doin" thin"s, which is 'ine, the better off youHre "oin" to be#
6onHt dream that thin"s are always "oin" to stay the way they are, but ee% in mind where itHs headed< toward the mar
of the 1east, because this System is of the 6e&il, and heHs not "oin" to "i&e it u% &oluntarily# +Hm "oin" to tae it away
from him by allowin" him to fully establish his in"dom on Earth, %ro&in" to all manind what an absolute mess heHs
"oin" to mae out of thin"s, and itHs "oin" to be war, and nothin" less#
HeHs "oin" to declare o%en war on 'y bride, and thatHs where heHs "oin" to ha&e "one too far, ( where heHs "oin" to find
out that he canHt ee% main" the bill without the @ee%er of the +nn###
+t is necessary for 'e to brin" on the ni"ht before + can brin" bac the S%rin"# +t is necessary to brin" on the %ur"in"
before all is %ure a"ain#
2ou say, G1rin" on the "ood times. Sto% all this sufferin",G but itHs necessary for 'e to brin" on 'y 3ud"ments first# 2ou
must a"ree with 'e on this, you must desire them as somethin" "ood#
+Hm asin" you to a"ree with 'e that 3ud"ments must come, and to %ray that + brin" on that which + now the world
needs most#
My currency is the real thin", the only thin" thatHs "oin" to endure ( see you throu"h any crisis. 2ou better start main"
full use of it, and "ettin" trained in its usa"e, because youHre "oin" to be more ( more de%endent on it, no more reliance
on the arm of the flesh in the future.
+tHs "oin" to be the time that all the %ro%hets ha&e dreamed of and foreseen, the ultimate fulfillment of all +H&e said (
+ want you to %raise 'e for it. Show the 6e&il youHre not scared of him, nor of anythin" he can brin" about, nowin" that
heHs only a tool in 'y hands to brin" to %ass 'y "reater %lan. What must come to %ass is "oin" to come to %ass, the cu%
is almost full# So, it behoo&es you to in&est all your time ( ener"ies into %re%arin" for it. 6onHt be lie those who didnHt
"et into the boat with /oah because they were too busy with the usual affairs of life, their courtin" and eatin" and
+f you can see the chan"es ha%%enin" on the hori7on, you better start %re%arin" for them, and not wait until theyHre here.
0nd one of the best ways to %re%are for them is to let others now about them now, before they come to %ass, so that
they can %re%are also, and hel% you#
9eo%le ha&e "ot to see you busy at Gbuildin" an ar,G main" %re%arations for the rain, e&en thou"h they may not see it
comin" as clearly as you do, so that when it comes, when itHs "oin" to start %ourin", they will now that you ha&e been
%ro%hets amon" them#
)he 0ntichrist will be the e%itome of the %erfection of the flesh, of the carnal mind, and it will turn out to be the e%itome
of defiance a"ainst 8od#
When nothin" on earth will "o or flow anymore, no more "as, no more oil, no more water, no more electricity, then 'y
%ower will still be runnin" throu"h you.
0s the mer"in" of the dimensions a%%roaches, you will first witness that this world is "oin" to become more ( more lie
0ll those horror &isions of the boo of ;e&elation are real, but some %eo%le are afraid to deal with it#
Sooner or later, itHs "oin" to be all?out war# /o more %eaceful coe4istence then#
Sooner or later the System wonHt be there anymore for you to rely on# + donHt want you to %ut your trust or build your
e4istence on sinin" "round, that sinin" shi%, lest you "o down with it#
)he "reatest need ( hun"er is for the s%iritual riches, and bein" wise ? lie Jose%h ? is storin" u% a lot of s%iritual wealth
to share with the world durin" its leanest years it will ha&e e&er seen# )he "reatest famine + want you to %re%are for is
the s%iritual famine#
Show them the si"ns that show which way the world is "oin" ( that confirm to you the thin"s that you belie&e are "oin"
to ha%%en#
0s much as youHd lie to ha&e this world be o&er with, so that + could whis you away to a better %lace where you would
en3oy life a lot more, this life is really &ery &aluable, and +Hm not "oin" to rescue you %rematurely#
)he 6e&il has been brainwashin" %eo%le with his definition of "ood and bad, which the 0C will tae to the ultimate
e4treme< it will be him labelin" you as the Gbad "uysG that will tri""er the "reatest %ersecution of all times and the
"reatest tribulation of all times, conse5uently#
+ ha&e to allow the storms to come, to %ur"e your hearts and mae you white# Woe unto them who thin that all thin"s
will continue as they were#
Who will be ready when the hour of tem%tation comes, Who will stand, Who is wise to tae heed, Who will not fall for
the a%%arent, for that which the eyes seeA but who sees dee%er, below the surface, and can discern whatHs really "oin"
;i"ht now youHre all trainin" with wei"hts, but someday soon youHre "oin" to fly.
+tHs a %romise +Hm "oin" to ee%, as unbelie&able as it may sound to unbelie&in" ears. )hat a"e?old dream### +Hm "oin" to
fulfill it. +Hm "oin" to mae it come to %ass. +tHs "oin" to be %art of 'y "reat G;estoration 0ct 9art 1,G at the ;a%ture,
which will herald the 'illennium.
Communication with Me is more im%ortant ri"ht now than communication with anybody else, because of the "reat
im%endin" chan"es in the world and the a%%roachin" darness.
Sometimes it sim%ly isnHt a%%ro%riate anymore for all that chatter to continueA there will e&en come a time when there
will be com%lete silence in hea&en for half an hour :;e&#I<1># 2ouHre seein" ha%%iness, lau"hter and di&ersion, but itHs a
time to 5uiet down and tune in to what is "oin" to ha%%en, lest you be cau"ht by sur%rise.
Weeds usually "row faster than "ood cro%s, and the weeds seems to threaten to choe 'y "ood cro%s, but you now
and can trust that in the end, +, the Wood Cho%%er will descend with 'y a4e u%on all those e&il "rowths of darness (
will mae an end for them ( cast them in the fire#
)rust in s%ite of all that the weeds of darness can threaten to doA continue to belie&e ( see 'y li"ht beyond the
a%%arent darness, nowin" that the darness ? no matter how "loomy ? is only tem%oral, soon to be chased away by
'y "lorious, eternal li"ht#
)he true belie&ers %re%are not only themsel&es but also others for what is to come# +nstead of iddin" themsel&es into
belie&in" that they still ha&e fore&er to reach the lost, they heed 'y warnin"s in 'y Word that time is short, and 'y
ad&ice to -redeem the time, for the days are e&il#!
)here will always come a breathrou"h into the li"ht, e&en after the darest ni"ht#
$ocus on that ho%e, that dawn that will always be there after a stretch of darness# 0s the days "row darer and more
e&il, and the fo" thicens, remember that "lorious dawn that awaits you#
+!ll be bac for you, 3ust lie + %romised# $aith is the ability to en3oy that nowled"e and act assured of 'y %romises, to
be so sure of the &ictory that you can almost act as if + had already come and deli&ered you#
)he closer you "et to the )ribulation, the "reater the atrocities that are bein" committed in the world around you, the
less there is time for lau"hter.
)he &ir"ins heard that the 1ride"room was comin", and they went out toward Him, to meet Him# )han you for meetin"
'e half?way. )han you for %re%arin" for 'y comin", for main" sure you always ha&e enou"h oil in your lam%s.
Satan may attem%t to intimidate you with his dis%lays of authority and %ower, but you now none of it is real, and his
days are numbered# 2ou may be nothin" more than a refu"ee, one of the Gunder"round,G one of those he labels
Gterrorists,G but you now beyond a doubt that you are %art of the true and eternal @in"dom which soon is "oin" to be
ri"htfully restored to the true @in" and its 'aer#
+n the times of scarcity to come the %leasures of E"y%t will abru%tly cease, and sur&i&al will become a matter of
continuous miracles#
+Hm %re%arin" you for the time when there will be all?out war between you and the System, and that could ha%%en rather
5uicly# 0nd lie 9haraoh of old, they will ha&e to be shown and tau"ht that youHre not afraid of their threats, because
+Hm on your side#
E&entually, 'y Endtime Fnder"round will ha&e to brea with the System, its ties with the System, its de%endence on the
2ou now from 'y Word that e&entually theyHll start houndin" and %ersecutin" you, so you canHt li&e as if your life and
destiny was meant to be one of %er%etual %eace with the System#
2ouHre the stars of 'y show, and you become brin"ers of life in this world, sources of words of wisdom and the %i&ots
on which hin"es the e5uilibrium of all, without which there would be a false balance which would cause e&erythin" to
colla%se, which is %recisely what will ha%%en when the Enemy will try to wi%e you out, 'y true church, durin" the 8reat
)ribulation, the times of trouble and hour of darness + ha&e foretold#
+n that hour of darness you will shine bri"htest of all# ;i"ht now thereHs still some twili"ht, and the world isnHt as
des%erate yet for your li"ht, but when the de&ilHs li"ht will colla%se and turn into darness, re&eal itself as what it really
is, then thereHs "oin" to be "reat des%eration amon" those who are 'y children at heart, and who donHt really want to
follow the 6e&il#
+f you discern the si"ns of the times, you can tell that time is "ettin" shorter, and youHd rather ha&e an im%act on
%eo%leHs li&es thatHs "oin" to cause them to mae a%%ro%riate chan"es now than a day too late#
+ donHt want to scare you, but + also donHt want you to be lethar"ic or tae it too li"htly, thinin" that thin"s are "oin" to
continue fore&er as they are#
2ou!re li&in" in times that will 3ust continue to wa4 worse and worse# )he world is "ettin" ready for the 6e&ilHs &ersion of
G9entecost,G when he will %our out his s%irit in such measure that he and his an"els will literally %ossess those who will
follow him and his Gson,G his chosen one#
)here will be no com%romisin" with the antichrist# 2ouHll be either for him and a"ainst 'e or &ice &ersa# )he ultimate
decision and choice will be re5uired, and from then on there will be no more double?minded com%romisin"# +t will be
either all or nothin" at all#
)here is a maniac at the controls of this world, and heHs %lannin" to tae o&er com%letely#
)he Scri%tures and %ro%hecies and warnin"s about the antichrist were not 3ust em%ty scare tactics, or a fairy tale thatHs
suddenly "oin" to ha%%en at the end of the world, and then itHs o&er#
)he author of confusion has been marshalin" his forces for a lon" time now, and the /ew World Order has been in the
careful %lannin" and main"#
$ew ha&e the "uts to face the comin" )ribulation with coura"e and the faith, that + am "oin" to manifest 'y %ower on
their behalf in an un%recedented manner, because thatHs "oin" to be what it taes to face the un%recedented flood of
e&il thatHs almost u%on you#
)he winds of chan"e are blowin", but manHs nature is thus that he often i"nores them and resists them# He tries to ee%
thin"s the way they are, tries to %reser&e and conser&e them, and continue all thin"s as they ha&e been :29eter J<D>#
1ut 'y 3ud"ments usually came swiftly, when they came, and caused a mi"hty widenin" of the eyes of those who did
not discern the si"ns of the times, and thus it shall be a"ain# )hatHs why + need you to be %re%ared and on "uard, and
not slac# + need you to be alert.
)he ri"ht attitude to ha&e toward the comin" 0C in"dom is not one of defiance as yet, since it is comin" as 'y final
3ud"ment of the world, and lie all thin"s, you must tae it as from 'y hand, and herald and welcome it as 'y course of
e&ents that + ha&e chosen for the world, not lie many of those who thin theyH&e "ot to %re&ent it at all costs, in order to
%reser&e the freedom of their oh?so G"odlyG nation#
)here will be Hea&en on Earth, because a "ood deal of Hea&enHs %o%ulation is "oin" to come down to invade the earth
and tae it o&er by force, by battle, and by an actual, %hysical re&olution#
)he tyrant who will ha&e usur%ed this earth for too lon" will finally be to%%led and dis%osed of, and the @in" of Hea&en
will reassume His ri"htful title of @in" of Hea&en and Earth#
When + a%%ly 3ud"ment to %eo%le +Hm tryin" to finally "et their attention#
)he 3ud"ment scare is &ery im%ressi&e and soberin", and +Hm afraid weHre not "oin" to "et around it in the lon" run#
One of the first Endtime e&ents that has to unfold is, G0nd this 8os%el of the @in"dom must be %reached in all nations,
and then shall the End comeG :'t#2D<1D># + still need you to do a bit more %reachin", before + can rin" in the last act.
So, if you want the 3ud"ment to come, 3ust mae sure you do your %art and warn them first.
+n Hea&en it will be a &ery interestin" and fascinatin" study for untold millions and billions yet to come, what &oices of
truth were around durin" the "reat era of lies, the Endtime, when the Enemy was "i&en full rein, and only a relati&e
handful withstood the lure and ma"ic of his mass hy%notism (Eze.33:33)#
Satan may %retend to be the hero of the Gfree thiners,G but in reality, heHs not nearly as much into free choice as + am,
as his G/ew World OrderG will show, at the latest when he will mae the mar obli"atory for anyone who wishes to
HeHs really a dictator at heart, and all his G"oodie?"oodieG show that heHs %ullin" off ri"ht now, of bein" a %romoter of
democracy, etc#, and Glet the ids ha&e some fun,G is 3ust that< %ure show# 0s soon as theyHre all in the tra%, heHs "oin"
to %ull the %lu", and the fun will be o&er, once and for all#
+tHs not "oin" to be called the G8reat )ribulationG for nothin"< the fun will be o&er, %eriod#
HeHs "oin" to come u% with what heHs really "ood at ? the only thin"< creatin" hell on earth#
HeHll show his true face, e&entually#
)he Enemy is "oin" to be instrumental in brin"in" about 'y %lan, since the world wonHt be ready for My one?world
reli"ion until the 6e&il will ha&e im%osed his on them# )heyHll a%%reciate what I ha&e to say, once theyHll ha&e nown the
ind of s%irituality or moral code the 6e&il had to offer###
0ll the terrible ways in which todayHs unwise leaders are leadin" the world down the drain ser&e 'y "reater %ur%ose of
brin"in" about the Endtime scenario< +tHs all "ettin" to the %oint where they will des%erately need su%ernatural hel% and
"uidance# 0nd so, first the 6e&il will ha&e his turn, throu"h the 0ntichrist, and u%on ha&in" failed utterly, the world will
finally be ready for 'y su%ernatural inter&ention#
So, if thin"s were a lot better than they are, it would mean that the time of 'y Comin" would still be more in the
distance# 1ut with thin"s becomin" so bad, you can tell, GOh, redem%tion must be drawin" ni"hG :*#21<2I>#
)he 6e&il and his forces %ermeate this %resent reality and influence it accordin" to their liin"#
)hey "o, GCHmon, letHs ha&e some fun and mess u% 8odHs creation and the beauty of thin"s some more.G
When heHll %ose as the "reat Gsolution "i&erG throu"h the antichrist, heHll 3ust tellHem to sto% all the thin"s heHs been
e""in" them on to do all alon" thus far#
+tHs not that he would really care about the en&ironment, much less the sur&i&al of manind# HeHs 3ust interested in
lordin" it out o&er creation for as lon" as he %ossibly can "et away with it, but he nows his time will be short once heHll
be down here for his G"rand moment#G
We have to brin" this bi" lesson for all manind and the whole uni&erse to a close# WeH&e "ot to wra% it u%, and thereHs
3ust no ha%%y endin" without his innuendo#
0re you acti&ely feedin" 'y floc on a %rofessional le&el, in order to ensure not only your own, but also their sur&i&al
throu"h the rou"h times in the near future,
When trouble comes ? and trouble will come ? who is liely to stand their "round and not lose their faith, )hose who
ha&e been stren"thenin" it and feedin" it and in&estin" their time in it, ri"ht, So, youHre "oin" to be a &ery substantial
and needed hel% for them in order not to lose it, durin" those times, and thatHs a callin"# 2ou could call that a %rofession#
+tHs a %rofession youH&e taen on by faith, for a need you belie&e by faith is "oin" to arise, based on 'y Word, that thin"s
are not "oin" to continue the way they are#
2ou ha&e belie&ed in chan"e, and ha&e in&ested your time accordin"ly, not in the ways of this world, which you now
are "oin" to chan"e, but in 'y eternal and e&erlastin" and unshaable &alues# 2ouH&e been "rowin" somethin" and
buildin" somethin" that mi"ht not mae much sense to the onlooers, similar to the way it must not ha&e made sense
for %eo%le that /oah was buildin" an 0rc on dry land, and on to% of it, housin" thousands of animals in it###
E&en so you see a lot of %eo%le desertin" you and runnin" off, followin" the lures of this world### )he 6e&il nows how
to "et them and how to tem%t them# 2et, when the flood came, it sure was a "ood thin" that /oah had built that thin",
wasnHt it, 0nd e&en so, when the 6e&ilHs flood of ini5uity and lies is "oin" to swee% this world for itHs "reatest hour of
tem%tation yet, you're not "oin" to be sorry youH&e been in&estin" your time in buildin" your faith#
)he time youHre "oin" to ha&e in&ested in stren"thenin" your faith and establishin" this line of communication with 'e
will seem anythin" but wasted then. 2ouHll be one of the few who are "oin" to turn out to ha&e done the right thin".
)hereHs "oin" to be a hu"e &acuum for the ind of stuff that youH&e "ot to offer, when the time comes# )heyHll come
runnin" to you for answers#
+t will be e&ident that you will be amon" those whom I ha&e elected to lead 'y %eo%le out of this mess.
)hose which +Hm referrin" to as 'y %rofessionals are the &ery elect, the ones whom Satan won't be able to decei&e,
because theyH&e been so busy soain" u% the truth, they will be immune to his %oison flood.
When all the others will run out of their %rofessions and 3obs and their usefulness, then it will show who will ha&e been
the wise in&estors and real %rofessionals in My eyes.
;ela4 and en3oy your days while you can. )he rou"h times are "oin" to come, and theyHre also "oin" to wor for you in
main" %eo%le more rece%ti&e, main" the truth youH&e "ot to share more ob&ious, easier to recei&e and belie&e# )he
comin" e&ents will confirm what youH&e "ot to say, 3ust as current e&ents are already %re%arin" the way and hearts of
the %eo%le#
)ime is on My side. )he 6e&il would ha&e you belie&e the o%%osite, that itHs on his side, and in some ways itHs true< time
will e&entually %lay the world com%letely into his hands# 1ut only for 'e to snatch it away from him a"ain fore&er.
