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Danielle Wilkinson

Professor Bettridge
UNST 114
12 October 2015
Every year thousands perish of disease that might recover if they would take proper
nourishment, and drink the medicine that science prescribes, but which they imagine that
their religion forbids them to touch. Folkways and ethical relativism.
Dont be moral if its going to kill you. Thats a stupid reason for being moral. Nothing
should come in the way of your health.
Journal entry: The harmful folkways passage is what intrigued me next.
Insert QUOTE. This whole excerpt talks about how it is morally wrong
for some people to to eat certain types of food. To me, this is ridiculous.
They don't get proper nourishment, just for their beliefs. They don't except
medicine, just because it isn't part of their morals. Although I don't
understand their religions, and such, I do not agree with dying from
something that could be so easily curable.

The character of a good person gives aesthetic pleasure. goodness of character is itself a
form of beauty. So If you want to make up for lack of looks, you dont have to become an
opera singer, you can simply become a decent human being. Moral Literacy McGinn

Is the reward of inner beauty with a chance of it shining through to the surface
enough reward to make you walk a moral path? Is it a reward? what constitutes

Stare at yourself in the mirror once in awhile. Maxim from Moral Literacy McGinn
Journal entry: This is a chance to take personal inventory. Do you like who you are
looking at? Can you sleep with yourself at night? Are you a kind, just, honest, and
independent person?
THE BIG FOUR: Kindness, Justice, Honesty, and Independence.

They say also that honesty is for the most part less profitable than dishonesty; and they are
quite ready to call wicked men happy. Why Be Moral? Plato
Are the immoral happier? do they have more fun? What is the reward for being
honest? If everyone was wicked, what would the world be like without any good

Conscience might be added as another natural or supernatural voice intuition.

Journal Entry; All (This) of these completely blew me away and helped me
understand that they are imperative and have to be respected in all different cultures.
The definition that stood out to me the most was conscience. Our conscience
contributes a lot to our morality; what we think of right and wrong is definitely
determined by our conscience. As I tried to wrap my head around how it could be a

supernatural intuition really made me contemplate my higher powers. Ive never had
a piece of writing make me feel that way. This will definitely be used in my essay
because our conscience helps keep us on the moral path, with that little voice in the
back our minds telling us which way to go.
examples of conscience.
Right vs wrong