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Garcia 1

Anahi Garcia
Jamie McBeth
English 1010
November 2, 2015

Migration in the U.S

Migration is a giant issue in the U.S because nowadays is a mass movement going.
The faces of the migrants have been the cover of the United States since the beginning of the
country itself. Americans have been migrants, but now is for different purposes like: school,
job, a better lifestyle. Migrants come from the whole world thousands some running from the
suffering or just looking for better opportunities. This community comes from different social
For instance the most controversial issue about migration is how this fact is building
wealth and how is setting places of work for a specific group of people. The basis of many
factories and industrial powers is becoming the migrant labor. Certainly the job growth, but
some Americans who denigrate the migrant labor are totally against this humanities cause
that has a correlation with the implantation and foundation of the U.S. The debate is pretty
wide when it comes about the migration population and what is good and what is bad. The
background is a really important fact of who every person develops a point of view.

I am really interesting in these matters for many different reasons. Firstly, this is a major
concern in the society that I live by now and it has politic taste because of the upcoming
elections where Trump is giving strong declarations. My family have been migrants and
include myself too because even though I came here legally I grew up in another country
which make this a place where I need to start over again. I love to be part of the change, I am

Garcia 2

proud of my origins and glad for the people that decide to be warriors the migrants have
power because they are people that are capable to do anything to achieve their goals.

The following is a great combination of articles that have strong opinions and very
valuable points. Also defined how many factors are completely determinant for the analysis,
arguments, and counterarguments. My position stands for the convenience of the people that
deserves to fit into a great society.

Chang, Cindy. California voters more tolerant of illegal immigrants, poll finds. Los
Angeles Times. October 28, 2012. November 1, 2012.

The author states the tolerance that certain groups in the U.S are developing. After
some decades they are starting to be more manageable according to immigration factors and
situations. Otherwise these news are coming after almost 20 years that people from California
have been fighting against the immigrants. Californians try to prohibit school, hospitals, jobs
until they became tolerant and humans. These change minds are not coming alone they are
coming from the 20% of Latinos that make up the California voters population, but
furthermore the changes in the reform to support for immigrants would have been possible
without the other percentage in the ballots. President Obama is offering opportunities to
immigrants preventing children from deportation, giving IDs and licenses to undocumented
immigrants which is a big an incredible start. The undocumented community is growing day
by day and the reform keep the community away from the shadow of the discrimination and
needs. The reform is a crucial step according to my point of view because this is the best way
to win the respect that hasnt been there to the immigrants community which has been
waiting for many years. The minimum benefit had help them to improve their lives and also
the environment. The changes are notable for example with the new reform with the AB 60
license in the state of California which is given to undocumented people has been an

Garcia 3

incredible support. Many people are establishing a new path, they are not scared to drive to
get caught or being criminals because they need to take their sons to school or go to work.
The beginning for a new America is here the authorities just need to support a dream and set
freedom to build an America with the people that were not born here, but have an incredible
amount of appreciation for this land.

Falk, H. "Immigration And Naturalization Service."Funk & Walls New World Encyclopedia
(2015): 1p. 1. Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia. Web. 10 Nov. 2015.

The article contains a brief explanation in the history of immigration and how it has been
changing through decades because many situations that have hit the U.S strongly. The process
to control immigration started with the Department of Justice from 1940 until 2002, when its
functions were transferred to the newly created Department of Homeland Security. Although
the federal government had created an office to encourage immigration as early as 1864, so
in this way the control would be better for the security of the territories immigration was
regulated by the individual states until the passage of the Immigration Act of 1891, which
created the Bureau of Immigration under the Department of Treasury. The bureau was
renamed the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization in 1906 to reflect the responsibilities
added because now they were in charge to keep the track of different immigrant and provide
citizenship and legal instance under the Naturalization Act. Naturalization became a separate
bureau when the Department of Commerce and Labor was split into two departments in
1913, with both functions under the Department of Labor. One, the Bureau of Border
Security, would deal with violations of immigration laws; the other, the Bureau of Citizenship
and Immigration Services, would perform other functions, such as handling applications for
immigrant visas, requests for asylum and refugee status, petitions for naturalization, and
citizenship education. All these changes are indicators of how the U.S needs to protect, but at

Garcia 4

the same time be more open with the ones that want to help and restore the peace and the
feeling of ownership encouraging hard work and partnership between the different ethnics
and races.