)he flesh thins and trusts that all thin"s will continue as they are, that!s why they will always continue to wor as they
ha&e been for all these years and decades# /o ma3or chan"es ha&e ha%%ened yet, so it!s unliely to assume that they!re
still "oin" to ha%%en, so, why mae any unnecessary %re%arations or ada%tations, *ie the %arable of the fro"< +f you
%ut him in hot water, he!ll immediately 3um% out but if you heat u% the water "radually, he!ll stay inside until the water
starts boilin"#
So, if circumstances are becomin" 5uite uncomfortable and almost unbearable for you, maybe it!s because somethin"!s
se&erely wron", and "oin" to become worse# 'aybe it!s an indicator that the water is becomin" very hot, and it!s time
for drastic chan"es, time to 3um% out, before you!re "oin" to boil#
)he Enemy!s the one who started the fire, and he!s cooin" his "reat final meal, his final em%ire and World Order#
+ want you to be o%en for greater chan"es rollin" in with the future, and %re%are for what!s to come#
)hin"s are "oin" to ti"hten u%# )hey!re not "oin" to become more o%en# 0uthorities worldwide are soon "oin" to start
clam%in" down and closin" in on the Bundesirable elementsC of society, as they already are, main" it more and more
difficult for %eo%le to lead alternati&e life?styles…
+ want you to be aware that chan"es mi"ht be re5uired in the future, and not to be stuc in your %resent mindset, but
reali7e that you may ha&e to ada%t to times becomin" darer and more se&ere, e&en darer than the ;oman %ersecution
and the +n5uisition.
So, it behoo&es you to wal wisely toward them that are without, and to be wise as ser%ents and harmless as do&es#
+n li"ht of what!s comin" at you ? the )ribulation ? you will want to a&oid sticin" out unnecessarily#
9eo%le aren!t e4actly becomin" more tolerant as the times wa4 worse ( worse and the days "row darer.
With the se&erity of troubles increasin", you had also better learn to turn u% your %rayer %ower accordin"ly#
+n order to %re%are you for the )ribulation, + sometimes ha&e to allow little foretastes and shadows of tribulation in your
life, to "et you into %rayin" mode, des%erate mode, no?lon"er?thin"s?as?usual mode…
B+t!s the end of the world as we now it,C and you!ll only feel fine if you ha&e truly learned to %ut your trust in 'e to the
e4tent where it really won!t fa7e you if it!s "oin" down#
We!re de&elo%in" %ersonality here, and leadershi% 5ualities of the ind that will be needed durin" the days to comeA the
ind of li"ht that can shine its way throu"h the darness of the )ribulation# *i"hts and ener"ies that will rely on others
will %eter out sooner or later… Only those who are %lu""ed in directly to 'e and 'y %ower will ha&e what it taes to
mae it throu"h the ni"ht#
E&en in the midst of the "reatest darness on earth, we can ha&e the fires of lo&e burnin". )hat!s the fire the world will
need then, the fire by which they will warm themsel&es throu"h the lon", cold, lonely winter before + finally come to tae
you all Home with 'e#
2ou!ll need to learn endurance to mae it throu"h that %eriod# 2ou can!t become im%atient about 'y return, nor can you
become weary of hardshi% so easily# )he best is yet to come, but unfortunately, the worst is also yet to come, so you!ll
understand that it taes a few more lessons on endurance before you!ll be ready for that darest cha%ter of man!s
What you!re witnessin" ri"ht now is only the be"innin" of sorrows, as you now from the boo of ;e&elation#
)hin"s are "oin" to "et worse, and + need for 'y children to ha&e a mature attitude and wisdom#
1efore an im%endin" storm, crisis or famine, it!s a "ood ( wise thin" to collect wisdom and e4%erience that will see you
throu"h the storm, and when the time comes, others with you, ho%efully#
)he battle you!re ha&in" to fi"ht now will mae you stron" for that time# 2ou will need that stren"th then#
2ou!re learnin" thin"s ri"ht now that are "oin" to come in handy when their System has lon" "one down the drain#
)he time of %hysical dearth will be a time of s%iritual har&est#
)he confusion that is comin" in the world will strai"hten the %ath for "reater acce%tance of 'y sim%licity, clarity and
)hat!s one of the "reat secrets< the stillness, the acce%tance of yieldin" to the hand of 8od in your life, e&en if it brin"s
times of trouble and sorrow, to 3ust let it be#
'ost Christians rebel a"ainst that idea and say, B/o, we are 8od!s children# We shall not see any sorrow# He!s "oin" to
whis us into Hea&en before the )ribulation comes#C
1ut 'y children need to %ass throu"h the )ribulation in order to be cleansed and %urified from their sins, from their
many lacs and ways in which they are failin" to lo&e 'e truthfully, "enuinely and sincerely#
9art of lo&in" 'e is manifested in lo&in" the truth, and not settlin" for any comfortable half?truth and com%romise with
the truth, such as the easy?way?out 9re?)ribulation?;a%ture doctrine, etc#
)hey want 'e to whis them out of this world and into Hea&en before the )ribulation that would mae them clean and
%ure and white for 'e# )hey want the easy way outA they don!t want to "o the full len"th of the %ath for 'e#
2ou don!t ha&e much to do with the "o&ernin" %olitics of today, this is not your time, it!s the day of the usur%er, and he!s
"oin" to ha&e his heyday soon#
We!re enterin" a dar %eriod – the darest, in fact – of history where man will be de%ri&ed of more liberties, lu4uries and
benefits than he has e&er had to do without, and that after the time of his "reatest indul"ence… That’s "oin" to be 5uite
a test, and +!m 3ust "i&in" you a little bit of trainin" at that in order to mae the transition not all too hard for you#
'any won!t be able to co%e with bein" de%ri&ed of and ha&in" to "i&e u% so many of the thin"s they had "rown
accustomed to, and that they ha&e been tain" for "ranted all alon"#
0s you now from the Scri%tures, one of the si"ns of the time of the End in which you!re li&in" is that B1ecause ini5uity
:or unbelief> shall abound, the lo&e of many will wa4 cold#C
He!s tryin" to ill the lo&e, not only in the world, but also in 'y %eo%le around the world#
He mani%ulates %eo%le subtly and cle&erly into o%eratin" out of selfish interests, and so selfishness, sometimes subtly
dis"uised, is often the true incenti&e that moti&ates %eo%le, e&en if they may claim to be actin" out of lo&e#
John and 6aniel had to BearnC their laurels, in order to recei&e such hi"h?ranin", hi"h?5uality re&elations from 'e, and
their re&elations had &irtually no rele&ance for themsel&es, but they were %rinci%ally for your %ur%ose, u%on whom the
ends of the world ha&e come#
2ou notice it says Bends,C si"nifyin" that there are &arious incidents that could constitute Bthe end of the world as we
now itC for some %eo%le#
2ou ne&er now 3ust how much lon"er the whole Bmoney "ameC is "oin" to last# +t mi"ht be o&er sooner than some
%eo%le thin, and BShow 'e the 'oneyC will ac5uire another meanin" then# +t will mean, BShow 'e the "oods. Show 'e
what you ha&e learned and earned with all that!s been "i&en you and in&ested in you#C
When the money will colla%se, it will become e&ident what %eo%le will ha&e in&ested their li&es in, and whether it will still
be worth anythin" or not#
+t!s a dyin" world# )hey may not now it yet# +n a world where the youn" are "i&in" the im%ression that they rule,
because all that is %ortrayed all o&er is youth, and Byouth rules,C they don!t reali7e that they!re in reality only
mani%ulated by a few "reedy old men, who hold them lie sin"in" and dancin" %u%%ets on a strin", lie 9inocchio, while
they!re rain" in the money, rob them of their liberty and suc the &ery life out of them#
+t!s hard to see the reality behind this farce, that in s%ite of its %hony youthful a%%earance, this world is really rottin" and
dyin", and almost decayin"# )here!s nothin" fresh about it# )hey ha&e allowed sin to enter, and the wa"es of sin is
death, a death that is now ra%idly cree%in" all o&er the world# )hey may not notice it while the music ee%s %layin" and
the lau"hter dra"s on, and their fancy dances, but it!s all 3ust a farce the 6e&il ee%s "oin", under the motto Bthe show
must "o on,C only to hide what!s truly ha%%enin" beneath the surface< they!re "ettin" ready for the total ensla&ement of
)hey!re dyin", and they don!t e&en now it# )hey ee% dancin" and fiddlin" on their fancy bi" boat, and don!t e&en
reali7e that they!re already u% to their necs in icy water…
@ee% %reachin" and broadcastin" that truth by any means a&ailable, so that at least they can!t say they ne&er heard it,
they!d ne&er been warned# Of course it!s not what they want to hear# +t wouldn!t ha&e been &ery fa&orably recei&ed if
someone had "one around on the )itanic sayin", BE4cuse me, but this shi% is "oin" to sink!C 0fter all, she was deemed
unsinable# 0nd that!s what they thin about their System#
)he Enemy!s in"dom is comin" into bein", the 6e&il!s in"dom of darness on earth, the cree%in" death that!s
ine&itably tain" ahold of them and their world#
+ ha&e sent you to %reach the B8ood /ewsC of the 8os%el, but for those who will re3ect it, it becomes bad news, because
it si"nals, heralds and ushers in their doom and downfall#
)he truth which has been uttered will come to %ass and be fulfilled# 0s lon" as there are 'y &oices of truth, + will do 'y
%art to &indicate them and to %ro&e them ri"ht# )he world may say they!re nuts and lau"h about them and ridicule them
and dismiss them, but + will always %ro&e them ri"ht in the end# +t may not always ha%%en immediately or e4actly the
same way it may ha&e been inter%reted, but in the end it will ha%%en and come to %ass#
On one hand, the times in which you are li&in" are more e&il than the days in which + was li&in", and there will come a
time when it will be necessary for you to curse your enemies and defend yoursel&es from them with 'y %ower#
On the other, you are su%%osed to show love for as lon" as you can, and as much as you can# Once you see they
re3ected that lo&e for "ood, then they are basically cursed already by their own decisions, and will brin" e&ents u%on
their heads that will either mae them re%ent e&entually, or, if they continue to close their hearts, they!ll e&entually "o
down into the %it without you addin" any efforts to their misfortune#
)he Enemy is fe&erishly establishin" his /ew World Order, which he will raise from the crumbled ruins and the ashes of
the chaos and confusion and downri"ht anarchy he!s creatin" ri"ht now#
He!s creatin" the disease in order to %resent the cure to it all with his %hony imitation of 'y @in"dom# )he world is
"oin" to ha&e to "o throu"h that in order to find out where it!s not at#
)ou"h chan"es are u% ahead, and the sooner you "et ready for chan"e and for what!s ahead, the better e5ui%%ed you!re
"oin" to be#
2ou!re "oin" to ha&e to bear and %ut u% with worse e&ils than the ones you!re currently ha&in" to fi"ht and %ut u% with,
so, be thanful for the ones you!&e "ot, for they will %re%are you for the tou"her road u% ahead, "reater obstacles and
fiercer ad&ersaries#
)ou"h 3obs in the %resent are ideal %re%aration for the tou"h 3ob the future is "oin" to brin", of sur&i&al in a wiced
world ruled by the incarnation of the 6e&il himself#
/e&er before has any nation or world %ower had the same ability to mae all other nations as drun on its wine as
)hey li&e in their illusion of BWe 0re the Cham%ions,C while e&en some of their own %ro%hets are %roclaimin" that
attitude an illusion, %roclaimin" the fall of the 0merican Em%ire#
She tries to "et a free ride on the bac of the %ower and the stren"th of this world, because that!s where her lo&e lies#
She doesn!t truly lo&e 'e, 'y mee and seemin"ly wea and humble ways# She %refers the %ride of life, and so she tries
to "et a ride on the bac of the 1east and %retends to be the Kueen of the World, but only until that 1easts "ets tired of
her and rends her into %ieces#
)he 0ntichrist will be the final instrument to brin" on that 3ud"ment o&er her, to let her rea% what she has sown, and to
fulfill 'y commandment to "i&e her double of the cu% and %ortion of destruction and sufferin" that she has "i&en to the
+t!s not only "oin" to be the 0ntichrist destroyin" her, but also the 1E in"s who will "i&e him their %ower# +t will be
almost lie a collecti&e 3ud"ment of the main leaders of the world on the "reat cul%rit, and alon" with her they will of
course try to wi%e out and destroy all she stood for, includin" her su%%osedly Christian &alues and e&erythin"
associated with them#
0s time "oes by, the %u77le will become clearer, and re&eal the whole %icture# +t!s %art of your ministry to deci%her and
disco&er the meanin" of these thin"s# 2ou learn to read 'y handwritin"s on the wall and inter%ret them for the world,
3ust as 6aniel did for the BbearC of his day, the 'edo?9ersian em%ire and its ruler#
2ou!re ha&in" another Bdual in"domC re%resented by a bear ri"ht now, ready to de&our the 1abylon of this day and
a"e… +t!s also si"nificant that the 'edo?9ersian bear had three ribs in his mouth, 3ust as J horns of the ten will be
u%rooted before the 0ntichrist…
)he 6e&il chose this time of technolo"ical ad&ances to mae his bi" a%%earance and re&eal himself to the world, a time
durin" which man is showin" the ultimate of his stren"th, wit, achie&ements and nowled"e#
+t maes 'e and 'y life seem more irrele&ant, more distant, more humble and smaller, less im%ressi&e to those who are
carnal minded, com%ared to all the B"reat achie&ementsC of man and the su%%osed B%ro"ressC he has made
scientifically, socially and in the ways he!s main" his %resence on the %lanet seen#
'an has become Bsomebody,C and it!s in that ind of en&ironment that the Enemy would lie to %resent himself as the
"reatest BsomebodyC of all#
Some of the thin"s that are bein" said ri"ht now, some of the Endtime inter%retations, etc#, are still han"in" in the
balances# 1ut the actual de&elo%ment of those e&ents are "oin" to tell the true from the false inter%retations, and that
which has been truth all alon" will then crystalli7e and show and re&eal itself to ha&e been the real thin", and stand out
as such, a%art from all the other, false or incorrect inter%retations#
)ime will tell who!s been ri"ht or wron"#
9eo%le basically love to be mani%ulated, and that!s also why they will recei&e the 0ntichrist with wide o%en arms, since
he will be the chief mani%ulator of all times#
BHold that fast which thou hast# 1ehold + come 5uicly#C + may not ha&e returned as soon as some of you would ha&e
wanted 'e to, but all in all, you!ll see that this whole story is "oin" to be done and o&er with relati&ely 5uicly, and as +
said, BWhen you see these thin"s be"in to come to %ass, loo u%, for your redem%tion draws ni"h#C
+t won!t be lon" now, before the world is "oin" to "et so bad that many will say, BSto% this world, + want to "et off.C 0nd
those that will call u%on 'y name will be sa&ed out of it#
)here is a %ath of much sufferin" ahead for the world, and + need you to brace yourself for it, but + also need you to
focus on the "lorious ha%%y endin", and instill ho%e#
)he days are e&il indeed, and time needs to be redeemed, not wasted# E&ery moment is %recious, and + truly need you to
in&est your efforts in the s%readin" of the truth#
)he winter of the world is comin" on# +t!s not anymore the days of 3oy and merriment, althou"h you may still ha&e time
to en3oy a few more of those, but in "eneral, it!s a time of warnin", of des%eration, because soon all these thin"s must
come to %ass that + ha&e s%oen throu"h 'y %ro%hets#
Since death entered throu"h disobedience, thin"s naturally tend to decay# )hin"s are "ettin" worse, not better, and that
%rocess isn!t "oin" to be re&ersed until + return to restore thin"s to the way they were before…
)he same %ower that brou"ht the ori"inal %ositi&e chain reaction of Creation into bein", will restore it in the end, too,
when the bi" basic cha%ter of this %art of history will be concluded# B)he Era of the $allC will soon come to an end, to be
re%laced by a better one#
2ou shouldn!t worry about the state you!re in ri"ht now, the way you!re %rone to mae mistaes and allow sin to enter in
your life, as much as you should loo at 'e and the fact that +!m "oin" to %ut an end to all that soon, because that is
what really matters#
What matters is not that you!re bad, but that the end of badness is in si"ht, and your actual, %hysical redem%tion from
all of this, at 'y return, is drawin" closer and closer#
Only those with "reat faith can see the e4tent to which the Enemy has taen o&er this world, but still now that in reality
it is + Who ha&e "ot the whole world in 'y hands, and only allow him to %ull off his little "ame of %layin" B"od of the
worldC for a little while, alon" with all his little B"odsC who follow him and his Blet!s all be "odsC scheme#
He may still feel all?%owerful as lon" as he!s in My ;ealm, the S%irit ;ealm, but once he!ll be confined to the limitations
of the %hysical world, the ma"ic!s "oin" to wear off real fast#
He!s "oin" to turn out to be 3ust as much sub3ect to sin as e&ery other sla&e to their own lusts and e&il in their hearts
since the be"innin" of time# )he e&il he actually introduced into the world at the be"innin" will turn out to be his own
demise and 0chilles heel, as it will turn on him and cause him to mae the mistaes that will cost him the ruler?shi% o&er
this world, which %resently he may still thin is ri"htfully his#
1ut in the end it will be mi"hty clear that he will ha&e muffed it, and that the world would ne&er sur&i&e if he would stay
in %ower# 0ll creation "roans to be deli&ered of the "ri% of the usur%er#
)he fulfillment of 'y 9romises re5uires su%ernatural measures# )hin"s unseen and unheard of since the be"innin" of
time, althou"h 'y %ro%hets ha&e foretold it from Enoch to John, that + would come with tens of thousands of 'y saints
in the sy…
)hat!s definitely somethin" hard to %icture for the a&era"e rational mind, and %robably the ma3ority of fols around you
would call you a lunatic if you told them that you belie&e that that!s what!s "oin" to ha%%en some day soon# Well, but if
you!re "oin" to belie&e that outra"eously im%ossible ha%%y endin" for the sad story the history of this world so far has
been, then you can also start belie&in" 'e for smaller Bim%ossibilitiesC today, and allow 'e to wor contrary to natural
reasonin" in your life#
+f +!m "oin" to inter&ene su%ernaturally and sa&e this whole world from the mess it has "otten itself into, then am + not
"oin" to be able to do the same for you and chan"e any less than fa&orable situation you!re in into a better one,
E4ce%t for the last 2 witnesses who are "oin" to mae a lot of worldwide noise &ia the media, what 'y church will
basically ha&e to do is %atiently wait it out until 'y return durin" the )ribulation, because it!s "oin" to be Bthe ni"ht,C of
which + s%oe, Bwhich cometh, when no man can wor#C
)hat!s why it!s &ery im%ortant that you "i&e the world the messa"e as much as you can beforehand, before the
)ribulation, and before the mar of the 1east will be im%lemented and the church will be %ersecuted, because Bthe ni"ht
cometh when no man can wor#C
+!m literally ha&in" to allow this world to die in order for it to become des%erate enou"h to finally acce%t and welcome
'y return to reclaim 'y own#
)he 0ntichrist is "oin" to %ro&e 3ust how much better the world will be without reli"ion alto"ether, and that!s when
thin"s will "et so bad that +!m sim%ly "oin" to ha&e to come to the rescue#
)he B/ew World OrderC will be one last %itiful e4am%le of an em%ire built and founded on the wron" &alues based on
man %uttin" himself abo&e 'e in his own mind and set of %riorities, one last "lorious attem%t of man to rule o&er the
earth in all the s%lendor and "reatness he can come u% with, only to once a"ain fail because of the corru%tion of his
own heart, and to be con5uered by 'e and 'y lastin" @in"dom to once and for all show how it!s really done properly.
