Rainbow City and the Inner Earth People

'&y Michael X





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Th1s is an Eduaatle~ and Inspirational course of Study, espeoially written and intended tor. NEW AGE individuals everywhere6 The following S:E\r"EN chap ters are eon telned, he 'rei n :




51t t!THE Sml-GOD1S SECBET't



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Statements in this Course are bJised on Scientific and Scriptural Findings. No o~a1m is made as to what the information cited may do in anJ given case and the Publishers assume no obligation for opinions expressed or 1mp11ed herein by the author.

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AUTHOR1S FOREW~~ Dear New Age Student:

Stand by tor Adventure~~~g1gantlc adventure!

Come with me now~ far beyona the South Pole.~~1nto tbe center of tne Great Unknown" Our destination: A Strange Great Valley. We 8~1 now travel together to the Bame valley that Admiral Richard E .. .Byrd reportedly discovered 1n the year 1947~

What is our purpo8e~-our b1g obJective? To, unravel several mlsterles~ One = Are tne UfO· 8 _.... tIylng saucers or spaceships -- in our sK1es coming trom INSIDE the earth instead ot from other planets? Might they be coming trom .ooTH places'?' Why?

Two: Does the fabled uRainbow C1 tylt exist somewhere in Antarctica? If so, whelre? Who lives there? Do they uee flylng ,disC8 and come trom the earthf$ 1nter1or1 "What kind of people might we expect to find inside the earth?

Stupendou8 MYSTERIFS? Yes; but that 1s why you and I are trave11ng the HrGH Road togethe~ ••• ~s may prove to be our greatest explor~ m1ss1on~


Oh yes~ one more thing" We are going

to turn our mental searchl1ght inside thls Earth we 11.ve upon" I cautIon

you to "expect the unexpected" because ANYTlnNG could happen. Eut don r t let yourself get too excited. I'm counting on you to be a uclearthlnklng~ qu1ckactlng compan1ontt on this BIG EXPEDITION ..

Your Friend,


U'S'A':n:t"iERS FRO"M I .... 'iI'J.'m'R EARmH I. II'

~,'" ,r, ,IU[\J~. l_' .~: I ,1 L'; :.:.]. I ·J:,~,Jr~~· ~':, • "-:_: :'I'Jim I ..

Chapter' 1

.Are some of the: ,Fly! ng Sauoer's c.oming from I:NIS,IDE the'

,e,a,r-th,? A f'ew years, ago this

que st10n W'QU ld, have s,e'em..edl r-1- dliculoue· ~ Now it, doe sn It.

Raymond Pa,lmer, Ed! tor of a wonderful little maga,z,ine' en ... , t,l't,l,ed ,F'Ly'ING SAU'CE-RS" reoently pu'b11shed ,a most lm,portant arti.cle on this subj1e ct . It, was,

t1·tl·d' ~h-UCERS· vROM" Er~A~R'T-HI In'

. >,'._- . .:..._-:-Ie,~,_ ::1 ,~ .... ' ':'.~~ . .1]1,'-' ) L .,':'. ~ '. .. "

his articl'e, Ray brought forth an asttonlahl,n,g amount of' evt. ... dance tor the - idea tha,t p,e~hap"s,

our e'arth 1 is not; 8,01.1 d" bu t

hollow,. You know' how a dough, ... nut has a hol,€: through its e'en-

ter ~ The e,arth also, surmises Ray Pa.Lme'r~ may look lik,e th.a.,t~,~,;;11ke a !:I'doughnutr~~ Rather. t,~an being "spherical as we I,ve alwa-y,s tnougn"t" maybe thl~ old rr.lanat 1~ H...:l!. ghn t ha ed n _ -ith~' m' ·st....,. i " . r·-bC!! to" it on

~ I e: ,.' ~ '.~.CI' u.ou: .:_", ~u r; 5 - P : •. "' .... w· 'Iy ... ¢r-! OUS p.a_~ (1-";' '.... ':_ _

the '~il,nn.e'r- side Ti tha,t we simply don 'I t know about .

If so, and a 'wealth o,r evid,ence no'w begins t.o ,s,hout ,in, qu.i te ,s. loud 'Voice tha.,t 1 t IS S,O:1 many of bhose "unt.den titied fly.1ng ()b'Jectsll' we call Flying ,Saucers may ind.€·e'd be conrtng

fr.om, some place, ,inside this v,ery ear-th. A p.Lace pveviously

unsuspecbed by m·ost, of ue because -of two th1.ngs, ~ One , the dl tf 1 au 1 t Y of ge t t~ng t·h.e re' .. Two; 6 c,ienc. e on e a.rth haem 'f! t g1 ven us any reason to believe su.ch a p Laee exists ~

Fortunat·el,y f'Ol! us. deepe',r students '02 life, 'there is one

other' sour-ce of 1nf,ormat,lon 'we can turn to .. , It IS known as

uOc,cul t Sc.1.en'cAs '!'I 'w:hi ch simply mean S ~ 'hi dden i~ s c.i1en,ce ~ It .1,s a gre.a't body or knowle,dge .commonly unknown to most pea',pIe .. But." aa Y'()U prob',ably rl€'alize, tha.t "aecr-e e knowledge'tl der1 ved fr'o.m tihe teac,bj.ng:s of ancient· racea, r'ieally Lan r t the least bi t us,ecret IT to t,hose Q,f us 'who, like t'Q explove ~

one very unusual u'h1dd.en t,each.1.ngn~ c,r t·he ancaent s p,er',-

ta1ne'd to 'the Inner Barth ~ Acco,rd1ng be Dor;eal." 'who is the

hl,ghly respected f',aunder of the Brot,herhood o,f. 1_lhe 'Wh1 te Temple' Ln 8edalia, 'C 0,1. 0. r-ado " ancient t,each1ngs have it t,hat. t·he earth 1 s hO'llow and 1n.ha.b1, te,cl4' In Dore'al I: S. be ek , liTHE INNER EART.H1'" he describes the 1nne,r earth accoz-dang to an'c tenc ·wisd.om. teachings 4, Tbe ancl.'ents say 'that ,only the out-

,_ 3, ....



er crust of tbe earth 1s subject to heat, from a layer of hot

lava near the surtace·.. Volcanoes are due to that hot layer.

BUt go down into the earth 150 miles and what happens?

N.o more uncom1'ortable heat~ Now itt 8 qJite comfortable in temperature~ and we eee a vast system of caverns and tunnels. It 1s said that a series of great .caves and channels 1s to be found inside the earth Just below that belt of hot lava. One of those channels completely encircles the earth ins1de} 60 that you could ride all around the ln8~de of the wo~ld through that channel and come oack to the point you started trom.

Go~ng deeper below those caveB and channels~ you'd come to Bome colossal room caverns. Some 80 b1gJ Doreal states, that a whole city could be loat within its huge Bpaces! But down farther than those big rooms 1s the fascinat1ng part. We now enter the deepest flInner Circleu of the earth. Here 1s a tremendous hollow space and 10 the exact center of that hollow space -- floating freely -- you would see what looks like a small version of our sun", It I s the central globe ott 11 sun 11 1nside the earth and ot course it energizes the "Inner Earthl'l ~

Wcnder£U1J But let's do a little comparing. How about our own modern, up-to-the-minute conclusions of the scientists? For instance; what facts about our earthta inner structure were learned by geologlsts in 1958 during the lGY explorations?

From a world wide study of ea~t~quake waves~ it was found that this earth consists ot a number of la~erB~ The outermost crust goe s down about 250 rn1.1es. Below thi 8, 1 s a th1ck layer called the "·mantle ", It consists of tour d1ff'erent laye:ra~ actually; and penetrates downward to 1800 miles. Next comes the "outier- core 11 ~ the Utrans1 tlon layer11 and the !linner core ~f ~

On page 5 are d1agrams you'll find very 1ntereBt1ng~ A total ot four different drawings are shown, each one providing us with v1tal information about the structure of earth. Note that while there are some discrepancies in measurements, among the ane1ent and modern r1ndlng8~ still there 18 agreement on a great many po1nts. NOdern find1ngs Bhow an area inside the earth which they tenD. the "outer core ~f • It is thought to be a l1quid layer. The ancients Bay it contains a1r and that air acts like a fluid under certain testa. The IIfii.ner cere." could very well oe toe-small t1central 8unJT wIthin the ear£n. -.

Admiral R1chard E. B¥rd discovered a mysterious land beyond the South Pole during his 1947 Exploration. He called it "the center of the great unknown; and the most important discovery or all time to t, What did Byrd mean by that statement? Was he tellins us ... 111 have found a. Great Doorway leading 1nto the interior of the earth .. A whole new worldex1sts there!n

- 4 ..

1 & 2:, 'The two diagrams, ab,ov,e. appea~e'd

i ' bo .... k tit'led" HA' J ur·n.cy T'o'

n a 'v" 1_', '. '. ~'. , ',',. _ ";';'. :

The Earth 'r B In te r1 0 r ~'i ~ It w,a s pub 1.1 she d In 1929 by Mars;ha,ll B~ Gardnie'r. D1agr'aJDs S;how' the ,ea.rth as a hollow sphere 'wi th ,polar openf.nga and, a smal.l c€'ntr.al sun"

3 .. Anc1 ent Te achf.ngs c la.tm, that

a gr'eat ti'C.a,v'ern World lit 'exis't,6"

4 ~ 1958. findi,ng,s 0'£ mo,o;e rn lGY ao.Len t.1s t ,e,xplore.'ps -e-

In January 1955~ at a four day conference of the Theosoph1cal Society in Rio de Janeiro, another voice spoke out tor the ve.ry same theory. It was not the· voice of a wild-eyed dreamer. It was the sober opinion of Brazil1an Na.vy commander Justine Strau8S, a practical, hard-headed rea118t~

nOne should not 19nore the legends of enchanted clt1eB, said Justlnoj "r believe these myster10us engines (saucers) come from the center of the earthj where it has long been be-. 11eved that life exists to a gegree tar advanced over our own ci vi1! ea tlon. t.

Strause felt that the disappearance ot Col. Percy H.

Fawcett, who vanished in the Amazon Jungles years ago (in 1925) while search1ng tor a rumored City of Wealth~ was conne~ted w1th the· operations ot the people who dwell 1n the hollow center or the earth.

At fl~st thought it may seem fantast1e ••• utterly fantastlc~ to suppose even for a moment that the earth is hollow. But what are the taetB? Isntt almost eYery functional obJect in nature, l1ke a bone or a living cell or a skull or an atom, hollow to a surprising extent? An atom) tor examp"le,jl haa a central nucleus or proton at its center. Around that center any given number or electrone may revolve.. But between those electrons and the nucleus is hollow space.

