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Carl Nagel
Copyright Starlight Books 137 Oxley Moor road Wolverhampton WV10 6TY

You have purchased this booklet because there is some area of your life that frustrates you, but once
you have cast a Spell and seen the results, you will have the joy of knowing you can transform your life of
frustration into one of harmony and happiness.
As you learn to use these simple Spells, you will be asked to do seemingly illogical things.
Remember at all times logic has no place in Magic, and that those illogical acts can bring you lucky breaks, and
influence coincidence to change your life.
You need no special clothes or hard-to-find ingredients for the Spells. Just carry out the simple
instructions as given, and you will begin to magically smooth your path through life.



If your life is dull and uninteresting, this is the Spell that can change all that. Carry out this Spell at
sunrise on a Sunday.

Stand facing east. Raise both your hands above your head about two feet apart, with your fingers
straight and palms facing forward. Your position is like a capital Y.

The Soul of the Gods is in Unas, and the offerings made unto him are more than those made unto the Gods. Unas is the
Great Power, the Power of Powers, and this offering will bring his powers unto me who does it, and transformation shall be mine.

Unas was an Egyptian king who reigned during 3300 B.C.

Pronounce His Name OO-NAS with the emphasis on the first syllable.
Throw your heart and soul into that Invocation, give it all youve got. Repeat this Spell for the next six
Sundays, or until your life has changed for the better - whichever comes first.


Preparations are simple, you will need a small table, white cloth, a glass of spring water and three
white candles.
At midnight (Full Moon is best) cover the table with the white cloth and place it in the middle of the
room. The glass of spring water is placed at the center of the table, and the three candles to the right, left and
behind the glass of water. Light the candles, and say:

Gabamiah. Adonay. Agla. O Lord of Powers, aid me!

In the Power of the Words SERAPH, JOSATA, ABLATI, AGLA and CAILA I place this Invocation with Thee, Uriel, who
hath dominion over things that are hidden from others.
Reveal to me in my sleep (here state what you wish to know). I seal this command thus: JOSTA AGLA CAILA.

Pick up the glass of spring water in your right hand and drink the water.
Lie down on your bed and close your eyes. As you drift off to sleep, say:

Let me see. Let me see. Let me see.

After casting the Spell, note what information is given to you in your dreams.

This magical formula to win at lotteries comes from The Black Pullet, a handbook of magic

written in 1744.
You need to do a little work before you buy your lottery ticket, but the results could amply reward

It is really very simple. You take a game of piquet composed of thirty-two cards. You shuffle them, cut and extract nineteen cards one after
the other commencing with that which is underneath.

Take their numbers: know, the ace is 11, the king 4, the queen 3, the knave 2, and the other cards their numerical value. Add up the total.
Then add the 30 or 31 days of the month in which you find yourself, your age, the day of your birth, that is to say, the first, second or third or such other
day, and a date when you have proved something happy or agreeable: you add all these numbers, you take a third of it, and you place in the lottery the
numbers which this addition has given you. You can be certain that these numbers will come out in totality or in part on the different wheels. For instance,
if you find the numbers 13, 52, 73, you can take again 31, 25, 37, and the unities. This calculation is infallible. You can convince yourself. The number 30 is
privileged, and it is from this that all is calculated for 3 times 30 makes 90; it is from this that one does not wish to exceed this number in the lottery. It is
the same with all games.
The numbers which have 3 for a root are the most fortunate; odd is all. God, after having created the world and being occupied for six days
in establishing the admirable order which exists, rested on the seventh, which is odd. Let us take God as an example and a model in all that we do and we
will be assured in all that we undertake. You have noticed, my son, that odd numbers are the basis of all the mysterious operations into which I have
initiated you.

This ancient magical formula can reveal lucky number patterns: it is designed to turn luck vibrations
your way in contests where the selection of numbers is the chief factor in winning.
Give it a try, you may be amazed.


