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1 not more than 800 mm

2 1m/s

*A lifebuoy must have an outer diameter of:

not morethan

*A self contained breathing apparatus should contain at

least 1200litres of air. How long should this last for a
30 minutes
normal person who isnot carrying out hard work?
*As a general rule, where are pressure containers for the
Outside the space which is to be protected
gas of afixed fire-extinguishing system stored?
*As far as human factor is concerned, which of the
All the answers are good
followingactions should be considered as an efficient one?
Means shall be available to prevent any discharge *As regards the launching and recovery arrangements for
ofwater on to survival craft during abandonment
rescueboats which is required among the following?

that need not meet any of the requirements relative

tosmoke and flame nor limitations relative to
*Class "C" bulkheads are bulkheads constructed of
approvednon-combustible materials:



*For how long should a waterborne fire protected lifeboat

becapable of protecting its full complement when subjected
to acontinuous oil fire enveloping it ?
recognised asthe maximum concentration of CO2 allowed
in the breathing airof a breathing apparatus?

Start air supply

*Give the meaning of the following symbol

8 8 minutes

Start engine

*Give the meaning of the following symbol

Fasten seat belts

*Give the meaning of the following symbol

Secure hatches

*Give the meaning of the following symbol

Start water-spray
*Give the meaning of the following symbol
10% of the number of persons the liferaft is
*How many thermal protective aids are carried in each
designed tocarry, or two, whichever is the greatest liferaft?
aconventional cargo ship of more than 85 meters in length
100% of the ship's complement on each side

17 solid, liquids and gases

atleast two other ones, one on each side of the


19 All the mentioned alternatives

beeffective on:
*On board a ship, how many lifebuoys can you expect to
be fittedwith a buoyant lifeline ?
*The engine room is equipped with regular fire hoses
andnozzles. What is important to observe when using
water as anextinguishing agent in the engine room?


should exceed 1,5 % of the lifeboat length when

loadedwith 50 % of the number of persons the
lifeboat ispermitted to accommodate, these
persons being seatedto one side of the centreline


At least two jets of water not emanating from the

samehydrant, one of which from a single length of
hose, mayreach any part of the ship normally
accessible topassengers and crew
*The number and positions of hydrants shall be such that:


Stop the engine immediately and keep the lube

oilpump running for at least 20 minutes before
openingthe crankcase
O2: 21% N2: 78% H2O: traces CO2: traces
Raregases: traces

24 Start air supply

*The freeboard of a lifeboat, measured from the waterline

to thelowest opening through which the lifeboat may
become flooded:

*The temperature control system of the main engine

crankshaftbearings indicates high temperature. What
would be the correctway to open and check the crankcase?
*What are the main components of the atmospherical air?
*What is the meaning of this symbol ?

25 1200 litres

*What is the minimum volume of air contained in the

cylinders ofa SOLAS compliant self-contained compressedair operatedbreathing apparatus (SCABA)?

26 Intermittent signals on the ship's alarm bells

the ship'screw shall immediately proceed to their assigned

fire station.Which one of the following signals is used as
fire alarm signal onboard cargo ships?

The uppermost deck to which transverse

27 bulkheads arecarried

reporting to stations and preparing for the

dutiesdescribed in the muster list
summoning of passengers and crew to muster
stationswith the alarm required

30 All the items mentioned

31 All the mentioned alternatives

ensuring that passengers and crew are made

*Which deck is the "bulkhead deck"?

*Which of following items shall be included in an abandon
*Which of following items shall be included in an abandon
mainvertical zone bulkheads and stairway enclosures in
*Which one of the following items has to be included in
anabandon ship drill?

32 aware ofthe order to abandon ship

33 instruction in the use of radio life-saving appliances anabandon ship drill?