Plying Saucers from inside our ea~th? Why not? It we conc.lude that our planet is also a 'ff\inctionalll object" designed by an unl1ln1ted Creative Intellii3;ence to "nouee " vast numbers

of living belngs"1tl'an amazing thought hits us. The Earth Realm may have more llving quarters than we have 1magj.ned. It it doesn1t, we could possibly run into a major problem in overpopulation at the rate we are golng.

I think the Earth Realm 18 compr1sed of {I} Region or earth's surfaeel (2) Region of outer space above the earth~ (3) Region of inner space inside the earth.

It all three of these Regions are habitable, if human be· ingB. can possibly dwell on~ above or w1t~ this planet~ I can assure you they are living there right now. Poeple are certainly 11vlng ON the earth.. There 1s no quest·ion about that. Do people 11ve above the earth? YeB~ say the Space contactees~ outer space people live in the spacial regions above and beyond ou~ planet~ These are not the people who dwelA on other planet. such as Venus~ Mar8~ etc. I speak now ot ether1c beings, spIrIt beings if you wish. They are not ordinarily vis1ble to us. They belong~ however, to the Earth Realm and they dwell in the atmospheric and ether1c planes surrounding earth t 6 Burface. Now let us look "Ln .... side!'P our incredible planet.

- 6 -

UIncredible" 1s indeed the word tor it. Incred1ble, mys ... te~ousJ faScinating ana awesome 15 the earthls interior. Jules Verne was fascinated enough by it to write a book titled: "Jour ... ney to The Center ot the Earthtt• You can find a copy of the book in any 11brary~ Better yet~ a movie film was made with that tltleJ starring James Ma8on~ Pat Boone and Arlene Dahl~ It this picture comes your ~y agaln_ by all means see 1t~ It ~s wonderfully presented and taithful to the spirit in whitib the author wrote it. What is more, I am sure that JulefJ Verne wrote better than he knew.

In Vernels story, a scientist dlacovera a secret entrance lead.1ng down into the center ot the ,earth. 'Through great labyrlnthian caves in the mountains of Iceland_,. the courageous explorer leads ~$ companIons -- a young science student, a large Nordic farmer with hie pet goose named IlGertrude II, and a ve~y lovely and dauntless woman whose scientist hUsband has recently died under mysterious circumstances. Down into the caves goes this group or three men and a woman--and a goose.

Exciting? You bet. And the excitement mounts with each passing second as the group continues to descend farther and farther tnto the interIor of the earth a Great caves of beautiful crystals, all glowing with the ~ad1~~ce of various pastel colors a~e d18cove~d by the bold e~~lorer~

Deep pools of fluorescent water are found. Rocks dropped 1nto the pools would cause the water to glow and sparkle with an ,eerie 11.sht. f1Uch~ much mON is eAPer1enced by the adventurers ln Jules Verne IS story that makes 1t important reading for all New Age indlv1duala~ It is more than fiction.

Way back in 1895 another novel appeared that "reeked the roundatlonsu or manta c.ustomary mode of thinking. The t.1tle of this book was uETlOORPHA~· (Aphrodl te spelled backwards) ~ It 'was wrl tten by John Url Ll oydJl who called hie book tfA Novel 0:( l-i1steryu. ETIDORPHA waa 1s8ue<l pl'i·Ja tely in 1895" It was publ1shed by DodQ~ Head and Company ot New York9 Copies are scarce.

In his novelJ John Uri Lloyd took the same point of view that Jules Verne d1d~ Verne, fot' ex.ampleJ had one of hiB story characters s8.¥: 'IThe 1nner earth is our next frontler.a Man knows more about the workings of the 8tars than he knows about the very ground beneath his teetJ II

uMen must yet search, tl said Lloyd in Btldorpha, nby the agency of senses and spirit; the UNFATHOMED MYSTERIES that lie beneath his feet and over hi. head;f ana. be who ref\lsee to bow to the creator an4 honor H1s handlwork discred1ts himself ••• A When this work 18 accomplished, AS IT YET WILL BE" the future man" able then to .comprehend the problem of life in its broader

- 7 -

~-__,__----- -_._-

significance -- drawing trom all d1rect!ons the~facts neoessary to his mental advancement -- w1ll have reached a state in which 'he can enjoy bodily comfort an~ supreme spiritual perfection, While yet a mortal •• I,

Marshall B. Gardner wrote a book in 1913 in which he set forth hit! theory or a hollow earth with ~ropen1n.ss at the poleslr• These ~Olar orifices, he surmised, lead into the great unknown (to us) oountry inside the earth. The book in which Garadner

presented his idea was t1tled: irA JOURNEY to THE EARTH'S INTERIOFt! or rtHAVE THE POLES REALLY BEEN DISCOVERED? rt • Luckily, I have a copy of the book.

H1s argument tor a hollow earth 1s convincing:

110Ur theory may be untrue., but 1f it 18~ then the findings ot Nansen and every other Arctic explorer~ of Sir Robert Ball~ perc1val Lowell and evePy other astronomer, are wrong. FO~ upon the work done by theBe men and upon no other considerations whatsoever than those of pure sc1entiflc knowledge are the ideas ~n this book built.

flNow as a matter of fact the SCientists themselves no longer' hold the ideas about the ccnatu tut1onl: of" tbe earth that were taught in all text books only a few years ago. The notion that the earth 1s a great ball of material which has hardened into a shell or crust on the oute1de~ but which is full of molten materlal w1thin~ getting hotter and hotter ae we reach the center -- that notion IS NOW NO LONGER GENERALLY HELD. And no other theory has quite taken its place,

"Some think that \'rhile the earth may have a solid center that 1 t does have a l1quid. hot layer somewhere between its center and 1ts 5urrace. But NOlm of the theories up to the present have explained all the facts.

"or course it is. very easy .tor anyone to deny all the facts of science and get up some purely private eXplanat10n of the formation or the ea~thl The man who does that i$ a crank .• . ~There 1s one man who has stated that the earth is an immense

hollow sphere and that mankind and the land and oceans and even the stars ARE ALL ON THE INSIDE OF ITJ But he 1s a crank for

he haa simply taken his private notion, evolved within hie own brain and has made a religion ot it. (NOT.!: Dr. Cyrus R. Teed, M~Dt known as uKol"esht', startled the 'World and hie followers w1th. th1s strange theory in the early 1920Js.--M.X.)

tfNearly one hundred years ago 1.n America a theory was put forth that the earth conslsted of a number or concentric spheres one within the other. !Jow that could hardly be called a sed entIflc theory. It was based on a euppoaition~ and the author

- 8 -

argued trom his suppos1tion down to what the tact~ ought to be~ He said in effect; tAccordlng to my principle there ought to be w~th1n the earth a series of Bpheres each one inside the other.. Blt he dld not knOW,. and he never went down to· see.

--- --- --- - ..

"we take the opposite course. We begin with the facts.

We claim that the earth 18 A HOLLOW BODY with an immense open.ing at each polar axis _ ... an opening about 1400· m11es In ·d.iameter -- and that there is In the lnter10r or the earth a sun which wams it ana g1ves it light. We state ·that this formation of a hollow shell .around a central sun, with polar open.1ngs, is not alone the torm'ation of the earth but 'of every planetary body throughout the stellar un1versel Why do we Bay that? Because

we think ~t ought to be? Because we wish to impose our own idea on to the facts? No, but because we can see these polar openings and occasionally the gleam of the central Bun a8 we look at Mars or Venus through a telescope. And $0 1t goes. The theo~ of which we write. i8 not so lnuch a theory that we put forth a8 1t is a theory which the facts put forth to ue when we examine themEIP

COMMENT BY MICHAEL X: A hollow earth? Why not? Th.e idea

1snlt too su~r1sing~ and some ot the evidence I shall 1nclude

in t~B Report is astonishing. The BIG TijING~ the really important thing 18 .... ~IF the earth 18 hollow it may well be inhabited"

By whom? Living beings, human and otherwiset PranklY~ fiom

what we've seen, beard and addeQ-up in our own mlnd 1n recent months~ we believe the inner earth is not only inhabited by humans,

but by humans far more ADVANCED IN SCIENCE THAN WE AREl And that

poees a very SERIOUS problem.

Follow me now in your ~glnat1on for a moment. Imaglne a race of fellow human beings dwelling far beneath the surface of this earth, ~ a vast hollow interior region some 4~400 m1les

in circumference. Figuring four direct1one~ that is a lot ot lahCl area. ropulat1on of the rfInnet' Earth ,1 could be as large, maybe larger' than that ot our outer eartha

Now suppose that race o£ people ins1de the earth are 500

to 1 .. 000 years ahead or our nat fens in inventions. If th~t were true; they1d have already perrected the kind of flying craft that are most eff1c1ent •• ~FLYING SAUCERS .. And suppose they decided to. uinve'Btlgate'f the outer earth where you and 1 are liv!ng~ They'd come up throughsee:ret openings at the poles and elsewhere" in their flying craft and we'l d see in our skies FLYING SAUCERS PROM INNER EARTH!

oocOOOOoo - 9 -


In the year 1947 Admiral Richaro E. Byrd maae a flight into the South Polar reg10n of the worl~. Befor~ he started on the venture, Byrd made a mysterious statement:

·'ltd like to aee that land BEYOND the Pole. That area beyond the Pole is the center of the great unknown."

In the cockpit of his plane was a powerful" two-way rad1o ..

When Byrd and h1e scientific companions took off from their base at the South fole, they managed to fly 1700 miles beyon~ it. That's when the radl0 1n Byrdrs plane was put lnto use to repo~t someth1ng utte~lY 1ncredible.

There was a strange great valley below them.. Por aoae unknown rea80n~ the valley Byrd saw was not ice-covered as it should have been in the rrigid Antarctic. It was green and luxuriant.. The~ were mountains w1th thick forests ot trees on them~ there was lush grase and underbrush. Most amazing, a huge anLmal was observed moving through the underbrush~ In a land of lee l' snow and almost perpetual ndeep-rreeze~· ~ ... here was a stupendous MYSTERY.

Byrd had discovered a strange great valley just beyond ~he South Pole, where the weather temperature, believe it or not, was evidently something like 76 degreeeJ

Suddenly ttw: press a.nd radio were Tlhushed up".. After

the first brief messages leaked through to newspapers. no turther confirmat1on or the big disoovery was given.. Was it merely a hoax? Some newsmants Joke? I think not ..

I believe that Byrd came upon the location of a great doorway or entranee leading deep into the unknown 1nterior ot this earthl The t'Great Doorlf at the South Pole region. HaVing found that~ I believe he gUessed no longer. He then KNEW beyond the sha.dow of it doubt that th1s secret uDooru must open into the Cavern World.