This ancient Spell can help you secure the love of whoever you desire, and bring a fidelity that never
dies. It was very popular with Medieval Witches wanting to get a lover back from the arms of another. It involved

using a sortilege of seven knots, a statue of Saint Anthony and one of Saint Martha together with a silver head the
sex of which depended on the sex of the person casting the Spell.
You do not have to do anything so elaborate. The first step is to obtain a rose colored ribbon, long
enough to be able to make seven knots at a distance of one inch, more or less, from each other.
On the night of the Full Moon (Friday is best), wait until you are reasonably sure the person you wish
to bewitch is sleeping. Sit in a darkened room and tie the first knot in the middle of the ribbon.
Say (or think):

With this first knot I tie up and surround the physical being of (name of person), so that he/she remains within this loving
encirclement, in which from this moment the power of my love and will is within the circle.

Tie the second knot one inch, more or less, to the right of the first.

Say (or think):

This second knot will mix the will of (again name the person) to mine with the force of steel, and he/she will not say
anything, or do anything in any manner that will not be in conformance to my desire.

The third knot is tied to the left of the first.

Say (or think):

With this third knot I bind your love and hold it firmly to mine, and you will not be able to break it, even though you intend
it; nor will you break it, nor will you be able to loosen it. I do not want your strength to be weakened.

The fourth knot is tied to the right of the first.

Say (or think):

Your thoughts will be completely held to mine, and you will never be able to remove from your mind the image of my
person, which follows you lovingly wherever you are or go, so that my love desires are executed as I forcibly wish them now, and I demand

it by the forces of the Secret Sortilege, so that they may be my counsel in what I wish with sincerity, with justice, without bad intentions.

The fifth knot is tied to the left of the first.

Say (or think):

With this fifth knot I will imprison your heart, and you will not be able to, nor will you try in any manner to fall in love with
any other person, and your heart will be completely consecrated to my happiness and my love.

The sixth knot is tied to the right of the first.

Say (or think):

Your words, your thoughts, your doings, your desires will be always from this day on for me, and to them I will hold you
accountable through this well placed Secret Sortilege, and this knot I do.

The seventh and final knot is tied to the left of the first.
Say (or think):

Your love is completely mine and with this knot I will close the circle in which I enclose you within, which will form this
Magic Ribbon. With this I will surround your heart; with it I will love your heart; with it your entire being will be mixed with my person
with these Seven Knots of love, and we will be from this day forward. We will stand together for each other, and nothing, nor anyone will be
able to break, interrupt, or destroy our happiness.

Next, tie the two ends of the ribbon together. Cut off whatever is left over and carry the ribbon
wherever you go for the next 13 days. As soon as possible after waking in the morning of the 14th day, hide the
Secret Sortilege (knotted ribbon) in a secret place.
The Spell works best if you start it on the night of a Full Moon.



This Spell is based on Medieval witchcraft, and is best worked at sunset in a secluded area of forest.
If this is not possible, sit alone in a room and light a single red candle.

Red Witch, let this offering to you help bring a lover to me alone.
And forever more feel naked flesh next to mine.

Let the candle burn for ten minutes, then repeat the invocation once more..
Repeat the Spell each evening until the candle is consumed or until your lover comes to you,
whichever is sooner.


These powerful Spells should be used only to avenge injuries or hurt done to you, or to break-up
undesirable relationships. This is the only reason for casting these Spells. If you use them against people simply
because you dislike them, you do not understand the true purpose of these Spells. They are used to send the effects
of Dark Magic to the person who is making your life uncomfortable. Work them when the Moon is new. If you feel
uneasy about using any of these Spells, do not cast them.


The sole purpose of this unusual little Spell is to create a state of disharmony between two people.
It can be used to such ends as causing a married couple to quarrel, or promoting mutual mistrust
between co-workers.
This Spell must be used only when you have a target to aim it at; it must never be used just to see what
happens, or you may find you have become the focus of the discord.
Make sure you are alone and unseen by others.

