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Name: Marissa Rose Buhman ______________________________________________ Class Time : 11-12:15

p.m., Tuesday and Thursdays______

Education 1100 - Final Grade Reflection
Directions: Please review the course objectives below and assess your knowledge as a whole. Then, tell me
which grade you believe you deserve and why. Instead of behind this sheet, I will write my knowledge
underneath each objective and possibly on a separate page since this is on a word document My
writing/answers will be in bold.


Course Objectives
The student will:
Compare how students learning is influenced by individual experiences, talents and prior learning as well as
language, culture, family and community values
Students learning is very influenced on individual experiences. If a student has had good
experiences with education, (such as having kind teachers that care and encourage their
learning or being in a quality school that gives adequate education that meets the state
standards), that student will have more interest, confidence and focus on their education. If
a student has had many individual negative experiences with education, (such as having
ridiculing teaching who do not focus or meet the students learning needs or being in a
poorer school that does not meet the common core state standards), that student will not
have as much confidence, focus or interest in their education as the student who has a more
positive individual education experience. Talents definitely effect a students learning. If
they have a talent in science, their interest in science will definitely be higher and thus they
will pay attention more in that topic and learn better. Also, if a teacher gives attention to
that students talent and includes it into their curriculum, that student will be given more
confidence in themselves and focus more on school because their talent is included in it.
Thus, their learning will be more personalized. Their first language will also affect their
learning. If a student has a first language that is other than English, they will need extra
help and attention in learning English in school. It will be harder to learn in school when
their language is other than English. Teachers can meet his need by giving them separate
tests, accommodations and modifications and individual help with reading and English. A
students culture also affects their learning. If their culture is not American and their
parents are from a different country, they may have a harder time relating to piers of
American culture or with American education such as American history or the English
language. Their family also affects their learning. If they dont have a stable family at home
or have abusive family members, they not have the safety and physiological needs met at
home to fully focus, participate and have interest in their education. For example, if a
student has parents at home that are too poor to give them an adequate amount of food,
shelter or attention, that student will be too hungry, unsheltered and tired to completely
focus and give enough participation to their schooling. If a student is in a stable family and
is given an adequate amount of food and shelter, (the first levels of the pyramid of Maslow),
they will be confident and physiologically stable enough to focus and participate in their
schooling. If the community they live in has an overall value that education is very
important, they will be more likely to think the same way and participate well in school.
Likewise, if the student were to have grown up in a community that is poorer, has many
uses of drugs and does not regard education as beneficial, that student will has a lesser
likelihood to value education as beneficial and participate in school. This semester, I have
showed my knowledge in this objective by my blogs and my cultural autobiography. On

both I have gotten the Got it! grade and have read the articles having to do with this on
ASCD. I have done my work to understand this objective.






Identify personal cultural perspectives and biases and their effects on ones teaching
I have mastered in identifying these perspectives in my cultural autobiography, (which got
a Got It! grade), in reading the articles pertaining to it in ASCD and listened in class when
this was discussed. I understand and have learned that cultural perspectives can cause a
teacher to connect better to students with similar cultural perspectives, but will/may cause
a teacher difficulty in connecting to differing cultural perspectives and creating a diverse
cultural classroom where every culture is accepted and included in the curriculum and
environment. Biases, such as gender biases, will/may cause a teacher to stereotypically
expect a student of a specific gender to be a certain way, etc. This will cause the teacher to
maybe be more attentive to students of their own gender.
Use various technological tools to access and manage information
In this semester, I have done this by reading online articles on ASCD to understand
information in this course, I have used online programs such as Kahoot and Emaze
Presentations to display knowledge I have learned. I have also used blackboard on a
regular basis to finish and hand in due assignments. I have even resubmitted certain
assignments on blackboard to make sure they were done to the best of my ability.
Demonstrate how cultural and gender differences can affect communication in the classroom
During this semester, I have mastered this objective in my cultural autobiography, (which
got a Got It! status), reading the articles pertaining to this in ASCD and listening in class
to the lectures pertaining to this as well. An explanation in how Ive learned this objective is
written in #2. I have put a lot of effort and time into learning this to the best of my ability
in writing the Cultural Autobiography, taking the race and gender preference test, reading
the ASCD articles and paying attention to the lectures and studying the PowerPoints that
went over this.
Explain the social, intellectual, and political implications of language use and how they influence meaning
I have mastered this objective by listening to such lectures and learning it well and
thoroughly. I have learned that the social, intellectual and political implications of language
use does influence learning, especially to your students. Grade level and the age of the
student should be considered when choosing language use to teach to students. Content
should be taught in such language that is appropriate and understandable for the age of the
students. Social implications in language use can imply gender biases and cultural
perspectives. Teachers must be careful not to make social implications that may be biased
or stereotypical. Political implications can imply certain political views and this, in my
opinion, should not be happening in teaching elementary school students, especially in a
public school.
Explain schools as organizations within the larger community context
I have mastered this objective this year by reading articles on this in ASCD, listening to
lectures and studying Power Points that have to do with this. I have learned that schools
are a HUGE part of the larger community context because schools can help better
communities through raising better educated students and helping students get a good
education regardless of how poor the community the school is in. Sometimes and quite
often, the state of the community can affect the state of the schools due to lack of finances,
Use reflection as an integral part of professional growth
I have mastered this objective by reflecting my educational views, etc on weebly and in
class. I have also used reflection in my papers and with my piers.
Use methods of inquiry that provide for a variety of self-assessment and problem solving strategies for
improving student performance, school goals, and professional growth