He would go there and rind out .... see tor himself the wonder and eYerlaatlng mystery of the unknown INNER earth~

On Aprll 5, 19551 Admiral Richard E. Byrd was oommissioned by the U. S. Navy to explo~e the South Pole. One year later~trom the South Pole base~ the U.S. Navy flew BEYOND the Pole to a distance or 2300 miles. In thi$ dramatic expl~ratory fl1ght I believe the Secret Great DoQr was seen.

Why believe that? Because Byrd~B report on March 13~ when he returned trom the South Pole was,,"The present exped1t.1on has

- 10 ....

opened up a vast NEW LAND~ It BUt you and I were never told exactly what Byrd and hie men d1scovered. Why not~ Was there a Yery good reason NOT to talk about it?

Frank Edwards} a ser10us UFO researcher, author and deep student of the Spacecraft phenomenon, wrote an article in the July. 1956 issue of Fate Magaz1ne~ Quote:

IIIn Admiral Richard Byrd. r e report of his first trip to the Antarctic his group d1scovered two large, blue-green lakes of warm water in the very mldBt of that desolate expanse of eternal ice. There was no trace or any volcanic heat supply, in ract~ there was no visible means which could eXpla1n the 1ncongruous co-existence ot warm water lakes in the ice cap of the Antarctice Admiral ~rd made note of still another strange aspect of the lakes. Alongside one of them, he wrote~ were long, stralght;t black lines lwhich resembled blast marks~~n

Blast marks1 Could some nation on earth be using the South Pole as a launching plaee for satellites or m1ssiles? Doubtru2~ MOre likely the Inner Earth people are involved.

22!d£dII _

Richard Byrd reported the discovery ot a large~ war,m water Bea near the South Pole and stretching beyond it. The year W&B 1955~ I think h~ also found something else. Something he could not speak about ror special reasons. I think he found a mighty canyon borderlng that warm sea4 •. a canyon sloping gradually into the interior ot the earth~ Into the 11Great Unlmown Country II of the .Inner Earthl

The Antarctic continent is bigJ terribly big. It 1B probably considerably larger than the tor.mer estimate or Bame 6,ooo~ooO square miles or ice and snow~ Results or the 1958 Internat~onal Geophysical Year (laY) of exploration 1ndicate that the earth is covered with 40 irif cent more ice than weld

previously estimated. A1Bo~ that arctlca may De DIVIDED.

Now we have $omethingl Sc1ence News Letter' tor· January 17~ 1959 carried this atartl1ng plece of lnfor.mation:

flSeveral dlscoverie$ increase the possibil1ty that Antarctica may be div1ded in TWO~ These include discovery o£ a subsea-level trough trending inland from Ellsworth Station, another trough on the opposite 8~de of the continent trending inland from the Ross SeaDland a deepoairn In Marie BYrd Land. II

It Antarct1ca IS dlvlded~ what does that mean? That there 1B another po~t1on of that continent that nobody is telling us about?- Does 1t mean there 18 another cont1nent entirely -- a new land area -~ 1n some unexplored sea? Possibly. If SO~ important 1ntormat~on obviously has been withheld trom the public.

~ 11 -

HoW curiously strange that only recently, Feb~ary 16thJ 1960~ four lO~ yeaas after B¥rd~s trip to the So~th Pole~ this article was re ease to the newspapers:

ItUNEXPLORED SEA ENTERED BY U~S. NAVY. Aboard the DSB Glac1er off Antarctica, Feb~ 16~ (UPI) - Two U~S. Navy 1cebreakers today penetrated the Bellinghausen Sea tor the first time in History and moved toward a stretch ot Eastern Antarctica never. before seen by-man." {!iliPnasia is mIne:- MX}

Never before seen by man? I w-o-n-d-e-rl To stir up mat~ ters a l1ttle more .. and "educate " us (the g·eneral public) gradually to the whole fantastic idea of an INNER EARTH and SAUCERS that come from there, here is another clipping that Is loaded with dynamite. It appeared on the very same day th~t the nUnexplored Seau b1t was released:


Feb~ 16, (AP) - A spokesman tor the North American Al~ Defense Command here confirmed today that unidentified flying objecte were observed in the skies over Alaska early yesterday (~16/60)

!tThe spokesman saId at 3 allml yesterday the comba:t operations center of No~ad at Ent Air Foree East here received a report from nQrtherly observation posts that two objects were mov1ng in opposite directions across Alaska.

"one of the objects was reported in the vic1nity of NOlDe.

It appeared to be mov1ng slowly 1n a northeaste~ly direction. The object disappeared without a trace and without g1ving any indication of its 81ze.~

Sauce~s over Alaska. Significant? Very~ Both Alaska and Canada have had much more than their share of slghtinga in recent months. Why?- Is there some C onne c t10n with the IIland beyond

the PoleH ... - that unknown Country wh1ch we suspect 1s nothing less than THE INNER EARTH itself?

Indeed there is a connection. If the Saucers enter and leave the Inner Earth by way of the pola~ entrances, qu1te naturally they1d be seen by Alaskans and Canadians much more frequently than they would by people in other parts ot the world. Alaska is close to the North pole. So 1s Canada.

Every riddle ha.a its answer. When AdD'l1ral Byrd went 1nto the Unknown CountryJ into the center of the great unknown, where was he? If Marshall Gapdner were here now I'm sure herd agree with us when we gently suggest that Byrd was at the very doorwaY of the inner earth. In tr...e South Pole area 1t lies .2IYond the

~04e. But vhera? In the south Pole area it may be found

I feel reneon~bly - captain, in Eastern Antarctlca~ that fabulous region "never before seen by man.! rr

- 12 -

I used to scoft at legends,. I don![t any mor-e. Behind every lege·nd.; st,range' to s.ay j can be found. a ker-ne I: of truth, a group of _ fac;ts ar-ound which' the llegend was 'buil.t., 'j}ha,t ~ s why r tonk the s,eem.ing .legend of Rain-b'oTH Ci ty 'lith a straight face" and wi t.hou t a single' g,raln of a·al t '" .8uc.:h is C1 ty is. said be

ext at , It I 5 Lcca tl,on? On t.ne 'Eaate:rl1 coast of the s tz-ange

,Ant are. t·i,c ,continent. I 'I: ve included a map here on this page for 'Your stUl:Cly ~ It S,bOW8 the a,ppr'o,ximate location of Ra.1.nbol'1 City

.~~in Antarctlca~

Anta:rct1c C·lrcle

.s : ~~:~ :~3_·.·:-·

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o South Pole






The ,f.l. r-s t CREDIBLE UFO (. u-nid.en t..1f.1ed Flying Qb j'e c t) S.1g11tLng ever made in twenti1eth .. ,c,entury Antar1ct1ca l,B credi t,ed to Chil,s f s naval o.ffi{~A9·ri' Comman.de.-r Auguabo Orre'go""

On r4aroh 12 Jl 1950}. co'nf1,r.rna to.,r:y 'word of thi5 s,i.,ghting reached sauo erc.raft en thu slas t s ,l.p Buffalo} New York ~ q_'11,~. ,S'X =s · c!t'1 ng news was releas'sd on that day that Commander Or.vego and his men had spotted a fleet of rotund aerial machines circling their P.n'tarc t.i o ba .. se . .( Rainbow 01 ty ~ l'fLX) A portion of ·the Chl1,e',an o,ffl ce'r a's ,report tol d this amazi,ng story:

11Duri.:ng t.he b]?ight Ant,a:J;'\ct,1c n.t.ght , we saw ,FL'YING SA.UCERS}, one abov-e the otihe r if- turning at tremendous speeds, We· have pho-

to O"ina'ph' Q t' ~ "i"" '. hat, ,·[e ~'a1'_f ~I

: 6Jl.·· .: ._ .. ,.;J -; 0 p.L.;O ve w,·.. ~ Q .;~ ~ .

It seems that Rainbow City 15 more than a legend~ It 1s 6vi.dently entirely real .. ,. the secret baae in mys. terlous Antarc,t·1.c,a ... for a f1es,t of SAUCERS. conn.ng from. 'the oenter (we auspect ) ,o,f our' own r'arreas tic earth ~ Now Le t us go deeper, dea,r friend.", into the unexp.tcred ... ~ until "trJe. ~ like· AcLmir,al ~rd, "'1.11 have

s t.epped into th.e CENTER of' the· Great Unknown., "bevond the Eeyond:r'l ..


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In February or 1947~ a most remarkable discovery waB made ~n the continent of Antarctica. This discovery 18 known now as .IBunger·s oaara". Lt. Commander David Bunger was at the controls of one of the alx large transport planes used by Admiral Byrd tor the U. S. Navy· $ Uo,peratlon H1gh~umplt ~ (1946-47)

!Unger was flylng 1nland from' the Shackleton Ice Shelf, near the Queen Mary coas t Or" Wilkes Land.. He and his crew were about four m1les from the coastline where open water lies.

For two months previous to this moment_ all that Bunger

and his tl1ght erew had Been below was white polar waBteland~ In one dramat1c 8econd all that monotony van1Bhed~ Suddenly they could see a large dark spot or land up ahead or them •• ~an area same three hundred s~are miles in size. It seemed to be completely tree of. snow or lee. lUlai€ hid many lakes.

The land Itself was ice-tree. The lakes were of many different eolors~ rang1ng~om rusty red~ green, to deep blue8~ The strange thl~g about the colors is that they were bright as though something in the w&te~ caused them to attract more 11ght~ Each of the lakes was ~ore than three miles long. The water was warmer than the ocean ... as amger Boon found by landing his eeaplane on one of the lakes. Each lake had a gent1y ,sloplng beach.

Around the four edges of the Oas1s~ which was roughly square in Bhape~ Bunger saw endless and eternal 'Rhi te snow and lce. Two sides of the Oasis roee nearly one hundred teet high, and cons1sted of great ice wallB~ The other two sides had a more gradual and gentle slope.

I believe that this uOasls t. of unfrozen terri tory is not the result ,of hot volcanic activity beneath the surface of the land. Three hundred. square miles 1s simply too big an area to be afreeted by volcanic heat supply, although that could account tor sotne of the 1ce-f'ree land. A Secret Door,t not as large as Borne theorlstS{BUch as Marshall Gardner) thoughtJ could well be located somewhere in that vast terrltory~ Warm currents from the Cavern World could be circulat1ng from that openlng~

Rainbow City 'could be loca"ted at Bunger t e Oasis. Mul tlcolored lakes certainly remlnd one of the rainbow, and could be the real explanation back of the c~tY'$ name. The City itself 1s moat lIkely near the opening that leads into the underground c1ties. By now~ the maJor portlon of the city's structures may have been removed from the surface and taken inside tor greater aecur1tyA This 1s entirely possible. The outer surface ot the great valley would a,till serve as a perfect spacecraft base ..

