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Haldiram’s product mix


Haldiram’s product

(on partial fulfillment of paper ”marketing


BBS 2nd semester
(University of delhi)

submitted to

Dr. Monika Bansal

Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College
University of Delhi

Submitted by

Keshav Jha
2nd semester

March 30, 2008

Haldiram’s product mix

Page Topic
1 Cover page
2 Content
3 Acknowledgement
4 Declaration
5 Objective
6 Preface and research
7 Company profile
8-11 Product mix of Haldiram’s
12-16 Analysis
17 Limitations of project
18 Bibliography
Haldiram’s product mix

Working on the project “output devices” has been very
pleasurable and enjoyful activity. While completing the project, I
have incurred great many debts. I wish to express my gratitude to all
of them.
Firstly, I would like to thank my teacher Monika Bansal who
not only guided me to give a practical touch to the project but also
helped a lot in standardizing my research work. I’m also indebted to
Mr. Raj Kumar manger, Haldiram’s moti nagar branch who
provided me useful informations and Mr. Pankul Gupta for
continuously provoking me to complete the project.
It would have been very difficult to do this work but for the
ever supportive library staff of DDU college (esp. Mr. Bharat
Bhusan and Mr. Hari Om), British council library and Mrs. Sonia of
commerce computer laboratory.
Last but not the least my mother has been foundation for all
my work. Despite the contribution of all mentioned above, needless
to say, if there are any lapses in my work, I myself take
responsibility of them.
I’ve left others’ value excluded; you’ve offered unbeatable
learning, affected untold reflections, all implicitly or naturally
Haldiram’s product mix



I hereby declare that this project has been done only by me

and is not been copied from anywhere. All the resources are
properly mentioned in bibliography. If found guilty, proper
disciplinary action may be taken against me.

Keshav Jha
Haldiram’s product mix

To study product mix of Haldiram’s Moti Nagar branch
Haldiram’s product mix

Preface and
I had visited haldiram’s many a times but I had never thought that one
day I will make a well desighned poroject on haldiram’s.
Choosing and finalizing the projct topic was itself the biggest challenge
for me, since we have enough liberty to choose our topic.
I had changed topics many times and this was my 3rd topic . working on
haldirams was a real fun and learning act at the same time. Mr. Raj Kumar
encouraged and provided me many useful information regarding their branch
and their target markets.
Using both the primary and secondary data , I have tried my best to put
forward the practical aspects of marketing theories.
Haldiram’s product mix


Haldiram's started in Bikaner, India is one of India's largest sweets and

snacks manufacturers.Haldiram has its establishment in many parts of India viz
Delhi, Gurgaon, Nagpur etc.


Haldiram’s was started by Shri Gangabisanji Agrawal alias Haldiram Agrawal

in 1937 in Bikaner.It is presently headquartered in Nagpur in Maharastra and
has regional offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi and Chennai.


Indian Sweets, Namkeens (Savories), Salted Snacks, papad, 3-D Snacks,

3-D Pellets, Vermicelli, Pasta & other ready to eat snacks, which are sold under
the brandnames Haldiram's . Ranked on 98th in overall ranking in the "India'
Most Trusted Brands 2003" Survey done by A.C. Nielsen ORG MARG
commissioned by " The Economics Times".

Its products are exported to several countries worldwide including Pakistan,

Canada, Australia, Srilanka, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, Indonesia,
Qatar, Hong Kong, Japan, Kenya, North Korea, Nigeria, Mauritius, United
Kingdom, Zambia and Bahrain.

In additional to these packaged products, Haldiram has its own outlets where it
sells sweets and eatables. It also has a range of restaurants in and around

Raj Kachori is one of the most popular snacks sold by Haldiram's, often eaten
mixed with different kinds of sweet and sour chutneys.
Haldiram’s product mix

