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March 13 - 2014 Recalls

1. infantile spasm - baby develops seizure starting from hand

2. acoustic neurona> mri acoustic meatus, unilateral ear symptoms and cranial n involvement
3.another acoustic neuroma > mri brain cranial nerve involvement
4.grandma brings child with brown yellow brusises on buttocks has been crying a lot - henoch shonlein purpura?
5.villous adenoma >hypokalemia
6.diabetic nephropathy - pt with neuropathy, retinopathy and hematurea
7.membranous nephropathy - adult man with proteinuria swelling
8.antinuclear antibodies positive, hematuria - SLE
9.post cholecystectomy fever - ercp or usg?
10. chicken pox>> varicella zooster small boy with generalized rash and crusted weeping lesions

11.renal trauma picture after fall>> ct abd pt falls from ladder presents with hematuria
12.broncheactasis>> ct pt had copius sputum production diagnostic investigaition
13.swollen medial calf able to dorsilflex foot pulses palpable - popliteal cyst rupture (bakers cyst)
14.legionella pt with dry cough - rx erythromycin
15.aids pt with pneumonia rx - its pneumocystis carni treated by cotrimoxzole
16.pot partum eclempsia>> mg so4 bolus, mother has fit after delivering baby
17. 37 weeks lady with proteinuria and another eclempsia fits on iv mgso4 had another fit next step >>
mg so4 bolus
18.red eye + sticky discharge and crusting of lids>> topical ab
19.crusty eye >> topical ab
20.vertigo and muffled hearing in both years - meniers
21.pt develops SOB after surgery diagnostic inv - Ctpa
22.pt with mi has STEMI 1 hr after chest pain, immediate next step - PCI or streptokinase?
23.one question with dec sodium and raised potassium hormone to measure - cortisol (addissons)
24.one question with inc sodium and decreased potassium measure - aldosterone (conns)
25.girl presents with galactorrhea hormone to check >> prolactin
26.history of recurrent breast abcess now presents with discharge - mammary duct fistula
27. pt presents with whitish discharge from breast - mammary abscess?
28. edmea and ulceration with discharge on breast pt with ca underlying cause - infiltration of
29. womans sister and mother have cervica ca, her us normal, next step - check CA 125
30.patient on chemotherapy 78 yr olds, how to protect bones - add bisphosphonates
31.scenario of 18 month old child - normal development
32. scenarion of 24 month old child - impareid Gross motor development
33.MI +depression >> ssri
34.diab,ecg and echo normal, retrosternal pain>> aortic dissection ?
35. pt with severe pain and low BP - thoracic aortic rupture
36.pt with stab wound raised jvp chest is clear - dx cariac tamponade
37.what happens in cardiac temponade - muffeled heart sounds + raised jvp
38. 4 weeks post mi, pt has raised esr fever and pericarditis - dresslers syndrome
39. patient with trauma to chest, chest dull on percussion (hemothorax) chest tube insertion
40.parents with a child, child develops duchene, risk in further babies>> 50% chances in baby
41.preauricular lymph node enlarge drains - pinna
42.patient with lesions on face angles of mouth and creases - scalded syndrome?
43.lesion on anterior of the leg - erthyma nodosum