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lowering of at least one lifeboat after any

34 necessarypreparation for launching

summoning of passengers and crew to muster

35 stationswith the alarm required

36 All these methods can be adopted

at least 200 % N (lifeboat capacity: 100 % N;

liferaftcapacity: 100 % N) (*)
Aft of the forecastle secured with the use of
ahydrostatic release device

tostarboard, making impossible the launching of the

survival craftstowed on this side. Lifeboats and liferafts are
equally distributedon each side of the vessel.
isreasonable and practicable. Where is the best stowing

Place sterile dressing over the burn and secure

with abandage.

voltage passes through the body. Most damage occurs at

the points ofentry and exit of electricity. What is the
treatment of electricalburns?

40 A period not exceeding 24 months
41 Metals
42 Crane No.1


A Cargo Ship Equipment Certificate will be issued for :

A class "D" fire involves what type of material?
Cranesand certified to carry HC petroleum products. Crane
No.1 isdedicated for hose handling and crane No. 2 has all
functionsinterlocked when in

thedischarging of oil cargo, it is not of any great

Likely cause a sudden or violent list due to the
consequence;however, if an OBO has most of its holds
verylarge free surface in the broad beamed holds? slack duringdischarging (or loading) of oil cargo this will:

44 Sugar lump, sugar drink or something sweet.


*Which one of the following items has to be included in

anabandon ship drill?
*Which one of the following items has to be included in
anabandon ship drill?
theinternal divisional bulkheading of the accommodation
and servicespaces of a cargo ship?

The water can be applied in a fine spray starting

fromthe front in a sweeping motion
Tell the person to sit down and lean forward with
thehead between the knees taking deep breaths.
The infrared radiation and ultraviolet radiation
givenoff by flames

48 1min

dizzyand lightheaded. The skin becomes pale, with profuse

sweathing.Limbs may begin to tremble and pulse becomes
rapid. The urineglukose reaction is
fightingequipment available is a water hose with single
jet/spray nozzle.How, if at all, should you attempt to put out
this fire using water?
momentary duration caused by a temporary reduction in
the flowof blood to the brain.How to prevent anyone from
A flame detector is activated by:

49 120 mm above the water (in calm water)

A hand flare must have a burning period of at least

A lifejacket has sufficient buoyancy and stability to lift the
mouthof an unconscious person at a minimum of:

50 Insuline.

A person slowly feel more sleepy and thirsty.The skin

andslimhinner become very dry and there is a sweet taste
of thebreath. The glukose reaction shows positive. What
kind ofmedicine will the person need as soon as possible?

swim through the water at least 25m and board

51 asurvival craft
52 inlength
53 At intervals not exceeding 9 steps.

Difficulty in breathing in and the casualty may

beunable to speak.

55 Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.


A person wearing an anti-exposure suit shall be able to:

A person wearing an anti-exposure suit shall be able to:
'battens'.The lowest batten shall be the 5th step from the
lower end of thepilot ladder. At what intervals should there
be further battensupwards on the pilot ladder?
A severe blow to or a heavy fall on the upper part of the
abdomen(solar plexus) can upset the regularity of
is thesymptoms
strain occurs
a muscle or and
of muscles is overstretched and possibly torn, by violent or sudden
movement.Strain can be caused by lifting heavy weights
incorrectly. Thetreatment of strain may be remembered as
the word RICE.

One short blast, one prolonged blast, one short


signalsmake an additional signal on its whistle to give

warning of herposition and of the possibility of collision to
an approachingvessel. What is this signal?

The fishing vessel keeps out of the way of the

powerdriven vessel restricted in her ability to

vesselrestricted in her ability to manoeuvre are crossing so

as to preventthe risk of collision. Which vessel keeps out of
the way of theother?

58 A, B, C, D


59 Annually.

appliancesonboard should, at regular intervals, be

examined by ship'spersonnel and the result recorded in
Cargo Gear Book. How oftenshould such examinations

60 12 - 16 times per minute

andchecked the pulse to make sure that the heart is

beating, what isthe rate of inflations given until natural
breathing is restored ?

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61 2 sec

Insert a blank flange on the line between the slop

tanksand the rest of the cargo compartments?

63 Bunkering of bulk lubricating oil.

64 Checking the moorings for tightness/slack.
65 This is the best place to land
lifthired boats, but boat crews must be hired from

66 shore
67 Permission must be obtained from Chief Officer?

