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Early Childhood Educators of Tasmania Presents:

Speaking the Languages of Art:

Embracing the Arts for Inquiry, Collaboration, and Critical Thinking

We typically associate the arts with beauty, with imagination, with individual expressive creativity. And we
often speak of artists with deference and delineation: people are artists or theyre not - and if we fall onto
the not-artist side of the line, we can feel ill-prepared to invite children to engage the arts in substantive
What happens if we expand our understanding of the arts to include collaborative critical thinking,
intellectual and emotional striving towards new knowledge, critical examination of familiar ideas? What
happens if we engage the arts, not as artists, but as people curious to understand the possibilities they
hold for inquiry and for insight?
Through our day together, well examine these ways of conceptualizing the role of arts in early education.
Well hear stories illustrating the ways in which children and educators can embrace the arts for inquiry.
Well explore art media to strengthen our own competencies. And well consider principles that can guide us
as we move the arts to a central place in our teaching and learning.

Featuring Ann Pelo

author, educator, consultant

by their work. Anns offerings to educators are
organized around invitations for action and
reflection, inwardness and collaboration, and
utilize the power of story to bring us into deeper
understanding and new questions.

Ann Pelo is a teacher educator, program

consultant, and author whose primary work
focuses on reflective pedagogical practice, social
justice and ecological teaching and learning, and
the art of mentoring. Her work is anchored by a
commitment to the right of educators to be
intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually engaged

Ann is nourished by teachers commitment to

growth and challenge, by childrens potent
capacity for questions, and by families deep
commitment to their children. She is the author
of five books: The Language of Art: Inquiry-based
Studio Practices in Early Childhood Settings
(second edition forthcoming in 2016), The
Goodness of Rain: Developing an Ecological
Identity in Young Children (2013), Season by
Season the Year Unfolds: A Guidebook for
Developing an Intentional Culture in Early
Childhood Programs (2010), Rethinking Early
Childhood Education (2008), and, with Fran
Davidson, Thats Not Fair: A Teachers Guide to
Activism with Young Children (2000).

27th February
Door of Hope, Launceston

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$169 non-members
$70 students

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