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Max Wang

John Quincy Adams Speech
John Quincy Adams is a strong believer in Anti- Slavery. In the
speech, he gives in court, he points out a lot thing that Americans are
doing wrong at the time of the speech. In his speech, he said that
Americans are becoming people they should not be, by pointing out
Americas Identity and slavery, the letter from Spanish queen, and
document written by famous people. He shows what is the true
America identity is and how they have lost their sense of history.
Americans and their identity do not support slavery. In the movie,
it shows how white men treat black people who have been caught and
will be sold for slavery. This is horrible and the captain orders others to
throw the dead into the ocean and the white men whip the black
people when they do something wrong and let other black people
watch while they are doing it. The way white men give bad food to the
black people. The way they treat the slaves is horrible. All the things
Americans do around slavery are against the America identity. The
American identity is to treat people all equal and give people freedom,
but there is still slavery and that is immoral and is taking away
freedom from other people.

Americans are people who cant be told what to do. In the movie
the 11 year old Spanish Queen, Isabelle the second, sent a letter to the
American president that says that the slave should not be freed and
that they should send them to Spain because the Spanish own them.
That caused the black people on Amistad to be put on the trial, again
and again, for three times. In Adamss speech he told the court that
they shouldnt have been in this court because there was already an
answer for the case, he points out that they are in the court because
the 11 year-old queen in Spain thinks that those black men should not
be free. Also, that Americans are afraid to change. They are already
used to being the wrong kind of people. They do not want to change
and do not want to have a civil war. Americans need to think for
themselves. Americans are not people who are told what to do, as they
are free men. They have their own way of thinking about problems.
The Declaration of Independence shows how Americans are
people who believe that everyone has the right to freedom. The
Declarations of Independence was written by the people who are really
famous and the leaders of all Americans. They think that all people
should have freedom in this world. However, the vice president, John
Calhoun, wrote that slavery was with them for the whole time and it is
not immortal and it is as natural as anything else. Based on what is in
the Declarations of Independence, they disagree with each other. Also,
John is comparing Cinque to one of the famous people in America

whose name Patrick Henry, who did the same thing like Cinque, but
only for the freedom of white men in America. They both lead their
people to fight for their freedom and never give up, the black people
are doing what an American hero did. Why should he not be treated
like a hero, but still have to fight for his freedom again and again. What
is wrong with Americans? They need to change what they think and
start thinking about what they really need to be.
Based on John Quincy Adamss speech, Americans need to face
the changes and decide what they really should be as a people who
live in America. They need to become true Americans who have the
American identity. They need to think about what they are doing wrong
during this time. Slavery is the opposite of the America identity. Why is
there still having slavery? People are doing something that already has
an answer when other people told them it should be another way. In
addition, there is the document that is written by the leaders of
America that states that all people should have freedom. People are
keeping slaves and this is against the American understanding of life.
Americans need to rethink what they are doing.

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