Maximum is 30 litre pr nautical mile and total

is1/30000 part of full cargo on the ballast voyage.
Restrictions regarding length and breadth exists.
Draftrestrictions vary with seasonal changes.
Lights as per rules regulated by the shape and
totallength of the towing

71 The confined space always has six sides

Rapid recovery shall be possible with the boat's

72 fullcomplement of persons and equipment

73 Nervous tension,allergy, or none obvious cause.
74 Every three months.
75 As stated by shipper?

An immersion suit will not sustain burning or continue

meltingafter being totally enveloped in a fire for a period of:
beenconstrained to retain her slops in the slop tanks under
an inert gasblanket. On the inert gas line common to the
cargo holds and sloptanks we should:
of400 tons gross tonnage and above to record machinery
spaceoperations.Out of below mentioned operations, it is
compulsory torecord:
ports has anumber of important tasks to carry out. Which
one of the listedtasks has to be included in the watchman's
holding awhite flag which he moves in a vertical motion.
What does thisindicate?
Are mooring boats required for vessels transiting the Suez
Are there any restriction on entry into cargo holds at sea?
Are there any restrictions about how much sludge we can
pumpoverboard on the sea voyage?
Are there any restrictions regarding length, breadth or draft
in thePanama Canal?
Are there any special lights to be exhibited by a vessel
towing orpushing another vessel?
As a fire fighter, what should you always consider when
fighting afire in a confined space?
As regards the launching and recovery arrangements for
rescueboats which is required among the following?
the airpassage go into spasm. How can the asthma attacks
be triggeredoff ?
assignedoperating crew aboard and manoeuvred in the
water according toSOLAS?


Physical checking the ramp/cargo holds/hoistable

decksand see that everything are in order and the
ship's gearcorrectly located?


Be checked at regular intervals for gas which might containedoil, even if not being used for ore (example - wing
bereleased perhaps from sludge deposits; and if
tanks on anO/O carrier) should be cleaned and gas freed.
such gasfound, the tank to be re-gas freed?
On the ore loadedvoyage these spaces should:

78 All the mentioned alternatives.

79 Only in conjunction with paper charts
80 make itsafe
81 Every 5th year.


Remove any contaminated clothing and flood

theaffected area with slowly running water. Make
surethat the contaminated water drains away
freely andsafely.

83 Equal power on both tugs while checking the gyro

The tug may be turned across your bow with the

84 dangerof being turned over

85 Yes, within thirty (30) minutes
86 Most attacks take place in territorial waters
87 30.5C ET?
An efficient engine room watch with the main

88 engineon standby be maintained.

That the wires are just above the water line at all

89 times
90 Report to the chief officer or chief engineer.
91 Stop loading
92 Outside the colored zone.

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Before loading operation starts, what shall you as duty

officer observe?

forbeing able to fight a fire onboard a vessel. What

routineprecautions to be observed with regard to use and
maintenance ofsuch equipment?
Can RNC charts be used for voyage planning?
Can the OOW be the sole lookout?
thoroughlyexamined and load tested by a recognised
company/yard. Howoften should such examination/load
test take place?
burns in eyes or on the skin can cause severe
damage.Some chemicals may be absorbed through the
skin and causewidespread and sometimes fatal damage
within the body. What isthe first main treatment if someone
is a victim of chemical burns?
distribute thepower of the tugs when you want to move the
ship sidewayswithout any yaw?
Consider the situation sketched below. What can happen if
thetugmaster is not careful?
Due to exposure to heat fatigue, heat stroke and
dehydration, whatis the maximum recommended effective
temperature (ET) for fullwork load in enclosed spaces?
During a ship to ship cargo transfer operation it is required
andaft. What is important to take care of regarding this
During cargo operation damage occur to the ship's gear
orequipment. What to do first?
During loading of oil, you notice oil on the water near your
vessel.What should you do first?

93 Your assistance is no longer required

The main supply line to be blanked off prior to

affectingthe release system, precautions to ensure that the

gas is notreleased into the engine room due to a mistake
are to be ensured.What precautions should be taken?