Product mix of Haldiram’s


Chinese Continental
1. One go salad
1. Veg. Noodles 2. French fries
2. Veg Manchurian 3. Veg. burger
3. Fried rice 4. Veg. Sandwich
4. Chinese platter 5. Veg grilled sandwich
6. Chinese pizza
Indian snacks 7. Onion tom.
1. Puri sabji 8. Cap. Pizza
2. Chole bhatore 9. Capsicum tom. Pizza
3. Matar chulcha
4. Pao bahji tandoori
5. Dal chilli 1. Tandoori platter
6. Aloo tikki 2. Veg. Seekh kabab
3. Paneer tikka
South Indian 4. Lachcha parantha
1. Plain dosa 5. Pudina parantha
2. Plain rawa dosa 6. Buter naan
3. Masala dosa 7. Plain naan
4. Rawa masala dosa
5. Mix veg. Uttapam North Indian
6. Idli sambar 1. Special thali
7. South Indian platter 2. Executive thali
8. Special paneer dosa 3. Paner cury
4. Mix veg.
Chaat 5. Dal makhani •
1. Raj kachori 6. Dal makhnai +rice
2. Lachcha tokri 7. Rajma rice
3. Spl. Dahi balla 8. Veg biryani
4. Papri chaat 9. Raita
5. Pani puri
6. Bhel puri Dessert
1. All American banana
Ice cream sodas splitt
1. Choclate 2. Hot chocolate fudge
2. Lime 3. Mango delight
3. Strawberry 4. Black magic
4. Pineapple 5. Strawberry surprise
5. Mango 6. Fruit fiesta
6. Midnight beauty
Haldiram’s product mix

Other Products
1. Tea
2. Cappuccino Slushes
3. Cold coffee 1. Khus
4. Badam milk 2. Rose
5. Lassi 3. Orange
6. Chaach 4. Pineapple
7. Fresh lime 5. Lemon
8. Mineral water Ice creams
9. Soft drink 1. Single scoop
Thick shakes 2. Ulfi’s
Vanilla 3. Kesar kulfi
Choclate 4. Pista kulfi
Strawberry 5. Fruit punch+ ice
Pineapple cream
Butterscotch 6. Fruit salad+ice

Mocktails Savories
1. Mango tango Sandwich dhokla
2. Tropical sunset chese cutlet
3. Golden gate Khandhvi
4. Sunrise Coconut peties
5. Blue ocean Bread pakora
Matar kachori
Drinks Simple kachori
1. Thandai Bread pakora roll
2. Cold drink Bhakar bari
3. Lassi
Ghee products Karela methi
Dry fruit panjeeri Bhakh rabri
Khoya sweets
1. Khushalwa
2. Sohan Dry fruit kachori
1. Pista burfi
Orange halwa Maida mathur
2. Choclate barfi
3. Crush barfi
4. Coconut Methi maithi
3. Keasr kalakand
laddu Chota\normal samosa
4. Khir kadam
5. Roseladdu
6. Besan Palak maithi
5. Anjir barfi
fruit laddu Gol maithi
6. Manpasand barfi
8. Chena murki 7. Milk cake
Mea laddu
1. 8. Safed kalakand
10. Ata
1. laddu
whitemix mewa 9. Khoya apple
2. Spungy
11. Sev
2. barfi 10. Gulkand
spungy raslulla 3. Black forest apple
12. Moong barfi
3. bhog rasgulla 4. Easter berryfruit cake
11. Khoya
13. Pinni
4. raj bhog 12. cream
Plain barfi
5. Ice
14. Moti
5. pak
kala 13. Kesar peda
6. Choclate
15. Spl. Dhokla 14. Sangam
6. lal rasgulla 7. Cream cup peda
16. Gujab jamun 15. Mewa bati
17. Dil khushaal 16. Mathura peda
18. Jodhpuri laddo 17. Chikki mix
19. Narial peda 18. Anjeer dry
20. Balu sahi 19. Bite mix
Haldiram’s product mix

