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Sydney Pellerin and Carrie Adams

Ms. Wooten

Freshman Science: Annotated Bibliography

2 April 2010

Works Cited:

Friedman, Herbert. "Our Star the Sun." The Amazing Universe. Washington]: Society, 1975.

50+. Print.

This was a beneficial source, because it was able to provide important information about

the people and history involved with solar and lunar eclipses. This source also gives

reliable information regarding the sun and what the things that are on it.

Garlick, Mark A. "The Solar System." Astronomy: a Visual Guide. Buffalo, N.Y.: Firefly, 2004.

136-39. Print.

This was a beneficial source, because it provided diagrams, pictures, and easy-to-

understand explanations. It also gave helpful ways to view lunar and solar eclipses,

which we will be showing in our presentation.

Hipschman, Ron. "Solar Eclipse: How to View (Page 1 of 2)." Exploratorium: the Museum of

Science, Art and Human Perception. Web. 02 Apr. 2010.


This source included instructions on different variations for looking at solar eclipses. It

also explained why you cannot look directly at an eclipse.

Moore, Patrick. Astronomy Encyclopedia [an A-Z Guide to the Universe]. New York: Oxford

UP, 2003. 123+. Print.

This source provided general information about eclipses plus a large amount of

information on Solar and Lunar eclipses. It included diagrams and formulas.