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30 November 2015

Dr. Leslie Bruce

Department of English, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics
California State University, Fullerton
Fullerton, CA 92834-9480
I feel the best way to compile documents I have written or edited
in a way that shows my ability to use the student learning outcomes
(SLOs). I will state each SLO in order, as it appears on the Portfolio
Instructions handout, and give an example of how I have implemented
the technique for each of the techniques listed on SLO handout.
The first SLO technique is to, Write formally and informally, inclass and out-of-class, for a variety of audiences and purposes (Bruce
2015). This statement is asking me to show that I can write according
to a specific audience. This audience could be an audience of my peers
in-class or outside of class. This should be able to be done regardless
of the purpose. An example of how I have implemented this technique
is found in my fully revised Editorial. The purpose of this document is
to persuade an audience of my peers both in-class and outside of class
that Overpopulation in the Los Angeles area has been a major factor in
the recent drought in Los Angeles. My editorial uses a formal writing
style; this is because the formal style will give more authority to my
argument than the informal version. The important aspect of this
technique however is the ability to make sure that the common person
would be able to have confidence in my argument. Defining all forms of
trade vernacular and establishing credibility to my argument through
effective citations shows the use of this SLO technique.
The second SLO technique is to, Find, evaluate, select,
synthesize, organize, ethically cite, and present information from a
variety of sources appropriate to their disciplines (Bruce 2015). This
statement is asking me to be able to effectively cite material in a
document. A citation is considered effective when it establishes helps
support an argument through evidence, authority or other rhetorical
device. An example of how I have used this technique can be found in
me Revised Editorial. As stated in the previous paragraph I use
citations to establish credibility by using an authoritative source to

show that indeed there is both an issue of overpopulation and a

shortage of water in the Los Angeles area.
The third SLO technique is to, Compare, contrast, and
synthesize carefully and objectively the relative merits of alternative or
opposing arguments, assumptions, and cultural values (Bruce 2015).
This technique is asking me to show that I can construct a counter
argument and discuss its merits and fallbacks. Also this requires me to
relate the counterargument to my argument. An example of my use of
this technique can be found in my original editorial paper. I set up a
counter argument stating that overpopulation may exist but if I can
afford water I should be able to. I state how it is a valid point as you
are free to choose what you wish to pay for as a basic right. Yet this
provides no solution it just perpetuates the problem.
The fourth SLO technique is to, Organize ones thoughts and
communicate them clearly and persuasively to address a rhetorical
situation (Bruce 2015). This technique asks me if I am able to be able
to construct a logical argument using proper writing procedures. An
example of my use of this technique is found in Writers Notebook from
10/5/15. In this writers notebook I had to analyze a document by
answering prompted questions. I state that the audience of the
document is the general public and I use examples from the texts to
prove my assertion.
The fifth SLO technique is asking me to show that I can write an
argument or an analytical paper and maintain an understanding of the
group or subject I am talking about and relate this to an audience
regardless of sex or previous culture. This means writing a paper that
anyone within the audience I am writing for can understand the
argument and they dont feel ignored in the argument. An example of
my use of this technique is found in my unedited editorial I discuss
droughts that exist not only in Los Angeles but across the world.
The last SLO technique asks me be able to my writing skills and
others skills through peer edits. An example of this is found in my peer
response rubric I used to help my peer with their work and a peer
review sheet I received from my peer. I used this to construct a better
editorial paper.