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Take a look at

the natural
world. Look at
the plants as
they sprout new
leaves and the
flowers as they

Observe o
mundo natural.
Veja os brotos
nas plantas, as
novas folhas e as

Look at the little birds

as they learn how to
take flight for the first
time. Look at the little
kittens and puppies
and how enthusiastic
they are about each
opportunity to explore
and learn new things.
Observe os
aprendendo a voar.
Atente aos filhotes de
gatos e ces, alegres
com cada
oportunidade de
explorar e descobrir.

Learning and growing makes the

world beautiful, and it can make
your life beautiful as well.

Aprender e crescer o que torna o

mundo lindo e pode embelezar a sua
vida tambm.

There is constant renewal and growth in

both plant and animal life. Life that
doesnt continue the renewal process will
eventually die.

A renovao e o crescimento so
constantes no mundo animal e vegetal.
Sem o processo de renovao vem a

Growing is what
life is all about.
Dont ever be
satisfied with
what you already
know to the
point that youre
not willing to
learn more.

A vida
o. Jamais se
acomode com o
que j sabe, a
ponto de no
querer aprender

What you learned in the past is

important, but its not all that you
need. Youve got to press forward
toward the new.

O que foi aprendido

importante, mas no tudo o
que precisa. Deve avanar para a

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