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Day 6 Tuesday, November 3rd 2015

Classroom Climate
Classroom culture and context
Observe the classroom climate and answer the questions below.
1. Is the classroom climate purposeful and task orientated? Give
an example.
Yes, all the activities that she gives them is related to the lesson because all
the activities that she gave it to them is complementary to what they study.
2. Is the classroom climate relaxed, warm and supportive? Give
an example.
Yes, the children where relaxed and enjoy studying because they like the way
that she teaches and when she feels that they are not focusing she reminds
them that after 10 minutes they are going to have a break time.
3. Does the classroom climate have a sense of order? Give an
No because when the children came to class in the morning the teacher lost
her lesson papers and the children where running around and shouting I was
trying to control the class but I couldnt , If I was in her place I would do 2
copies incase if I lost 1 I will have another copy.
4. How did the teacher build on intrinsic motivation?
The teacher always tell the children that if they work really hard , when
theyll grow up he is going to be a pilot or anything they like
5. How did the teacher build on extrinsic motivation?
The teacher told the students that they have to do all your classwork and
homework on time and after that she is going to check who did and she
gives them sweets and the children who did not finish their work she gives
them a star to support them and tell them that next time they have to be
6. What sort of relationship did the teacher have with the
students? For example, was there mutual respect and rapport,
did the teacher act as a good example, did s/he use humor?
The teacher always respect the children and give them everything
they want but they have to give her first what did they learn from
her . One boy asked her that what we are going to do today she
explained to him everything.
7. Describe the classroom appearance in terms of the layout.
What did you like not like about it and why? What would you
change or not change and why?
The classroom is nice and well organized but I think that it would be batter
if they have more space for all the areas because when the teacher separate
them to the area I feel that there is no space for them

Observe and record strategies used by the teacher to motivate
the students positively to learn.
Strategies used by
The teacher hanged a
reward system on the
wall and she told the
children that if you if
you did all your work
and if your behavior
where good at class you
are going to have a
present and a star.

What children did

How useful it was

The children were

working very hard to
get the present and
the star.

She told the children

that if you were good
at class Im going to
put a star under your
name and youll get a

1. Did the teacher use praise? Which students did she praise and
Yes, the teacher used praise to let them to be proud of what they did. The
teacher praised Amna because she did all her work on time and she was
listening to her.

2. Which of these strategies would you use/not use? Why?

I would use some of the strategies of what she choose because some of the
strategies was not well prepared it was a bit mess , the children was not able
to do something because the teacher didnt prepare the strategies .
3. Was there anything that could have been done differently?

Yes, when the teacher took the miss behaved child to other class and she
forget that she kept him there . I think that she should choose other
detention for the miss behaved she could let him stand no more than 5
minutes not for the whole lesson.

On Tuesday October 27th 2015 all the children where ready, as they inter the
class the teacher greeted them with a smile. After that they all sat at the
circle area and they listening of what the teacher is saying .I noticed that
children are so smart and they like to know new information and they always
like to ask because children are so curious .1 boy is so not concentrating in
class and bothering others after that the teacher told him that if he did it
again shell put him in other class . All children like to ask and know about
new things they always do something without thinking ,when I was observing
in class there was one boy always thinking about something else and he
always ask her when well go back home Im bored she told him that you
shouldnt ask me this question again. (According to Jean Piaget there is a
big difference between adults and children) Something surprised me that
there is a child was so naughty in class and he always imagines that hes
holding a gun and shooting after that the teacher said that she have to talk
to his parents she called his mother and told her that her son is always
imagining that he is shooting she told the teacher that he always watch TV
thats the problem . The teacher told her that you have to watch him what
hes watching on TV.