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Hayley J.

19023 Chandler St.
Omaha NE 68136
(402) 312-5008

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to highly recommend Ms. Chelsea Hubbling for this educational institution. I have
been fortunate to work with Chelsea at Norris Middle School for the past four years. During these four
years we have co-taught in the language arts and reading classroom. I am honored to share an educational
environment with such a dedicated, organized and considerate educator.
As a special education teacher, Chelsea spends a lot of her time helping students meet their
academic learning goals. She diligently attends to her students needs and provides meaningful and
exceptional educational opportunities. She is consistently well organized and dedicated to her profession
and her students. Our co-planning is effective because of her skills and commitment to education.
Aside from her academic endeavors, Chelsea coaches the Norris Drill Team. She organizes a
group of 40 young ladies and gentlemen and teaches choreography and stunts. She is patient and
determined to ensure the group is successful.
The dedication Chelsea has displayed in the academic and extracurricular settings is ideal for a
graduate program. She is a hard worker and is dedicated to all of her endeavors. I highly recommend
Chelsea for a position at your educational institution.

Hayley Berglund

If there are any questions, please contact me at 402-312-5008