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Todays Training Session

1. Introduction to ChildFund International

(CFI): Breaking the cycle of poverty
2. Front page of presenter
3. Problems and solutions inside the
4. Disaster and emergency response
5. Why child sponsorship?
6. Case studies
7. Back of presenter and financial$
8. Quiz!!
9. Wrap up

Who are ChildFund


ChildFund International was

founded over 75 years ago, and
pioneered the child sponsorship
model that is now so successful
around the world
ChildFund empowers children and
communities in 30 countries
around the world
CFI is making a difference today
for over 19.7 million children and
adults have experienced lasting

What is extreme
Those in extreme poverty live on less than $1.25 a day
Official definition: a condition characterized by severe
deprivation of basic human needs, including food, safe
drinking water, sanitation facilities, health, shelter,
education and information. It depends not only on income
but also on access to services."
All of these threaten childrens
The global community has set a
target of ending extreme poverty
by 2030 CFI is part of the

Sponsorship is a personal
to agive.
Make a real difference in a childs
Receive annual progress report with
updates and pictures
Three children from Guinea share how being
sponsored has changed their lives:
Aminata, 14 Thanks to my sponsors
encouragement, I am among the best
students in my school
Mariame, 15 Sponsorship is a way to help
the poor families have better futures
Aissatou, 14 Sponsorship means a lot to

Education - Problem
More than 72 million children of primary school age in
the world are not in education
32 million of those children live in Sub-Saharan Africa
More than 759 million
adults are illiterate and
do not have the
awareness necessary to
improve conditions for
them and their families

Education Sponsoring a
By providing transport for children in some remote
communities to help them get to school
By assisting families with the enrollment processes
By teaching families
about the importance of
an education
For every dollar invested
in early childhood
programs, communities
benefit by a return of $4-

Safety - Problem
Nearly one in eight children ages
5-14 are engaged in child labor
Worldwide about one in four
young women were child brides
Nearly one out of every three
children have never been officially

Safety - Sponsoring a Child

can Help:
CFI work with communities to
eradicate child labor
Young girls enroll in school
meaning that they are much less
likely to become child brides
Communities organize to register
children, giving them official
status which allows authorities to
provide services

Health - Problem
16,000 children die every single
day, mostly from preventable or
treatable causes
Over ten million children
between the ages of 10-19 live
with HIV
Almost half of all deaths in
children under 5 are attributable
to under-nutrition
This means the unnecessary
loss of about 3 million young
children every year

Health Sponsoring a
ChildFund can help:
ChildFund helps dig wells, build
latrines, identify and purify
contaminated water sources,
install water catchment systems
and teach families about safe
water management and
improving household hygiene.
Trained community health volunteers provide HIV
prevention education during home visits.
Farm animals and fruit trees are provided as a
source of both nutrition and family income.