*Note ~ Ref" - 13-a -

The S~lent Continent - Kearns (Harper & Bros. 1955)


Chapte,r 3

The idea or people living in the 1:nte'r,i(u.~' of the earth 1.8 non new' ~ Eell'e:,f ,in the ex! s be rice or

'c,.".... ~ dvan .... ~..;;J In'O fi ~ r. f 'i""i ~ ""P' 1 ,~. A1l·:r,;c'll' 1 n, {'j>'

~~l~ i~:. ~:. __ \r.r1yU 4 ',~u~ v. .tF'~V ,Ii;ii' ~'1f"6' " 0.

,ins,1de our eartll 1 S ,j in f',a,c; 't; c_fu1 t e ,ancient.. In all the anc tent teach~ logs 0 f var 1 au S z-aces .... ".. 't.he Gr,6,e'k B ,~' No rwe sian s ~ ,A,z te'c 8 j May-ans,~ Hindu 8 " Egyptians etc i' ~ €:'te ~ - .... w'~ find ate .... r1e s abou t N J[nn,e:r Ea.r't,h !'~ people ~

.A. Rainbow City g,aue€I:1

y eu may re :cal1 the theme ot the' Egypt i,an ,Eo ek of The De-ad. A. is tr',ange and mrysrt,er.i,Qll S boa t,man had ~~aftae'-r' t,~~ ~o-'~lD -f' t"h~A M~Ml~

'1,.,r.l,J, ", ,L" '& ; 0' . 4;1,'I;;i' ~_ "~,_,~ Ii;,;i'-; , ','I;:;i ,LL~ ill', . .;r

d.en ar-t ed '. 'The boa t 'Woul d e i the:r

~ " ,

'tran.,spor't, 'the human aou i up in:t,o

the re gi on of' the s tar,s,~ o,r ," ,Ii ~ i.t aouL needed more 'basic, t'l;'aln1:ng or pos,s,;tbl.y stern d,is'ci.p.llne j boatman would pi.lot t,ne, souls S11ently along the Rlv,sr' styx. R.1 ve r of course ,J' led, de ep d'()W,'h in to the in.terio,r c,r- the eareh '"

t'" . '."n.e

the ~rhe

All the chur-che s .I. knc)l'l about, nave a, concept; ,o,r acme p Lace

or regl,on called HHe11!~ .. * Ca.tholic,s, :rel\e:.;p to a sort c,f "Ln ... ,b,®·twe:enir pla-ce· known as Hpurgatoryit, or ~rlimbo.l'~ for souls iii The Eibl,s' merrtions Ii Ha.d,es ~~ j 11 Qehenrla, n , rtTartaros, r.I' and ~~.s.heo'1 'II '. All four terms appar-errt Ly mean the, sams thing,,, Ii 'ii a" ,region wi thin t,he· 'earth where human beings go, if they ,Shou.ld be 8,0 unluc,ky as not t-o make 'the. grade on the out~,1,d·e at the earth.. 'r"he idea of Inner Earth dlws:1.lars :18 by no means, new,

What is .new' is thl,$,~ some of thos,s: inner earth peop l.e are ev'1,dently ,f'ar ahead of outer ear-bh I)S'oPl-s: in their inv,entions

an.d scf.ent t rf,c t,echnology,t Aft,e'r mora tha,n. twelve ye'ars Q,r UFO in-v€! g t1,g,a tio.n I ha V'~ conc Luded ttJL1,fj, is so ~ It you cons l.d.'er the extrelnely anc Lerrt lineage of t.he ,iM,s'r ear-en d'w-ellers" it.!' s easy to adm i t t~hi a '. The'rHs' bel nge W1B r-e on ear-en be rcr-e t"he gvs'a t flood!

'Who then" az-e the i,rL1-)el"" earth people? Just as on the, sur .... face of the eartl'l, :y'QU t.l1 doubt-less, .find tha.,t in the ear th ' s lnt,er'lor are :not one ~ but SE,VERAL Id,1,ff'9',;r.;e'nt r-aces and type s of

pe op 1 e • The r'e ma.y be' f'ound pygmie s , m1dg,e,t is, ;. and dwarfs.., Al::MJo

there' m.ay be f'ound ave rege :slzed human beings l1ke you and me j Bu,t most; irnport,ant,,, I ~ and the islgn1fi,cat"H.}e of this is absolut1ely w()r'lds.haklng,~ '.' .. the:r,e may be found GIANTS 11 v,ing .inside the earthl

*:M,o te: ~'i'He:ll;.r can , of' C,QUrS9' l' be defined me taphys1,ca.,11y as merely the negative experle.nc,e on the road to 'truth3i b:J.t we exe iude this~,

- 14 ~

GIANTS? Yes, giants. It11 admit it Bounds like Bome~ thing out of Hans Christian Ande~8en's story book, but what a~ the facts? Upon what do we base our statement .rtagardlng giants?

It happened a long tl~e ago, the strangest story of them all •• the coming of the giants. They are directly related to a wise and powerfUl race of outer space people wh1eh the Bible calls the rlSons of Godu~ They did not make their home on the earth orlg1nally~ inBtead they invaded this planet from outer space and took it over &s their own •

• 1And it carne to pass, when men began to mult1ply on the ra~e or the earth, and daughters were born unto them, that the Sons of God saw the' daughters or men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.

nThere were giants in the earth 1n those days; and also arter bhab , when the sons or God came in unto the daughters of men, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown~ •• The earth also was corrupt herore GOd; and the earth was filled w1th violence. And God looked upon the earth, and behold it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.ft (Gen. 6:1-4,. 11-12)

Then came the sudden t1balanc1ng of the cosmic books rr ..

A flood, a mighty Deluge was unloosed upon the earth and we are told it rained for Torty long days and forty long ~ghts.

What happened to the g1ants? Did they .&11 perish in the great flood? I do not think so. Those giants were the offspr1ng of outer-apace men and outer-earth women. They were Uhybrids·t, Just as the l1ttle pygmies were also IIhybridsl{41 But those outer space people and their ch1ldren were not as dull-witted as to take no action for their own surv1val~

Sensing in advance~ as they must have~ what was comingJ the intelligent race ot outer-space people took the1r hybrid offspring (glanta and pygmies) OFF the surface of the earth!

A mighty Exodus! To where? Into the center of the earth~ where they could find protection from the big Deluge. JuBt be~ tore the Flood then~ In the days of Noahj those amazing human beings who had invaded this earth from outer space •• went into the Inner Earth in a mass migration, and are still there. That is; their offspring are most likely there now, .and with their inheritance of space flight "know .... how .. , they are--and have been since 1947--comlng out 1n spacecraft. They have "saucere t, I

The Bible clearly states that there are people above the earth, on the earth; and In the earth. (ReVe 5:3 & 13) It people live 1ns1de the hollow earth, it 1s only log1eal to sup-

- 15 -

pose that in due t1me--&s they proGress 1n acl,enee and invention --they w1ll get around to visiting us. After all. we outer-

earth dwellers are looking forward to vis1ting our neighboring planets~ Mars, Venus,. etc~ Only thing tha~hold1ng us back is that we don't have spacesh1ps perfected 'enough·to get us to those other -planets safely .. ~t, pluB our immature att1tude ot conquest.,

In other words, we havenft progressed scient1fically e~ nough a.t this present time. We need more time.. Whereas; on the other hand~ the 1nner earth people have been carrying on ~om the point where the1.r .outer-Bpac·e ancestors left ott. ThatJl at I'east, is our work1n,g theory ..

They could be 1,,000 or more years in advance of our own technology, and from the looks of things, they are now and have been for some time.~ .. look1ng us over carefully.

In antediluvian t1mea -- that is,, before the Flood -- our planet probably had more land surface than it has today, In those daysJ our earthts sur-race probabl'f ha'd EQUAL PARTS land and water. A huge watery Canopy or "enve Lcpe" hung suspended above the ear-eh, ve'J:'·Y much like the strange thick cloud formation that 1s seen today around the planet Venus.

With lese water on the earth, with less oceans and with a much more Edenic temperature at the North and South foles than we hav-e now, the nQreat PoOrs'U' or openings lead1ng into the interior of the earth were relatively BASY to locate~

But times have changed .. -II • drast1cally., So have climatic conditions everywhere on this troubled planet of ours. When the earth tilted on 1ts axis thousands ot years ago~ the Watery Canopy above the earth broke, causing the great Deluge or Floo~.

It ~so virtually CONCEALED the OPENINGS at the poles.. Not only were both pole's surrounded by thousands or Bquare miles of trlg'"

.1d lee, snow and stormy weather" which made the Great Doors terribly ditf1.c.ult to -get to . ..,.but there was still another d1ff1culty. DIRECTIONAL DIFFICULTY.~.I

Near either of the poles any explorer 1s apt to' loae his bearings quite easl1y~ as the magnet1c compass becomes completely erratic. Today~ the invention of the ItGyrc-compass'U enables a ship to keep its location calculated in the Aret"i'e and Antarctic. In early days., however, ,say back as far as 1894 when F.ridtjot' Nansen went look1.ng for the North Pole" he not only failed to find 1t.".He got so lost that he wrote in his diary.: "We do not know where we are, and we do not know when this will end. 11 Where was, he? Nansen hadnft the' slightest idea. He wandered with his crew for an entire summer and winter in the Arctic, completely LOST.. His compass? It pointed restlessly in most any di~ct1onJ It spun round and round at times 1 but it was no help at all.


- 16 -

Plnall~~ Nansen and his men made the right turn ,somehow; and got out or the "strange land·t that he had gotten so lost in. I strongly suspect that he was lost on the outer lip or edge of the 'Gt'teat Door leading into the "Unknown. CountryU ~ Had he not been 9ucceeaful in backtrack1ngJ he might have .gone into the inne'r regions of this, ea.rth .. and be there yetI

Where 1s Rainbow City? In the vastness of Antarctlca~ near its eastern coast~~.some 2300 miles trom the South pcle~ What is it? A secret. city ,owned by the Inner Earth people, and used as a base for their Flying Saucers; Incredible! It Is loaatea~ -we belleve~ not insIde the Gre·at Door, but fa1rly close

to that - ·'Doorn yet outslde or it. - -

--_ ........ _-

In spite or what we have always 1magined about the 1nne·r earth· be1ng the abode ot bad and 'wicked people) those a88u.tnpt10ns might not be entirely true ~ There are good and bad. people IN the inner earth~ and the same thing 1s true on the surface

ot: the earth. QJ.lte true', many of th,e Rainbow People may be glants~ Ten~ twelve~ eighteen feet tall, some ot them. But there are I'friendly giants I. among, them. In fact I they may all

be more friendly and advanced' in spiritual matters than we know.