44. uterus enlarge, vaginal bleeding, hyperemesis gravidarum - molar pregnancy

45.pt presents with heavy bleeding and clots - fibroids
46.absense of popliteal and foot pulses, site of occlusion - femro popleteal
47 pt with cancer polydypsia cause - .hypercalcemia
48.patient in shock fluif - NS
49.pt with burn>>.9NS (dont remember scenario)
50.itching on body and in hands - scabies
51.child has itchy patch on head what will u advice parents - use separate towel?
52.shooting pain rectum - proctalgia fugax
53.alteplase? senario?
54.pt with iron def and b12 def most likely finding - villous atrophy
55.pt with cystic fibrosis wants to know cause of chest infections - abdnormal viscosity of mucus
56.baby gained weight feeding well pale stools - breast milk jaundice
57.barrets esophagus - col metaplasia
58.transudate.. brinchial CA/carduac failure?
59.gestational HTN - htn with 0.2 g proteinuria
60.pt with RA joint swelling and pain next step - joint aspiration and c/s
61.testicular torsion - surgical exploration
62. depressed patient not taking care of himself daughter brings him in - compulsory admision or
voluntary admsion?
63. DM child sad not eating properly hbA1c increased >> psych referal
64. after 45 paracetamol ingestion no symptoms>> admission in psych ward or drug level?
65.nasal mucosa inflamed - cocaine
66.color problems - ectasy
67.tacitle hallucinations - heroine
68. pt with continuous vomitting - metab alkalosis
69. extensive pelvic surgery now has incontinence - neuropathic bladder
70. cancer patient loosing sensation in fingertips - postchemo neuropathy
71. pregnant woman with carpal tunnel synd structure to cut - flexor retinaculum
72. pregnant woman loss of sensatin index and middle finger - carpal tunnel synd
73.villous adenoma metabolic abnormality - dec K
74. ca middle 1/3 of esophagus - stenting
75. pt with shock like pains on face - carbamazepine
76.was a question with cobalamin deficiency
77. ca patient frequent collapses - adrenal insufficiency
78.mother has pain in thumb carrying baby - dequervains tenosinovitus
79. pt with HTN and DM, developing dementia - vascular dementia
80. scenario with lesion in midbrain
81. breast ca pt with bite on arm swelling of limbs - lymphedema
82. child with foul discharge from nose u/l - foreign body
83. pt with dizziness - buccal chlorpromazine
84.pt with psychosis - quetapine
85.agorophobia>> ssri
86. pt with femur fracture decreased vitals and SOB in surgery - fat embolism

87.child on mothers lab drooling and high fever epiglotitis>> call anesthesia
88.burn pt with soot in mouth >> call anesthetist
89.costipated man developing confusion - phosphate enema
90.pain not controlled by codeine - next morphine
91. MI pt rout of morphine.. IV
92.MND >> percut gastrostomy (want was this scenario?)
93.RTA pt with left sided injury organ damage - spleen
94. asthmatic on salbutamol and steroids next step - long acting beta blockers
95. painless vaginal bleeding - placenta previa - usg abdomen
96.rectal surg.. preop antibiotics given at time of induction of anesthesia
97.child gets injured no vaccination done, and no contraindications - advise parents for DPT full
98. meningitis(rash)>> ab >> ceftrioxone/ampicillin?
99.menjngitis patient management - antibiotics + LP
100.post colostomy, abd distension and vomitting next step - NG suction
101. pt most mi has systolic murmur - mitral regurgiation
102.menorhagia&dysparunia next investigation - pelvic usg
103.65 yr old woman with brown vaginal discharge endometrial thickness 8mm next step hysteroscopy and biopsy or repeat in 6 months?
104. inflammation on cervica smear next step -repeat smear in 6 mnths??
105.signs of spinal cord compression, weakness legs and incontinence - MrI spine
106.eczema baby rx hydrocortisone
107.prostate CA (fever dysurea) >> MSU (dont remember scenario?)
108.perianal abscess rx - jncision and drainage
109. Another diabetes ques with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes BMI22 76 yr old lady with
microalbuminemia ?
110.anal fistula rx - lay open fistula
111. girl with weakness - ESR?
112. mantenace fluid in child - 0.9 saline and 5 dextrose?
113. woman with cycle of 32 days ovulations at - progesterone day 25
114. painter falls at home - carboxyhb level
115. what was the esophagoduodenoscopy question?
116. epidemiology question - true positives? what was scenario?
117. epidemiology 2nd question - prospective cohort? what was scenario?
118. pt with asthma pt ph 7.1 - intubate or PPV?
119. pt with gastric ulcer massive hematemesis - PPI IV
120, girl with turner syndrome - nonfunctional ovaries
121. woman with laryngitis goes back to work total voice loss - functional dysphonia

