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LESSON PLAN Science - Solutions

Student Teacher Sophia Rivera

November 17, 2015
Cooperating Teacher Mrs. Handwerk

Grade Level 4

Pennsylvania Academic Standards and Common Core Standards

S4.A.2.1.1: Generate questions about objects, organisms, or events

that can be answered through scientific investigations.
S4.A.2.1.2: Design and describe an investigation (a fair test) to test
one variable.
S4.A.2.1.4: State a conclusion that is consistent with the
S4.C.1.1.1: Use physical properties [e.g., mass, shape, size, volume,
color, texture, magnetism, state (i.e., solid, liquid, and gas),
conductivity (i.e., electrical and heat)] to describe matter.
Students will:
Utilize the scientific method
Describe the water and sugar in terms of matter
Propose a hypothesis regarding what will happen to sugar in water
Tier 1:
Tier 2:
Tier 3: solution,
dissolve, solubility,
Essential Question(s)
What is a solution?
What must happen for one material to form a solution with another material?

Materials and Resources

Harcourt Science Manual
Science Textbooks for the students
Straws to Stir
Science Journals
Scientific Method Bookmarks (laminated! )
Instructional Procedure/Activities
Activating Strategy:

Teacher will begin class by reviewing the scientific method. What are our steps
to the scientific method? Teacher will hand out scientific method bookmarks for
the students to keep that have the steps on them for a quick review.

Teaching Strategy:

Teacher will explain that we are going to do a small experiment today on

solutions and solubility. When we mix two things together evenly, we create a
solution. We are going to perform an experiment with sugar and water.

Next, a student from each group will receive a cup of water. The teacher will
stop the class to ask the question: what will happen when we mix the sugar
into the water? The teacher will take volunteers as to what our
predictions/hypotheses will be.

The students will complete the scientific method in their science journals step
by step.

Teacher will remind students to be very careful of the water. If anyone is

inappropriate with the water and spills it, they will not be completing the

The teacher will drop a teaspoon of sugar into each groups cup. One person
from the group is allowed to stir the sugar into the water with the straw.

The students will record their experiment in their science journals.

As a class, we will discuss what happened next. Can we see the sugar
anymore? What happened to it? Did it dissolve?

The students will record their conclusions in their science journals.

Summarizing Activity

The teacher will write the word solubility on the board. Based on our
experiment with solutions, what do you think solubility means?

Do you think sand in water has the same solubility as sugar in water? What
would your hypothesis be if we were conducting that experiment?

Teacher will have another group member bring their cup back to the back table
as we clean up.

After we clean up, students will take out their textbooks to page E18. To finish
our notes on solutions, we will write the definition of solution as our exit ticket
out of the class.
Observation of participation throughout
Completion of scientific method for
todays lesson in science journal.