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Practicum Lesson

VEL Strand Discipline Based Learning

Date 30/10/2015
Topic and Focus Literacy Writing Activity, Writing and publishing the
Year Level Grade 3/4
Time of Lesson Morning
Duration of Lesson 40 Minutes

Class Size 25 (1 fo

Student Learning Objectives and relevant Aus Curric/AusVELS/N
In this lesson students will write their narrative Story bird and then publi
They need to choose images to match as close as possible their story
By the end of the lesson students will have written and published their s
After lunch they will be able to share their stories with the class.
Grade three students (by the end of the unit) will be able to understand how content can be
organised using different text structures depending on the purpose of the text. They understand
how language features, images and vocabulary choices are used for different effects.
They read texts that contain varied sentence structures, a range of punctuation conventions, and
images that provide additional information. They identify literal and implied meaning connecting
ideas in different parts of a text. They select information, ideas and events in texts that relate to
their own lives and to other texts. They should also be able to listen to others views and respond
They understand how language features are used to link and sequence ideas. They understand
how language can be used
to express feelings and opinions on topics. They create a range of texts for familiar and unfamiliar
audiences. They
contribute actively to class and group discussions, asking questions, providing useful feedback and
making presentations.

Grade four students (by the end of the unit) will be able to understand that texts have different struc
depending on
the purpose and audience. They explain how language features, images and vocabulary are used to
the interest of
audiences. They describe literal and implied meaning connecting ideas in different texts. They expres
preferences for
particular texts, and respond to others viewpoints. Listen for key points in discussions. They use lang
features to
create coherence and add detail to their texts. They understand how to express an opinion based on
information in a text. They create texts that show understanding of how images and detail can be us
extend key ideas. Students create
structured texts to explain ideas for different audiences. They make presentations and contribute act
class and
group discussions, varying language according to context.

Discuss how language is used to describe the settings in texts, and explore how the
settings shape the events and influence the mood of the narrative (ACELT1599)

Identify the audience and purpose of imaginative, informative and persuasive

texts (ACELY1678)

Assessment/Means of Evaluation and Method Used

Students will have succeeded in the activity when they have completed and publish
Once students have completed their story they will be able to share their story with

Student Teacher Focus

Student Engagement: Ensuring the students stay on task and arent distracting each
student attention on the activity at hand, rather than on their peers. Also ensuring t
are aimed at the text and not on trivial subjects.

Students Background Knowledge

Students have been talking about narratives and completing activities to strengthen
writing abilities. They know the concepts and vocabulary associated with narrative
They have
planned and drafted and edited their narrative.

Resources and Materials

Mixed Up Fairy Tales
Snow White in New York
The Cheese Man and Other Fairly Odd Tales
A3 Narrative planning sheet breakdown sheet
Students writing notebook.
Story bird online program.

Classroom Organisation

Focus group at the rear of the classroom. The remainder of the students are continu
writing their
own narratives.


Ask them to re read their drafted story. Is there anythin
want to change? Were going to go to the computer lab
our final version of the narrative.
The program we use allows us to put pictures with our

5 Mins

2) Explanation of Task
Well need to log on Ive created an account for us to
We then need to choose the art we want to use, once w

chosen the art we cannot make another choice, were s

with it.
We then need to type up all of the things weve written
our notebooks. We then need to re read and check for s

15 Mins

errors and make sure it makes sense. Once were sure

correct we can publish our story.
3) Students on Task
Students will type their work.
Minimal talking we dont have much time. (Ill help ty
Re read their draft and edit some sections.

2 Mins

4) Conclusion
Save and publish work, pack up from computer lab.
Be prepared to share their work with the class after lun

2 Mins

5) Closure
Sit on the mat with the rest of the class.

Lesson Plan