122. immunocompromised ca pt given lots of antibiotics not responding next - continue antibiotics add
iv antifungals
123. man with machine injury - raise arm for 2 - 3 days
124. child with swelling of eye and proptosis? - ct orbit?
125. child with raised insulin levels - normal saline
126. scenario gilbert syndrome?
127. scenario svc obstruction?
128. sexually active guy with red scrotum and pain - ?
129. pt taking warfarin for afib - subdural hematoma
130. baby might be deaf - brain stem evoked audiometry
131. woman with left sided plerual effusion - bronchial ca?
132. bilateral greensih breast discharge - fibrocystic disease
133. woman dizzines wile going to work - anxiety
134. child took granmas medicine extrasystole - amitryp or digoxin?
135. the guy with 20 cigs per day and 4 units per week - scenario?
136. guys comes to er with bruises 3rd time - nonaccidental injury
137. one diabetic with bp normal range, high cholesterol and microalmbuminuria which durgs to give ace and statin?
138. athlete with raised fsh, high prolactin marathon runner.. hypothalamic failure
139. alcohollic guy making up stories - thiamine
140. another guy with delirium tremens - chlordiazepoxide
141. guy with tachycardia - SVT
142. guy developed ne murmur investigation - echo
143. baby with vomitting - usd upper abdomen
144, man gets stab injury in inguinal region dangerous bp 80.60 - iv fluids ya blood?
145. eye down and outwards, drooping lid - occulomotor n palsy
146. thiazide causing hyperglycemia

147. post MI - papillary rupture

148. neonate with fever - admit for infection screen and start antibiotics
149. guy develops rash over dermatomes - Give immunoglobulin to who?
150. what was NAI question?
151. girl with depression and mania - bipolar disorder
152. what was the methadone question?
153. one psychoanalysis question forgot scenario
154. every thing normal no symptoms just sugar raised - repeat blood sugar test
155. IM adrenaline 0.5m 1:1000
156. myasthenia gravis question
157. man bites woman during fight - what to screen for?
158. fever and pelvic pain in woman - acute PID
159. one day h/o sore throat hematuria - ig A nephropathy
160. post mi antidepressant - ssri
161. Man with urinary freq since 2yrs presents with anuria after travel what's the diagnosis? he was
on nifedipine and beta blockers
162. A man after history of travel presents with diarrhea and cough cxr: pneumonia , what's the best
163. A 16 y girl with primary amenorrhea absent axillary and public hair, no breast development and
no family history of genetic disease? Tuner,
164. A mother thinks her baby has milk allergy.what will u do?
165. Result of glucose tolerance test.we were asked to interpret..

166. A man bitten by a man in a fight(lol)...... Inv in a hospital... Hbv

167. person( old)wid repeated tias now presen wid forgetfullness and sometimes incontinence cause
multiple infarcts ?
168. endometrosis definitive inv laproscopy
169. colon ca risk factor smoking or family history?

170. One scenario was abt a ot who presented wid hemetemsis 15 pints of blood was given and post
duuodenal artery was sutured nxt day one litre of blood was seen in drain whats the next inv? clotting
171. Ect dat woman was nt eatng talkng was in a catatonic state
172. A mother thinks her baby has milk allergy.what inv will u do? use hupoallergic formula?
173. there was a question abt. a man presenting with fecal incontinence and later urinary
retention...options..prostate ca, rectal ca, gastric ca
174. woman does not like to communicate: social anxiety
175. pregnant woman treatment: paracetamol?
176. vertigi, balance problems: cerebellum?
177. greenish sputum. diplococci: steptococci?
178. after 10 hours: paracetamol poisining: patient is fine :wait for levels?
179. unilateral headache with nasal congestion and watering early morning? Tension headache,
sinusitis, cluster headache
180. a man with normal sodium, K+-6.5,Urea and creat ? what is the most appropriate management?
Calcium resonium, Insulin+glucose?
181. Discharge ph was given was gardenella