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Creating an Emulsion:

Homemade Mayonnaise
Date: 6/12/15
Name: Pizza, Supichaya Nobnom

Atom is the smallest substance that makes up the element, when the atom bond
together with other atoms, they will form a new molecule. Bonding is caused by the
interaction between valence electrons, it occurs when the number of electrons in an atoms
valence shell is not filled with eight electrons according to the octet rule (with the exception
of hydrogen and helium). There are two types of bonding; ionic bonding and covalent
bonding. In the covalent bond, when the electrons are equally sharing, they are called non
polar atom and when the electrons are unequally sharing, they are called polar atom. This is
the reason why some atoms are polar, and some are non polar.
Emulsifier is a molecule that has a hydrophilic head and a hydrophobic tail, which
can turn heterogeneous mixture (substance that remain separate and can recognize by sight)
into a homogeneous mixture (substance that dissolved into another and cannot be recognize
by sight). This is linked to polar and non polar atoms. The hydrophilic head is basically the
substance that have polar head so it will dissolve in water because water is a polar substance
(according to the rule: like dissolves like), and the hydrophobic substance will not dissolve
in water because it of its non polar head.
In this experiment, we have to mix egg yolk, oil and vinegar together to make a
mayonnaise. This is a demonstration of how emulsifier works. Egg yolk is an emulsifier
substance, which has a head and a tail; one is hydrophilic and the other one is hydrophobic.
The hydrophilic head will attract to the vinegar because vinegar is a substance that mostly
made up of water, and the hydrophobic tail will attract to oil because oil is non polar. The
purpose of this experiment is to see how emulsifier can turn heterogeneous substance into
homogeneous substance.


Mixing Bowl


Egg yolk








Chopping board







1. Pour egg yolk into the mixing bowl.
2. Add oil slowly, only a few drops at a time. Keep whisking the egg yolk and the oil.
3. Add a little bit of vinegar and lime juice into the mixture. Continue to whisk until
the mixture turns into homogeneous substance.
4. Blend mushrooms in the blender.
5. Put butter and the blended mushrooms into the multi function cooker. Cook them
6. Chop spinach into little pieces and cook them with cheese and butter in the multi
function cooker.
7. Cook the spinach and mushrooms together.
8. Add the mixed spinach and mushroom into the mayonnaise.
9. Cut the baguette into small slides.
10. Warm the bologna and baguette in the microwave for one minute.
11. Place the bologna on the baguette and pour the mayonnaise onto the top.


Miss Tara and my group presenting our AMAZING

mushroom & spinach mayonnaise.

This is the final presentation of my mushroom and spinach

mayonnaise. My group and I decorated the plate with the spinach
leaves and some fresh mushrooms.

1. What was your groups strategy for developing a new mayonnaise flavor?
What was your strategy for the presentation of the mayonnaise, knowing that
the teachers and students would be evaluating using all their senses?
Our group strategy for developing a new mayonnaise is to find a perfect
combination for two different ingredients to mix together and taste delicious.
Knowing that the teachers and students would be evaluating our presentation; we
decided to use baguette and bologna as our presentation because we knew that bread
is a food that everyone can eat. However, we chose to use the baguette because its a
type of bread that most people appreciate and enjoy to eat.
2. What technique or strategy did your group perform to successfully create an
The strategy my group performs was whisking very fast and pouring in the oil and
vinegar slowly.
3. What was the most difficult part about creating an emulsion?
The most difficult part about creating an emulsion is when we had to whisk the egg
yolk and oil together.
4. Was the added flavor your group chooses successful in making a delicious
mayonnaise? Why or why not?
In my opinion the flavor my group added into the mayonnaise was very delicious
because it gives a very strong smell of mushrooms with butter and cheese in your
mouth. The lime juice also gives a sour taste for the mayonnaise. So, I personally
think that it is a very good combination together.
5. Was your presentation effective to enhance the flavor of the mayonnaise for the
sensory evaluation panel? Why or Why not?
I think my presentation was effective to make the flavor of the mayonnaise to taste
better because the texture of mayonnaise itself might be too thick. So, the baguette
and bologna helped the mayonnaise taste more mild.
6. Which mayonnaise flavor and presentation do you think was the most
successful in your class? Why or why not?
I think Zap verr was the most successful because the chili sauce and the mayonnaise
combine very well. The appearance also looked very beautiful. Even though I dont
really like the taste of chili sauce itself, but when it mixed with the mayonnaise it
tastes quite good. So I think the chili sauce and mayonnaise is a good combination to
mix together.
7. Your body is mostly made of water. What happens when you eat fat? If fat is
non-polar and water is polar, how do you digest fat? Research what emulsifier
your body uses to solve this problem and explain.
When you eat food that contains a lot of fats, such as meats and dairy products,
those foods will go to your stomach. However, it will not digest in there, but it will
instead move to the small intestine to digest. When the fats are in the small intestine,
they are broken down by bile, which is the emulsifier produce by the liver. After that
lipase acids will come to digest the fats again.
Bibliography: Gillaspy, R. (2013). Lipids Digestion and Absorption. Retrieved
December 16, 2015, from http://study.com/academy/lesson/lipids-digestion-andabsorption.html

In conclusion, I think my group was very successful on making the mushroom and
spinach mayonnaise. Even though, we got 3rd place for both of the teachers and students
choices but there were a lot of good feedbacks about our flavor. However, I think the
mayonnaise would taste better if we put more lime juice in it because I think it wasnt as
sour as it was supposed to be. I also think that we should be more accurate by using the
dropper instead of spoon when putting in the oil. In this experiment, Ive learned about how
the emulsifier could turn heterogeneous substance into homogeneous substance.