Bengali sweets
1. Petha gilori
2. Petha roll
3. Kachcha gola samosa
4. Pista sandesh
5. Plain sandeshas
6. Kesar sandesh
7. Hiramni
8. Pakija
9. Chum chum
10. Malai chap
11. Ras madhuri Holi special
12. Hari bhog 1. Palak patta chaat
Kaju sweets
13. Keasr rabri cup 2. Sarson ka saag
1. Pista lonj
14. Indrani cup makke ki rotti
2. Badam burfi
15. Fruit cream 3. Korma- south
3. Pista pan
16. Gur rasmalai indian
4. Badam fruit
17. Gur cream chum chum
5. Kaju tarbooj
18. Rasmalai
6. Kaju anjeer cake Pickles
19. Petha
7. Kaju roll 1. Mango
20. Raskadam
8. Kaju choclate 2. Mix lemon
21. Rimjhim petha
9. Kaju mango 3. Lemon sweet
22. Tar petha
10. Kaju samosa 4. Lime
23. Kesar petha
11. Kaju gujhia 5. Chilli
24. Kesar rasmalai
12. Kaju rajbahar
25. Badam bhog
13. Kaju kesar Minut khana
26. Aamar rakhi
14. Kaju kalash 1. Mughlai paneer
27. Mamchali
15. Kaju honey makhani
28. Pista punch
16. Badam fruit 2. Rajman raseel
29. Madhu milan
30. Anar 3. Punjabi kadhi rokhra
and cold 4. Purani dilli ke chole
31.1.Tiranga bhog
Mal puri
32.2.Pista rakhi 5. Aloo mattur
Moong dal ka halwa 6. Yellow dal tadka
33.3.Kamal phool
Raj madhuri
34.4.Gajra bahar 7. Nawabi palk paneer
Ras kadam 8. Lajawaab mutter
35.5.Cheri rakhi
36. Prem rakhi paneer
37. Anar pista 1. Butter badam cookies
38. Pista khir 2. Whole wheat cookies
39. Akashdeep 3. Cholo chips cookies
40. Mailai pista 4. Nice cookies
41. Mali pista bhog 5. Coconut cookies
42. Malai dhol
43. Anurodh milk crown
Haldiram’s product mix

Papad and pani puri

1. Jaypatri papad
2. Sada papad
3. Medium papad
4. Mirch masala papad

Chips and namkeens

1. Cornflakes mixture
2. Moong dal
3. Pnchratan
4. Kashmiri mixture
5. Navratan
6. Kahttamitha
7. All in one
8. Salted banana chips
9. Masala planets
10. Tango tomato
11. Boletos
12. Spicy paprika
13. Pudina treat
14. Masal peanuts
15. Dalbiji
16. Chilli chatal papri
17. Nut cracers
18. Aloo bhujia
19. Plain bhujia
20. Taka- tak
21. Masaala bhujia
22. Punjabi tadka
23. Classic tadka
24. Classic salted
25. Loong sev
26. Methi sev
27. Chana jor garam
28. Nimbu maala
29. Boondi

Companies like Haldiram’s sell more than one product. A

product mix of any company is the set of all products and items a
particular seller offers for sale.
Haldiram’s product mix
A product mix can be classified accordance to width, length,
depth and consistency.
Width of a product mix refers to how many different product
lines the company carries, the previous pages shows different product
lines. Thus product width of Haldiram’s is 20.
Length of a product mix refers to the tot number items in the
mix. Haldiram’s product length is more than 200 its average length is
Depth of a product mix refers to how many variants are offered
of each product in the line. For example product width of namkeen is 29
and of Bengali sweets is 43.
Consistency of product mix refers to how closely related the
various product line are in end-use, production requirements,
distribution channels.
Thus four dimensions are the tools for developing the company’s
marketing strategy and deciding which product line to grow, maintain,
harvest and divest.

Product line analysis of Haldiram’s

In offering a product line a company normally develops a basic

platform and modules that can be added to meet different customer

Haldiram’s has following basic modules: -

• Restaurant lunch\ dinner
• Packed namkeen
• Sweets
• Customized products
• Bakery and cookies
• Drinks
• Savories

Product line managers also need to know the sales and profit of
each item in their line in order to determine which item to build,
maintain, harvest or divest. They also need to understand each
product’s product line market profile.