I have mastered this objective by thoroughly listening and learning the lectures on this in
class, such as the lecture on standards based grading. I have also stated these methods of
inquiry on my weebly page in the articles, how to meet students learning needs and in my
weebly article my view of grading. I also read about such methods of inquiry in ASCD
and in class.
Analyze the unique characteristics of education as a profession and a professional code of conduct as defined by
the Illinois School Code
I have mastered this objective by listening to lectures about this and learning about Illinois
Professional Teaching standards and what they are. I also studied the professional code of
conduct as defined by the Illinois School Code. I understand that a competent teacher
knows the content they are to be teaching, how disabilities affect learning, that social,
emotional cognitive and physical development affects their learning, that different
approaches to learning and different styles of teaching help meet individual student needs,
Exhibit professional behavior that reflects honesty, integrity, altruism, and respect
I have mastered this objective by learning about this via lectures in class, in showing this
learned knowledge in my employability report card (pre and post), (which in both I got a
Got It! Grade), and in my weebly posts. I believe that only teachers who exhibit such
behaviors should be teaching.
Analyze how school systems are organized and operate
I have learned and mastered this objective by listening to such lectures on this, studying the
notes and Power Points on it and have displayed my knowledge on this via my Collective
Bargaining assessment (which my partner and I got a Got it! grade on it). I have learned
the differences between public and private, School safety procedures, education programs
for students with disabilities, the different kinds of teaching (progressive, etc), etc.
Analyze how school policies and procedures including emergency response procedures as required under the
School Safety Drill Act, including school safety, crisis intervention protocol, and initial response actions
I have shown my mastery in this objective via my emergency response plan (which I got a
3/3 Got it! on), have researched this through Field Elementary school in Elmhurst. I also
read and listened to all lectures having to do with this.
Analyze legal issues in education including mandated reporting, corporal punishment, etc. as a foundation for
the fair and just treatment of all students and their families in the classroom and school
I have shown my mastery in this objective by completing and getting my mandatory
reporter training certificate, (which I got a 3/3 Got it! grade), I have also thoroughly listed
and learned from the lecture on this and have studied the Power Points on this. I know the
different signs of abuse and when and how to report abuse. I have also successfully
completed the Case Studies on this and got a 3/3 Got it! grade on.
Participate in professional education organizations
I have shown mastery in this objective by being apart (signing up for) the ASCD, a
professional education organization.
Identify the rights of students with disabilities and the impact of cognitive, emotional, physical, and sensory
disabilities on learning and communication pursuant to IDEA
I have shown mastery in this by doing a thorough 10 minute speech on this topic and had a
summative assessment given to the class on this via Kahoot.com. I have studied IDEA and have
learned thoroughly about Free Appropriate Education, Individual Education program,
Evaluations and Procedural Safeguards, etc.
Comply with the mandatory reporter provisions of Section 4 of the Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act
Yes, I have shown mastery in this by completing the Mandatory report training certificate
through DCFS and handed it in and got a 3/3 grade on it. I have also listened to lectures on
this and know completely how and why to report for abuse of a child and what signs to look
for. I even took a quiz on this in class and got it all right. I took the quiz on DCFS website
and got it all right as well.


Explain school and work based learning environments and the need for collaboration with all organizations (e.g.
businesses, community agencies, nonprofit organizations) to enhance student learning
I have shown mastery in this objective by listening to the lectures concerning this and read the
ASCD articles pertaining to this. I have learned that schools need the help of various organizations for it to have
the best possible learning environment for its students. These organizations include government financial help,
ASCD for teachers, psychologists to evaluate students, help from various businesses for technology and educational
help, etc.

After reflecting on the course objectives, I believe I deserve a(n) ___A______ for the semester.
Please use the back of this sheet to reflect on your learning and explain how your knowledge of the course
objectives relates to the grade you indicated you should receive for the course.
I believe that I deserve an A because I have turned in my assignments efficiently and on time and
followed all the directions to complete these assignments. I have gotten a 3/3 Got it! on all the graded
assignments. I have come to all the classes except for the time I was sick. I have studied all the material
taught and have shown such knowledge in my assignments, in my weebly posts and in my speech for the
class. As explained above under each objective, I have thoroughly learned these objectives and have
shown them through my assignments, of which I have gotten a 3/3 for the ones that are graded. I have
dedicatedly followed the instructions of the teacher, handed in the assignments on time, read the required
articles from ASCD and studied the content. I have worked well in groups and efficiently did my share of
work for each assignment that I did with a partner. I have completed 15 hours of observation. I have
thoroughly learned so much about teaching in this class and am so grateful that I can take this knowledge
into the teaching world. I have learned about standards based grading, (and I prefer it over Traditional
based grading), IDEA, Mandatory reporter training via DCFS, different kinds of teaching (the five main
philosophies of teaching), Ethnic and Legal Issues in the U.S., Culturally Responsive Teaching, Unions,
Case Studies and SO much more. I have shown this knowledge in my assignments. For a couple, the
teacher has said were thorough and efficient college-work (in my Future Plan project and Emergency
response plan).