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Chocolate Brothers a Sweets Shoppe

Experiment one
December 19, 2015
Trial success is knowledge
Official Report
Executive summary
In this endeavor we discovered that we didn't temper our chocolate
properly. We also found good combinations of flavors that go with
chocolate. We compared taste with other chocolates. The total cost
was $20.80.
The purpose of this endeavor was to find effective, efficient, and
successful ways to produce a superb product. Research was the main
objective of this endeavor. We hoped to find a desired product, that
consumers would yearn and buy. We, also, hoped to find a sufficient
supplying market. In addition, we sought to learn from and compare,
our product, to our competitors (The Chocolate Covered Wagon). This
project was to further our knowledge and understanding of our market.
1. Research, find recipes for our desired product and plan our

2. Obtain enough money to buy supplies for our endeavor

(sweetened condensed milk, powdered sugar, and chocolate),
and buy the products and experience at a competitor's company.
We obtained this money from an up front partner's contribution of
$20, the other partner shared this cost through a mutually agreed
3. Obtain and buy consumables for this endeavor (sweetened
condensed milk, powdered sugar, and chocolate). Our supplier
company was Smiths Marketplace.
4. Find a place to create the products and experiments. We
went to one of the partners home.
5. Combine supplies and create a product. To create this
product we (improperly) tempered chocolate and added various
flavorings to specific ones (Olive oil, paprika, orange, nutmeg,
salt, and a combination thereof), and created chocolate truffles.
6. In order to uphold our code of ethics, deducing sanitation
and safety, we made a point of cleanliness.
7. Calculate quality and desire. We distributed our product
and surveyed consumers. We compared our products against
our competitors chocolate.
8. Resolutions, we sought ways to make our product,
financing, and processes of experimentations better and more
effective and efficient.
Average satisfaction


Like / didn't like

Good flavor/too salty and grainy.

We found that in order to create a more efficient and effective product

and means of endeavors, we ought to document all procedures and
ingredients, and their place of vending. We, also found that bakers

chocolate is not an effective ingredient for our needs. We also found

that we were improperly tempering chocolate. We concluded that
various combinations of flavor were good with chocolate.
ingredient/ item


Cost per one unit of


condensed milk

2 cans


powdered Sugar

1 bag


bakers chocolate

2 boxes


chocolate covered
wagon chocolates

1 box
12 pieces



6 items