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Assignment 2

Sexual Assault


Assignment 2: Sexual Assault.

By Shrikanth. R

1. Define or explain your topic of choice?

The topic that I selected is Sexual Assault. Assault means an activity which is carried out
by a threat of bodily harm coupled with an apparent, present ability to cause the harm. It
is both crime and tort and therefore it may result in either criminal or civil activity.
Sexual assault is a type of an assault which means sex without consent, it is also knows as
rape. According to SCC (Supreme Court of Canada) sexual assault is defined as an
assault of a sexual nature that violates the sexual integrity of the victim

2. Briefly Explain the case and the outcome you selected?

The case I selected is R. v. Chase, [1987] 2 S.C.R. 293 File No: 18846. Facts of the Case
Legal Citation and File Number On October 22nd, 1983, Dalton Chase entered the home
of his neighbour, a fifteen-year-old girl without invitation. Complainant and her elevenyear-old brother were downstairs playing pool, while their eighty-three-year-old
grandfather was upstairs sleeping. Their parents were absent. Chase seized the
complainant around the shoulders and arms and grabbed at her breasts, a struggle ensued
and he said to her Come on dear, dont hit me, I know you want it. Complainant and
her brother were finally able to make a telephone call, and before Chase left he told them
he was going to tell everybody that she raped him. Respondent charged with sexual
assault and found guilty at trial. He appealed to the New Brunswick CA but it was
dismissed and he was found guilty instead of the included offence of common assault
under s.245(1).

3. How does this case relate to this topic?

My topic is Sexual assault this perfect fits in and in this case Dalton Chase forced the 15
years old girls to have sex with him. Dalton Chase entered the home the girl, without
invitation, seized her around the shoulders and arms and grabbed her breasts. When she
fought back, he said: "Come on dear, don't hit me, I know you want it." She testified at

trial that he tried to grab her "private" but did not succeed. Sexual assault is a type of an
assault which means sex without consent.

4. What did you learn about the topic that surprised you?
In Canada, there are several campaigns that use advertisements such as, billboards and
commercials to raise awareness about sexual assault. There are also smart phone apps
that have been made to try and help prevent sexual assault. The smart phone app and the
Dont be THAT guy campaign surprised me because everyone has taken initiative to
stop sexual assault. Stats also proves that Dont be THAT guy was very successful in
the province of British Columbia to stop sexual assault. I also hope that province of
Nunavut takes initiative and try to stop sexual assault.

5. What are you most likely to remember after this research?

Before doing this research I was confused what is sexual assault is it a crime or a tort and
I was shocked to know that sexual assault can be both a crime and a tort. I will remember
the Dalton Chase case how that man forced the fifteen years old girl and forced to have
sex. I chose this topic because I thought it was important for teens our age to learn about
sexual assault, and what it means to have sexual consent. I thought it would be helpful to
raise awareness in order to prevent this from happening as we get older. I will always
remember the circle six app and will also recommend to all as it is very useful app to
protect yourself from danger. Prevention is better than Cure.

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