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Published by: Alfonso Robinson on Apr 06, 2010
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21 Q Madam Secretary, could you tell us what

22 exhibit --

23 A I have 28 and 29.

24 Q 28 is, ma'am?

25 A 28 is the 2009 constituent services report

Brandon Smith Reporting


1 prepared by Val Ramos, who is our director of

2 constituent services.

3 Q And this is what you referred to yesterday in

4 your testimony, correct?

5 A Yes.

6 Q Okay. And could you tell us what the next

7 exhibit is, ma'am?

8 A That would be the January 2008 report

9 covering our -- it was dated January 2008 and it covers

10 our 2007 constituent services report.

11 Q And again, that was a topic of what you

12 discussed yesterday in your testimony?

13 A Yes.

14 Q Okay. Now, ma'am, just for the record so

15 we're clear, you also mentioned that you thought Leslie

16 Mara kept notes. Do you recall that in your

17 testimony?

18 A Yes.

19 Q Okay. We've made a request of the secretary

20 of state's office and we've been told that no such

21 notes exist; isn't that correct, Mr. Attorney

22 general?

23 MR. ZINN-ROWTHORN: Well, that's

24 partially correct. Our initial inquiry has yielded

25 the response that is not been able to get any notes so

Brandon Smith Reporting


1 we're going to produce an additional follow up.

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