Now hold onto that ~ha1r you' are sitt1ng ln~ and I w111 tell you a real 1tg1ant" storyl I got tbe story from my close triend~ Dr. nCn whom I introduced to you 1n a previous book I wrote called .IVenusian Heal.th Magic If ..

Dr. lie rl 1n real life 1s known as Dr~. Nephi Cottam" D. C. of Los Angeles. Recently he had as one of his pat1ents~ a man of Nord~c descent who I shall not mention by name at this time. Th1s Nordic Ind1vldQal 1s~ howeverJ entirely real. He told the following story to Nephi. Here it is just as he told it:

til live near the Arct1C cll'Cle" in Norway. One ,SUlD!Der my friend and I made up our mlnds to take a boat trip together~ and go. as far as we could into the North country. So we put one month1a food provls1ohe into a small fishing, boat and with sail and also a good eng.ine in our boat, set out to sea ..

'tAt the end of one month we had traveled. :far into the north, beyond the pole and into a strange new country~ We were much astonished at the weather there. Warm, and at times at night it was almost too warm to sleep. Then we saw something so strange we both were ae tcunded , Ahead ot the warm, open sea we were on, was what looked like a great mountain. Into that mounta1n at a certain po1nt, the ocean seemed' to be emptying. Mystified" we conti.nued 1n that ~rect1on and found ourselves sailing into a vast canyon lead1ng 1nto' the interior or the earth. We kept sa1ling and tt~n saw what surprised UB--a ,sun shining inside the earthl

... 17 -

ttThe ocean that had carried us into the hollow interior of the earth, gradua~ly became a r1ver+ This rlve"r leads, as we came to ~ealize later ••• all through the inner surface of

the world from one end to the other. It can take you, if you follow it long enough, trom the North Pole clear through to the South Pole •

• Twe saw that the inner earthls surface was filv1dedJ! even as the outer one ls~ 1nto both land and water. There is plenty of sunsh1ne. and both animal and ~egetable l1re abound there.

We sailed further and further 1nto this fantastic country ..• fantast1c because ev~thln~ was hUSb in size as eo~ared to things on the out sloe. Plants were is,. tFeesSigaJlfc" ana then we came-Upon the GIANTs.

trThey were dwelling 1n home". and towns just as we do on the earth ~ e surface. And they lAsed a type ,ot ele ctrical conveyance lIke a mono-rail carl to transport people. It ran along the rlver1s ,edge from. town to town.

nSeveral of the inner earth 1nhab1tants--hUge giants-detected our boat on the rIver" and were quite amazed. They seemed Just as astonished to Bee us as we were to see them!

They were~ however, quite fr1endlYA We were ~v1ted to dine with them in their homes, and 80 my companion and I separated --he going with one giant to that g1antrs home~ and I going with another giant to his home.

1lMy g1gantic friend brought me home to his famIly, and I was completely dismayed to see the huge size of all ,ot the obJects 1n his home. The dinner table was oolossal. A plate was put before me and f1lled with a portion of food so big lt would have fed me abundantly for an ent1re week! The giant offered me a cluster of grapes and each grape was as' big as one of our outer-earth peaches. I tasted one and found it far sweeter than any I had ever tasted !toutslde··. In the inner earth all the fruits and vegetables taste far better and more flavorsome than those we have on the outer earth.

tlWe stayed with the glants for one year, enjoyj_ng their compan1onship as much as they enjoyed knowing us~ We observed many strange and unusual things during our visit with these remarkable people~ and were contlnuelly amazed at their scient1fic p~grees and inventions. Allor th1s time they were never unfriendly to USJ and we were allowea to return to our own home

in the same manner in wh1ch we had come--ln fact, they ¢ourteou8- ly offered their protection if we should need ~t for the return voyage .. I'


- 18 -

Chapt,er 4


Fo):"! a moment" let U,S reserve , __ ~-~-a_:s ou.r_, j:u.d~ent, as_,~Q ,~het:h~r, O~,not, <ii""'we bel:I_,eve in the ~x~'SI~ez:tce or ~. _ ~raee' Q,r gi,ants d:well1ng inside the

'hollow of" the ear-tn , Another very int,e:r'e:s t ing pro bl em. 1 a now f'ac Lng

'/ us ,j It 1,s ,highly importan .. t because f It. "I~ties-l,n u strang,ely with the ex-

~8t'lenc,e: of Inn.er' Earth people"

The problem ,is, what, really

IS tor lee and r-umo r B innum,e'r-.abl e have ,arisen t,hDQUgh the years seeking t.o exp Laf,n his, d.isappea'rance', but none have, pr-oven

..... ,'m,"1 "'"1 and 't ~n: ~ r:lTrn,- -'te-' H " 'a.1' n' ~, un- Lv A

cone - ,UD. : VIE! aru .. ,....: .IoiJ,YS ,I,'" ry re·,l1J,:. I, ta :,. SO,, VIS:U..

In the Spring of' 1925 Col. Fal'/cet.t set out upon hds last Brazl1,la.n exped.l t,ion,. With him were his son Jack and a" :young f,riend named Raleigh Rimell~ Into the dread Matt,o Grosso area, -at' l3raz'11 went the' brave ,e:xped.i t,1on.. The'y were looJc1.ng for a "secre t, ,_ ct t:y If built. by 'the peop.Le o,f' .A t,lantls 'trlhen A't,lant1s was

in i ts ~"hey.Qayr.f II' Col;o Fa~lce:tt was no atrange'r to the "gr-een hell II of the: great Bra.zilian ju.ngles,,, Bet'ween 1906 and 1921 he had.

led .f'our eXped1 tions Lrrco the Matta Grosso,,"

But on his f1fth exped.l t.1on he vanished. co.mpletely" The,

las,t historical fact known about; him and ,his, oompant.ons is. t,hat re,ce1 ved by his 'Wife Ln a l,e'tter tram F,a,.w'c,ett'2 on [liay ,29'thj 1925 «' He l d reached De ad Hor'se Camp}' he wrote ~ His next obj,ec.ti'V,e-waa

a 'w:atel?fall which he hoped to z-each in ,9.. week or t en days t No

further le't,'t,ers ,,,'s're ever wr.i tten b'y Fawc€,tt to ht s w.tfe" nor' we,re 'the e xp lor e r-s e ve r ,6 e en on. the 11 ou te:r- ear-tih I ~ ,agal n ,!!'

\\fa.s Col ji Fa,wce'tt aware of the exis'tence'of. an advanced race of people w:ho 11 v'le,d in the hollow ,cen't,er of the eai .. ~th'? J;s i't· p03,s,1ble tha.t Braz.111·an Navy Commander Justino Stra.:u.s,s, may be ,..,. ~ r;o'"]h,t 1" -h l' ~ - t ' - l' l~ , t· h t 11 th- .:;, e. e _, t· 1- . e' nD"l.'· ~ - C3

.I.,J_ilE;r1,.(: ,_11. :' Go ~rong sus.,,p ',(}, on I'a "}' , ~ !!i' . ,,~,C',': mys'_,e,r Ous. '. 6 -II.~,e~,

(rlyipg saucer-a) come from the center o,r the ear'th ... where ,it

bas long been be-!,ieved that ~l.1f,e exists to a degr-ee far' adv-anced. ove r our o~m. c1 v,1.l.izatlon,~ ~~ Comm,and'e:r Strauss f'el t 'that in some 'way Oo.Lcne L ,Fawcett'fs tllsa,puearance was, c.onnected with the. mysterious ope ra tlo.n,s 0'£ the Inner Earth pe',opI19:.,

_, 19 ....

The riddle ,or Atlantis 1s a180 involved here. To this day~ nobody -- w~th the possible exception of a rare few individuals who can read the IIMemory of Nature n -~ lmows tor sure whether or not there ever was a real Atlantlsl Plato, the famous Greek philosopher gave us thls amazing account:

1f.;, ..... OUI' (Egyption) histories tell of a mighty power

(Atlantis) w~ch was aggress1ng wantonly against the whole of Europe and As1a, and to which your c1ty (Athena) put an end. This power came forth out or the Atlantic Ocean-tor ~n thoee days the Atlant1c was navlgable; and there was an ls1ana sltuated in. front of the straits wh~ch you call th. PIllars of Hercules (the Straits of Gibraltar).

uThe island waa larger than Libya and Asia put together. , .... now in this island there was a great and wonderful empire which had the rule over the whole island and several others as well as' over parts ot the continent. And besides these, they subjected the partB of Libya within the Pillars of Hercules

as tar as Egypt~ and of Europe a8 fa~ ae Tyrrhen1a (Italy).

' •.• ~ In later times there occurred v10lent EARTHQUAKES and PLOODS, and in a single day and n1ght of raln all the war-like men in a body sank into the earth, and the island of Atlantis 1n a like· manner disappeared and wae sunk beneath the sea. tI

Now he·re lt ~omes.~lIthe shocker. I belleve that Atlantls was eve-ry bl t ·real ~ and that the Atlanteans' ancestors are living todaYJ now~ 1n the 1nterio.r of the earth. They are in all probab~lity very large people~ physically. Perhaps blonde* glant8~ But why believe they are still 1n existence?

Because persistent rumors have 1t that a vast system of subterranean 'TUNNELS exist beneath the land ,or South Amer1ca. Secret openings are said to ex1at~ lead1ng from the surface of the earth into the turmels~ In his book nAghartan~, Robert E. Dlckhorr cla~8 that a fantastic network of tunnels eXists undere:round. These tunnel's rad1ate outward ,from the Antarctic area (from Ra~nbow City we suspect) to every other oontinent on earth! Th1s would~ naturally, include Atlantis which had not been submerged at the time those tunnels were built.

According to D1ckhorr, one tunnel surfaces i,n the Matto Grosso ~eg1on ot Brazl1 ••• precisely where Col. FaWCett vanIshed in 19251 ~otner tunnel haa its openlng in Kentucky, (the great Mammoth Cave perhaps) another in a e outhwe stern state. {FLASH:

A new cave said to be one thousand t1mes larger than Carlsbad Caverns has· been reported discovered 1n Arizonal) And other tunnels are said to' surface in Tibet and in the Pacific Ocean ..

*(we know of persons who have had viv1d ItInner Earth'· dream! in -- which they saw blonde glants.}

.- ......

- 20 -

Now it you were lihot, on the trail" of Col. Percy Fawcett and his men and all those explorers who set out to search for him later and who also d1sappeared •• ayourd wonder about those tunnels wouldn't you? Who originmly bu1lt them and why.