List and trim correction tables.

For cargo calculations there are two corrections to be
made. Twotables are used for this purpose.

95 low-expansion foam


One year.


A period not exceeding 12 months

Certificate beissued?

For as long as people are working in the tank.

areworking inside?

Three years after the last note was made


In suitable lockers easily accessible, yet

segregated from the living spaces themselves?

For protection of crew who might come into contact

withchemicals in the course of their work, the ship should
havesuitable equipment such as chemical resistant aprons,
gloves,footwear, coveralls, face and eye shields etc.

1 - 2 years.

environmentcommittee elected?

To secure/lash containers?

For which purpose is a "twist lock" intended?

For all vessels.

For which ships is the SOLAS convention applicable?

Emergency fire pump

Give the meaning of the following symbol

A class fire door

Give the meaning of the following symbol

Foam monitor gun

Give the meaning of the following symbol

Fire alarm panel

Give the meaning of the following symbol

Survival craft distress pyrotechnic signals

Give the meaning of the following symbol

Fire alarm bell

Give the meaning of the following symbol

Survival craft portable radio

Give the meaning of the following symbol

Primary means of escape

Give the meaning of the following symbol

Radar transponder

Give the meaning of the following symbol

Gas detector

Give the meaning of the following symbol

Area protected by CO2

Give the meaning of the following symbol

Portable fire extinguisher

Give the meaning of the following symbol

Line throwing appliance

Give the meaning of the following symbol

Remote controlled fire pumps

Give the meaning of the following symbol

Survival craft distress pyrotechnic signals

Give the meaning of the following symbol

A class fire door

Give the meaning of the following symbol

Fire alarm bell

Give the meaning of the following symbol

lower liferaft to water

Give the meaning of the following symbol:

child's lifejacket

Give the meaning of the following symbol:

location of embarkation ladder

Give the meaning of the following symbol:

lifebuoy with light and smoke

Give the meaning of this symbol:

lifebuoy with light

continuously after having been immersed for a
periodof 10 seconds under 100mm of water

Give the meaning of this symbol:

128 Get out of the engine room as soon as possible.

129 Once every month.
130 Careful ahead manoeuvring
131 suppression,inhibition
The point where the sideways motion of the
ship`scentreline is zero

133 Too fast

the wakeof your vessel close astern at low altitude. What

does this indicateif the aircraft rocks its wings, opens and
closes the throttle orchanges the propeller pitch?

Risk involves both identification of the occurrence

andthe likelihood that it will happen

135 Annually.
136 therudder
137 nobreasts
isthe regulations for the prevention of pollution by

139 9

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Hand flares shall be so designed as to burn or emit smoke:

Having a CO2 alarm during normal working hours,
whatimmediate action should be taken?
How often are "abandon ship" drills required to be held on
cargovessels according to SOLAS?
How can you keep a ship head up into the weather, with
therudder jammed in hard over position?
How do the extinguishing agents act?
How do we define the location of the "pivot point"?
How do you consider the indicated speed for berthing?
How do you define risk?
How frequent should reports from protection and
environmentalwork be send to shore based management?
How is shallow water effect felt in a vessel?
How is the 3rd Mate going to arrange the mooring lines?
How many annexes do we find in MARPOL 73/78 and what
is thecontent of annex 1?
How many classes is specified in the IMDG-Code?

140 6
141 3
4 Rocket parachute / 6 hand flares / 2 buoyant

142 smoke.
143 One on each side of the ship
144 4
145 2 lines of position.
146 2 - 3 %

3 litre

How many hand held distress flares are carried in each
liferaftwith SOLAS B pack?
How many pyrotechnic signals to be in each lifeboat
How many Radar Transponders (SART) are required to be
carriedonboard a ship for use in survival crafts?
How many, minimum lines of positions are needed to
decide aposition using the decca system?
decreasebefore it is dangerous to stay in the atmosphere
without breathingapparatus?
How much water per person is provided in a lifeboat not
equippedwith a desalting apparatus?

