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Turning Around Low Performing Schools

Turning Around Low Performing Schools


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Publicado porDennis Ashendorf
Published by the What Works Clearinghouse
Published by the What Works Clearinghouse

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Published by: Dennis Ashendorf on May 08, 2008
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Practice guide panels are composed of in-
dividuals who are nationally recognized
experts on the topics about which they
are rendering recommendations. The In-
stitute of Education Sciences (IES) expects
that such experts will be involved profes-
sionally in a variety of matters that relate
to their work as a panel. Panel members
are asked to disclose their professional
involvements and to institute deliberative
processes that encourage critical exami-
nation of the views of panel members as
they relate to the content of the practice
guide. The potential infuence of panel
members’ professional engagements is

further muted by the requirement that
they ground their recommendations in
evidence that is documented in the prac-
tice guide. In addition, the practice guide
undergoes independent external peer
review prior to publication, with par-
ticular focus on whether the evidence
related to the recommendations in the
practice guide has been appropriately

The professional engagements reported
by each panel member that appear most
closely associated with the panel recom-
mendations are noted below.

No professional engagements or commit-
ments were reported by the panel mem-
bers that were identified as a potential
confict of interest.

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