Robert D1ckhoft surmises that a race of outer-space Lnvaders bUilt the tunnels. long before the great Noale Deluge .. , They were Martians" he suspects. MartIans who came to earth

and cDlonlzed it many thousands of years ago; but they were warL like and built the tunnels aB a great defens1ve system 1n case of atom1c or interplanetary W8,r.

Rainbow City, says Dlckhorr~ was one of seven magnificent cities built by the outer-spac$ invaders. All the c1ties were encaBed in lce.~.m11es ot lc •• ~.when the earth tilted and the Flood came. All the c1t1es~ that 18, except ~ne. Rainbow C1ty was ne~ the ope~ng~ the Great Door lead1ng into the inter10r of tbe earth. Warmth tram the 1nterior world kept Rainbow Clty from freezing ove~~ The Rainbow City people most l1kely still use that C1 ty as a epaceahap base.

Two contempora~ sCientists have declared that the ruins of Atlantis are not on the ocean floor, but at the city of Tlahuanaco 1n the Andes MQuntalns of South America. I think what they are really trying to eay 1s that the Atlante&ns moved at least a small remnant of the1r civilization to South America before the vast cataclysm engulfed their Island empire.

In 1935 a well-known medium in London by the name ot Geraldine CUmmins began communicat1on with Col~ Peroy Fawcett

by means of extrasensory perception. A steady flow of messages~ all aSBert.edly trom .Fawcett. were written down by Geraldine

au tomat1cally- .... W1 th almost super .... speed·. She recorded these commun1cations ra1thfUlly~ and publlshed them in 1955 in a book entitled, tiThe Pate or colonel pawcett" ~ (The Aquarian Press, .London, ) The messages brought out the idea that the explorer

had passed on into: another realm, that he' was no more in our

I'earthly world1r•

It Is certainly possible that Col. Fawcett died in the wilds of Brazil. In tact, all or the explorers who plunged $0 recklessly into the green jungleB of the Matto Gro8Bo~ could very easily have been killed £z Indiane there. Or the sWampy Ju~e 1tself could have beaten them. I've been-rn-rune1es ID;:(ae t. ROs~ of €Fiem are bad. ~ -·uriheal thY, fever-1"1dden I

But Col. Fawcett knew those condit1ons wel14 Held led FOUR prev10us expedlt1ons~ rememberj into the Matto Grosso. On his fifth trlp, 1 t is po,sslble that he did meet wi th success a Perhaps he founa the II secret 01 ty" .. and MORE. A tunnel nearby leading down into the ear~r8 fantastic c.vern kingdoms, and may be the peop~e there never permitted him to leave~

000000000 - 21 -


Chapter 5

Why was Col. Fawcett so anxious to discover the ·'lost ctt.1es'lt of the Atlanteans 1n Braz.11? Because of 1ts TREASURE. The Treasure of the Sun God was hidden in those aneient rulns and that treasure was not simply GOLD; but someth1ng else of much ·greater 1mportance. Some power called 'ltBlast-electricltyu.

The Sun God's real secret, then. aocord1ng to the psychic communications which Ge~aldlne Cu~nB received. was not gold, but a power. A power men would give kingdoms to gaine It was derived from the sun, and Fawcett termed it UBlast Eleotricityfl.

On Deaembe~ 7th, 1935, Geraldine received this message; .tWhen I set out on that exped1 t10n to tlnd the pyram1ds} (Atlantean) a number or people sa1dj and many thought~ that I was crazy. But I am nothing ot the sort. It we are to continue, you must believe in my eanity~ You must accept my assurance that the last relics of an ancient civl11:2atlo'n, Egypt1an in character~ are to be round in central South America. (Egypt

was really a colony o,f lesser Atlanteans who started colonies

1n othe~ parts of the earth). With my l1v1ng eyes I have seen these ruins ... I believe that, if the climate were not BOOp'p~Ss1ve and we could bring gangs of men h~re~ excavating under skilled d1rectlon~ a whole anc1ent clv11~zatlon would be revealed--the SECRET or the Lost Continent would be d1vulged .. , a flood of l1ght thrown on a period that 1, pre-hlBtor1c~ and our orig1ns more 'clearly realized" What· is rnore~ these races were· as civilized 'QS are the Europeans of today. Only they travelled on a different orientation.

- - .;;.. -----

"Sun W'ol"sh1p was the baat o principle on which the whole of thl~ central American Civilization was founded 4 Now this is lmEortantt (Attention. dear readerSj this is ITJ M·xJ

"r want to get at the secret ot the sun-power;·' said the 1ndomitable' explorer,. "rcr to me it is the finest adventure upon whioh I have entered 80 farl

·'Llstenl You don ' t knOW:I no living man knowa , what electricity 15. These Atlanteans knew more or less the nature of eleotr1c1ty~ which is dependent on the SUN, yet is also allied to other air forces.. Of couese, there 1s more than one kind of

. electricity. The k1nd that 1s known to men was discovered by the Atlanteans~ but they used their kInd of electricity in a DIFFERENT way t~om us.

ttThey realized that it might be used, not merely to give 11ght--queer globular 11,ghts--but that it might also be ,employe.1

- 22 -

~n eonnection ~th the SHIFTING OF WEIGHTS~ The building ot the Pyramids 1s so~ved when you know that huge bloc1<s of s sone can be manipulated through what I ,call blast-electr!cl~L'

uYou will think me mad when I talk of electrified w1nds, tor you know nothing about the CONNECTION between air ana electrlc1ty~ the alliance between it and LlGHT. Terms like the compress~on of air and the accumulation of electricity tor the purpose of COMBINING THE TWO--so that what is solid may, be removed~ have not yet entered ~nto the imagination of man· But

I, 'who have seen this a.ncient world" walked its streets" halted before the porticoes ot Its temples (HERE IT 'COMESl)(M.X~)~ •. DESCENDED INTO THE GREAT SUBTERRANEAN WORLD wherein electr1city and air are combined and ru8ed~ can assur8 you that the men who came before modern history was reeorded •• knew more about matter and light, about the ether and its prop.ertles .. than the scientists of the twentieth century can ever know 'or imag1ne!

(COMMENT BY MICHAEL X: Go over that sentence once more,

"r, who have II oa • oa descended 1nto the GREAt SUBTERRANEAN WORLD ....... It ..

Into the Irme~ Earth? What a bombshelll}

t·P1cture to yourself wIde reservol~a of compresBed. electrif1ed a1r reclaimed and Btore4 1n HUGE POCKETS under the surface of the earth. Coal mlneel Oh~ yeB~ I know' all about the miles of burrows .. under Welsh s011" But these are nothing when -compared with the STORAGE BATTERIES. "( tunnelB and caverns) that were like $O~@ vast design existing under the sol1d crust or eo,11, and were guarded and m.a1nta1nea. by an army of Atlanteans ..

ItBut this is what I am getting at.. It was man, and not the forces of nature~ that destroyed Atlant~8. Or' rather~ men developed to such a degree these subterranean storehouses of electrified air, that at last it revolted and pitched man and the B-olld earth heavenward. Then aREAT WAS THE FALL.. S$a5 flowed 1n over the disintegrated; sunken land. Thousands or miles ot country were Bubmerged-.('1n a s1ngle da~ and n1ghtt Bays Plato 1n hie written account t1tled 'TlNAEUS)--and earth thrown up 1n other places tormed new countries.

"r don't th1nk your scientists have the 1ma.g1natlon to conceive the prinCiples of electrlf1ed a1r--and I hope they never W1ll. For you must unde,rstand that it can be used as a destructl ve weapon--extremely dangerous, because 1 t Is inv1sible. Elast~eleetr1city was an undoubted Tact. It 1s a fact too dangerous to disclose to your generat1on--I mean the secret of the process employed to produce and maintain th1s tremendous rorce~ (NOTE BY MICHAEL X: This was NOT atomic power" though possibly a few Atlanteana: Jmew how to split the atom~ Blast-electr1city was no doubt more ,e,Q,s.11y obtained from sun and air.)

tlWe on earth know how to generate electricity from coal - 23 -

,and from water power. These anelents went :toUch .rurther~ They had devised an 1nstrument that could extract from the all-pervad1ng atmosphere the eleetrlclty necessary to all the concerns

of the1r life'. (Known 8S FREE-ENERGY to the space people'., M. X .. ) They used these massed electrons for a thousand difterent purposes. These not only heated and lighted the1r dwel1~B --

they moved great weights. Instruments were devised wh1ch automat1cally performed functions such as cooklngJ serving and cl~anlng in householde. PUrthermore~ they were used tor.~deten8e~

flEventually they we,re 'able to conserve this massed sunpower to such an extent that, when WAA broke' out. they fired

too violently and Buddenly what I might call the1rlelectr1fied proJeetl1esr• The ehambers of compressed electr1c1ty were suddenly rent asunde'r, a vast cataclysm followed, and -- as I have previously described to you -- the face of the world was changed by these convu Isaene , TI

The Sun-power had many other runct10ns in Atlantis besIdes that of destruction, as Col. Fawcett noted previously. He £elt that 1n time he would discover the Sun-God·s 8ecret~ and make use of it not to dominate an4 enslave man~ but to benef1t him.

I'! eXplalneu to Raleigh, II. said the Colonel;r "that if" we could discover the fomula for this force, and. then convey it by Indian messages to my w1.fe~ whc was in Peru:, she would return with it

to London. There ahe would give the paper on Which was writ-

ten the secret method or production or the power~to the r1ght people and we would indeed bestow IMMENSE BENEFIT ON ~NKIND~ I was th1~ng then solely of its posslbl11t1e8 tor fertilization, for obta~n~ng QUADRUPLE YIELDS from the land. Above all~ I was confident that 8011, worn out and used up by wheat C~p8~ could be turned into v1rg1n $011 hy this means~

IIFor 1 t has seemed to lIle that in 'our 'own day the primary cause of WAR is the menace of' hunger to over-numerou8 vlr11e races. This rouses ~ lnst1cnt1ve~ pr~mlt~ve desire to acquire the wheat l.ands o£ their neighbors. I sald to Raleigh: ttTbere must not be ,another 1914-1918 war.. We may possibly be able to prevent such a oalatDi ty if we find one or the uses ,ot the Sunforce--that of' immensely increasing. the· supply of' food trom a gl yen area of land. ~I

Astound~ngJ Perfectlyastoundingl So that·, why our friend ColA Percy Fawcett FIVE TINES soarched the dangerous Jungles of Brazil. FREE-ENERGY J That r a what be real.ly wanted to find there in those pre-historic ruins ot the LostClty. A discovery SO BIG it could, rightly used~ END WAR FOREVER. ~t could make our- present money system obsolete' almost overnight! Destiny however~ decreed otherw1se~ Mankind was not qu1te ready for the super-potent force known as the Secret ot the Sun God~ and if Fawcett did learn the rormula~ he was never perm1ttea to reveal 1t,.