+t taes a genuine @in" and ruler in order to rule %ro%erly and 3ustly, not a fae and usur%er such as Satan, who is
"ettin" ready for his final and Bsu%remeC act of %osin" as in" of the world, adored and worshi%ed by all those he has
led astray by his false doctrines, morals and rules that blatantly defy 'ine#
)ime is short because the ni"ht comes when no man can wor, and you!ll be thanful for e&erythin" you did before that
to stren"then your own faith as well as that of others#
2ou!ll be thanful for e&ery moment you in&ested in your s%iritual %re%aration and stren"thenin" for that time# E&en if
you!re not to e4%erience the )ribulation yourself, you!ll be "rateful for e&ery moment you in&est in the eternal instead of
wastin" time on tri&ial, earthly matters and %ersonal entertainment#
)here!s nothin" lie trouble to awaen %eo%le!s interest in the truth#
)he trouble with the truth is that there!s nothin" lie trouble that maes %eo%le want any of it…
Fntil then, they!re %erfectly ha%%y and content li&in" in the lie# )he lie becomes the new truth, the new "os%el, the new
credo by which e&erythin" wors, and if you don!t adhere to it, you!re Bout,C Bold?fashionedC or Bconser&ati&e#C
)he best camoufla"e for an old, rotten lie is youth# +f the 6e&il could "et youth to ado%t his "os%el of selfishness, "reed
and sheer e"otism as the only e4istin" truth, then nothin" was "oin" to be able to sa&e the world anymore from his
rei"n, and that!s 3ust about what has ha%%ened#
/ow they!re all ensla&ed by his e&il do"ma, and soon he!s "oin" to come u% with the "reat solution for his own %roblem
that he caused, but as usual, will blame someone else for, and you now who his fa&orite sca%e"oat is…
Only, since he is declarin" that +!m only a myth, he!s "oin" to mae those the sca%e"oats who ha&e the audacity to clin"
to their belief in 'e… His sca%e"oat is "oin" to be the church#
)here were those who denied 'y e4istence and becomin" flesh durin" the time of the ;oman %ersecutions, but the
"reat a%ostasy or Bfallin" awayC will be that des%ite the fact that 'y e4istence as an actual li&in" 9erson had been well
established for centuries, a resur"e of that Bs%irit of antichristC will occur, where %eo%le sim%ly deny that + e&er e4isted
)he BJesus 'ythC is the 6e&il!s "reat and final cam%ai"n to "ather his forces a"ainst 'ine# What better way to eliminate
your enemy than 3ust reducin" him to a fairy?tale,
)hat!s why only those are "oin" to be able to sur&i&e this onslau"ht and e&ade his dece%tion who clin" to 'e as their
only and ultimate ;eality, and why clin"in" to 'e is your only ho%e#
He will try to destroy %eo%le!s faith in 'e on such a lar"e scale that only those who really now 'e will not fall for his
flood of lies#
*et 'e do 'y 3ob of tain" care of you while you do yours of tain" care of the shee% and seein" to it that there will be
material to feed them when the time comes and they will be more des%erate for it because 'y %ro%hecies of old will be
fulfilled before their eyes, and it will be harder for them not to belie&e then, and they will be des%erate for "uidance and
s%iritual nourishment#
;i"ht now it!s still %retty much by faith, and some of those e&ents loo as if they mi"ht ha%%en or not, but once they will
be ha%%enin", those who ha&e read and heard the %ro%hecies of old won!t be able to deny their authenticity anymore,
and they will now that the 1ible was ri"ht and truth all alon", and those who %roclaimed 'y Words had been in the
ri"ht all alon"…
When trouble comes you won!t be able to rely on any "rou%# 2ou!re "oin" to ha&e to be able to rely on 'eA that!s what
matters, and that!s what will count< how much will you ha&e learned to truly rely on 'e,
)hat will determine the e4tent to which you will %anic or not – e&en when e&eryone else around you will be %anicin"#
)he e4tent to which you!re learnin" to trust 'e calmly now in the face of ad&ersity and loss will determine how well
you!ll be farin" then, when ad&ersity and loss will reach un%recedented %ro%ortions#
)he story is nearly done bein" told, and thou"h there!s yet one last dar and fierce cha%ter to be written and told, the
"lorious endin" is also comin" into si"ht#
)he "reatest slau"hter since the be"innin" of history is still before us and im%endin", and it!s not as if + %articularly
en3oy that sort of bloodshed# 1ut 3ust as 'y blood had to be shed, and the blood of 0bel was shed, and the blood of
e&ery lamb of sacrifice since the be"innin" of the world, so the world needs to %ay the conse5uences for ha&in" chosen
the way of sin o&er and o&er and o&er a"ain#
)he lesson has to be made une5ui&ocally clear# +t has to stic#
'anind will only a%%reciate %eace and reconciliation with 'e after the most horrible wars ha&e been fou"ht, that will be
remembered as si"ns and toens of warnin", so they will truly be able to say from their hearts, Bne&er a"ain#C
Sooner or later thin"s will become bad one way or another#
9erha%s +!m %re%arin" all of you for that time ri"ht now#
9erha%s it has come to that…
9erha%s thin"s could be worse, and %erha%s they will be# 9erha%s 'y Word is ri"ht, after all, about its %ro"nosis as far
as the future of the world is concerned, and the sooner %eo%le learn to de%end on 'e, the better off they!re "oin" to
)he hard times are a much more e4cellent %re%aration for what!s to come than the easy times, which only tend to
further s%oil you, so 3ust try to enjoy the hard times for what they are, because for one thin", they!re not nearly as hard
as they could be, and are ine&itably "oin" to be#
2ou now from 'y Word that the 0ntichrist and his rei"n must ha%%en, because they ha&e been %ro%hesied and foretold
thousands of years a"o# What has been written must come to %ass#
'ain" %eo%le aware of only one side of the truth is not "oin" to hel% much# )hey need to now both the truth about the
System, as well as the truth about 'e, the only Way out.
)he world around your ears may be crumblin" and fallin" a%art, and all the while, from its ashes, another better one is
risin", a lastin" one# 2ou are only the ti% of the iceber", the ti% of the mountain that will one day fill the entire earth, as
6aniel %ro%hesied (Dan.2:35, 44)#
Com%ared to all the mayhem and destruction around you, that tiny ti% may not seem lie much, and all the e&il in the
world may seem o&erwhelmin" by com%arison, but 3ust wait and see< +!m not done yet# +t!s merely the ti% of the iceber"
that!s "oin" to sin the 6e&il!s %roud and hau"hty )itanic, and that mountain is "oin" to fill the earth, e&en as + ha&e
'any atheists want the "lory and credit for themsel&es, which is e4actly what the 6e&il wanted, too, and it shows 3ust
how much alie their ways of thinin" are, and another factor why they refuse to acce%t him as a reality< +f they would
acce%t the 6e&il as a reality, they would actually reco"ni7e the similarities between their trains of thou"ht#
+f there would be a %arty %resentin" *ucifer as the Bcool dudeC that he maes himself out to be, they would rally behind
him and say, B2eah, we can relate to his way of thinin",C and that!s what!s basically "oin" to ha%%en when the
0ntichrist arisesA they will reco"ni7e him< B/ow that’s our man.C
Some %eo%le!s moti&ation for re3ectin" the biblical truth is in %art fear# )hey cannot associate 'y ;eturn and Bthe end of
the worldC with anythin" "ood< they would %refer to see it ee% "oin", so that no e&il should befall them and their
What they fail to reali7e, thou"h, is that the lon"er this world "oes on, the more liely e&il is bound to befall them, and
that 'y ;eturn will be %rinci%ally for the %ur%ose of %uttin" an end to all that e&il#
)hey want war, )hey can ha&e it, and they!re going to ha&e it, and they!re also "oin" to find out that they!re "oin" to
lose it# +!&e been lettin" them run this show for so lon" now, they thin they!re %ractically in&incible< BCome, *et us
brea their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us…C )hey thin they can "et rid of 'e and of 'y authority#
1ut you now the end of that cha%ter, and Who it is that will lau"h last… (Psalm 2)#
)he Enemy certainly landed a "enius master stroe with this camoufla"e of dis"uisin" the "reatest %er%etrators of e&il
in the world as BChristiansC and as those su%%osedly farin" under 'y fla"#
+t!s the ultimate atrocity, what the 1ible used to call an abomination, which will ultimately be instrumental in brin"in"
about the 6e&il!s final abomination of 6esolation#

;emember 'y warnin" that the time before 'y Comin" was "oin" to be lie the days of /oah, where they married and
"a&e into marria"e, ate and dran and didn!t tae heed until it was too late…
+t!s a hea&y burden to be hated by the world, but it!s one you!re sim%ly "oin" to ha&e to "et used to in the li"ht of
unfoldin" Endtime e&ents#
)he end of the world as you now it is before you, 3ust as it was in the days of /oah, and %re%arations must be made,
and wor in&ested that will ensure the sal&ation of the chosen#
in the end, only what you will ha&e done in %re%aration for the other world really counts#
/e&er before was the world as much the 6e&il!s as today, filled with his ways and worin"s, and the more it becomes
his, the less + am welcome in it, and the less welcome + am, the less are you#
)here is plenty of reason for concern, alertness, and for bein" on "uard# )he 6e&il is still walin" about as a roarin"
lion, seein" whom he may de&our, and 3ust lie +, he has "athered himself an army that has out"rown any %re&ious
His %ower on earth is "reater than e&er before, soon to burst into his notion of all?%owerfulness that will lead to the
dreadful final cha%ter of world history#
+!m "i&in" you "lim%ses of what thin"s really loo lie behind the scenes, and the as%ects aren!t rosy ri"ht now for the
world, and e&en 'y brides will ha&e to brace themsel&es for what!s to come.
)hose who claim B+ am my own wheelC only wind u% as another co" in the same old rut and machine that will effecti&ely
"et them nowhere, e4ce%t the same startin" %oint when the race of this world will ha&e reached its finishin" line< the
end of the old and be"innin" of the /ew# (2011:9)
Just as it was the case with the %recedent, so it will be with the se5uence and final e&ents# )hose thin"s ha%%ened as an
ensam%le – a %rototy%e – of what would ha%%en unto you, u%on whom the ends of the world ha&e come#
)hey went throu"h it and came out alri"ht, and so will you# (2011:19)
)he System is based on war, and it is war at its core< basically e&eryone fi"htin" to the death for their own cause# )hat!s
what!s so fiendish about this whole world, and the main reason why + ha&e no %art in it and why + am their worst Enemy,
in fact, the One to brin" about an end to this selfish, cruel and murderous "ame in due time# (2011:94)
*ife may be hard at %resent, but it!s "oin" to "et harder, and it behoo&es you to appreciate these times, instead of
complaining about them, for if you thin this is as tou"h as it "ets, you ain!t seen nuthin! yet#
So when life tends to o&erwhelm you, thin about how much worse thin"s could be and most liely will be &ery soon,
and mae the most of what you!&e "ot ri"ht now, because it won!t last fore&er#
+ now, those are not &ery bri"ht %ros%ects, nor is this counsel &ery effecti&e in cheerin" you u%, but it should come as
no sur%rise to you, since +!&e been %re%arin" you alon" with others of 'y children for years, that there!s tou"her times
comin" u% ahead, and com%lainin" about the %resent is 3ust about the most useless thin" you can do in order to "et
2ou ou"ht to redeem the time and tae ad&anta"e of e&ery moment you!&e "ot ri"ht now to stren"then you for
%otentially much bi""er trouble and %roblems and challen"es on a much lar"er scale than you or anyone ha&e e&er had
to face before# (2011:100)
)hin"s ee% "oin" in ways and directions that cannot be identified as 'ine# )he world is %ro"rammed for trouble, but
those who stic to 'y %ro"ram will learn to rise abo&e and sur&i&e the troubles to come# (2011:110)
Fltimately, when all else fails, it will tae 'y inter&ention to sa&e thin"s# 0t the rate thin"s are "oin", that!s e&en a safe
%ro"nosis on rational terms, and it!s sim%ly the course history is tain"# ? Which doesn!t mean that e&erybody won!t
ha&e learned an awful lot from the "i"antic failure that will ensue# (2011:124)
)he art of Endtime %ro%hecy that %eo%le of the world would send each other "ifts for ha&in" illed two BterroristsC
always sounded a bit unrealistic – but comin" to now the mentality of %eo%le in other %arts of the world, one can see
that this &ery easily mi"ht ha%%en in the not too distant future. (2012:172)
E&eryone fendin" for themsel&es is the %ath of destruction manind, and not really the way to "o, as the tale of history
will show in the end, when man in all his "lory will ha&e reached his destination, which will turn out to be a dead end
street# (2012:185)
)he bi" test is to see who!ll be left standin" when all the rest of the world has thrown in the towel, bowin" down before
the 1east. (2013:2)
When your world comes to an end, remember that the end of your world is the be"innin" of 'ine# (2013:46)
+f +!m already your only Ho%e ri"ht now to hel% you mae it throu"h your current mess, it will be much more the case
then, when the lines will be drawn much more clearly# 0nd by e4%osin" himself, the 6e&il will lose much of his %ower of
enchantment o&er those who will now better that his rei"n couldn!t %ossibly be it, es%ecially when they!ll be
%ersecuted for their beliefs#
0nother factor is that money will become e4tinct and re%laced by the mar durin" the final %eriod of his rei"n, and since
money and the ac5uisition thereof still %lays a ma3or role for most, currently, that will "i&e you and them a lot of time for
other thin"s, and a lot more incenti&e to see 'y face and aid for sur&i&al, and + won!t be %layin" a mere side role in
your daily affairs anymore, but the ma3or one, as + did in the li&es of the early disci%les# (2013:85)
)he hel% that the earth "a&e the woman from the flood from the dra"on!s mouth in John!s &ision was that it o%ened u%
and swallowed it# They may swallow it, but you don!t ha&e to# Or, better %ut< )hey swallow it so that you don!t ha&e to
and drown in it.
)he earth swallows the flood of lies so that you don!t ha&e to be affected by it – since it!s ob&ious by the effects on them
that no dro% of it would do you any "ood… (2013:104)
9eo%le may not be rece%ti&e now, while they!re ha&in" e&erythin" they need and moreA but what if and when Ball they
need and moreC will be %ulled out from beneath them, (2013:121)
+n "eneral, the world is becomin" tou"her and more difficult# ;emember that it!s all directin" towards Endtime, and the
world isn!t all as "lorious in the sha%e ( situation it!s in, e&en thou"h a lot are %retendin"…
+!m really the only One Who can really hel% to see you throu"h what!s comin"…
2ou can tell the world isn!t "ettin" better ri"ht now… 0 lot of stuff seems to "et worse… (2014:6)
)o %ut u% and bear with sufferin" and hardshi% will mae you more able to bear what!s e4%ectin" and bound to hit the
world… ;emember that a "reat tribulation has been %redicted, and there!s ob&iously some rou"h time to deal with and
o&ercome# (2014:21)
+t!s im%ortant to learn to mae it throu"h times with 'y hel%, as it will be durin" the Endtime… (2014:35)
0re you be"innin" to reali7e how rare true and real Christianity and faith in 'e and true disci%leshi% is, 0nd thus, how
close to be e4tin"uished by the System which is becomin" more and more anti?Christ,
See, 3ust because the Endtime was %ost%oned a bit, doesn!t mean it!s not ha%%enin" or going to… (2014:53)
Sometimes it taes a few thin"s ha%%enin" to remind you that the world isn!t "o&erned by 'e ri"ht now, but the 6e&il
has taen it o&er, and he!s still %lannin" to establish his own world "o&ernment e&entually, e&en thou"h it hadn!t
ha%%ened as early or soon as e4%ected…
1ut e&entually, the end of the world is coming, and it!ll be better than what!s lar"ely ha%%enin" now# (2014:56)
)here!ll be tou"h times in the Endtime, where fols will ha&e to "et throu"h rou"h times and situations… a time to
o&ercome thin"s…
)he world ahead isn!t e4actly becomin" a %arty time… 2ou!re the best off learnin" how to really find 'e durin" tou"h
situations and timin"s# *earnin" how to "et ahold of 'e is %retty much the most &aluable you %ossibly can learn#
+t!s a dan"erous and tou"h time# )he enemy!s tryin" to "et rid of all those who mi"ht "et in his way durin" the last time
on earth where he!ll %ut on his su%reme rei"n of the Endtime# 1ein" a to% liar, he can!t stand those who now the truth
about him and who!d be able to warn the others… (2014:66)
@ee% holdin" on to 'e, lean on 'e and de%end on 'e as much as you can when you reali7e that you need 'e in a weird
situation… Just remember it won!t "et any better with the 6e&il tain" o&er the "lobe soon as the 0C#
He!s been worin" a"ainst 'e as much as he could already since centuries… but nowin" that his last round is comin"
soon where he!ll rule the world in %erson for JL years of 8reat )ribulation… it should "et you a bit desperate# So far
you!&e been s%ared from itA but what!s ha%%enin" ri"ht now could be a si"n that the tribulation!s comin" closer, so you
mi"ht as well "et and be ready… (2014:67)
2ou were tau"ht that the world was "oin" to "et into ha&in" to deal with and handle the Enemy!s forces in the Endtime…
so you mi"ht as well "et used to and %re%ared for it# (2014:68)
)here are 5uite a few si"nals that show that the Earth is bein" "o&erned by the enemy, and there!s some wor
ha%%enin" to "et to"ether and build his last world em%ire# (2014:72)
+t!s %retty close to the time of the endA so you must learn how to resist and stri&e a"ainst the attacs of the 6e&il, who!s
the closest to his world?tae?o&er, ever#
'ost %eo%le aren!t aware of his %lanned world?taeo&er or his methods and effects on the world, but he!s still 5uite busy
tryin" to mae the world his as much as he %ossibly can# (2014:82)
)his %retty dar %iece of Endtime will ha&e some chan"es "oin" on in it that won!t be too easy to tae.
