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Microsoft Publisher-Master

(1) What is Microsoft Publisher and what is it
used for?
Microsoft Publisher 2007 is a desktop
publishing program that can be used to create
a variety of publications. Using Publisher, you
can easily create business cards, greeting cards,
calendars, newsletters and much more.
(2) (a) What is the default filename in Publisher?pub
(b) What is the extension added to Publisher


* Ribbon * Navigation Pane * Rulers

* Zoom Controls * Scratch area * Page

indicator box
(4) Name 4 different types of objects in
Publisher. Calendars
Boarders & Accents
Page Design
Page Parts
(5) What can you select to change the order of
frames in Publisher? - Use page insert to add
pages or delete pages
(6) What key toggles between zooms in and
zooms out? View- Zoom with percentage
(7) Name 5 changes that can be made to
WordArt text.
The transform Style
Once a word art is clicked it goes
into a word box to type what u like
There is less options for letters
rather than Microsoft word
(9) How do you add gridlines to a table? - go to
table tools once u have made your table. Once on
table tools you will see Insert Above, Insert Below,
Insert Left, and Insert Right.

(10) What keys do you press to nudge an object?press an arrow key then the default nudge key
(11) When you select an object, how many handles
appear around the outside?- 8 handles appear
(12) Which handle would you grab to do the
a) Increase length of the frame only top right or
bottom left handle

b) Increase width of the frame only- Top or bottom


c) Increase length and width of the frame- Side

handles, left or right handles
(14) What is the difference between text in a Text
object and a WordArt object? A text in a textbox is
a lot different from word art. Word art is mainly for
design and for liveliness throughout the project. A
textbox is used to write your ideas on the publisher
(15) How do you change the font color for each of
the following?

a) Text in a text object- you highlight the wording

typed and u go to the font sizer box in the home
file beside the font area.
b) Text in a WordArt object- there is a are in the
word art editing when typing, there is an area were
u can change the font and the font size.
(16) What do you select to add shapes to your
You go to insert and then click shapes and go
through the shapes and select the shapes u want
then click the area on the sheet were u want the
(17) Name 4 changes that can be made to shapes.
can be changed from (2D) shapes to (3D)
Can be sent Backward or Forward
The shape that you selected can be changed if
having difficulties
Can be rotated 360 degrees