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Self Authorship Essay

Sturm 1

Kaleel Sturm
October 26, 2015
I am wise. Many people come to me for advise because they know I will give them great
advice. I know I give great advice because I have witnessed a lot of things that provide me the
wisdom to know what to say to people to make them feel like they know what they should do
next. I love when people look at me and say Wow! That was great advice. How did you know
that?. I usually just say its common since. A lot of times people just need someone to tell them
what to do because they are confused. Some people arent good at giving advise because they are
not wise enough, or they just dont know how to handle someone elses emotion. I also need
people to give me advise even though If someone came to me with the same problem, I could
probably give them good advice. I need to hear is from a third party source to believe it is the
right choice. Being wise is a very great gift that God gave me, and I am very grateful. Some
people send their whole like trying to be wise, but sometimes being wise is just common since.
Its not as hard as people try to make it. Sometimes you must put yourself in other peoples shoes
and ask yourself what would a wise person, like Jesus, do. This almost always works. This is
how you should give advise, not for what you want, or what you think; but for what the person
should actually do to have the greatest outcome possible for everyone.

My core value is love. I originated this value from my belief in Jesus Christ who would

Sturm 2
always preach about how important love is. I read in the Bible how Jesus changed the world with
simple acts of love and kindness, and this inspired me to try and do the same. I always try to do
the same every day of my life. Not throwing religion in peoples face, but sharing the values of
my Religion with them; the most important being love. Some people dont know how to love
because they were never thought that. These people are the most understood in society and are
often outcast because they come off as very rude or mean, even evil. Love should be taught at a
young age. The best way to teach someone love is the show them love, they will catch on. My
interest in Michael Jackson is what developed this skill. Michael Jackson also spoke quite often
on the power of love, and how the only way to change the world and defeat hate is to spread
love. HE was only showed love from his mother, and till the day he died longed for love from his
father. He never thought he got it, but I believe Joe Jackson, Michaels father, just didnt know
how to love. Michael misunderstood this, and started to act differently as an adult because of the
hole in his heart and soul. After all, love from a parent is the most important. He once said that
he didnt continue to perform and write music as an adult because he loved music that much,
becoming the greatest selling artist of all time, the greatest entertainers and dancers, one of the
greatest song writers or all time exercised his teaching through his music. He said is was because
he believed that if he became the greatest, that his father would love him.

My teachers when I was younger though I was smart, but didnt follow directions.
Sometimes I wouldnt follow directions and ended up being punished. I was notorious for
wandering away from the group when we ventured outside. I never wanted to come inside after

Sturm 3
recess, and sometimes took quite a bit of convincing to get me to return to class. Usually if I
didnt come, my mother or sister would be called. My mom thought I was smart but shy. She
didnt know that once I went to school I couldnt stop talking. When I was at school I talked
quite a bit, but at home I could never get a word in because of my sister! Some things never
change I guess. My mom also believes in y big dreams. This is very hard to find, especially in
my family. She always motivates me to do my best and reach for the stars. My best friend
thought I was very humorous and kind because we would always make each other laugh. We met
because we were always beside each other in line due to the fact that my last name starts with an
S and his with a T. My grandma thought I was smart, handsome, and hardworking. She
would always brag about be and that made me feel confident. She is one of my main inspirations
in life and has influenced me more than anyone else. Now I am much more mature and
respectful, I am still smart and I still make people laugh.

I found someone very important to me when I was in second grade; his name was Michael
Jackson. I first became interested in him when my sister was listening to him one day and I loved
every song that she played and I wanted to have a copy of my own. Then my my mom
downloaded a copy of it to a CD for me to bring into my music class, and I was so excited. I
came in class the next day proudly holding my CD as if I had won a Nobel peace Prize and was
showing it off to every person I could. When I showed it to my music teacher, Mrs. Ramey, she
as very pleased and accepted my offer. I was extremely delighted that I could share this music
with everyone in my class. During class I looked around and everyone was enjoying it, except

me. Mrs.> Ramey didnt

Sturm 4
have the best dance moves to go along with the iconic songs which slightly angered. I even asked
her about it after class. She said that we had to have easy dances to go along to the music
because we were too young to do the real dances. I was slightly disappointed but remembered
how blessed I was to have the opportunity to do this. Already Michael Jackson was making me
step out of my comfort zone, and I didnt even notice. I would have never usually stayed after
class to ask a teacher about something. I loved how his music was talking about love and giving
to others. Other songs I loves the beat, lyrics, and his amazing dances. He got my trough some
hard times in my life and that is why I value him and talk about him so much.

My main character strength is creativity. When I was four I started to make every creative
thing with Legos, like houses and rocket ships. Then when I got to grade school, I make project
that were very creative. This included things like a grocery store on wheels, which I did as a 1st
grade project. I would usually just think of ideas that I would use myself and then try to recreate
them. I quickly realized that I had a special gift that God gave me to be creative. Ingenuity, a
word I would use to describe he and how I thing and create things. I have always had a problem
with daydreaming, but it is the most important thing that I do. I am always thinking of inventions
that I could develop and create. I will spend hour daydreaming about how to market a product,
the target market, how to correctly design the product, and the quality of the item. I would think
of how much I would charge for it. My mom realize that my daydreaming was a problem long
ago, and she also realized that I wasnt daydreaming about lunch (most of the time), I was

usually dreaming about the next must-have gadget, or the new and improved widget. My
creativity was always
Sturm 5
original, and creative.
I believe that love is the most powerful thing in the universe. I learned this at a young age trough
my religion as a Christian and my belief in Jesus Christ. Jesus said he is love, and he is the way
and the light. I truly believe that love is the way and the light. This proves that love is the most
powerful thing because God is pure love, and God is the almighty and highest being. In my live I
have witnessed how powerful love it. Love can keep a marriage together for 60 years. Love can
make someone who is about to take their own life so inspired that not only do they not follow
trough, but they help others not fall into the same trap that is suicide. Love can spark a revolution
to end racism in America and provide equal education to millions of people of color all around
the country. Love can can end even the biggest wars, such as the love Allies showed love to the
Jews and other people in Axis captivity when they were liberating them. Love can spread the
good news Jesus from 12 men to 2.2 billion all over the world. Only love, the most powerful
thing, can do all of those things. And when you pair love with hope, well. Anything is possible
~Tell me the story of how you went about writing, and what was it like for you as you were
~What were some of the choices you made?
I chose to elaborate a lot on some of the topics that I was not very specific about.
~Which parts went well or badly for you?
The topic of explain my creativity was difficult because I couldnt remember all of the things I

have created so I had to be quite general.

~Where there any surprises?
Sometimes I was surprised how much I had written when I looked back!
~What questions do you have for me as a reader of your work?
Sturm 6
Where do you feel the most passion in my writing?


For revisions:

~What changes have you made and why?

I have explained more in depth on many of the topics that I was very general about and gave
more examples.
~Note any issues you had with the peer process, i.e. group members not responding, not
providing feedback, or providing inadequate feedback.
I only got 1 peer feedback
~Note the positives of the peer feedback process as well.
I read the feedback and took it into consideration.