2ou notice and &iew a lot more influences of the enemy around you# Well, is that sort of strange for the Endtime,
)hat!s one of the tou"h &ersions the Enemy wound u% thinin" of to %resent as the Endtime< main" e&erythin" without
faith and 8od loo so wonderful that the world by itself would loo "ood enou"h, so %eo%le would wind u% thinin",
who needs Hea&en anyway,
8et ready for the Endtime.
)he Endtime was su%%osed to be %retty close, and 3ust because you didn!t e4actly see it comin", didn!t mean that it was
3ust "oin" to disappear# Wae u% a bit more to it and what!s comin"# )he more %re%ared for the time of the End, the
better# (2014:83)
With the world continuin" to "o down, it seems to be a "ood thin" to become familiar with the way + can sa&e your life,
instead of leanin" on how you were able to maintain it the way you did before… Certain thin"s can occur in history
durin" which you can!t lean on and confide in your own abilities anymore, but need to trust in 'e and 'y hel% for you to
sur&i&e… 0nd, trust 'e< +t!s the best time to start "ettin" into that habit of trustin" in 'e for your sur&i&al now#
)he way thin"s are de&elo%in" and bound to de&elo% in the Endtime, you!re "oin" to ha&e to trust more in Me than your
own ca%acities the way you did before# (2014:86)
)he de&il will try as hard as he can to %ersuade you that money is the most im%ortant… so that e&entually he can "et
fols to tae on his mar to re%lace money and its %ower… sort of to show whose %ower that %ower of money actually
was all alon"… (2014:87)
)he world has become worse, and the a%%earance of the enemy as the antichrist to %hysically rule the whole world must
be comin" closer# )he Endtime!s comin" nearer#
)he de&il is "ettin" more and more into %ower, which means that some of the "reat troubles you e4%ect, are about to
*ife on earth is becomin" a tou"h one, and es%ecially a tou"h battle if you!re tryin" to stay on 'y side, which – with
"reater darness a%%roachin" – you can ima"ine will become a harder fi"ht, the darer the scene on earth "ets, and the
"reater the force and %ower of the enemy across the "lobe# (2014:101)
)he Endtime will start because of the time when the lar"e masses started to be tau"ht, thin and belie&e that e&erythin"
came into bein" by itself &ia e&olution – no creation – no 8od or creator… ? +n other words, no one to create any rules
e4ce%t for the %oliticians who tell %eo%le how to earn their money, and create the %laces to earn it#
+t was necessary for you to find out that in "eneral, the world has become more evilA in other words, closer to the time of
the end# (2014:105)
Efforts to ill 'y ser&ants are bein" made throu"h the enemy and his followers %retty much all the time…
+t!s what has been ha%%enin" in the world for centuries and will keep ha%%enin" on a worldwide scale, once the 0C will
be in %ower, and it!s "oin" to be worse in many as%ects#
What do you e4%ect from a world %re%arin" for Satan rulin" o&er it for JL years,
? )he 8reat )ribulation that!s e4%ectin" the world.
+t may be bad ri"ht now, the world, but it could be worse, and e&entually, for JL years, will be# (2014:110)
Chan"e you!re e4%eriencin" is a "ood o%%ortunity to %re%are for rou"her times bound to hit the earth… in fact, %retty
much the rou"hest e&er#
)hin"s could be worse, and they will be, e&entually, so you!ll %robably a%%reciate the %re%aration for it you!re
e4%eriencin" now# (2014:125)
*ife is "oin" to be a little tou"her, with the Endtime a%%roachin", and it!s "ood for you to be %re%ared for it, and not
e4%ect what!s comin" at you bein" a %ermanent &acation# (2014:134)
+f you thin about the martyrs durin" the ;oman Em%ire< somewhat com%arable to what thin"s are "oin" to be lie
durin" the 8reat )ribulation, which is before you…
+t!s a time comin" that 'y followers and belie&ers in 'e need to be well %re%ared for# (2014:135)
+t may seem lie a %retty bad world to you ri"ht now# 1ut it!s only the be"innin" of bad, e&il, and actually the worst times
ever# +t!ll be rough times#
So "et prepared for them and learn to be ready to tae!em and o&ercome them somehow to mae it through them.
8et ready for it. – ;eady for somethin" worse. (2014:136)
S%irits 5uite a few around you on earth are obsessed and ruled by, are about to tae o&er the earth for a time of
)he best to trust in to mae it throu"h what the world!s becomin" is 'e, 'y hel% to you, and the only force that!ll hel%
you mae it throu"h the wiced %eriod that awaits the world# (2014:140)
+t taes some bi" and stron" %re%aration for you to withstand that chan"e of the world into the hell on earth and
in"dom of Satan that it!s "oin" to become. 8et ready for it. (2014:146)
+t!s a rou"h time, close to the Endtime announced in the 1ible… 1ut you mi"ht as well be "rateful that the end hasn!t
been there yet. +t maes you wonder whether it!ll come at all, and 8od!s Word is true at all… Well, you!ll see# ;i"ht now
it may not seem much lie it, after thin"s ha&in" de&elo%ed so differently from the way %redicted they would… 1ut what
if the 6e&il 3ust chan"ed thin"s around so much to "et %eo%le to sto% belie&in" in the Endtime,
)hin"s loo different from the %redictions of the 1ible because the enemy does all he can to mae thin"s contradict
those %redictions# 0 lot of %eo%le started belie&in" durin" the MEs and IEs, and so he fi"ured, thin"s had to be
changed… 0nd they did# $or him it!s always better to mae it sound untrue what 8od!s Word is %redictin"… for him, the
less believers in 8od, the better#
0ll the more will wind u% belie&in" in him when he taes o&er the last world ruler and maes him the 0C#
;emember it won!t be so lon" before fols will see Me, and thin"s on earth will chan"e a"ain in a truly "ood way#
When the world was looin" too "ood for you to %re%are for 'y comin", or the comin" of the 0C before that, or
whate&er crisis, there wasn!t much moti&ation that made you "et closer to 'e…
So, lettin" the world become the world a"ain, the way you remembered some of it, 3ust reminds you there!s somethin"
better waitin" for you and dri&es you bac closer to 'e# (2014:150)
+f you belie&e that it!s true what the 1ible says about 'e "ettin" rid of the enemy!s rule o&er Our creation not too far
from now, then there ha&e "ot to be some more im%ortant thin"s for you to do as a recei&er of 'y Word in these times
to come, and you shouldn!t be too shoced about 'e ha&in" to allow thin"s to ha%%en to you that would brin" you bac
to the basics of the im%ortance of what!s comin" ahead of you. (2014:152)
)hin"s are "oin" to "et worse e&entually, and it!s "ood to be %re%ared for it, ha&in" learned not to ha&e to mae it
without 8od!s and Hea&en!s help#
+f you!re filled with worries and fear that you!re not "oin" to make it, well, it!s "ood %re%aration for the time comin" when
nobody!s "oin" to mae it without 'y hel%, unless they acce%t the 'ar of the 1east, which true belie&ers wouldn!t
want to…
0nd e&en before that!s "oin" to ha%%en, it!s 5uite liely that the world is "oin" to "o throu"h one of its worst economic
crises that will mae sur&i&al 5uite rou"h in "eneral… only to be Bsal&a"edC by the 0C!s mar of the 1east solution#
So, if you thin your life!s too terrible ri"ht now, remember that there were worse times %redicted which could ha&e
already ha%%ened sooner, but didn’t yet… so, it!s good to become %re%ared for it.
0ll in all, you can tell that the world is %retty much almost com%letely run by the enemy already, es%ecially countries lie
the one you!re in ri"ht now, and you can tell the Endtime is "ettin" closer, so you mi"ht as well "et prepared for it#
+t!s dar and e&il times that are a?comin"… prepare for it. Since +, the $ather and Our saints and hea&enly hel%ers are the
only ho%e for fols lie you to mae it throu"h what!s comin", you better "et closer to Fs and learn how to depend on
Fs and "et ready and %re%ared for what!s comin"# (2014:153)
2ou now that the future of this world isn!t somethin" %leasant for now, since you!re aware of the Endtime comin", the
tribulation, and … well, the end of the world as you now it, before the $ather!s @in"dom will tae it o&er… (2014:159)
+t!s the rou"hest time of world history a%%roachin", and thus it!s 5uite necessary to stay in tune with Fs. (2014:167)
With the nice times comin" to an end, you 3ust need to reali7e that what!s comin" u% is the world!s tou"hest time, and
ha&in" to deal with the enemy and what he’s comin" u% with in not too far a distance…
)he end is comin" soon, and + need to "i&e fols the lar"est amount %ossible of %re%aration for it#
)hese are not the rou"hest of all times yet to come# What!s ha%%enin" now is merely preparing you, and main" you
ho%e and stri&e to be more %re%ared for e&en rottener times to come, which, unfortunately, the world still has to go
)he best you can do is to prepare for them# (2014:174)
+ am, ca%able of %rotectin" 'y disci%les, followers and brides throu"h any e&il times, and currently %re%arin" you for
the worst one to mae sure you!ll mae it throu"h it# (2014:175)
+f you ha&e to "o throu"h some rou"h times, remember that the world is e4%ectin" somethin" e&en rougher, and you
ou"ht to "et as well %re%ared for it#
E&en tou"h the times ri"ht now may not be as s%lendid as the ones before, 3ust tae them as %re%aration for what!s to
come# (2014:181)
6e%endin" on 'e and the $ather for Our hel%, with the Endtime e&entually showin" u%, is the only way you!ll mae it#
$or belie&ers to de%end on themsel&es and their own abilities won!t be 5uite enou"h… so, the more you de%end on s,
the better#
+t!s also better to really trust in s than %uttin" or ee%in" your trust and confidence in money, which, as you now from
the %ro%hecies about the Endtime with the 'ar of the 1east, won!t endure for e&er#
So, it!s a %re%aration for a rou"her future, durin" which you!ll be de%endent on Fs and Our hel% more than e&er# (2014:184)
With as des%erate and tou"h times as are u% ahead, you!d better "et focused on trustin" abo&e all in Me, the $ather, and
any hea&enly hel% you can "et, because this world isn!t headin" for its best times e&er, but its worst# So %re%are for it,
the bad and e&il time bound to ha%%en.
+f it seems tou"h and rou"h to you ri"ht now, calm down, because thin"s will "et tou"her and rou"her e&entually for
e&eryone, es%ecially those who won!t be too fond of who!ll be tain" o&er the world completely toward its end. (2014:194)
9re%are for the hereafter that mi"ht be harder to tae than the here and now, which doesn!t seem so rosy to you, either#
Just %re%are and "et ready for the future, which, in any case, you!ll need 'y stren"th and hel% for… (2014:207)
'y Word does not %redict this world to last fore&er in its current state. (2015:1)
6on!t be too dismayed about any of the un%leasant incidents ha%%enin". 0fter all, you now who was %ractically
chosen as the chief of this world, and that there!s a big lesson followin" for all of the $ather!s children, after this.
Sometimes thin"s 3ust ha%%en to let you now for certain who’s stron"er< the devil, or Me. 0nd you mi"ht need it for
some e4tra faith in the right 8uy in case you!ll still be around when he taes control o&er it all for the world!s darest
season# (2015:2)
What can you e4%ect from a world that!s 3ust about totally bein" taen o&er by the enemy and his lot,
Of course, he maes it the most difficult for any followers of 'ine#
+t!s not "onna be %leasant for belie&ers and followers of 'ine to deal with a time when he!ll totally rei"n and rule the
earth and entire world… (2015:6)
+t!s "ood to "et %re%ared for the worse times#
;ely more on 'e, because in the relati&ely near future you mi"ht ha&e to depend on that.
6e%end and lean on 'e for "reater hel% than what you could %ossibly establish yourself in darer times to come. (2015:9)
+t!s good if you!re looin", callin" for 'e and seein" 'e 5uite des%erately# ? 'ainly because the times ahead of you in
this world aren!t "oin" to turn into somethin" much better# 2ou now from informations you read before about the
Endtime that it!s "oin" to be a tou"h one, includin" from the thin"s + said about it in the boo of Matthew# (Mt.24)
So, it!s "ood to become %re%ared for such thin"s and not 3ust e4%ect %leasant times durin" your life on earth# (2015:12)
+t won!t tae that lon" until Satan!s taeo&er down there, resultin" in his final rei"n… and it!s understandable that it
won!t be an easy time for 'y followers and belie&ers# 1ut that!s %recisely the reason why +!m ha&in" to %ut you throu"h
this trainin" and course of main" you de%endent on 'e, 'y hel% and the S%irit, alon" with all Our hel%ers for the times
to come# (2015:15)
Chan"es are comin" u%on this world, for which it will be better for you as a belie&er in Fs to %ut your trust and
confidence in s, instead of yourself, in order for Fs to hel% you mae it throu"h what!s comin"… a %hase durin" which
trust in Fs will be better than in your own abilities# So, to lean not on the flesh and your own abilities, but in Our hel%
instead, is %retty im%ortant concernin" the future of this world, and alon" with that, your own and that of your family#
)here comes a time when fols ha&e to decide which and whose hel% they!re "oin" to rely on… that from above or the
one from below… (2015:16)
2ou now about a time comin" in which the de&il is "oin" to rei"n on earth# 0nd don!t you thin that!s %retty much hell,
where he rei"ns and taes o&er, So, this time is basically %re%aration for that# 8et ready for Satan!s taeo&er as the
0ntichrist, windin" u% forbiddin" worshi% of 'e and 'y $ather#
So, no wonder the days and times on earth are becomin" less %leasant. So, you better %re%are and "et ready for that,
and not 3ust ee% e4%ectin" hea&en on earth ind of times# )hat!ll come afterwards. 1ut first it!s the bi""est and
tou"hest lesson for manind to learn…
+ lie for 'y followers to be able to enjoy life for as lon" as %ossible# 1ut as you can tell and see, that %art is %retty much
%ractically over, and dar times are u% ahead to "et %re%ared for…
if you clin" close to s and e&en get closer, the better off you!ll be in the end#
;elyin" on the flesh may seem oay in the be"innin", but trust 'e< it won!t be toward the end you!re "ettin" close to#
So, the more you can rely on s, the better it!s "oin" to be# (2015:20)
+f the Endtime is comin" and it!s a%%roachin", it!s a "ood time to "et ready for, and %re%ared for it, and "et used to
what!s comin" u% ahead.
+f the Endtime is comin" on, you!d better "et ready and %re%ared for it, and don!t be too shoced that the enemy is able
and allowed to do thin"s you may not ha&e e4%ected or been ready for# )hey!ll be rou"h times, and you!d better "et or
be %re%ared for them#
+n order for thin"s to "et a whole lot better, first they!&e "ot to "et a whole lot worse… (2015:26)
)he world is changing, and not for the better, but that the e&il and bad times we were %redictin" are comin"# (2015:27)
E&en thou"h your %re&ious times had been better than the current ones, it!s "ood for you to now that the world is
changing, and not for the better, but that the e&il and bad times we were %redictin" are comin"#
0nd if the conditions are tain" away your faith in the current world, it means, it!s better to %lace it in what!s to come,
and not in what there is#
2ou!ll need some su%ernatural hel% to mae it in the future of this world# (2015:28)
+t!s good for you to be %re%ared for e&en rou"her times and learn how to mae it throu"h them with 'y hel%, and thus
"et into that habit of depending on 'e#
+f you become weaer in your own stren"th, that should "i&e you the o%%ortunity to rely more on Mine# 0nd trust 'e< it!s
always "reater than your own, and in the times to come you!ll ha&e to rely on it more than e&er before.
So, stren"then your trust and confidence in 'e e&ery mornin" and e&ery day, because you!ll need it more than e&er
before in times to come. ;elyin" on yourself won!t be nearly as hel%ful and effecti&e anymore in times to comeA and you
can see and reco"ni7e the darkening of times, and thin"s becomin" a lot harder in some as%ects# )hin"s 3ust won!t
continue forever as they are ri"ht now, and you!ll be best off by %re%arin" for it#
2ou!ll become more de%endent on hea&enly hel% as times on earth are "ettin" rougher# So tune in to Fs more, and stay
tuned in. 6e%endin" on Fs is what will see you throu"h.
Han"in" on to 'e and becomin" more de%endent on 'y and Hea&en!s hel% should draw us closer, and "et you more
into My "ear and way of doin" thin"s… somethin" you mi"ht ha&e to re?learn in lar"e %art, due to your former
confidence in yourself and your own abilities# Just "et used to ha&in" to lean on and bein" more de%endent on Mine#
With the worldly condition becomin" rougher, there!s really not much else of another o%tion to mae it through the way
the world has de&elo%ed and will de&elo% e&en more…
While they are "oin" to de%end more on him who!s our enemy, you!&e "ot to "et more into de%endin" on 'e and confide
in the facts you!&e learned, that in the end, we will win, not he. So, ee% on han"in" on to the &ictory you!&e "ot by faith,
and let that faith in 'e and 'y ;ealm become the stron"est force in you. @ee% trustin" in 'e, in s%ite of the enemy!s
"rowin" %owers around you and thin"s he!ll try to cheat you out of it.
