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Character Creation:

Follow page23 on. Beginning Characters, beware of equipment as your

character will begin the game with nothing. However, if your character gets a
HeavyBlaster or a Starship, youll eventually get it in game, it just might be 3-6
adventures until that happens and nothing says party loot hasnt made that item
obsolete by the time you get it.
You must use an existing template. Keep in mind, youll be in an area of the
Outer Rim where aliens are plentiful, humans arent quite a majority, the New
Republic is weak, and in the 3 ABY there are still small ex-Imperial Warlords and a
vast maw called the Veil where hyperdrive is rumored to not function and the
Serpent Lord reigns with a vast fleet that can move with near hyperspace speeds
and his own elite army rumored to be as armored and deadly as Mandalorians.
There are rumors of Imperial Wardens gathering their own forces and fighting
among themselves for supremacy one called the Star King, who uses clones and
genetically modified super soldiers, the other known only to have a been some sort
of high ranking Imperial officer with high command experience, called