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This is the kinda of stuff I love.

Video processing that creates an artistic st

yle. Looks like there is some motion tracking being done, then mapped on to some
color palette. With noise patches or sprites overlayed.
Hacking on a feature reading motion vectors (XYZ from RGB) in the Layer Emitter
as a new RGB usage mode in Trapcode Particular v2.2. It is important to set laye
r sampling to Particle Birth Time for this to work.
This is a quick test using noisy iPhone footage.
RE:Vision Effects Motion Vectors: Create (came with Twixtor Pro) was used to get
the motion vectors into R,G channels. Then added 50% on the blue channel. Twixt
or of course outputs 2D motion vectors so the whole thing is actually essentiall
y flat, you can't really do camera moves here. But the emitter z size could be s
et up to get some thickness and possibly a small camera move could work.
Also used AE's built-in Time Difference effect to get an alpha channel that coul
d be used for emitter area.
Thanks to Johnathan Banta and RE:Vision Effects.
Full tutorial: vimeo.com/50713765