0s you can tell, those "ood old days are "ettin" over, and it!s im%ortant for you to "et into that effort to stay tuned in to
'e all the time. 6on!t "i&e him a chance to dra" or noc you down#
;ely on 'e and 'y %rotection, as it!s becomin" more im%ortant for you now than e&er before. Stay tuned in to 'e and
thus resist his efforts to dra" you down#
)he more the world is bein" taen o&er by his in%ut and wa&elen"th, the tou"her it!ll be to stay in 'y Holy S%irit, and the
more you need it# (2015:32)
)here!s a time comin" you won!t be able to mae it without %re%aration for it… such as 'y Word has been %redictin" for
5uite a while# So, "et ready, and be %re%ared# +f these times already mae you seem wea, ima"ine how much more so
those comin" mi"ht# So, 3ust "et %re%ared for the way to "o by 'y stren"th and de%endin" on the hel% from 0bo&e.
2ou!ll mae it if you han" on and hold on to 'e and Hea&en!s hel%, and that!s what the current time and e%isode is all
about and meant to teach you#
*ife could be easier, and has been, but the easy ways aren!t necessarily the ones teachin" you to "et ready for what!s to
come. (2015:36)
6on!t be too shoced or sur%rised that this earthly life is "ettin" tougher# +t!s somethin" you should ha&e e!pected,
belie&in" in the %ro%hecies about a darer future comin" and bein" on its way, and what the Word says about who!s in
char"e of it s%iritually ri"ht now due to %eo%le!s choices for him# (2015:37)
2ou ou"ht to remember the warnin"s of the times u% ahead, durin" which you!re "oin" to need 'e and your connection
with 'e desperately.
"emember that those dar times are comin" and are u% ahead, so it would be better to "et %re%ared for them, instead of
rememberin" and yearnin" for all the "ood, easy and rosy times you had before#
+t!s a rou"h life, but with the Endtime comin" closer, it mi"ht and will easily "et rougher, and it!s a "ood ad&ice to "et
prepared for it#
@ee%in" the faith may be "ettin" rou"her these days, but that doesn!t mean it may not be "ettin" more important with
the way the world is de&elo%in"# )he enemy may be tain" o&er more and more %ower and influence in it, but does that
mean one should yield to it, or mae a stron"er effort to resist his influences, (2015:43)
+!m definitely "oin" to need some followers who mana"e to stay close to 'e durin" those dar days of the Endtime,
and… well, some of the fols who thought they were and made the statements accordin"ly, didn!t turn out to be 5uite
that ready yet# How about you, 0re you "oin" to be ready for that 8reat )ribulation when it comes,
+n order to "et %re%ared for that sta"e means that one has to "et away from foolishness, and you should be able to tell
that there were efforts made to "et you away from that#
+f you!d mana"e to "et alto"ether more closely into 'y S%irit, the #oly S%irit, instead of some of those &ibes of
worldliness, you!d definitely be main" that effort to become more %re%ared for the Endtime# Of course, some are
waitin" to "et more serious about matters until the Endtime comes… (2015:53)
2ou!re not enticed by the world around you, but wonderin" how you!ll mae it throu"h, and that!s %retty much how you
can ima"ine the Endtime as well#
+t would definitely be better to "et more into a "ear of trustin" Me for your family!s sur&i&al, and not too much in the
su%%ort of the world, which is doomed to be taen o&er entirely by the enemy as the 0C, e&entually# (2015:54)
2ou can %retty much tell, the o&erall condition of the world tends to "et worse in a few as%ects, and you can somewhat
see the Endtime a%%roachin"# E&en if you wouldn!t "et around to e4%eriencin" it yourself, it should be "ood to "et
%re%ared for it in such a way that you can hel% others to become %re%ared for it, and not e4%ect too much of the world in
the state that it!s in and the worse one it!s headin" for, accordin" to 'y Word and the %ro%hecies you!&e read and
studied about the Endtime# (2015:55)
2our tou"hest and hardest times you!re "oin" to ha&e to mae it throu"h, in order to be stren"thened for what!s comin"
u% ahead, which won!t be any easier to deal with#
+n the older days of the followers, fols were e4%ectin" the Endtime earlier, and that!s why they and their children were
much more on the ball in many ways than what you!re ha&in" to deal with ri"ht now…
)hese may be rou"h times, and for you, the rou"hest e&er, but ee% in mind that this is ha%%enin" to %re%are you to
mae it throu"h the rou"hest times e&er in history, if you can mae it throu"h there# So, don!t be too ne"ati&ely minded
toward these times of %re%aration. )ou"h times will stren"then you to mae it throu"h e&en tou"her ones that mi"ht and
e&entually will be comin", so be thanful for this tactic of stren"thenin". (2015:56)
)imes are "ettin" hard, but that!s why you!&e "ot to mae a "reater effort to rely fully on Me and your hel% from abo&e,
and don!t listen to the de&il!s in%ut tryin" to tell you We!re not e&en there to hel% you. He!s the enemy, and tryin" to stop
fols lie you, since he!s seriously %lannin" to tae the world o&er e&entually as its su%reme ruler… /ow, that!s bad
news, but you!&e been familiar with those for 5uite a few years# Just because they hadn!t come or arri&ed yet, you didn!t
really "et more prepared for them# Well, the time to "et %re%ared for those tou"h times u% ahead is right now, because
you see what!s ha%%enin", and that the world is "ettin" darker#
Can you see that the end is comin" nearer,
E&en thou"h that mi"ht be dreadfully bad news in parts, it would definitely be "ood to prepare for it as much as you
)rouble!s u% ahead, you can tell that from what!s "oin" on around you#
2ou can tell somehow by your %erce%tion of thin"s that trouble!s u% ahead#
$orry that thin"s are "ettin" 5uite worse, that the final Endtime will mae thin"s 5uite a bit tougher.
So, can you believe 'e and trust 'e that trouble!s a%%roachin" you, 1ecause there!s greater trouble u% ahead, and you
should do some thin"s to prepare for it and be %re%arin" to "et out of the re"ions where that trouble will be worse and
into those where you!ll ha&e better chances to mae it through those dar and e&il times comin" u% ahead.
+!m not lettin" you en3oy your life the way you used to, because there are tou"h times comin" u% ahead which you ou"ht
to prepare for, and sto% sufferin" because thin"s aren!t as rosy as they used to be# Who e&er said that thin"s were
"oin" to stay rosy down there until the &ery end,
)he world seems to be offerin" whate&er fols want and %hysically need… 1ut the dude running it is a trouble maer,
and in order to "et ultimate control, there!s "oin" to be a lot more troubleA and didn!t + call you to follow 'e to hel% fols
e4actly throu"h those times comin" and lead!em F% to Me,
+!&e %romised you +!d hel% you to make it e&en durin" the Endtime and its )ribulation when there!ll be no more cash, but
only the mar of the 1east, which true belie&ers won!t acce%t and will ha&e to mae it throu"h those JL tou"h years
only throu"h hel% from above#
)here are some tou"h times comin" to prepare for… %ossibly the tou"hest ever# (2015:58)
)hat!s the "roo&e in which you!re more liely to mae it throu"h times to come< clin"in" to 'e and all the hea&enly hel%
you can "et, throu"h prayer, fueled with some of that des%eration the %retty hellish state of the world ou"ht to be
"ettin" you into, if you!re not one of the enemy!s, but My follower#
+ now it!s tou"h for you in com%arison to the fairly easy %recedin" times you!&e had, but unfortunately, the easy times
didn!t really %re%are you for, nor enabled you to co%e and deal with the rou"h times u% ahead, and e&en what you!re
ha&in" to deal with now# 0nd it!s another confirmation of what + told you, that the desperate times, as hard as they may
be or at least seem, are the best factor to %re%are you for e&en rou"her times ahead, %re%are you for troublesome times,
and "i&e you a better and stron"er character… 5ualities that will enable you better to mae it throu"h not as easy times
ahead, than those easier times you had before did, and you can %robably see how those who!&e been s%oiled by their
%ast are "oin" to ha&e the hardest times in the near future and rou"her times u% ahead, so 3ust do all that you can in
order to prepare for those much rou"her times bound to come toward you.
6e%endin" on 'e and asin" for 'y su%ernatural hel% is the only way you!ll mae it throu"h what!s comin" u% ahead,
and that!s why +!m tryin" to "et you into learnin" all those thin"s you!ll need to ha&e in mind and do when the
troublesome times will ha&e reached you to the full#
2ou know what sort of future there!s in store for this world< the darest e&er# So, prepare for it, and be ready when it
)hey!re rou"h times, and certainly not the only ones, or the worst yet# )he worst are still comin"# 0nd what!s ha%%enin"
ri"ht now is in order to hel% you to prepare for it# (2015:60)
)he best way to %re%are for rou"h and dar times u% ahead is not as much throu"h material su%%ort and %re%arations,
but liftin" u% your faith in such a manner that you!ll be able to clin" to and trust in 'e to hel% and see you throu"h e&en
when the times "et the rou"hest e&er.
+!ll be around to hel% see you throu"h, e&en when the rou"hest time of world history will finally arri&e… (2015:61)
1y stayin" tuned in to 'e instead of any ne"ati&e train of thou"hts the de&il would lie to "et you into, you will. He may
loo lie a tem%oral winner in the worldly and e&en "lobal situation to come, but only briefly so, since We!re "oin" to
wind u% re?con5uerin" Our territory, and you won!t be sorry you stuc with Fs, + %romise and can guarantee.
So, as far as the choice is concerned to trust who will win the final match, e&en if the enemy seems lie he may be
runnin" the momentary scenery, you!re wise to belie&e and trust that %e’re "onna win and con5uer it all bac in the
end, since it!s really only a %rocedure for Fs to find out who are really the good ones who are "oin" to 3oin us to rei"n
this world in the end, and who are the ones on Our side who will deserve it# (2015:66)
2ou can!t mae it on your own throu"h what!s comin"# +t!s really necessary for you to clearly de%end and rely on 'e in
order to mae it throu"h the times to come#
Once the 0C is there with his abilities abo&e the natural, you!ll reco"ni7e 3ust how im%ortant it will be to rely on My
stren"th instead your own, former, physical ones#
2ou may be a bit disa%%ointed that you can!t mae it anymore in your own stren"th, but trust 'e that there!s a di&ine
reason and %ur%ose for it, so that you can fully rely on 'ine and the $ather!s instead, and thus will mae it throu"h the
times to come… and the only way you will.
;ely on that from &boveA and it!s the only one that will hel% you do some good in the times to come#
2ou!ll be able to do more and greater thin"s throu"h My stren"th and %ower directly, and not relyin" on your own
abilities that + had blessed you with beforehand, but that you need to swap now, for another mode is necessary in these
chan"in" times to come.
)imes are chan"in", and for those comin" ones you need to "et used to your a%%liance of 'y stren"th and %ower#
2es, it!s a rou"h timeA + see it# 1ut you should be aware of the fact that what!s comin" u% is "oin" to be e&en rougherA so
you should "et used to bein" able to handle these rou"h times#
Stay in touch with 'e constantly, as the 1ible says :Bwithout ceasin"C>, and %ut your ener"y into a%%lyin" for 'y hel%.
0fter all, this will be the only way you!ll mae it throu"h the hard times to come, and the sooner you start really "ettin"
into the "ear of de%endin" on 'e and all your hel% a&ailable to you from above, the better# (2015:68)
Ha&in" one of the rou"hest times currently, Who!s the one in charge of that, 2ou now it!s the enemy, and the fact that
he!s "i&in" you the hardest times shows who and what he!s mostly against.
0nd if that dri&es you into 'y arms and maes you be" and as for 'y hel%, well, that!s not anythin" negative,
considerin" that that!s the only way belie&ers are "oin" to mae it throu"h the )ribulation#
So, consider this time a necessary preparation for the time of tribulation ahead of you, without which you mi"ht not be
able to mae it throu"h it. *earnin" utter dependence on 'e will be somethin" necessary to mae it throu"h that time of
the end# (2015:69)
E&en thou"h you had some %retty "ood times down there, remember who it is that runs the %lace, and is %re%arin" to
"et his last bi" scene all set u%… and that!s not really a time you could com%are to a "reat holiday, or e&en anythin"
near paradise.
;emember that no matter how "reat your time on earth has %artly been… that time e&entually is "oin" to be over#
Hel%in" others to %re%are for the time to come would be a "ood choice of a tas to "et into# (2015:70)
0 "reater need for 'e in your conscience is somethin" 5uite necessary for you in your world!s future and u%comin"
What if there!s a time comin" when %eo%le will ha&e to choose between 'y aid or their reliance on the enemy!s %ower
and tem%orary taeo&er of the "lobe,
E&en if it wouldn’t be comin" all that soon, you can somehow sense that the %retty much worldwide de%endence on the
enemy!s "roo&e is there already. (2015:73)
+ now, it!s a tou"h situation for you ri"ht nowA but 3ust let it ser&e as %re%aration for the tou"hest one to enter that
world!s history, and let your current e4%eriences stren"then you to hel% you mae it throu"h what!s to come.
1ein" %re%ared when that time arises will be what you!ll be most "rateful for, instead of bein" s%oiled by the easy
tactics of life you en3oyed before#
6on!t be so s%oiled from the easier times in your %ast.
Of course, anyone would %refer the easier and more fun times# 1ut what do they teach you, ? Es%ecially concernin" the
o&ercomin" of the difficulties and hardshi%s that will encounter you durin" the Endtime, (2015:79)
)he ;oman Em%ire was %retty much a solid e4am%le of what the 0C!s will be lie in many as%ects… 3ust that that’s e&en
"oin" to be worse' "enerally#
So, yes, it!s a tou"h and rou"h time ahead of you – and not 3ust you – and it!s "ood to "et %re%ared for it, and that!s
somethin" you ought to do, and not become so discoura"ed and weaened by the current circumstances, since they!ll
become worse, which means, it!s somethin" needed to "et used to#
8et used to handling the trouble striin" this world, since it definitely won!t "et less, at least not for ri"ht now, and not
before 'y return after the 0C!s rule of tribulation… (2015:80)
)urn towards the (ight and "et filled with Our S%irit, in order to hel% you o&ercome all that ne"ati&e in%ut from the
enemy tain" o&er the world#
He!s %retty much been rulin" it since 0dam and E&e!s fall, but – e&en thou"h it may not ha&e seemed so, tem%orarily, it!s
"ettin" worse, and that means you!&e "ot to "row stronger a"ainst his e&il forces and resist them with Our hel% and
force at your aid.
2ou!&e 3ust "ot to learn to be ready to deal with it, whate&er it is the world hands you to be ready for and resist… learn to
o&ercome all that e&il there %ut to force by the enemy. (2015:83)
6on!t tae the momentary crisis as a reason to com%lain# +f you start com%lainin" now… how do you thin you!ll be able
to mana"e the e&en lar"er crises ahead of time,
)ry to tae it as well as you can, what you!re ha&in" to deal with ri"ht now, and let it teach you to a&ail yourself of 'y
hel% and stren"th. )hat!s the way you!ll learn to handle what!s coming. (2015:84)

E&en ri"ht now it!s com%arati&ely easy com%ared to what mi"ht come…
…and will come in the end, as you now by faith#
Well, main" you stronger in 'e throu"h the hard times you!re ha&in" to deal with ri"ht now is the "oal, and "ettin" you
to clin" more ti"htly to 'e and the stren"th from above is the only way to mae it throu"h those dar times to comeA so,
3ust tae this time ri"ht now as preparation for "reater challen"es ahead# 6e%endin" on 'e, and learnin" to do that, is
what will hel% you mae it throu"h what!s u% ahead, and one of the main reasons for what you!re ha&in" to "o throu"h
ri"ht now#
)ae it by faith, that +!m not lettin" you %ass throu"h anythin" that!s too tou"h… 3ust tou"h enough to teach you to mae
it throu"h e&en harder times u% ahead# )he more you learn to lean on 'e, instead of ee%in" trustin" in your own
abilities, the more chances you!ll ha&e to mae it throu"h what!s u% ahead.
)o "ain "reater trust and confidence in Me instead of in yourself, is what it!s all about, and a lesson you won!t re"ret
ha&in" learned once you get there, to the time and circumstances you!re bein" %re%ared for#
+ now, it!s a tou"h battle, and a hard one to get throu"h, but the closer it draws you to Me, and the more it maes you
depend on 'e and causes you to rely on 'e instead of yourself and your own abilities, the more of an ad&anta"e of
bein" tau"ht wisdom that!ll hel% you throu"h the times to come.
0nother %art of tou"h times u% ahead, and %re%aration for tou"her ones yet to comeA and you need to be %re%ared for
what!s comin", if you want to make it throu"h that…
2ou!&e "ot 'y stren"th and %ower to hel% you, which should more than enable you to deal with them, the hard times u%
0nd dealin" with the ones you!re e4%eriencin" ri"ht there and now should hel% to stren"then you toward what!s comin"
u% ahead# (2015:86)
+t!s %retty im%ortant to ee% your faith at the top of thin"s and in a "ood condition, as much as you can tell that e&il!s
%retty much ready to tae o&er the world#
Sorry, if life is so rou"h for you ri"ht now, but you!ll also see that your faith "rows stron"er that way, which is somethin"
you!ll need 5uite des%erately in times to come# So, let all this you!re "oin" throu"h ri"ht now dawn on you as &aluable
%re%aration for some rou"h times ahead#
)he more de%endence on Me, the more chance of sur&i&al there!ll be… the more o&ercomin", the "reater victory#
+f the times are rou"her than what you can handle, see them as %re%arations for the e&en rougher times comin" u%
ahead with the )ndtime. *ife may be %retty rou"h for you ri"ht nowA but see it mainly as a %re%aration for the e&en by
far rougher times u% ahead that are coming. *ife may ha&e been fairly %leasant for you beforehand, and you wound u%
disa%%ointed by the recent times, but then< see how much e4tra time + "a&e you to %re%are for what had been %redicted
as comin" u% ahead…
1ut did you,
+t may loo lie a fairly rotten time to you ri"ht now, but it!s only to "et you %re%ared for one a lot more rotten and
miserable to comeA and main" it throu"h that is not "oin" to be somethin" for s%oiled ids from a "olden %ast. So,
mae it throu"h this here, and you mi"ht mae it throu"h that*. (2015:87)
0ll in all, the world you!re in is %retty much fallin" into the enemy!s "ri% com%letely, and there!s 3ust not much Hea&en
on earth left to e4%ect ri"ht now# Fnfortunately, the current state of the earth dri&es more into the direction of hell, at
least as far as the spirit "oes…
So, if life is "ettin" rou"her than it has e&er been to you before, don!t be too shoced, but remember that you were told
5uite some years a"o about rou"h chan"es comin", and you mi"ht say you!re 3ust bein" %re%ared for the worst of it
ri"ht now# (2015:88)
With the biblical factor that the enemy will ultimately re%lace cash by his own mar on humans, you can somewhat see
that main" fols de%endent on money will lea&e them ultimately de%endent on his mar of the 1east, which will show
the s%iritual connection between the two, and how the o&erall %lan was, in "eneral, to mae fols de%endent on him,
instead of trustin" in the $ather and their Creator, faith in Whom they!re tryin" hard to e4tin"uish by modern education,
which becomes %ro&idence for their systematic source of income…
+t!s not lie the enemy created what fols actually need to sur&i&e and li&e of# 0ll he was mainly in&ol&ed in was the
in&ention of the %a%er stuff that has become %retty much necessary to get ahold of food, and %lannin" to chan"e it
e&entually to a re%lacement, first of credit cards, then obli"atory rece%tion of a mar of his on human sin…
@nowin" that that’s where the world is headin" should e4%lain to you why you!re ha&in" such a rou"h time there ri"ht
now, and why you %ut more em%hasis on %re%arin" for the Hereafter< a much differently run and established @in"dom
than what sort of "o&ernments the enemy has triced fols into establishin".