Every 12 month

How often do you have to certify cargo hoses?

Once every month

How often shall crew members participate in fire drills?

Every 5th year?

How should the painter of a liferaft which is fitted with
ahydrostatic release, be secured to the ship?

151 Secured via a weak link to a secure part of a ship

How will you treat a seasick person?
152 fresh air.
would you control cargo hold bilges?
154 No ventilation should be done?
155 Ventilate excessively?
156 Emergency generator?
157 A decrease in strength of 20 %
Wait for a resuscitator to be brought from the

158 ship'sfirst aid locker and use it?

159 An efficient and reliable service

thefire and allowed to spread out slowly over the


161 15 compressions followed by 2 full ventilations.


Place the heel of one hand, two finger breadths

abovethe bottom of breastbone. Cover the hand
with the heelof the other hand.

Complete 15 compressions at the rate of

163 80compressions per minute

164 Fixed known objects on the shore

165 a 10 cm radar.
The name of the person responsible for the

166 oildischarge
167 Direction B
168 An approved hook with a locking device
169 3.5 to 4.5 mtrs.
170 A reduction in strength of 10 % to 15 %
Inform the stevedore superintendent, the chief

171 officer,and write a damage report?

172 The master.
173 The stevedore superintendent?
174 All the listed alternatives

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How would you ventilate your cargo holds when sailing

from coldclimate to hot climate?
How would you ventilate your cargo holds when sailing
from hotclimate to cold climate?
Identify this symbol:
If a nylon mooring rope is immersed in water it undergoes:
cargoes suchas acetone cyanohydrin and has ceased
breathing, you would:
able toprovide?
beapplied to oil burning near a bulkhead of the engine
isunsuccessful and the casualty's heart stops, or has
stopped beating,you must perform External Chest
Compression (ECC) in conjunction with M-T-M. What is
isunsuccessful and the casualty's heart stops, or has
stopped beating,you must perform External Chest
with by
Mouth - to - (ECC)
Mouth in
itself When
isunsuccessful and the casualty's heart stops, or has
stopped beating,you must perform External Chest
Compression (ECC) inconjunction with M-T-M. What is the
complete rate whenperforming ECC?
of:the Radar scanners of one vessel are in the same
horizontalplane as the cargo deck of the other during
transfer operations,which type of radar emissions would
pose a greater danger of theinduced ignition of flammable
which ofthese items will NOT have to be noted in the Oil
Record Book ?
stowingwinch drum you would, after looking at brake
arrangement, reeveit to pay out as follows:
If you are going aloft in a bosun's chair what kind of hook
wouldyou use to hook the chair to the rope?
mooringwires, the length of chain usually recommended for
use in eachstopper is:
(using therecommended 5 full tucks and 2 half tucks) the
effective breakingstrength of the wire will now be affected
by the splice, and youwould expect:
If you as duty officer see any damage done to the cargo by
thestevedores, what shall you do?
youreport to?
thedischarging, who shall you as duty officer report to
drum'winches, the advantage of having these split drum
winches is:

175 near tothe deck as possible.

Near to the deck, crawl out keeping your face as

In a smoke filled alleyway were will the cleanest air be

found, andhow should you proceed out?

176 At least two sets

comprisebreathing apparatus and a fireproof lifeline. How

many completesets of fireman's outfit is to be carried by all
ships? (SOLASII-2/17.3)

177 All the mentioned alternatives.

Complete interchangeability of hose couplings

178 andnozzles
Close the valves on both the Acetylene and the

179 Oxygenbottles.
180 Sidereal hour angle
181 Visual and radar observations
182 Between 3% and 6%

ship'sradar, this is indicated by a marker on the


byvolume) this will give rise to "sloshing" which is the

movement ofliquid when the vessel is rolling or pitching.
Sloshing can cause:
In case each hydrant is not fitted with hose and nozzles,
what isthe requirement? (SOLAS II-2/4.6.1)
In case of a fire inside the Acetylene-line in the ac/ox gas
weldingequipment, what action is deemed necessary?
the firstpoint of aries to the hour circle of the body along
the celestialequator is known as:
In coastal waters GPS positions should be checked by?
toproduce foam?
In the charts, objects are sometimes marked "Racon".
What isthat?
In the chemical industry the effect on a person of long
termexposure to low concentration of a substance is of
prime concern.The expression TLV (Threshold Limit Value)
is used to expressthe concentration of a substance in p

184 8 hours a day?

