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Ontario Modern Arnis

of Oshawa

Master of Tapi Tapi

Chuck Gauss
Modern Arnis Training Seminar
Created by the late Grandmaster Remy Amador Presas, Modern Arnis is
the Filipino art of stick fighting combining striking and disarm techniques,
pressure points, trapping and grappling. Utilizing both stick and empty
hand techniques, Modern Arnis is a unique and effective combat art. This
seminar will teach a broad range of Modern Arnis techniques and concepts.
Those attending do not require any previous experience. Modern Arnis
can easily be combined and incorporated into your current martial art.
Master Gauss has extensive martial arts
training with much focus in judo. Master Date: Saturday June 28, 2008
Gauss began training and traveling
extensively with Professor Presas in Time: 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm
1991. Master Gauss is also actively
involved with self-defense training for law Cost: $50 if pre-registered by June 14th.
enforcement personnel. In 2000, Master $60 at the door.
Gauss and 6 others were promoted
by Professor Presas to Master of Tapi Location: Main Gym in
Tapi, which was declared by Professor
as the highest level of proficiency in the Legends Community Centre
art of Modern Arnis. He has extensive 1661 Harmony Rd N. (North of Taunton)
experience in teaching Modern Arnis in
seminar and camp settings.
Oshawa, Ontario

Name: ______________________ Mail registration information Legends Community Centre

and payment (cheque or 1661 Harmony Rd N.
Address: ____________________ (North of Taunton)
money order) by June 14th to: Oshawa, Ontario

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Brian Johns
1524 Pennel Drive
City:________________________ Oshawa, ON
Province: ___________________ L1K 0J8
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Email: ______________________ ontariomodernarnis@gmail.com