1. Sales and profit

Haldiram’s product mix
Sales and profit of any product is the primary factor that
determines the product mix. Thus company divides their offering
into four categories-:
• Core product: -basic product that produces high sales
volumes and are highly promoted with low margins
because they are viewed as undifferentiated products.
Haldiram’s however core products include their
namkeens and sweets products.
• Staples: -items with lower sales volumes and no
promotion. They yield somewhat higher margins.
Haldiram’s staple products include bakery and cookies,
pickles products.
• Specialties: - items with lower sales volumes but might
be highly promoted. Customized gift packs, sweets and
some drinks are offered on special occasions only and
account for very sales but are highly promoted.
• Convenience items: - peripheral items that sells in high
volume but receives less promotions. People tend to buy
them when they buy the core products. These items carry
higher margins. In summers shushes, ice-cream sodas,
icecreams, milk drinks and mock tails are among least
promoted products but offers higher margins to the

Marketers after classifying their products, concentrates on

product lines, which account for major sales and profits. In
the long term they divest products with least sales and profits.
E.g. Haldiram’s aggressively promotes its restaurants and
namkeens products and drops production of ice cream and
special drinks like thandai during winters.

2. Market Profile And Environmental Factors

Haldiram’s product mix
The second and another important factors that affect the product
mix of any company are its market profile and environment, its target
To describe these points elaborately I’m considering only
Haldiram’s moti nagar outlet.
• Segmentation and targeting: - The branch at moti nagar
was opened in September 2007 by considering following
1. 4sq.kms area were scanned surrounding moti
nagar including karampura, Patel nagar, bali
nagar, inderlok, zakira, kirti nagar and a branch
was opened because these areas don’t have even
one restaurant which can provide such a wide
range of products.
2. These areas mainly consist of middle class and
upper class family, people working in service
industries and students of Delhi University’s north
3. Haldiram’s very nicely segmented its market
according to income and occupations. Their main
target is youth working in heavily industrialized
areas surrounding moti nagar and karampura who
are under middle-income brackets. Thus, they
have deeper product lines for north Indian

• Environmental factors
1. The Agarwals family that owned Haldiram's was
always conscious of the need to satisfy customers
in order to grow their business. The company
offered a wide variety of traditional Indian sweets
and snacks at competitive prices that appealed to
people belonging to different age groups.
2. It offers traditional Indian snack food items such
as "panipuri," "chatpapri," and so on, which
catered to the needs of hygiene conscious non-
resident Indians and other foreign customers.
3. “At the time of its opening ther were only 14
bengali sweets” Mr. Raj Kumar, manager of moti
nagar branch. Said “there was always increasing
demand for more Bengali sweets and savories”
and now haldiram’s stretched its product line and
by increasing the depth of its product depth from
14 to 40.
4. The company faced tough competition not only
from sweets and snack food vendors in the
Haldiram’s product mix
unorganized market but also from domestic and
international competitors like SM Foods,
Bakeman's Industries Ltd, Frito Lay India Ltd.
(Frito Lay) and Britannia Industries Ltd. Thus it
always keep on innovating its products.
5. Another factor that seems to have an important
influence on Haldiram’s product mix is cultural
factor. Major sales of sweets come on special
Hindu occasions like holi and dewali. At diwali
delhites have a common culture to give sweet
boxes to their relatives and friends, for them
Haldiram’s provide special gift packs, diwali
bonanza packs and family baskets.
6. The ultimate level of marketing followed by
Haldiram’s their customized offerings. Any one
can design their gift packs, which comprise of
different combinations of sweets, snacks and
namkeens to get different levels of discount. E.g.
corporate box, khoya pini mix, four plus one
tarbooj mix etc.
7. Holi marks end of winter thus, limiting the menu
from palk patta, sarsoon ka saag and makkey ki
roti and korma.
Haldiram’s product mix

The two way market stretching of Haldiram’s

Haldiram’s is right now serving the middle class market and is deciding
to stretch its product line in both directions covering both lower middle class
and rich class customers.
On one hand, Haldiram’s is adding more items in present range of lunch
offers with lower per unit costs. They even have introduced namkeens at cost of
Rs. 5 only.
On other hand it is also promoting its Indian snacks in the world market
to NRI and foreigners as safe and of standard hygiene. E.g. moti nagar branch
uses double purified water to make snacks food like pani puri and chat papri.
All Haldiram’s outlets have ample space for parking and larger space for child’s
Haldiram’s product mix

All my project limits only to Moti nagar branch only
 Primary interview include figures based on memory
 Strategy is subject to change fastly while some of data
are not updated
Haldiram’s product mix

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