After darkness has fallen, sit in a room and light a single brown candle. If you wish you can burn a
stick of musk incense. Put out all the lights except the candle and see, in your mind, the two people between whom
you wish to create disharmony.
Say (or think if you may be overheard):

In the Name of the Fallen One

I bring strife and troublesome aims
Replace peace and happiness
With conflict and sadness
Let the harmony be burned up in flames.

As you recite the rhyme, pretend that storm clouds are gathering above the two people, bathing them in
gloomy twilight.
Extinguish the candle.

Stand up, think happy thoughts for yourself and enjoy the rest of the evening.
Repeat the Spell each evening for seven days or until they are in a state of disharmony, whichever is


This Witchcraft Spell to torment an enemy comes to us from the records of the Inquisition Tribunal,
Toledo 1631-1632. It has been slightly updated to enable you to summon a Power that has waited nearly four
centuries to reach out into the world, once more.
The first step is to buy a beef heart at your local butcher shop.
Cast the Spell at midnight on a Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday after a New Moon, when you know
your enemy is sleeping. Sit alone in a room and light a single black candle. Take a mixture of salt and coriander,
and place it in a bowl. The herb should be diced into little pieces.

Place the heart on a saucer and position it at the center of a small table in front of you. Place the bowl
next to the saucer. Put out all lights except the candle and take some of the mixture in your hand and sprinkle it over
the heart, as you say:

I conjure thee, salt and coriander,

By Barrabas,
By Satanas,
And by the Devil; I conjure thee that is most able.

I do not conjure thee as salt and coriander,

But as the heart of (name of enemy).

Now search in your mind for a memory of seeing or meeting your tormentor. As soon as the memory is
clear, say:

I call thee (name of enemy),

By Barrabas,
By Satanas,
And by the Devil, I conjure thee,
Him that is most able
By all the Devils in Hell,
Devil of the Star,
Enter into (name of enemy),
And bring him to me here

As you finish saying the conjuration, sprinkle some more of the mixture over the heart.
Follow that by saying:

Devils of the abattoir,

Guide him here to me;
Devils of the Night,
Bring him to me as fast as you can.

Think of weird and demonic creatures surrounding your tormentor as he or she lies sleeping. Then

With more messages I send to call thee,

By the Saracen Queen,
By the Queen of King Faraon,
Who walks by day in the fields,
At night by the Crossroads,
Catching wars and battles.

Sprinkle some more of the mixture over the heart, and say:

I join all of you, and go,

And into (name of enemy) I enter,
And from there bring me
Diligently; well seized.

See, in your mind, the weird creatures slipping and slithering into the mind and body of your
Follow that by saying:


Seizing his side,

His lung,
And the strings of his heart.

Then wrap the heart in aluminum foil and put it in your oven.

As you turn on the oven, say:

Thus, as thou art burning,

Let the heart of (name of enemy) burn,
And bring it to me here.

Keep it in your oven until it starts to burn and smoke. Take the heart out of the oven, and plunge it into
cold water. The next morning, the heart should be thrown out in the garbage.


This Super Hex is drawn from different sources, times and intents. It should not be played with as it
has the Power to punish both the guilty and the innocent. It will have a detrimental effect on whoever you aim it at.
For this Spell to work most efficiently you will need a recent picture of your tormentor.
At midnight sit in a darkened room lit by a single black candle on a table in front of you. Place the
picture on the table such that it is illuminated by the light of the candle.
Look steadily at the picture and say the name of your tormentor three times, then say:

I shall breathe on thee, a river of blood drawn from within thee

From thy heart, from thy liver, and from thy very soul
Shall the rivers of blood flow.


As the sun rises in the east

As the stars shine in the night sky above
So shall the rivers of blood flow.
By these words do I steal away all thy strength
And vigorous life.

