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ABCs of a career

Musicians and Instrumental

A: Artistic - Occupation frequently involves

working with form, designs and patterns.
B: Band- A group of people who make music with
instruments and perform with other people showing
whos better.
C: Coordination- Adjusting actions in relation to
other actions.

D: Dependability-

Job requires being reliable,

responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligation .

E: Enterprising- Occupation frequently involve
starting up and carrying out project.
F: Fine Arts- Knowledge of the theory and
techniques requires composing produce and
performing works of music dance visual arts drama
and sculpture.
G: Guitar- A string instrument that makes sounds
with strings.
H: Harmony-sounded musical notes to produce chords.
I: Internet- its when you post something on some
website and show where performs is at and when tells
how talent it is.
J: Jazz- When a nice smooth music that calms down
your nerves and performs by black Americans and
helps you to see the music is all about?
K: Kpop- A Korean group sings different songs but
in Korean and makes you think that youre in it and
also learn another language to.
L: Listening- When you listen to the music you can
hear the sounds make and how it changes.
M: Musicians- a person who plays a musical instrument.

N: Notes-

Writing something and play it on your

instrument and see if it goes with it.

O: Oral Expression- The ability to communicate
information and ideas in speaking so others will

P: Problem Sensitivity-

The ability to tell when

something is wrong or is likely to go wrong.
Q: Quadruplets- a group who plays there
instruments at the same time makes a great
R: Reading Comprehension- Understanding
written sentences and paragraphs in work related

S: Sociology and Anthropology- Knowledge

of group behavior and dynamics societal trends and
influences human migrations ethnicity cultures and
their history and origins.
T: Talents- when people shows what they can do
and know they have or not.
U: Unique- When you that person are different
from anyone and they can play better.
V: Voice- Having a voice while you are playing a
song that you wrote and shows how much it is
important to them a lot.
W: Working with groups- That you are in a
group that only play instruments and builds a
relationship to each other and getting along.
X: X Notes- It means on the music note sits going
high and how high can you play on your instruments.
Y: Your instruments- what the instruments you
want and you know you can play it really well.

Z: Zither-

The consisting of a flat wooden sound

box with numerous strings stretched across it.