Fregoso, Helena; Gaytan, Fabiola. 1998. Controlling of illegal immigration: A trade theoretic
approach. University of Essex (United Kingdom).
This thesis presents the analysis of the effects of a number of policies to control illegal
immigration in a two-country general equilibrium model of international trade. This
framework enables us to study the direct and indirect effects of four policy options on the
flows of illegal immigration and on the welfare of the two countries called the North and the
South. We assume that migration decisions are family rather than individually based, and that
the migration equilibrium is the result of a welfare maximisation problem for the family in
the South. If people start to ask about northerns and southerns opinions they will always end
up with disagreements because I understand that many people from the South strongly
believe that immigrants are just causing damage for the country and that immigrants dont
deserve to be here because they have had bad experiences with immigrants and in all the
world in each different country there is so many different people, but these people cant
classify all of the immigrants as bad people because they dont know all the immigrants.
Generalization is not a good factor when the opinion is the matter; the opinion needs to be
cautious and smart and without generalization.

Martinez, Guillermo. Immigration reform gets unexpected supporter. Sun Sentinel. October
25, 2012. October 29, 2012.

The author states some interesting facts about immigration reform and political
concern in this article shaping different issues. The number of immigrants have been
increasing for many foreign factors. According to this article immigration reform is receiving

Garcia 5

support which is really unexpected. Political parties really conservative are opening the
thinking that the community needs to be more open with immigrants and comprehensible
with their situations. The immigration reform is moving slowly but strong at the same time
receiving some understanding from the most conservative and causing and influential pattern
for the upcoming generations. Also some people are agree that immigrants community with
or without legal papers are a big fact for every election and if they as political parties dont
look for opportunities to improve their social conditions they are destructing themselves
because they will lose a big amount of voter in elections. The fact that conservative parties
are being more open with immigrants mean great news and hope for undocumented people.
The political movements know that immigrants sons or naturalized citizens are a big
community to win in the ballot and maybe this is not the face that immigrants have been
trying to show or the one that Ive been desiring or persuading, but it is a good start and
hopefully it can advance and keep strong.

Pearce, Matt. "Immigration Restrictions: Guide To Critical Analysis." Points Of View:

Immigration Restrictions (2015): 4. Points of View Reference Center. Web. 10 Nov. 2015

Garcia 6

Illegal immigration needs to end and the American government needs to enforce current
immigration laws. During the great waves of immigration in the nineteenth century, Irish,
Italian, Jewish and Chinese migrants all were discriminated against by Americans who
disliked the fact that immigrants took American jobs at reduced wages. In 1986, President
Ronald Reagan signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act, which imposed severe
penalties against companies that hired illegal immigrants and granted amnesty to the
estimated two million illegal immigrants then living in the United States. Corporations that
hire illegal immigrants are rarely punished, and more and more illegal immigrants continue to
find employment within the United States. Americans want current immigration laws
enforced and an immediate end to illegal immigration. A well-funded border patrol and
enforcement of current immigration laws against employers who hire illegal immigrants
would accomplish both of these goals, but unfortunately, there has been precious little
political capital employed to advance these proposals. News reports have shown many illegal
immigrants have begun voluntarily returning to their home countries citing a lack of work in
the US, but other reports show that Americans now willing to engage in employment that in
past decades may have appeared to be "beneath" them, are increasingly frustrated with any
jobs being taken by illegal immigrants.Illegal immigrants paid only $16 billion in taxes to the
federal government but ended up costing over $26 billion by utilizing federally subsidized
programs. Without further reform, illegal immigration has the potential of destroying the
American middle class as well as endangering American security by allowing thousands of
undocumented and unknown people to flow freely through our borders.
Finally the proposals to solve illegal migration are taking power to advance and go
forward. Migration is a wide agent nowadays the concern is for everybody because I bet that
we all have immigrants around us, so is really important to get to know them as the people
that want to change this country, accomplish their dream, and get a better future for their love
ones. Otherwise I wouldnt say that this is a civic duty, I just think that I would be good to

Garcia 7

join the community and be all in the same page and the same view for the future. Community
needs to be involve, but is up to them what side they want to choose. The decision might be
strong, but every time people makes a decision against immigrants, they need to think that
could be their family in that situation and to be classified as something or to be discriminate
is really hard because immigrants are here because they didnt have any other option and they
just want the well being of their families as everybody wants the well being of our love ones.