185 I am manoeuvring with difficulty - Keep clear of me mean?

Give starboard rudder in order to balance the force In the situation shown, the bow of your ship is pushed
away fromthe bank. How can you handle this?
August1993. What is the main issue for the introduction of
To prevent oil spills in US waters?
the act?

186 ofthe bank effect and rudder effect

188 Not permissible any where.
189 Indonesian waters

190 Course, speed and risk of collision.


It is more easy to give correct pressure to

thefractured/injured area, and the control of
swelling andbleeding is more easy to observe.

Inflatable splints are made in various sizes and are shaped

to theupper and lower limbs. What is the advantages of an

Keep the floors and decks free from fat and


largestpercentage of accidents that occur in the catering

department.What shall be done to reduce this high
accident rate?

There is 5 special area where it is forbidden to

pumpout any sludge or oil residues

Is piracy an increasing or decreasing problem?

Is there any special area where it is forbidden to pump out
anysludge or oil residues?

193 Piracy is increasing

In which waters are piracy attacks most frequent?
Indicate three important target data which can be received
fromradar tracking of other ships?

195 Swelling below the bandage and heavy pain.

It is important that a compress is done correctly. One of

thealternative signs , after completed compress bandage,
shows thatthe
be to tight.
Which one?
- Annexmay
V. Disposal
of garbage

196 25 miles

"SpecialAreas". After unpacking spares, you are left with a

limited amountof packing materials. What will be the
nearest distance to land fordisposal into the sea of this
MARPOL 73/78 - Annex V. Disposal of garbage. Your

197 12 miles

vessel isin the Red Sea (Special Area) and the Chief Cook
is requesting tohave some food waste burned in the
incinerator. Due to problemswith incinerator, you decide to
have t

198 Dispersement of chemicals?

199 Human error
200 15 ppm
201 30 litters per nautical mile
202 100 dB

Most cases of oil pollution are caused by human errors,

oftenjointly by seafarers and shore based clean-up teams.
What hasproved to be the essential mistake executed by
the shore peopleregarding environment damages?
Most minor oilspills are caused by:
statingthat the oily water separator which was previously
certified for100 ppm be changed to:
New MARPOL regulations came into effect from July 93
statingthat the previous instantaneous rate of discharge of
oil content (60litters per nautical mile) was changed to:
Noise level called "the injurious area" starts at:
participate in theAMVER system. What is the purpose of


It is an automatic system for plotting vessels for



Electrically isolated by special isolating

socketsand switches on deck for use of lighting and other
switchboxes inthe accommodation and the keys of electricalapparatus when operating in the dry cargo mode.
these retained by aresponsible officer?
Before loadingoil these should be:

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205 Abeam is defined as A on the figure

206 Aft is defined as A on the figure
207 Ahead is given by A on the figure
208 Astern is defined as D on the figure
209 Bollard is given by D on the figure
210 Capstan is given by A on the figure
211 Centre line is given by A on the figure
212 Draught is given by D on the figure
213 Forecastle is given by B on the figure
214 Forward is given by C on the figure
215 Head line is given by B on the figure
216 Length overall is given by B on the figure
217 Mooring buoy is given by B on the figure
218 Quay is given by A on the figure
219 Starboard bow is given by A on the figure
220 Starboard quarter is given by C on the figure
221 Stern line is given by A on the figure
222 Stern is given by C on the figure
223 Under keel clearance is given by C on the figure
224 The Gulf of Mexico
It is how many degrees a ship continues to turn

225 afteryou apply counter-rudder

226 NO. 1,2,3 and 4
227 Give information on survival craft capacity
228 Three months.
That there is great concern and interest regarding