So, the more you can do to resist him and withstand his attacs, the better, and the stron"er you!ll be and wind u%
a"ainst his full?fled"ed, world?wide attac when he taes o&er the 0C#
So, 3ust be %re%ared for that rou"hest %art of world history, which mi"ht not be all too far away. (2015:89)
Sometimes + need to remind you to ha&e des%erate %rayers, for the times u% ahead are %retty ugly# So, it!s a reason to
ha&e des%erate %rayer, and not 3ust see the usual ha%%y and cheerful times all around#
+ know, that!s %retty sad, but – hey, you!&e been warned of rou"h times comin" u% ahead decades a"o# 0nd
unfortunately, soon they!re coming# So, is that a reason to "et des%erate, or not, +t!s definitely a reason to stay in
Could it be that folks will need you once the times on earth are "oin" to "et worse,
Ha&in" li&ed in a world taen o&er by the enemy because of %eo%le!s bad choices, the lesson that!s there is to mae
good choices, instead# (2015:94)
+t!s a rough time, + nowA but what!s comin" u% ahead will e&en be si"nificantly rougher# So, learnin" to mae it throu"h
the rou"h times is what it!s all about ri"ht now, so, 3ust continue tryin" to make it.
8ettin" stron"er is definitely what you need for what!s u% ahead.
+t!s im%ortant for you to learn that We are more important for you than that %a%er stuff soon to be re%laced by mars of
the 1east, which will announce 'y ;eturn#
@ee% trustin" in 'e and looin" forward to 'y ;eturn.
)imes will definitely "et better once +!m back# (2015:95)
How de%endent you are on stayin" in contact with your hea&enly hel%ers in order to mae it throu"h the dar times to
While those times are comin" soon for all belie&ers, the sooner you "et used to asin" for hel%, the better. (2015:98)
2our times arenHt rosy, but count them and a%%reciate them as %re%aratory times for the worst %art of world history.
)hereHs a time comin" in thatHs e&idently a bit harder#
2ou may thin youHre under tou"h circumstances ri"ht now, but belie&e 'e when + say, theyHre "onna be tougher. 0nd
the more you "et used to ha&in" to handle tou"h circumstances, the better itHll be for you to handle the tougher ones#
So, learn how to deal with and handle these tou"h and rou"h times in order to be able to co%e with the e&en rougher
and tougher ones comin" up.
6onHt be freaed out by whatHs comin" at you, but de&elo% the ability to deal with thin"s comin" at you, so that youHll be
able to handle the definitely worse state of the times to come.
+t still may be a bit rou"h for you, tem%orarily, but the sooner and 5uicer youHll learn to deal with it and handle it, the
sooner youHll also be ready for the e&en tougher times to come. *earn how to handle and deal with the crisis of today so
youHll be ready and able to deal with whatHs "oin" to come. (2015:99)
@nowin" that itHll re5uire miracles in 3ust about any case, to mae it throu"h the dar times ahead, should "i&e you faith
for it, and "et you into the custom of de%endin" on miracles… the force and %ower from above, instead of your own of
the flesh. See, – 0nother factor why the sub3ect of flesh &s# S%irit is so important, and one ou"ht to learn it, in order to
mae it throu"h the Endtime… (2015:101)
)here!s the dark side of the s%irit world tain" o&er your entire %lanet soon, but you also now the end of that e&ent, and
that We!ll tae it o&er a"ain, after a relati&ely short – althou"h awful – time#
So, trust Fs, that We!re in control, and whate&er trouble there may come, arise, or will be, We!re abo&e it, can handle it
and will "et you out of it – eventually# (2015:103)
6on!t 3ust assume that e&ery day you wae u% is a normal and peaceful day, while the enemy is at it with his host,
%re%arin" for a total taeo&er of the world you!re li&in" in, %re%arin" for "ettin" down there and inhabitin" and
%ossessin" a lar"e %art of the entire %o%ulation.
Sorry, that it!s so rough, but remember< it!s the result of man!s choices. 0nd it!s a lesson that will be there for 5uite
some time, on what the choices for either "ood or bad will do to %eo%le, and ultimately, the entire world# Com%romises
with, and acce%tance of the enemy will ha&e their results, and that!s a lesson for all to learn#
+ know it!s a rou"h time for you, and harder, rou"her and tou"her than any of the previous ones ri"ht nowA but the bad
news is, that it!s e&en "oin" to "et tougher, so you need to prepare for what!s comin" and learn how to deal with the
enemy, and resist all his attacs. – One comin" ad&anta"e bein", that durin" the )ribulation it won!t be spiritual
anymore, and thus, thin"s should be a bit more under Our control than ri"ht now, when you!re bein" attaced in the
spirit, and often only reali7e it a bit, afterwards#
6on!t be so u%set about times bein" so rou"h, un%leasant and tou"h for you ri"ht now, but remember that they!re
%re%arin" you for the rou"hest time in all of history… to mae it throu"h the darest times e&er#
+t de%ends a lot on you ri"ht now, and how willin"ly you!re bein" %re%ared for the rou"hest of all times by ha&in" to "o
throu"h some trainin". So, ready to be prepared for what!s to come,
Honestly< if you can!t mae it throu"h these days ri"ht now and "o throu"h them a bit more &ictoriously and positively,
trustin" in 'e and the stren"th from 0bo&e, it!s unliely that you!ll mae it throu"h the darest and rou"hest times to
*earn to mae it throu"h the rou"h times now, or you mi"ht not mae it throu"h the e&en rougher ones u% ahead. )rust
in 'e and all hel% from 0bo&e to hel% you throu"h what you!&e "ot to make it throu"h. Otherwise, it would be unliely
that you!ll mae it throu"h what!s comin" u% ahead.
Ha&in" rou"h times now, 6eal with them, and learn to co%e with them, nowin" there!ll be rougher ones u% ahead.
1eha&e a bit more victoriously now, trusting in 'e more, that +!ll help you to make it, for it!s a necessary faith and
%ositi&e attitude you!ll need to hel% you o&ercome the e&il that the e&en by far rou"her times u% ahead will ha&e to offer.
1ecause the Endtime is "ettin" nearer, you should be ca%able of understandin" what!s "oin" on, and prepare for that
last stretch of world history before 'y ;eturn#
6eal with, and handle this tou"her %art of your life, bein" aware of the fact that there!s an e&en much tou"her one
headin" your way, and the only way to mae it throu"h that is by learnin" how to mae it throu"h the rou"h times ri"ht
now# (2015:105)
)he times awaitin" this world are "oin" to be the tou"hest e&er, with the enemy windin" u% rulin" the entire "lobe…
thanfully, only for JL years, but… tou"h enou"h.
+t!s "ettin" to be a rough world, and a tough world, and you don!t ha&e much of a clue if or how you!re "onna make it
throu"h there… but… well, e&entually you will, since it will reach its end, and you!ll be in your true Home that!s awaitin"
*ife may be tou"h for you ri"ht now, but let it be a %re%aration for e&en tougher times a%%roachin" that you!d better "et
ready for… 0nd the way to "et ready for what!s u% ahead is learnin" to de%end on Me.
+t!s the only way you!ll mae it throu"h what!s coming#
Sur&i&in" what!s comin" will de%end on your connection to Me# )hat!s why +!m %ullin" you so much closer these days
and am worin" on main" you more aware of your de%endence on 'e#
)here!&e been times you had bi""er chances to mae it without 'y aid, but what!s comin" u% ahead is definitely
different and "oin" to be tougher to mae it throu"h# )hat!s why you!&e "ot to learn more to lean and de%end on Me# )he
"ood old days are nearly o&er, and the times u% ahead will re5uire 'y hel% desperately# (2015:107)
0 state in which you need and de%end on 'y hel% more des%erately than e&er is a necessary %re%aration to hel% you
mae it throu"h the e&en rou"her times u% ahead you ou"ht to now by faith are "oin" to "et there soon#
+t has a %ositi&e %ur%ose, namely to stren"then and %re%are you for what!s u% ahead and about to come# 2ou need to "et
stren"thened and %re%ared for it, and as +!&e told you, you don!t 3ust "et stren"thened throu"h ha&in" nothin" but easy
and en3oyable times# 2ou need some rou"her times to strengthen you, es%ecially to stren"then and enable you to mae
it throu"h the rou"hest times of all to come.
So, don!t see it as somethin" so negative you!re ha&in" to "o throu"h. See it as necessary %re%aration for what!s u%
ahead, and that should enable you to take it all a bit better, and most of all< learn to see 'y hel% on a re"ular basis to
mae it throu"h the tou"h times, since there are still tou"her ones on their way to mae it throu"h and bear with…
*earnin" to a%%ly 'y hel% and mae it, throu"h 'y 9ower, well, that ou"ht to do it for you, so, don!t tae it as somethin"
too ne"ati&e you!re %assin" throu"h ri"ht now, %ut see its %ositi&e side and %oint of preparation for the time ahead of
+f it!s a rou"h time for you ri"ht now, 3ust let it %re%are you for the world!s rou"hest time u% ahead. (2015:108)
Stay on "uard a"ainst the de&il!s attacs, and his hellish efforts to defeat you, causin" you to be a lot more de%endent
on 'e than before… but, hey… that!s what the term BEndtimeC ou"ht to ha&e made dawn on you.
2ou!ll now, that if you should e&er make it throu"h the times to come, it won!t 3ust ha&e been you, your own %ower and
abilities, but 'e doin" it throu"h you#
Ha&in" to clin" to 'e more is definitely somethin" positive in the li"ht of the fact that hardly anyone will mae it throu"h
what!s to come without 'e#
6e%endent on 'e e&ery child of 8od will have to be durin" the times to come…
Hel% from above in times to come will be "reater than your own abilities#
;ou"her times than before %re%arin" you for what!s to come, should mae you stronger, so that you!ll ha&e chances to
mae it throu"h at all#
Current times are difficult, and harder for you to "o throu"h than %retty much most of, if not all of what you!&e had to "o
throu"h beforeA but the reason and %ur%ose for that is to %re%are you for the rou"hest time e&er, u% ahead in history#
With the most e&il time u% ahead in the near future, you!d better "et prepared and learn how to deal with it and defend
yourself and your fols from it.
8et ready for the tou"h times to come, u% ahead, and don!t 3ust ee% e4%ectin" more easy times.
So, ready for some rough times, e&en thou"h you!d so much %refer to ha&e some more easy and enjoyable ones,
+ now it!s es%ecially rou"h when you still see others "oin" throu"h good times# 1ut then see it this way< )hey mi"ht "et
shocked when the bad times roll in, and that!s somethin" + was %lannin" to avoid in your case, e&en if that %re%aration
for times u% ahead may still strie you as %retty rough# 1ut pretty rough is %retty much somethin" that will a%%ly to
what!s comin" u% ahead, and so, the earlier and the more you "et prepared for that, the more chances for you to mae it
through that, which isn!t somethin" to be taen for granted# Es%ecially not for those who!ll refuse to tae on the mar of
the 1east and sin all the way dee% into the de&il!s final world system# ;ou"h times to come, yeah, that!s why we also
need a bit of rou"h times to prepare you for what!s u% ahead, or at least "et you into a sha%e to %re%are others to mae
it throu"h it, in case it won!t come that soon# 1ut who nows, 'aybe others will mae it thans to your current
preparation# (2015:109)
+t!s lie e&ery day bein" a fight, but that!s 3ust how it!s going to be with rou"h times a%%roachin" this world.
)here!ll be a time when money won!t be around anymore, but will be re%laced by the mar of the 1east… which sort of
shows 3ust where the whole s%irit behind money comes from, in the first %lace#
)he current system is on its way down, and to be re%laced by Satan!s ultimate rule in the end, where you won!t be able
to rely on the system anymore at all, but only your hel% and su%%ly from &bove. (2015:110)
6e%end on Me and Our help, somethin" necessary for the times coming and what!s ahead of you to "o throu"h#
So, %ut up with the tou"hness of the time you!re ha&in" to "o throu"h, and acce%t the fact that it!ll hel% you become
stronger for the e&en tougher times u% ahead.
)ry to bear with the rou"hness and tou"hness of the current stretch of your life, and let it ser&e to mae you stronger,
so that you!ll also mae it throu"h what!s u% ahead. (2015:112)
)he first a%ostles didn!t mae it without hel% from 0bo&e, and if they thou"ht they would, somethin" not so nice usually
ha%%ened to them# 0nd times are "oin" to become a lot like that, and e&en worse, with a worldwide "o&ernment of the
enemy!s %ower.
8ettin" used to de%endence on 'y 9ower and the %rotection from 0bo&e is somethin" that!s absolutely necessary for
those who will "o throu"h the Endtime, so… 8et ready.
2ou must become prepared for those days, so that you!ll make it throu"h there.
)he world is "ettin" into a worse sha%e than before, and it may 5uite well be the worst sha%e ever… somethin" that has
been termed already 2EEE years a"o as the 8reat )ribulation# So, better to "et prepared for it than sur%rised and
shoced by its comin".
)he $ather new that it would be absolutely necessary someday for true belie&ers to sur&i&e and mae it throu"h the
Without Our hel% and %rotection you won!t make it throu"h the days to come#
)hat!s what you!ll ha&e to e4%ect of the Endtime, when it!s there< e&ery day will %retty much be tough, and there won!t
be any Bdays offC or BholidaysC…
Just "et %re%ared for some tough times… the tou"hest in all of world history, and don!t be too shoced by the
tou"hness of your %resent time that!s su%%osed to prepare you for what!s comin" u% ahead.
6on!t ee% e4%ectin" days of fun, rela4ation and easy, "ood times when the tou"hest time of world history is
a%%roachin". Just let these times hel% to %re%are you for what!s comin", and don!t resent that %re%aration, but consider
it a blessing.
+ now it!s not easy for you, when the %re&ious years had 5uite a bit more fun and easy, rela4in" times for you, but you
des%erately needed some time of %re%aration for what!s u% ahead, otherwise you!d ne&er mae it through it#
So, e&en thou"h ri"ht now it!s rough times, now that those u% ahead will e&en be rougher, and the %resent ones are
3ust to hel% you to prepare for what!s comin" u% ahead# (2015:113)
+ e4%ect those who now that the enemy rules the world, to %lay a role for Me and hel% 'e to win others to My @in"dom,
which is "oin" to tae o&er the earth soon.
Sometimes you!&e 3ust "ot to co%e with what!s "oin" on and ha%%enin", and + told you why, many times< the worst
times of the world are comin" toward you, and you!&e "ot to "et %re%ared for them and "et ready… become stronger#
Clin" to 'e and 'y hel%… your hel% from &bove, the only way you!ll e&er mae it throu"h those hard and dar days to
2ou may stron"ly dislie your current state and situation, but see it as the best %re%aration you could e&er "et for the far
worse times to come.
;emember to rely on My stren"th, not your own ca%acities. E&entually you!ll ne&er mae it without that, anyway, since
the world is becomin" too dar, and too much taen o&er by the forces of the enemy, for a +good, %erson to mae it on
their own and in their own stren"th…
)he only way to mae it throu"h what!s u% ahead is throu"h relyin" on 'y stren"th, the 9ower from &bove.
*earn to de%end on My stren"th instead your own, and on your hel% from &bove… the only way you!ll be able to
mana"e to make it throu"h what!s to come.
+ don!t want you to worry about it, but prepare for it, because that!s 5uite necessary# (2015:117)
)o become de%endent on 'e is basically what you need to learn to mae it throu"h the rou"h times ahead.
+f you want to mae it throu"h the tou"h times u% ahead, you need to "et into the habit of clin"in" to 'e… not tryin" to
mae it on your own, or assumin" that you can#
2ou may need more hel% from 0bo&e to make it, but that will be the case all the more in times to come# So, let!s "et you
prepared for it. )rustin" in 'e and 'y hel% that you!re "oin" to make it… that!s the "roo&e and "ear into which you!re
"oin" to ha&e to "et. )he times of relyin" com%letely on yourself, 3ust feedin" your s%irit with a bit of daily in%ut from
'e are over# 2ou need to rely on 'e in order to mae it throu"h the dar days to come, so "et ready for it.
2ou need 'e more than e&er ri"ht now, and will need 'e and 'y hel% and S%irit e&en more when times will "et worse#
Just "et used to the fact that you need 'e more than e&er, and with the dar times ahead, will need 'e e&en more in the
near future.
E&erythin" will turn out alri"ht, e&en if there!ll be times of trouble on earth so hard, that e&en in Hea&en there!ll be
com%lete silence for some time, as you!&e read in the 1oo of ;e&elation# (2015:118)
2ou won!t mae it throu"h the Endtime without Our hel%, and what you!re "oin" throu"h ri"ht now is 3ust some trainin"
and %re%aration for that %eriod, so you!ll "et into the ri"ht "roo&e and rhythm# 6on!t act lie you can mae it on your
own. )hose days are over# 0nd the miserable times you!re "oin" throu"h ri"ht now are 3ust there to prove it to you.