Repeat your tormentors name three times more. Then turn on the lights, extinguish the candle, remove
the picture from the table, and go about your business as usual.
Repeat this Spell as often as needed. It should be spoken in a low, smooth, monotone voice.


Does this Spell work? From my own experiences I can answer that question in the affirmative. I once
knew an attractive young woman who used her charms to make a fool of me. When I realized that her every word
was a lie, and was using me as an ATM, I decided to work the River of Blood Spell to teach her a lesson. A week
after I began casting this Spell, the young woman was admitted to the local hospital with internal bleeding which
the doctors could not explain.

I stopped casting the Spell, and her health started to improve.

A coincidence? Perhaps. But I dont think so.


If you are certain that someone is working dark magic or hexes on you, use this Spell. It is designed to
return the magic to its source so that what is being worked upon you will then happen to your tormentor.
The Spell is best worked on a Tuesday, at midnight during a New Moon.
You will need a single black candle and a strip of plain white paper. The paper should be long enough
to write the following proclamation on in red ink:

I (write your name) put the curse of Althazar, and Gaap, and Flauros upon thee (name of your tormentor). The forces that I
send thee, shall return not to trouble me.

Draw a small skull at the beginning and end of the proclamation.

Light the candle and place the proclamation in front of it. Let the candle burn for 30 minutes, then
extinguish it.
Repeat the following night and, at the 28th minute, hold the paper to the candle flame until it has been
reduced to ashes.
Leave the ashes in front of the candle until the next New Moon, then throw them out in the garbage.


One of the most commonly held occult beliefs is that certain stones and gems have magical powers,
and that the possession of same is tantamount to casting a Spell.
The following Spells are designed to tap the magical influence of each stone.


This Spell works best if it is cast on a night when the Moon is new, on a clear night when you can
stand, either outside or at a window, with the Moon reflected on the stone.
Gaze at the reflection of the New Moon and solemnly say:

Luna, Luna, hidden from sight

Good fortune to me comes this night
Powers flow from you to me
All is done. So mote it be.


Before you retire for the night, place the stone under your pillow. As you relax in bed, turn on your
back, straighten your body and slip your hand under the pillow and touch the stone.

Luna, I thank Thee

As soon as possible after waking in the morning, take the stone from under your pillow and carry it
with you wherever you go for the next 21 days. Be totally alert for every opportunity offered to you which will
bring good fortune.


This Spell is designed to arouse tender passions in lovers.

You will need a moonstone, a piece of yellow cloth and two ordinary white candles for this Spell.
It is best to begin this Spell on a night when the Moon is full. As the Moon is rising, sit alone in a
darkened room with your moonstone resting on the yellow cloth on a table in front of you. Light the two candles,
one on each side of the moonstone.
Close your eyes, and quietly say the name of the person in whom you wish to arouse passion, then
open your eyes and look at the moonstone.
Say (or think if you may be overheard):

Let the Powers from Above

Bring fervor and love.

Repeat the Incantation until you have said it three times in all, then extinguish the candles.
Wrap the moonstone in the yellow cloth and slip it under your pillow as you retire for the night.
Repeat this Spell on seven consecutive nights.


Starlight Books Present:


In 1989 FINBARR published a book called THE BLACK SEALS OF SOLOMON
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worlds that surround us , I Oliver Bowes bought a copy of Carl Nagels book in 1996 , I
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Then in 2009 came the second book which was even better, even more simple, I even
think I may try it in the future, Carls second version was great, the method is very
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There is no danger in evoking the forces, even so protection is not needed, power, fame,
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The first is available from FINBARR, but this second follow up book is a must to get, it
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they are through my own experience, I have tested some of Carl Nagels work in his other
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truthful, all you need is pen and paper and a candle, the ritual is basic, like every seal of the
spirit of the brass vessel.
See how simple it is to have plenty of money, becoming a sex symbol and gaining the
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The power you can receive from the use of the contents of this book is the best ever I
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