000000000 - 24 -


Chapter 6

Now dear friend, let r s cont1nue this tremendous t'New Age Adventure" together. 'Who knows but that you and I m1ght uncover startling new truths bigger than ·'both of UB']· and I think we may start by asking, UWhy the hush-hush about the flying

saucers? II •• Why the po11c,¥ of governmental SECRECY? r!

Not to,o Ions ago I reee! ved a letter' from. a sincere spacecraft lnveBtlgator~ a lady I know and enjoy talking wlth~ Her letter hi t the nail exactly on the head. I 'quote.:

"Just whY the Govern:oent W'onft tell the people the truth 1s beyond me'. Do they actually know? They :cla1m that the' people would panle ••• WHY? Is there any reason to pan1c~ and what do they base the word 'pantel upon?' Are the Space Belns~ like us, that 1s 1n shape and rOl~? Michael, any additional advice will be greatly appreciated .. ~and thank you 50 much ...... II'

Por years I dId not lo1ow the answers to these questions, because my exper1ence had to do w1 th I'outer-space be1ngs tl only. Venuslans. I'd learned that the people of Venus are in no sense warl~e, that they ,consider us their younger brothers and Sisters and wtah to help us step into a higher vibration ..

What thenJ 1& the secret reason ror hush-hush? r believe the reason tor secrecy regardlng the saucer people 1e oue to our Government 1 s Ialowledge of II Inner Earth!' people J I have ,a strong hunch that our military got a good look at Rainbow City during Admiral Byrd I s exped1 tlon to the, Uland beyond the pole II in Antarctica back in 1956J Rainbow 'C~tYJ we·ve reaeoned~ 1s a space base for Inner Earth dwellers'. Speaking plainly, I am talk1ng about I. Giants I' who ha·ve tlying saucers!

NoW a I~G1ant n 1s nothing more than a human being who has grown largej perhaps two or' thre'e times our size. A well-proportioned giant is usually frhysleally Btrong~but that doesn1t necessarily make him an ~Iogre r .... someth1ng to be fearedJ dreaded or destroyed.

In the Southern Cal1.forn1,a desert area, reports of l'Oiants u have been springing up over a perlod or many months. Dr. W. C. Halsey who lives not too ~ar rrom my bome in Los Angelesl has

had more than 60 re~orts of slghtings of Giants brought to his

attention. In hiB 'COLLEGE OF KNOWLEDGE NEWS LETTERI~, Feb. 1960,

Vol t 1, No.6, Dr" Halsey wr1tesJ, l1»:Jst of these reports were from a semi-official aource , or I should 'Bay the of"fl'clal acurce was speaking off the cuff. One instance was that of a personal acquallltance ~ At no, t1.me were these Glants posing a real threat. Although our m1litary was scared beyond words at their s1ght~

- 25 -

not because of reason ~eally~ but beeause they we~e aIANTS~

Many people take a dim v1ew of these repo~t8. However~ there are too many reports from too many parts of the WQrld to call it nonsense •• ,

From a South Amerlcan source, Dr. Halsey recently received the following two reports or Giant Saucer People:

l~ Three witnesses looking a~roBs a valley (due to tb1s reason they could net approach)J saw two men or great height climbing a slope w1th their backs to the observe~s. Th1s was

at 9:00· A~M. The two strange beings wore brill1ant red clothing from head to foot; they were well proportioned and walked w~th a normal pace seeming to ignore the pres9nee of the wltnesse8~ When they walked near some trees it was then possible to calculate their height: one or them measured 5 or 6 meters, and the other about 3 meters.

(A meter 1s 39~37 u.S~ inches, making the taller man around 19 .feet 6 1.~chesJ: and Ushortylr was only about 9 teet, 8 inches.) A member of our soc1ety (W.B.) invest1gated this case and it was reported to him that: two ~ours earlier, before the ,rOla.nts'T appeared, a merchant and his raml1y~ inIt1als C.M., saw a l~nous, pol!shed round Object moving 1n the skies toward the place where the I10iantsU were seen two hours later. The rnerchant1a sighting was at a neighboring town.

2. Some t1me prior to this period, 7 men of small height Tl1ook1ng like chl1dr-en tt ~ were seen 1n QJ.ebra Coco near Ceres by two witnesses. These men emerged r~om the entrance door of a HUGE SAOCER "200 meters in diameter by 15 meters high" with an antenna measur1ng 30 meterB long~U For three minutes theyobserved the witnesses 1n silence. End quote.

In ~eport (2) the 7 men of small height who resembled ,children, might very well BE children. The natural of'tapr1.ng ot giant adu.Lt.s , getting a good look at "oucez earthlT people!

.By the way ~ you· d enj oy read1ng Dr. Halsey t S ,rNEWSLETTER II regularly.. It will certalnly keep you Ilr1ght up to the ml.nute 11 on Spacecraft news, latest 1nfo on the nGlantsT• and other very important things you should know about.. I highly recommend it. Write direct to Dr. and Mrs. W. c. Halsey~ 731 So. Serrano_Ave.~ Los Angeles 5" cari r, Request I~NEWSLBTTBR"I and enclose $1.00 ..

Getting back to the questions aSked me in that letter rrom the lady correspondent, we may now answer them one by one. (1) Does the Government actually know the truth? Ane: If you mean the truth that some or the flying saucers may be coming from 1ns1de th1s earth~ and that their pilots may be 01ante~ YES ••• ! think the Government (3) are fully aware or this.. As you and I

- 26 -

know~ President E1senhower quite ~eaently (February] vlsit&d Sao Paulo~ Brazil to see our South American fr1ends~ We know that a secret entrance, an open1ng into a tunnel that leads down into the Inner Barth k1ngdom~ ~s purported to exist some where in the Matta GroBso region of Brazl1~

And we also know Braz.11 is worried ....... about SAUCERS! So many flying saucers are coming cu~ ot srazil--flylng around the cities there--that the Brazilian government 1n the atate of

Sao Paulo recently formed a special committee. Purpose? To study the PROBT·EM of fly1ng saucersJ

'''Dur1ng a 14 month per1.od", no less than 149 slghtlnga

were orf~c1ally reported in Braz11jU repo~tB Dr. Halsey in his Newsletter. urn 4~ or these cases they were seen by local authorit1es. In 27 cases Whole communities of hundreds of people sighted the objects at the same tliiie.. In 7 eases it was poss'1ble to take photographs. In all ~stanceB there was excitement to say the 1 eas t . It

I am only "th1nk1ng out Loud", but Ird. Bay there is a de.r1nl te tl tie-in n between the Lncneaee of saucer aightlngs in Brazill the secret tunnels in South America, the reports ot ItG1ants U seen with flying aaucez-a , and :ke t S vis1 t to Brazil ..

(2) UThey claim the public would panic." Ans~ I have no doubt that they would.. Giants aresomew!"at sensat10nalt

( 3 ) U Are the Space bei ngs l1ke us , in shape and .forn r ? It Ana: Yes. They look l1ke UB. Venuslans are about 6 feet in height on the averageA Size varies. That1a the trouble in the case of' Inner Earth people A They r re so gigantic' we are liable to assume at once that they're unfriendly Or dangerous. And yet the tact 1s~ they haven·t once bothered any of us.

So, although the Governments of the U.S. and of Brazil havenet so f~r had any real reason to be alarmed~ they are using good Judgment in studying the problem.. A general policy of "hushhueh" helps to keep some of the ideas we1ve come up with 1n this bookj from the average citizen. To an extent~ that's bad. But to a degree it may also be good~ The Inne~ Earth people1 at least the G1ants., obviously have no' keen desire to fratern1.ze wi th outer earth humanity.. Soon enough, I Burm;1se, truths abou t the

Inner Earth and its long-hidden secrets w1ll become common knowledge ~

UThere are more thlngs in heaven and ,earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your ph1losophiesl" (Hamlet)

000000000 - 27 -



Chapter 7

Wetve come a long way, you and I~ in our serious search for Rainbow City and the Inner Earth1ans" But we must not rest until we know the &newer that 1s MOST important of all .. The answer to the b1.g question: WHAT DO THEY WANT?

!I'rheyu of course refers to the Inner Earthiana. We have already reached some very remarkable conoluslonsA Letls see:

(1) The lruler Earth1ans are most lo,g1cally descendants of a master race that once ruled the earth~ prIor to Noahte Flood.

(2) The master race were outer space people~ be~ng8 who had superior knowledge and understood how to construct Spa.cecraft and other advanced mach1ne8~ They may have been lnvadera from another planet~ possibly Marsl possibly Maldek (Lueifer).·

(3) The master race most likely was very large physically.

When they Utook overH the earth" they mated with earth women and pl:oduced ott spring that were uhybr1ds II, namely Glants and Pygmies.

(4) A great tlExodus n became necessary due to the coming

of the Neale Deluge~ The maste~ race~ together with the giantsJ and pygmieB~ Burvived by entering into the caverns of the earth~

Po~ a very important reason--terr!bly 1mportant--many of the Giant Saucerians from the Inner Earth 1<:1ngdoms are coming out th:rough various Uareat Doorsll in the eB.rth~s surface.. Evi"", dence to that effect is accumulating w~th each passing day.

WHY? WHAT DO THEY WANT? Come, let us reason together ....

Are they planning to invade the outB~de area or this planet?

I think not. They evidently mean us no harm" After all~ a mere "handrui i " of such 01ants in flying saucers could--w1 th their powerful technology--have taken over· the surface of earth Long, long ago. Something else 18 behind this. Something much BIGGER than Giants and the1r inherited powers.

In 1945, when the first atom bomb blew H1roB~ 1nto a z1llion little p1eces~ the ahock alerted the Inner Earthlans ..

or course. theyve probably been obeerv~ng outer-earth act1vities for hundreds of years~ some or them~ But the A-bomb was different. Its effects are even worse than those ot Blast-Electricity. Radiation poisoning, mutations; etc .. , to name a few~ Don't forget that some ot the Inner Earthian& are probably Atlantean ancestors. Itve no doubt they have a wholesome fear of explo~lve forces. After all~ the result of such forces on Atlantis was not

- 28 -

to be forgotten. The1r whole empire was demolished! Quite naturally the Inner Earth1,!Lns are deeply conce rnec about our "'stockpilingH of atom bombe .... and our aBlnine Ittestsu•

Right a.fter the first A-bomb was dropped, sl.ghtings of flying saucers 1ncreased dramatIcally. More than 20% of the UFO. I :s wel"e sighted over atomic, development centers. It 1s reasonable to believe that, not all of those UFO·s (unidentified :r,lylng obJects) came frolD other 1nhabl ted planets,!' although. numbers of them unaoubtedly d1d~ Some very prooably came up from the Inner, Earth realms to see w~at was go1ng on •• and to determine just how dangerous the situation was.