6rawin" you closer to Me and main" you more conscious of the de"ree to which you need 'e, and will need 'e and
'y hel% in times to come, are definitely some positive thin"s when you now what I now about the future ahead of you.
)he times may ha&e been relati&ely easy and %leasant for you in the %astA but those easy days are 3ust about over, and
it!s absolutely necessary for you to "et into the "ear of de%endin" on your hel% from 0bo&e in order to mae it throu"h
what!s comin" at you.
6e%endin" on stren"th from &bove, not 3ust your own abilities, is what will hel% you mae it throu"h times to come…#
)he enemy and his crowd will soon burst into the %hysical %art for the time of the 8reat )ribulation… lea&in" you and
others of Our fols to co%e with e&il from the physical realm#
So, e&en thou"h there!&e been attacs from the other side that made it 5uite tou"h for you to rely on Our hel% from this
side, there!ll be a time when you!ll be com%letely de%endent on it, with the ad&anta"e that the enemy and his force won!t
be hinderin" anymore from the spiritual side of thin"s, while they!ll be tain" o&er the physical for the )ribulation#
Kuite some chan"es to "et ready for, and that!s the main reason We!re worin" on "ettin" you in tune with and
de%endin" on s, so that you!ll definitely mae it throu"h those times to come#
Stay on "uard and on the alert, so you!ll mae it throu"h what!s comin" u% ahead.
)he ne"ati&e situations are there for you to learn to cope with them, since what e4%ects you in the future will e&en be a
lot tougher than what you!re ha&in" to face and deal with ri"ht now. (2015:121)
*et Me and the hea&enly @in"dom %lay that %art to hel% see you throu"h, and "et out of that "ear of reliance on your
own stren"th and abilities of the flesh, which are "oin" to ser&e anyone less in the times to come who wants to stay on
'y side and not yield to the enemy!s rei"n. (2015:122)
6e%end on your hel% from &bove, not thinin" you could mae it on your own, because that!s what the times comin"
towards this world you!re in are "oin" to be lie.
)he more you "et into the "ear of relyin" and de%endin" on Me to mae it, the better %re%ared you!ll be for what!s
comin" u% ahead#
;elyin" on own abilities, which basically means, on one!s own flesh… well, you ou"ht to be learnin" by now from all +!&e
"i&en you on that to%ic, that it!s not really the blessed way to handle thin"s and lead your life for Me, %layin" a %art in
that world soon to be taen o&er com%letely by the enemy, as if you could handle it all in your own stren"th and deal
with it in your own wisdom#
/ot bein" able to mana"e your present situation is a taste of what thin"s are "oin" to be lie in a darer future with the
enemy "ainin" more %ower o&er the world. (2015:123)
)he )ribulation is comin" closer, and thus, you!re ha&in" to "et prepared for it by de%endin" more on 'e# Sorry you
can!t feel anymore lie you can mae it by yourself, but it!s %re%aration for worse times u% ahead, in fact, the worst#
+t!s better not to thin you!re "oin" to mae it throu"h times comin"# 0t least lie this you!re more des%erate for 'y hel%,
and nowin" you won!t mae it without 'y hel% maes it more liely that you are "oin" to mae it< de%endence on Me
and hel% from abo&e, instead of relyin" on your own abilities, which actually won’t be enou"h to hel% anyone to mae it
throu"h what!s comin"#
So, don!t be too downhearted o&er ha&in" "otten into this state in which you!re much less able to do thin"s by yourself
and ha&e become much more de%endent on Me and your hel% from &bove, since that!s the only thin" that!s "oin" to
hel% you mae it throu"h what!s comin"#
Seein" and reco"ni7in" that you won!t be able to mana"e it without the hel% from &bove you!ll need to mae it throu"h
times to come, thus brin"s you into the "ear of asking and a%%lyin" for that hel% to be much more able to mae it
throu"h times to come#
+f you thin you can!t mae it, let it be the mo&e of seein" and reco"ni7in" that you won!t be able to mana"e it without
the hel% from &bove you!ll need to mae it throu"h times to come, and thus brin" you into the "ear of asking and
a%%lyin" for that hel% to be much more able to mae it throu"h times to come than what you could ha&e %o%%ed u% with
by yourself. (2015:126)
*earn to o&ercome those fears that life is handin" you about thin"s the world, run by the enemy, threatens you with.
With what!s comin" at the world, you ought to "et %re%ared and learn to o&ercome it, "et the &ictory o&er it throu"h 'y
aid, and let that faith and trust in 'e and all your hel% from 0bo&e "row stronger.
Consider this you!re "oin" throu"h now %re%aration for what!s to come, and belie&e 'e that you!ll need it.
2ou!ll definitely need 'y stren"th and hel% then, so it!s "ood that you!re ha&in" some trainin" of becomin" de%endent
on it now#
)here!s a tougher time comin" that you need %re%aration for, and trainin" of de%endin" on 'e and hel% from 0bo&e in
order to mae it#
+t!s a rough sta"e of your life, and %retty much the roughest, but trust 'e that it!ll ser&e to %e% you u% for the e&en
rougher times to come.
+ now you!&e ne&er been throu"h %eriods lie this, but neither ha&e you had to face times as such that are u% ahead,
so, you 3ust need to "et prepared for those in order to mae you stronger… stron" enou"h to face and handle them.
+t!s necessary for you to be %re%ared for the times u% ahead where your faith and trust will be what!ll ha&e to %ull you
throu"h, and not your own abilities.
*et faith and trust grow so that it!ll hel% you o&ercome all your fears and worries that the times that will come mi"ht
tem%t you with and throw at you.
)hin"s "et tougher, and you!&e 3ust "ot to "et ready and prepared for that.
+ love you and want you to trust in 'e to hel% you throu"h what!s to come. (2015:128)
*et there be a reminder to you of who’s runnin" the world, and how you!&e "ot to stay on defense a"ainst the e&il that
rules it, es%ecially since it!s "ettin" worse.
+ now it!s a hard time for you# 1ut as + told you, it!s 3ust a su%%osedly hel%ful %re%aration for the e&en harder times to
)hin"s could be betterA but it!s "ood to "et used to when it becomes ob&ious they!re not becomin" better, but rather,
9uttin" u% with that and "ettin" used to and %re%ared for it is the momentary challenge, and the attitude e&eryone ought
to ha&e< to "et prepared for what!s coming. +t taes a bit to "et used to the way thin"s are runnin"… but let it %re%are
you all for what!s up.
0%%lyin" for hel% from &bove is a wise mo&ement and %re%aration for what!s to come, which you mi"ht not a%%reciate
so much ri"ht now, but you will when those times arri&e you!re bein" %re%ared for.
)hin"s could be better, true, but they could also be worse, and, unfortunately' they will be, and that!s what +!m tryin" to
hel% you "et prepared for# )here!s that human desire for constant im%ro&ement… a way for thin"s to "et better… but
sometimes fols ou"ht to "et %re%ared for thin"s "ettin" worse, es%ecially when tain" into consideration who was
"ranted to tae char"e of their world NEEE years a"o, and, as %redicted, that rei"n will ha&e a limit in the days soon to
come, and ou"ht to be "otten prepared and ready for, if the %lan is to survive – es%ecially, in order to hel% others, who
won!t 5uite now yet what will be "oin" on, to reali7e what!s ha%%enin", and tell them about the positive chan"e comin"
u% ahead, throu"h Me and 'y return. (2015:130)
*earn how to make it throu"h rou"h times, because the rou"hest ones of all history are on their way, and you need to
learn how to bear with that ind#
)he 9ower from 0bo&e will be 5uite necessary to hel% you make it throu"h what!s comin", and becoming of the world<
the enemy!s "lobal em%ire, thanfully for a limited %eriod.
$eelin" lie you can!t mae it is a good be"innin", for on your own you won’t, and it!s absolutely necessary to learn to
de%end on Fs, and all the hel% from Hea&en you can "et. So… not feelin" stron" enou"h, 0%%ly for the stren"th from
&bove that will help you to mae it, and don!t assume you!ll be able to mae it on your own# )hat!s the main reason and
%ur%ose for weaenin"< to %re%are you for the times to come, durin" which you!ll be absolutely de%endent on Fs, and
all the hel% from Hea&en you can "et. So, "et into the "ear of recei&in" the stren"th from above that will be the only one
to hel% you mae it throu"h the times to come. (2015:131)
+n the Tribulation, e&ery day you!ll be able to survive will be a miracle. (2015:133)
2ou can!t tae anythin" for "ranted in that world currently run by our enemy at lar"e, and not too lon" from now %retty
much completely, e4ce%t for the few chosen ones to mae it throu"h the )ribulation… -lus that amount of %eo%le that
will fi"ht against the 0C is the end…
So, "et ready for the tough times, durin" which you won!t be able to tae %lanned incidents for the comin" day, wee or
month for "ranted, either#
With the world soon to be taen o&er by the enemy entirely, you!&e "ot to "et used to thin"s chan"in" fast, and that
thin"s are sim%ly not bound to stay fore&er the way they are#
;emember the %ro%hecies about the un%leasant, tem%oral chan"es in world history that will brin" about .ur taeo&er in
the end# So, e&en thou"h tem%orarily worse' ultimately a lot better. (2015:134)
2ou!&e had it a lot easier in the %ast, but with the Endtime &isibly "rowin" closer, wouldn!t you a"ree that you would
&ery well need some necessary %re%aration, in order to hel% you mae it throu"h the comin" rough times,
+ understand you wouldn!t really want to mae it throu"h them, but what if I want you to, and still ha&e a plan for you,
Wouldn!t it be better to yield to that and submit your fate to Our will, – E&en if it may not be that easy, Oay, so maybe
it has been a little too easy for you to %re%are you for the rough times… unless there!s still enou"h time left to finish the
%re%aration tas… and what counts is whether you can %ut up with it and bear what it brin"s…
+t may not be easy what you!re ha&in" to "o throu"h# 1ut did anyone e&er say that these times – es%ecially the ones still
comin" – would be easy, (2015:135)
9re%are you for the times to come when it won!t 3ust be difficult, but %retty much impossible to mae it without the hel%
from &bove you need to learn to a%%ly for and lean on ri"ht now. (2015:136)
+t!s a &ery rou"h and drastic chan"e from the way your life used to be, but the chan"e into the )ndtime will e&en be
more drasticA and what you!re "oin" throu"h now is su%%osed to hel% prepare you for that#
Consider it %re%arations for the rou"h times to come, and trust 'e that you!ll be thankful for that %re%aration once you
get there. (2015:137)
2ou!re "ettin" some confirmation in%ut on news about the )ndtime, that it!s not all that far away#
if you feel wea in your own stren"th ri"ht now, let that %rocess stren"then you in Mine, the only one that will hel% you
mae it throu"h the dar times comin". (2015:138)
0fter the 0C taes o&er the world, you 3ust ou"ht to learn to "et used to thin"s not worin" by themsel&es, but throu"h
'y su%ernatural hel%, since the +normal, ways won!t continue to ee% worin", but thin"s will "et rou"her and tou"her
as time "oes on#
So, han" on to 'e in order to ensure you!re "oin" to make it. 0men,
+t may be a bit of a drastic chan"e not to be main" it without 'y su%ernatural hel% at all throu"h the days, but… well,
that!s %re%aration for the )ndtime, when you!ll definitely not mae it without 'y hel%.
Ha&in" to de%end on 'e is the only way in which you!ll mae it throu"h the days to come with the enemy tain" o&er
that world com%letely, and you need to "et used to it.
)hey!re "oin" to be tou"h times, with the Enemy tain" o&er the earth 3ust about completely# (2015:140)
)he world must "et %re%ared for de&elo%ment and chan"es into more obscure scenery that fols lie you will ha&e to
learn how to face and deal with… to be o&ercomers of the tou"hest times ever… (2015:141)
See the ad&anta"e of %uttin" your confidence more in Me, which will be a "reat ad&anta"e durin" the dar times to
come that will re5uire a lot of miracles to see you thou"h.
+ now, it!s a normal state of nowaday!s males to be confident in their own ca%ability, but with times turnin" into a
determinant choice between "ood and e&il %owers to ser&e, trust 'e that you!ll be better off ser&in" the good, e&en if
We may not be runnin" all the &isible action in the world durin" that time – the "reatest of all tests of manind#
+f you!ll choose Me instead of the "reat, &isible ruler of the masses of that time, and mi"ht e&en "et others into choosin"
'e, trust 'e that you!ll be better off in the lon" run than all the other ones that will follow the %ressure into ser&in" him,
who has been decei&in" this world %retty much since the be"innin"#
)hin"s you!re learnin" and e4%eriencin" and "oin" throu"h ri"ht now are the best %re%arations for the tou"h times
comin" ahead of you and the rest of the world#
Clin" to Me. 6e%end on Me. (ean on 'e. $or those are the only conditions and ways you!ll mae it throu"h the times to
come. (2015:142)
2ou!&e heard that not all electric functions will continue to wor when the troubled times start. So, "et used to tryin" to
hear from 'e without a la%to% or com%uter.
+t!s a tou"h time, but all the more tou"h the times ahead of you will be that +!m hel%in" you to %re%are for# )rust 'e that
e&en tougher times are comin", and the best that can ha%%en is to "et prepared for and learn how to handle them,
lettin" them cause you to lean closer to 'e and 'y hel%, which is what you!ll surely need in the days to come# So, "et
ready by learning to "et ready, %re%ared, and deal with thin"s you sim%ly won!t be able to handle by yourself anymore.
+f you feel lie you can!t mana"e thin"s by yourself anymore, don!t see it as too ne"ati&e, but remember the positive
side, that it will %re%are you for times to come, when leanin" on 'e and your hel% from 0bo&e will turn out to be the best
you could ha&e e&er learned.
2ou!&e been brou"ht to the facts about the Endtime awaitin" this world, so you shouldn!t be too shoced.
Just let it all cause you to rely more on 'e, not on what you had learned from the way thin"s used to be. Sometimes
thin"s chan"e drastically, and belie&e 'e that you!ll be "rateful for ha&in" been %re%ared for what!s to come when it
ha%%ens. (2015:143)
+n order to "et %re%ared to mae it throu"h the rou"hest time on earth ever, it!s better to learn how to mae it throu"h
rou"h times, than to continue to be spoiled#
How were you "oin" to "et %re%ared for the times of trouble 3ust by bein" used to good times,
*ife may be full of trials and tests for you ri"ht now, but lie this you!re "oin" to learn how to handle the trials and tests
that the Endtime is "oin" to brin" alon"A and not ha&in" been %re%ared for it mi"ht mae it e&en tougher# 0t least lie
this you!re be"innin" to learn how to tae and handle tough times#
)here are tougher times to prepare for, and if thin"s 3ust always flow smoothly, that mi"ht not ha%%en so easily#
)here!ll be times comin" when you won!t mae it without de%endin" on 'y hel% to mae it throu"h each day of
tribulation. (2015:144)
)he world is tendin" to become a lot worse throu"h future chan"es it %ays to be prepared for, and that!s what +!m
causing you to become. (2015:146)
*i&in" in a world run by the enemy of 8od and those who try their best to follow His Son couldn!t be easy# 1ut it!s what
ee%s you more aware of your de%endence on 'e and your hel% from 0bo&e, without which you won!t be main" it in
the long run, the darer the world situation "ets#
2ou!ll need to "et into that "roo&e for the sae of main" it throu"h times to come# 6e%endence on 'e is what will hel%
you to mae it through those times#
)he times to come re5uire more than what you!&e "ot to offer yourself in order to mae it throu"h there.
)here are dark times headin" toward the world, and it!s better to "et prepared for them. )hin"s 3ust won!t "o and flow
the way they always ha&e.
)hey!re rough times headin" towards you, and that!s why +!m lettin" you feel lie they!re 3ust about there, so that you
can learn how to "et into the "ear of main" it through 'e and any hel% from 0bo&e you can muster to get down there.
+ wish + had some better news for you… but then, these bad news had already been e4%ected decades a"o, and it!s time
to "et ready and learn how to deal with them once they!re there# +t!ll tae miracles to sur&i&e throu"h the days to come,
and so, you!&e "ot to "et used to the rhythm of asin" and applying for miracles#
Sorry there aren!t any better and easier times for you to e4%ect ri"ht now, but then, those bad times had been forecast
lon" a"o#
#ard times unfortunately is what you!re "oin" to ha&e to "et used to.
8ood news is, they won!t last forever#
6on!t be too shoced by the bad times comin" toward you, but ee% looin" F% ahead, a bit further beyond them, and
now that it!ll be worth it all… any hard times you!ll ha&e had to go throu"h. (2015:148)
)hou"h the hard times u%on Earth ha&e lasted lon"er than many would ha&e ho%ed or e4%ected, don!t worry< there!ll be
an end to it#
Stay on "uard or on the attac, which is a mindset you!ll des%erately need durin" the times to come… the )ndtime.
)he End?time as in, end of the world as it currently has been, and the wiced forces %retty much run it#
)o learn how to handle the tou"h attacs from the enemy is necessary for you to mae it throu"h the e&en darer times
to come#
Handle rou"h times, in order to mae it throu"h the dar future u% ahead.
*earnin" that you can!t mae it on your own without 'y hel% throu"h everything is a "ood, im%ortant thin" to learn,
because that!s e4actly what it!s "oin" to be lie durin" the Endtime, which is not that far away anymore.
'aybe the ;oman Em%ire was bad and rou"h, but ne4t i+t!s "oin" to be %retty much the whole world taen o&er by the
Enemy, with technolo"ies that didn!t e4ist bac then.
So, "et ready to deal with it – the fact that the "reatest miracles of all time will be needed to hel% fols sur&i&e the "lobal
rule by the enemy. He wants to mae it loo lie a curse to be a belie&er in 'e, with the %ersecution he!ll "i&e them hell
on earth with# 1ut let!s 3ust see if 'y stren"th and the $ather!s 9ower can!t enable you and other belie&ers and followers
to mae it through that, anyway.
