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World History Fall Semester

Ms. Rothweiler

Lap 4


rview and Rationale

Upon Africa's soils our prehistoric relatives have walked side by side. From its territories, great
civilizations have risen to glory. Through its peoples, astounding cultures have grown and
flourished. Yet many myths remain about Africa. A lack of understanding of the rich heritage of
Africa which have resulted in distorted perceptions of the African continent and its people. But
one of the biggest reasons for the perpetuation of negative ideas and misinterpretations is the
simple neglect or avoidance of the continent's ancient history. In studying the history of African
culture and civilization the students will gain an understanding of why there exists gradation of
Africa and its peoples.
The Chinese have built a civilization that has lasted longer than any other in the world. In 5000
B.C., Chinese lived in the fertile Huang He river valley. The original civilization was taken over by
the Shang dynasty which initiated the rule by dynasty throughout China. Through the ages,
China has given the world some important inventions, such as paper, pottery called porcelain,
and silk cloth. The products became a catalyst for the Silk Road and a massive trade network
linking Asia with Europe. The Chinese developed a form of writing during the Shang Dynasty. The
Great Wall and the Grand Canal were important feats of construction. Today, the Chinese belief
system includes elements of three important religions. Confucius taught that moral character
was important. He said that individuals should be responsible for their society. He also believed
that rulers should treat their people with care and kindness. Confucius ideas guided the Chinese
bureaucracy, in which different departments ran different parts of the government. Lao Tzu
developed Taoism. Buddhism made its way from India to China in the A.D. 200s. Chinese
achievements have influenced Western culture and developments.

The Non-Europeans

LAP Four Essential Questions

1. What is Africas greatest contribution to civilization
2. Why did Islam spread
3. Does China have more importance than Africa or Japan


Ms. Deb Rothweiler, drothweiler@iwacademy.org

LAP Information
LAP 4 Classical Non-European
Materials needed for LAP:
Use of Internet if you have a device bring to class
Materials for selected project
Online resources

LAP Objectives: Upon Completion of this LAP students will be able to:

Using the PERSIA outline, discuss the

Using the PERSIA outline, discuss the
Using the PERSIA outline, discuss the
Using the PERSIA outline, discuss the
Identify/define the following:
Monotheism Allah
Mandate of Heaven

rise of ISLAM
development Western Africa
rise of classical China
rise of classical Japan
Five Pillars

Golden Age caliph Silk Road


Independent and/Open Lab Assignments/Enrichment:


Enrichment Assignments- posted on www.rothiwa.com due

No project

Dec 10


Test in testing center

First Class Meeting:
Work Day
Second Class Meeting
Due by the beginning of class: Assignment 4-1

Focus of class: The Spread of Islam

Essential question: Why is Islam so widely accepted

Part of the exam

H Day November 12
J Day November 13
Africa and China
A Day Nov 17 India
B Day Nov 18 Africa
and China

Third Class Meeting

Due by the beginning of class: Assignment 4-2
Work day on Islam project

C Day Nov 19 India

D Day Nov 20 Africa
and China

Fourth Class Meeting

Due by the beginning of class: Presentations
Focus of class: The world view of Islam
Essential question: Why is Islam so widely accepted

E Day Nov 23 All Three


Fifth Class Meeting

Due at the beginning of class: Assignment 4-3
Class focus: China
Essential Question What do you think would have
happened if the Silk Route never took place? How do
you think trade would have been affected? How would
this have affected Chinese society?

F Day Nov 24 India

G Day Nov 30 Africa
and China

Sixth Class Meeting

Due at the beginning of class: Assignment 4-4
Class Focus
Seventh Class Meeting

No Assignment Due

H Day Dec 1 for India

J Day Dec 2 for Africa
and China
K Day All Three

Eighth Class Meeting

In Class map assignment to be started in class and
completed in the following class
Decline of Rome

A Day Dec 4 India

B Day Dec 5 Africa and

Ninth Class Meeting

Complete Map in class and discuss
Tenth Class Meeting
Tying it together

Eleventh Class
Prepare for exam

C Day Dec 8 India

D Day Dec 9 China and
E Day Dec 10 All
Three Sections

Remaining days of

Homework Assignment Explanations

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