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Name: Mahra Al Qassimi

ID: H00330597
Teacher: Miss Muna Al Suwaidi
EPC 1403 - Practicum 1a

Day 2 - Tuesday, October 6th 2015

Observation task 2
Planning and Preparation
Learning environment

Description of each area (and photograph)

1. Circle Time Center

Possible reasons for setting this area

There are different things that you can do in
this Center, such as: attendance, reading
stories, reciting Quran, discussing with each
other about general stuff.

2. Lego Blocks Center

Block Center is organized in the storage case

and next to it there's a foam play mat. Lego
blocks help children develop motor skills,
spatial skills, social skills, language skills,
problem solving skills and creative thinking.
This area also allows children to see things
through another person's point of view when
working together. They pulled me to this
center and were claiming to how excited they
were to build a castle and cities.

3. Play Center

This Center can help develop children's

physical development, the students also use
their imagination when playing. It can help the
children interact and socialize with one

4. Art Center

This is my favorite Center, you can express

yourself here and just be free and in your own
world. In KG classrooms, most centers
provide the children to use their creativity and

5. Literacy Center

Ms. Ebtihal, placed the Literacy Center away

from the noise. We learned earlier this
semester, that you should carefully organize
your Centers. The students sit here and are
silently enjoying a book.

6. Games and Puzzles Center

This Center allows children to understand the

social world, develop communication skills
and students interact while they are playing.
Students here are also practicing fine motor
skills, and cognitive skill development while
they are focused on completing the dots and
choosing the right puzzle piece.

7. Investigation and Exploration Center

In this Center, two kids in turns are allowed to

sit here and check out the new equipments and
explore. Everytime the teacher shows them
something new, she places it in the basket and
tells them that they can try it later during their
free time. In the previous observation, the new
equipment was a play binoculars that shows
them pictures of Mecca and they would know

what the teacher was teaching them earlier.

From what I observed, the teacher is well-prepared. Everything was organized in it's place and
the kids knew exactly where the things should be, the storage boxes are picture labeled and that
helped the children recognize the materials, equipments and where it is stored.
Yes, the topic of the lesson and learning activities, together with the structure of the lesson,
appear to maintain students interest and motivation. Most students were extremely happy and
proud with their progress. They would run to their classroom teacher and I and say "look what
I've done" and if anything I learned is that I should cheer them on, compliment them and assure

them of just how proud I'am, and that would encourage and motivate them to work harder and
actually look forward to it.
I look up to Ms. Ebtihal and learn something new and useful in each observation, the kids view
her as a 2nd mother and that warmed my heart. There was this student who would cry and latch on
to her mother every morning and I wondered how she managed to make her stop crying. In my
2nd observation, I witnessed Ms. Ebtihal walking up to the student and hugging her gently until
she calmed down and told her that she won't let go of her until she stops crying. To me that was a
good way to treat a child especially when they're crying, rather than threatening them and
pointing their fingers in their faces "Hugs can do great amounts of good, especially for
children." Diana, Princess of Wales. Also, she showed me how she communicated with the
parents and made conversations, she was kind and respectful to both the parents, their children,
her colleagues and myself. She came in time and had everything planned out, the kids knew her
routine and if she was about to try something new she'll explain it to them and make sure they
understood and weren't confused.