+ now, it!s "onna be a tou"h test, and a rou"h time, but that!s why +!m teachin" you ri"ht now to "et into leanin" and
de%endin" on 'e as much as you can already, so that it won!t be too tou"h for you to mae it throu"h it all then. ;i"ht
now you may not feel capable of main" it throu"h anythin" lie that… worldwide %ersecution and tribulation… but
maybe – or let!s say, hopefully – once +!m finished with preparing you, it won!t all loo that impossible anymore#
Miraculous to survive it, yes… but that!s why you!&e "ot to learn to de%end on 'y miracle power to mae it, instead of
any of your own stren"ths or e&en wits… So, "et ready, learnin" to use the right ind of su%ernatural aids and wea%ons
+!m worin" on %re%arin" you with.
+t!ll be fairly desperate times of becomin" des%erately de%endent on 'e, but that!s the way – the only way – you!ll be
able to make it throu"h them. (2015:149)
What do you e!pect from a world which the enemy %retty much rules, and "earin" toward a time when he will %retty
much completely do so as the 0ntichrist,
1ecomin" more desperate, de%endent on and clin"in" to Me and any hel% from 0bo&e, will be the only factor to hel%
you mae it throu"h the times to come.
Some fols – or e&en most of them – don!t belie&e in anythin" else but the world around them, while other reli"ious
"rou%s are causin" havoc that will "i&e the 0C a reason to abolish all other reli"ion but faith in him# 2es, it!s a world
"ettin" worse, but remember, there!ll be an im%ortant 3ob for true belie&ers to do for 'e and the $ather.
8et ready for what!s to come. 0nd be %re%ared for the enemy!s stries, since the %eace that seemed to be there for
some time was 3ust to "et you off "uard.
Constant en3oyment of life may ha&e been oay while it wored, but you can tell that times are "ettin" tou"her and
worse, and you need to "et ready to deal with those chan"es u% ahead.
E4%ect miracles and the ability to call on that %ower when you need some, which you will, as you!ll see, in the times to
)he enemy’s tae?o&er of the world "o&ernment will be the final sta"e in which you!ll be utterly de%endent on
miraculous hel% from 0bo&e to mae it throu"h that time#
'ain" other thin"s more im%ortant than material %ossessions will mae more of a true follower of 'ine out of you than
that whole bunch of materialistic Christians that are hel%in" the enemy to turn the world against 'e# (2015:150)
)he enemy has "otten so many fols interested in raisin" their own material and physical "ains, that it has become
more difficult to win others to 'e, but with the way the times will be chan"in" soon, that!s 5uite liely to change a"ain#
+t!s %art of the necessary %re%aration for the Endtime to let the S%irit %lay a "reater role in your mind and life in "eneral
than the physical %art, which isn!t "oin" to "et any better, but more disastrous as time down there "oes on towards its
+f the enemy and all his demons will come from the s%irit world to tae o&er the earthly rule and lar"e %art of the
%o%ulation, it!s "oin" to be all the more im%ortant to "et your hel% from Our side.
+t!s good for you to find out and learn that life can ha&e its tou"h and challen"in" sides, es%ecially the closer it "ets
toward the )ndtime.
1e %re%ared for the fact that thin"s won!t continue to "o on in the same old way, but it will "et harder and tou"her for
the ma3ority of the masses to cope with the comin" drastic chan"es# (2015:152)
8ettin" in tune with 'e, learnin" to depend on 'e, and all these thin"s +!m %ointin" out to you will be hel%ful and
essential eys for you to mae it throu"h what!s comin". + know, they!re rou"h times for you already ri"ht now, but at
least lie this you won!t be too shoced when the "lobal rou"h times will hit, and you!ll be a bit more %re%ared than if
they!d strie you in shoc, une4%ectedly and un%re%ared#
*earnin" to count on 'e in a stron"er way than e&er before is what will "et you throu"h what!s to comeA so, ee%
trustin" 'e that + know what +!m doin" in lettin" you "o throu"h a des%erate time already, in %re%aration for what!s to
)here!ll be many situations %eo%le ha&en!t learned how to co%e with in this day and a"eA and since it!s "oin" to be the
lar"est taeo&er of the enemy!s forces ever in history#
)he ability to ee% seein" the (ight instead of the "reatest darness e&er tain" o&er re5uires the ability to tune in to the
S%irit from &bove more than e&er before#
0s times "et darker in the world, the %hysical standards will "o drastically downhill, and the most im%ortant thin" you
can do is to raise the standard of the spirit in your life hi"h abo&e the physical one.
)urnin" toward the im%ortance of the S%irit abo&e that of the flesh is one of the ey %oints to mae it throu"h the times
to come# (2015:153)
While seein" pleasure was the number one "oal in life so far, there!s comin" a time when it!ll be survival# Es%ecially for
those who won!t feel lie they belon" to the 1east!s crowd, the 0C who!ll wind u% rulin" the world in times to come#
So, it!s necessary to "et %re%ared to mae it throu"h tough times u% ahead, and you don!t ha&e to feel weird about it#
8ettin" %re%ared for tou"h times to come you!ll a%%reciate as a "ift then, when it ha%%ens, and you reali7e the &alue of
times of preparation for it#
With not so much %leasure around ri"ht now as you used to ha&e, trust 'e, that it!ll be better %re%aration for what!s to
come u% ahead. (2015:154)
+t!s definitely becomin" more necessary to %re%are for the rough times awaitin" the %lanet.
Stren"th from &bove will enable you to mae it throu"h times that not e&erybody or too many will mana"e on their own.
+t!ll be a %art of world history durin" which the enemy will try to "et e&eryone he can to mae the decision to follow the
one he!ll %ossess… and subse5uently "et rid of all who don’t# (2015:155)
6on!t let the financial income %lay the leadin" role in your life. 1e content with less, because there!ll be a lot less
a&ailable in the future, and the sooner you "et used to it and %re%ared for it, the better.
+t!ll be one of the tou"hest times for those who!&e been used to material sur%lus, to mae it throu"h times with a lot less
a"ain, chan"ed only in the end by the 0Cs demand to recei&e his mar, which will draw the difference between %eo%le
belon"in" to Me or #im…
*earnin" to %ut your entire trust com%letely in Me and the hel% from 0bo&e and 5uit leanin" on your own ca%acities to
mae it in the system will %lay a ma3or role of times of %re%aration for what!s to come< the enemy!s ultimate and final
ruler?shi% o&er the world#
)he hardest times of history are still before you, so, instead of tryin" to esca%e and a&oid them, see to mae it through
them with 'y hel%, and all hel% from 0bo&e you can get. +t may be 5uite of a bit of a challenge, but then, it!ll also be a
%roof for many others that there!s a way to make it, and a better Source somewhere than what the enemy will %ut on
dis%lay# When he taes o&er the world!s rule, it!ll be the time of "reatest trials on earth, but as you ee% main" it
through it, you will "i&e ho%e to others who will somehow ha&e been e!pecting and dreaming of it, since what the
enemy offered didn!t rin" their bell… (2015:156)
)hin"s could always be e&en worse# 0nd you now from 'y Word, that the world will be, so, learn to co%e with
whate&er!s out there to deal with.
+f thin"s "et tough for you down there, remember, there!ll be tougher times comin", and all the times do you!re ha&in" to
"o throu"h is prepare you and mae you stron"er to deal with it then.
)he hard times you ha&e to deal with are main" you stronger to deal with the times to come.
)he tou"her the times to come, the stron"er your faith better be. 0nd you know from the Word, that the tou"hest are yet
to come# (2015:157)
+t!ll "et so tou"h towards the end that it!ll be %retty much impossible to mae it throu"h that time without your aid from
+t may seem lie hard times for you when you can!t mae it without Our su%ernatural hel%, but that!s the way thin"s are
"oin" to be in times to come, so, the sooner you "et used to it, the better.
1ein" wea and "oin" throu"h low ener"y times durin" which you 3ust need and are de%endent on Our hel% from 0bo&e
is the %erfect %re%aration for dar times to come.
6on!t thin you!ll ha&e to mae it throu"h the rou"h future on your own. )hat!s why +!m tryin" to teach you to de%end on
s< all your hel% a&ailable from &bove. Without Fs you mi"ht not mae it, but with Fs and Our hel%, you will.
)he more you de%end on your hel% from &bove, the surer you!ll mae it throu"h the rou"h times to come.
+!m lettin" you "o throu"h some rou"h times already, so that you!ll "et into the ri"ht "roo&e to mae it throu"h what!s
u% ahead#
2ou had been told, that that some hard and tough times were comin" e&entually… and, well, that time is "ettin" closer#
So, 3ust trust and confide in Fs and that We!ll hel% you to make it, and that!ll "i&e many others some faith to mae it
throu"h the difficult times comin", too#
;ely more on the stren"th from &bove, the ind that you!ll need to mae it throu"h what!s to come. )he more you!ll
de%end on s, the more you!ll mae it throu"h times to come#
*earnin" to let 'e hel% you to mana"e and mae it somehow is the only way you!re "oin" to mae it throu"h what!s to
come# (2015:158)
'ost %eo%le don!t belie&e in the e4istence of the enemy :nor 'ine>, nor his rulershi% of the world, but you!&e come to
e4%erience it as a fact# So, consider that an im%ortant %re%aration for what!s to come.
Of course, he ee%s many %eo%le blinded a"ainst the e4istence of e&il, mainly out of fear of it, one of his "reatest
wea%ons# 1ut bein" aware of the fact that Our 9ower!s greater and his will come to an end, should deli&er you from any
fear of him, e&en if he!ll rule the world for a time at the end of his earthly rulershi%#
Just ee% your faith in Our Stren"th and 9ower su%erior to his.
@ee% in mind that his is comin" to an end.
/ot too many fols consider themsel&es de%endent on Our hel%, but once the Endtime will ha&e arri&ed, you!ll be
"rateful for ha&in" been %re%ared for it, and ha&in" learned to clin" to Our hel% from 0bo&e.
2ou!re in des%erate need of 'e and 'y hel%, and some day you!ll reco"ni7e this as ha&in" been the %erfect %re%aration
for what was to come. (2015:159)
)he e4istence of %a%er money will soon reach its end to be re%laced by the enemy!s ultimate system of control throu"h
his Bmar of the beast#C
)ain" a distance from current materialism is a first ste% away from acce%tin" the de&il!s ultimate mar of the beast
system that will brin" an end to his runnin" of the world, and a start to its new be"innin".
When the worldly system!s on its way down, that!s a "ood time to loo F% to 'e and all the hel% you can a%%ly for from
F% Here, "ettin" fully into the state of leanin" on Me and your hel% from &bove for your sur&i&al… not nowin" yet
e4actly what will result from it on a "lobally %olitical basis, but you now in theory that WW+++ mi"ht result from a
worldwide Crash, and after that… latest, the man who!ll be the world ruler to be taen o&er by the enemy after basically
ha&in" been killed#
/ot &ery nice %ros%ects for the comin" world situation, but it!s better to be %re%ared for it than shoced when it a%%ears
and ha%%ens# 6efinitely a reason why We!re tryin" to "et you out of the "roo&e of seein" much fun and en3oyment,
since there are some %retty troublesome chan"es a%%roachin" world history, and it!s definitely not "oin" to be
%ermanent %arty?time.
@ee% it in your mind, that it doesn!t loo as if the end’s too far away. (2015:160)
)ou"h times can test your faith in a 8od of *o&e… 1ut if it!s a tou"h test now, how much tou"her do you thin it will be
with the bi" troubles on Earth comin", with the final %art of the de&il himself rulin" %retty much the whole world durin"
the last JL years of world history nown as the 8reat )ribulation, (2015:162)
6e%end on Me and the 9ower from 0bo&e, so that you!ll mae it throu"h the times to come, where survival of a
miraculous ind will be necessary.
2our way down is 5uite liely due to the fact of the world’s "eneral way down, and it!s a %re%aration for e&en harder
times to come, so that you!ll mana"e to mae it throu"h them#
)rust that + and the $ather know what We!re %ermittin", e&en if it!s becomin" rougher as time "oes on.
9art of the reason fols were told about the im%endin" trouble lon" before< to "et ready and prepared for it.
)he time of its "reatest darness is a%%roachin" the Earth, and it!s better to "et prepared for it.
2ou need 'e and all hel% from 0bo&e you can "et now, and e&en more so in times to come.
+t!s time you "et used to the fact of darness a%%roachin" and tougher times comin" toward you and the world for
which you!d better be prepared# +f you thin times are tou"h ri"ht now… well, you!ll remember them as com%arati&ely
easy ones durin" times to come. (2015:163)
What!s comin" about, is some se&erely tough times… 0nd, well, you!&e 3ust "ot to "et ready to deal with that# 0nd it
means, not to ee% allowin" yourself what you used to. +t may ha&e been acce%table and %ardonable in times before,
but they are changing, and you!&e "ot to "et ready to deal with, and handle rougher ones.
Some thin"s 3ust change in life, and with the world about to face its rou"hest chan"es in history, you!d better "et used
to that.
2ou were wonderin", why is life such a misery on earth for you, 1ut, well… what do you e!pect from a world e4%ectin"
to be run by our enemy, the de&il, While you had been en3oyin" a bit of nearly heavenly life down there, it was
necessary to remind you of who!s ultimately in charge of most of what!s "oin" on down there, and soon will be
"o&ernin" 3ust about everything in the flesh, as the 0C. (2015:165)
)ry to mae it throu"h e&ery day with a trustin" heart? and mind?set, instead of worryin" about that dar future you can
see a%%endin".
2es, times will "et hard, but didn!t + ha&e to care for and tae care of you all alon", 0nd e&en thou"h it wasn!t as hard
yet as you now it!ll be durin" the Endtime, ha&in" taen care of you %re&iously, don!t you thin +!ll still mae it throu"h
the rou"her times to come,
)o lean on hel% from &bove is %retty much the only way to mae it throu"h the dar future u% ahead.
)he roughness of your situation is the only way to "et you halfway %re%ared for the much rou"her one on its way# +t
may be way much harder what you!re ha&in" to "o throu"h than what you!&e been used to, but not as hard as what!s yet
to come… So, "ettin" %re%ared for tou"her times than e&er is what!s on the schedule, and not much use com%lainin"
about it. (2015:167)
What can you e!pect to loo rosy in a world in which the enemy has brain?washed the lar"e ma3ority of the %eo%le into
belie&in" his lies, – 0nd "ettin" ready to rule and rei"n it all as a "uy who!ll see to abolish faith world?wide…
)he ones belie&in" in creation "i&in" the comin" world "o&ernment a reason and e4cuse for abolishin" reli"ion#
BSee ye first the @in"dom of /odC (Mt.6:33) is another &erse that still maes more sense than e&er, es%ecially with the
carnal distractions ha&in" "rown into a bi""er si7e and %ro%ortion than e&er before, and "ettin" close to the %hysical
reign of the tem%ter… fortunately his last one for a while… to be followed only once more, after the 'illennium…
*earn how to bear and %ut u% with tou"her stroes from life, to mae you stron"er for the tou"hest times to come…
)here!s the tou"hest time of world history comin" toward you, which is definitely the %rice manind will ha&e to %ay for
the choices it made, of %ro?e&il, instead of good, selfishness instead of lo&e, etc#
)he tou"h times u%on the world are comin" soon to let unbelievers rea% what they’ve sown# (2015:169)
+f the 0C?in"dom should be comin" u% after a worldwide financial crisis, %retty much resultin" in the disa%%earance of
finances %rinted on paper, the Endtime will introduce itself to you re5uirin" miracles to ha%%en in order for you and
your family to make it throu"h it#
0 life clun" to and u%held by the system’s %rocedures seems lie solid %re%aration for the %redicted Endtime with the
'ar of the 1east as international cash re%lacement…
+f you thin they!re hard and tou"h now, 3ust bear with the fact that times are "oin" to be e&en harder and tougher, so
definitely somethin" to learn how to co%e and deal with when they come…
)he tou"hest of all times on earth is %retty much ri"ht before you, and somethin" for you to "et ready to deal and co%e
with… so, let 'y hel% "et you ready, oay, (2015:170)
)here!s still stuff that %e’re doin" in the world, e&en thou"h it!s the case of the enemy soon "oin" to tae it o&er, this
time almost completely… e!cept for "uys lie you and the ones you!ll find out about# We!re %re%arin" some to hel% ee%
the good %art of manind alive, e&en durin" the worst %art of all of history. (2015:171)
What you!ll ha&e to ee% in mind to %re%are for the Endtime< to constantly be on "uard.
+t!s not "oin" to be much fun, ha&in" the enemy runnin" and rulin" the "lobe#
2ou!re wonderin", BWhat on earth am + doing here,C
Es%ecially if what you!re "oin" throu"h stries you as the roughest, tou"hest time you e&er had… but then you now
from 'y Words, that it!s 3ust preparing you and "ettin" you halfway ready for the e&en tougher time, in fact, the tou"hest
e&er to hit that "lobe.
0nd no wonder you!re not 5uite sure whether you!ll manage it.
On the other hand, it also means, don!t let the current ne"ati&e incidents dra" you down too much# )here!ll be worse
stuff comin", and es%ecially to hit fols who only live for money that!ll lose its &alue.
So, "et ready for the times of trouble. (2015:173)
Once you!ll see the Endtime ha%%enin"… don!t you thin there!ll be somethin" to tell %eo%le, (2015:175)
8et prepared and ready for the final days of the earth in Satan!s "ri%. (2015:179)
2ou will need Our help desperately durin" the times to come when the de&il will rei"n down there in the flesh… alon"
with all his fallen an"els, the demons, tain" o&er those who!ll tae his mar on their sin, lie sayin", B2es, we belon"
to him.C (2015:180)
+n the end, it!ll turn out you!re one of the ultimate winners on Our team, e&en if the enemy will mae you feel lie losers
for as lon" as you!re down there while he!s tain" o&er the %ower, which you need to now and trust, he!ll definitely lose
in the end# (2015:183)
Ha&in" been told about the Endtime of this world so lon" a"o, you should be %re%ared for and ready to deal with it in
some way, don!t you thin,
)he enemy!s "i&in" you hard times, but We!ll hel% and %ull you throu"h# )hat!s what you!ll ha&e to "et used to for the
'aybe time to learn how to deal with and handle the tough times is ri"ht now, and better now than never or too late…
since you wouldn!t 3ust want to learn how to handle it when the worst trouble starts#
8et ready, "et %re%ared for it, and don!t let it all weaken you, but strengthen you to learn how to handle the times to
come, which are "oin" to be a lot rougher yet than what you ha&e to "o throu"h ri"ht now# (2015:186)

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