I happen to have a photograph of 8 flying saucer that is clearly not interplanetary 1n its design. It apparently operates in an atmosphere only. Below its cabin oan be seen large vents at the front of the craft, evidently used tor drawing a!,r into the engine where it is converted into what seems to be rocket power. At any rate, there are two large tubes at the t.op of the disc. The photo shows flame shooting out from thoBe tube~ provld1'ng thrust power for the ship.

I believe the above ment.1oned photograph 15 of one of those inner earth flying mach1.nes.; undoubte.dly earthbound~

Not that, the Inner Earth1ans ,are unab~e to make interplanetary fl1ghts. I believe they have the know-how, the technology for apace trips beyond our earth .... but I also teel that only those who have the right qualifications spirituallY are pennltted by the IrOuardiansti to 6et beyond our atmoaphe,re. In other words~ the planetary Guardians .from Venus and other advanced worlds are keeping, the Ra1nbow City people and all other Inner Earth1an8~ under 'close surveillance !I' No man of earth .. and this means both inner and outer earth people •• 1a ever permitted to jeopardize the inhabitants of higher worlds.

V1 received the follo\Pllng commum catn on from her Space Teacher from Venus this very mortling: tlyou asked regarding Inner Earth Eeings--are they people? Yes, of a sort. ot several sorta. Some depraved~ some dangerou8~ some indlfrerent, apathet1c~ Borne small and Bome large in size. Is there not variety on the surface of the world?n

Vi: Do they live eternally? Venusian Teacher: "A certain

group of Giants in the earth do never dle~.al$o the evil ones

of Atlant1s and the fallen star ()mldek or LU6~rer) are chained unt1l the final Judgment, soon to be en earth~n

_---__., ..........

. Richard Shaver wrote a series of articles :for Raymond Palmer a few ~ears ago, in which a strong case for the actual existence of "underground dwellers'll was presented ~ Shaver called them HDeros·· and ItTeros II "" The Deros, he a~serted .. are a com-

- 29 -

pletely perverted race or human beings. They live' in caverns, Shaver believeB~ and are as dangerous as they are depraved.

In Col. fercy Faw,cettts communications to Geraldine cummins, Fawcett refers to the Deros as 11 Batmen 11. I quote.:

liThe Batmen are cave men_t a prim1tive type .. very savageJl and they have cann1ba11st1c hab~ts~ They hide ~n holes and will 'come out and kill anything that seems to be ed1ble .. II

Keep~ng the balance in favor of l1fe, love and joy are

the Teres. theBe eould well be the friendly Giants of the inner earth and the race of more enlightened AtlanteanB~

Again from our Venusian contact (Vl1s teacher) comes this instruction; HTh1nk on UPLIFrING matters; tor the evil that confronts an 1ndlv~dual each day 1s all that he can handleJ Those inside the earth are not all evil. BUt that 1s 'not YOUR direction of' attention.. LOOK UPl Venus brings, aid., The upllfters

and Teachers are .there ~ Man on earth will study earth INSIDE: and OUT., yet do not ye-"ta.m in its TANGLED WEB to'r .ye are both to

be brought OUT ••• UFl TO US! u_-Mattov 'of Venue, March ro, 1960.

For more informat1.on, _ reached up mentally :for higher contact with a marvelouB teacher of the 4th Density. (Planet Venus is presently in the 4th Dens1ty of' V.1brat10n .. ) Th1$ h1gh intelligence Is known to me as ·'Ramel ", We commun1eate frequently.

By means of Telethot I received the following message:

R: I'RAMEL 1s here. Your question 119 easy to answer. There 1s

a man here who w1shes to talk to you. His name 1s Marshall B. Gardner. He has vital information to impart concerning the 1.nner earth pe opl e . Here 1 s Marshall B.· Gardner: II

MG: I~Marshall B. Gardner here. I am happy to meet youJ Michael.

Your writings are very 1nterest~ng to me. Especially your newest book dealing with Rainbow City and the Inner Earth 1nhabltants~ I can help you considerably ~ these ~atter8 as you probably reallze II! 11

X.: Yes. Thank YOU4 It is a great pleasure to meet you.. My first question 1s~ do the polar ,ope~ng8 really ex1st?

MG: PtThe poles are but phantolDS a8 my book revealed I I find

more openings into th1s earth than I ever dreamed when 1n rlesh~ There are entrances leading into the interiQr of the earth. One located at the ~rorth :Polar regi'oo,t but not at the spot presentday exploration has covered~ The opening 18 at a distance some 1800 miles from the North Pole. Another opening 18 2400 miles from the South Pole. These openings are not nearly as large as I had calculated in my book, I'A Journey to the

- 30 ..

Earth's Inter1ort~ nor are they easy to f1nd. The 1nner earth people keep those entrances well concealed ~ld camouflaged by their advanced soient1.f1c lmowledge and Buperphysleal ab1lities","

X: Is there a Rainbow City?

MG:uThere 1s a city at the South Pole ent~ance into the Cavern World" It is known &a Rainbow City be eauae the effect of' the "Southern Lightstr colors the city with beautiful rainbow tints.fI

At this point the communication was brought to a close.. I was permitted to ask no more questions at that session. But much of value had been reveale~. Since then riVe lear.ned a number' of other vital tacts about the Inner Earthians. Most importantJ perhape , 1s the fact that a great "houaec Leani.ng ' has been going.

on w1th1n those 1nner earth realrna--ln the great cavern cities-and the negat1ve~ deBtructive entitles are being removed by the friends and brothers from other advanced worlds. B~h astral and physical levels of the ~nner earth are being cleaned out in preparation tor the coming Golden Age on earth.

Those 1n the inner earth who are friendly and constructive will of course, affect you and me only in & way that will be helpful and in line with the Great Cosmic Plan. I bel1eve they are alerted to the coming col~BBal cruulges which this planet earth is to undergo.~.soon. They realize--as do you and I-that a time is coming for mutual understanding and assistance on a GLOBAL SCALE~ •• to a degree never before experienced!

All the realm$ of our planet must UNITE in h1gher understanding and cooperation IF we are to "pae s the teetn ~ As time passes, more will become known regarding the inner earth by the general public.

You--the New Age 1nd1v1dual--are given t~s information in advance of the masses. That~ after all, is how 1t should be.

Not every soul 1s ready for these New Age !deas~ Traveling with you on this tremendous adventure in search of Rainbow C1ty and the secrete of lnne~ 0arth~ is an experience 1111 never forget. Now that we've explored our own planet, let·s not stop here~ I \Cant to take you w1 th me to OTHER WORLDS • ., of fabulous BEAUTY 1 rr we prove our willingness to assist our 1nterplaneta~ rr1ends 1n the1r vital work~ a wonderful DOOR MAY OPEN!

You and I~ dear rr1end~ must LOOK UP as never berore~ to the Forces ot Light. For they are CHALLENGING US to stand with them against the Forces Qr Darkne8s.~.right1ng a battle bigger than ever was fought by knights of old.~~1n which all men are to be rreed at last from the low vibrations of dogma) 19norance~ and materialism!

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A t long 1 as t the TRUTH a OOU[ [he most astounding my st e ry of ou r time c an be told W i.thout unneed ed ps yc hie trimmings and destorted edtttng. Direct from the pen of Timothy Green Beckley comes the book that is officially approved by Richard Shaver himself.

1 n this volume you will learn the amazing truth as to the actual origin for the Flying Saucers and why they are coming to Earth.

You? 11 read some of {he most hair-raising and chtlling ac counts eve r put down on paper. Such as the d i B appear anc e of Steve B rod ire and !1 is ca ptu re by th e [)era. Of attacks OJl surface people by various creatures whose extstence cannot now be denied ..

Chapters and cornrnenr s by such researchers as:

Dr. T, Le b s en 9 'Ram p-o - OQr'l d Ho war d" • Rev. F ral,k SfJO!H~e-:5

See actual maps showing the EXACT location of the mystical ctty of ice '~Ratnoow Ctty" - Rare hand paintings of the Jersey Devil - Never before published photographs of P re- LJ.eluge Artifacts.

Introduction by the author of THEY KNE\'" TOO ~1t}CH ABOUT FLYiNG SAUCERS - Gray Barker,

Append ix by Kay Palmer former editor of AI\.1AZING STORIES who finn pu bltshed Shavers astou ndi ng ac counts.

THE SHAVER ~1YSTERY A~D THE 11'NER EARTH is a large 8-l/2 x 11 volume of 125 pages! the largest of (his format we have published. Copies now 55.00.

J ~ tv1Y VISiT TO VEl\US by Dr .. T. Lobaang Rampa, Did the famed Tibetan Lama actually visit Venus, or did he travel there astrally? ..... $2.00

2. FL Y1NG SAVCERS ARE ~ .. ATCHING YOU by John Sherwood .. The book that pars you inside the great Michigan flap. Photos, i l lustrattons. etc ....... , ~ $3 .. 95

3. CFO \~r ARl\'lNG by John Stuart. Reset by strange occult forces and terrible warnings the author encounter's a lecherous monster ...... ~ ~ S3.95

4. \\' E h.1ET "THE .sPACE PEOPLE by. the Mttchell Ststers, Two young sisters discuss their contacts with aliens from Ma rs and Venus .... ~ . ~ Sl.IO

5. STRA~GE CAS~ OF DR. M, K . J ESSU P edited by Gray Barker. New evidence that Dr. J essup was silenced by the · j men in black" ...... $3.95

6+ THE RE~rURr\ OF GEORC~ ADA~1SKI by E. Buckle .. 2 days after his death the cont rover',sial ccntactee 1S said to have made contact with an English gardner, Learn of poltergelst like bei ngs k idna pptng poop le from E a rt h ~ St r a nge phone ca lls and tape reco rd i ngs contain i ng ali en voices, etc ~ ~ .... $5. 95

7.. OOCUMENT 96 by Frank Martt n Chase. Lavishly illustrated volume suggests some

saucers may be built by terrestrials - maybe the Nazis! i •••• $5.00

8. FLYING SAUCERS IN THE BIBLE by Virginia Brasington. The Bible contains many accounts of vis itat ions of space people; Beaut ifulty and tnsptrtngly written •.•.• .$3.9S

9. THE BOOK OF SPACE SHIPS AND THEIR RELATIONSHIPS WITH THE EARTH. by the Cod of a planet Nea r the Ea rth and Others. Space communications of particularly inSPl ring nature ..•.. $3.95

TN~ w·,rR ,USlfllY T1'l _ URT'II

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