229 thesafety at sea

230 Before being employed
231 Approved training
232 Monthly
233 All answers
234 A responsible Officer
Vessels with bulbous bow, LPG- and LNG-

235 vesselsmust provide their own projector

236 Nitro glycerine tablets.

237 Yearly

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On the figure 4 possible definitions of the term "ABEAM"

areshown. Which one is the correct one?
On the figure 4 possible definitions of the term "AFT" are
shown.Which one is the correct one?
On the figure 4 possible definitions of the term "AHEAD"
aregiven. Which one is the correct one?
On the figure 4 possible definitions of the term "ASTERN"
areshown. Which one is the correct one?
On the figure 4 possible definitions of the term "BOLLARD"
aregiven. Which one is the correct one?
On the figure 4 possible definitions of the term "CAPSTAN"
aregiven. Which one is the correct one?
On the figure 4 possible definitions of the term "CENTRE
LINE"are given. Which one is the correct one?
On the figure 4 possible definitions of the term
"DRAUGHT" aregiven. Which one is the correct one?
On the figure 4 possible definitions of the term
"FORECASTLE"are given. Which one is the correct one?
On the figure 4 possible definitions of the term
"FORWARD" aregiven. Which one is the correct one?
On the figure 4 possible definitions of the term "HEAD
LINE" aregiven. Which one is the correct one?
"LENGHTOVERALL" are given. Which one is the correct
"MOORINGBUOY" are given. Which one is the correct
On the figure 4 possible definitions of the term "QUAY"
aregiven. Which one is the correct one?
"STARBOARDBOW" are given. Which one is the correct
"STARBOARDQUARTER" are given. Which one is the
correct one?
On the figure 4 possible definitions of the term "STERN
LINE"are given. Which one is the correct one?
On the figure 4 possible definitions of the term "STERN"
aregiven. Which one is the correct one?
KEELCLEARANCE" are given. Which one is the correct
mentioned inMARPOL regulations regarding pollution by
oil. Which area?
ship'ssteering ability. What is the definition of this
survivalcraft and their launching controls. Which of the
followingrequirements do not have to be included
according to presentregulations? (SOLAS III/9)
firsttime you are required to have a health certificate not
older than?
Read the text in the frame before answering the question:
Whathas been ascertained after recent debates?
Read this text and answer the question: When should
training inpersonal survival techniques be given?
Read this text and answer this question: What should be
given toprospective seafarers?
crewmember on a cargo ship participate in one abandon
ship drill andone fire drill?
Reports shall be made if
embarkation/disembarkation of apilot should be supervised
Searchlights must be provided for night navigation in the
SuezCanal. Which of the listed requirements are correct?
Severe pains in the chest occur when the coronary
arteries, whichsupply blood to the heart, become too
narrow for sufficientoxygenated blood to reach the muscles
of the heart. Normallythese attacks only last a few minutes,
Ship staff shall inspect all lifting equipment and record
theinspection in the cargo gear record book at intervals of:

238 VHF and MF

239 Once a month

240 15 ppm

executed by?
of 10.000 tons gross tonnage and more, may be
fitted withoil fitting equipment, complying with Reg.16 (7) of
MARPOL73/78 for the control of machinery space bilges.
What would bethe maximum "Ppm" of oily-water mixture to
pass through thefilter?

Signals used by aircraft engaged in search and rescue

The aircraft is directing a vessel towards an aircraft operationsto direct ships towards an aircraft, ship or person
orvessel in distress
in distress. Whatis the meaning of the signal?

242 Plugging the scuppers
243 20 000 dwt
244 Radiation burns.

245 Airway Breathing Circulation

246 all the answers are correct
247 Opacity, amount and colour
Mask, bottle, frame, medium pressure valve and

248 lowpressure valve


Not allow the clothes to be hung anywhere in

theunmanned machinery spaces

bydoing what?
SOLAS regulation requires that tankers of XXX ton dwt
must beequipped with an emergency towing system?
sea); cancause damage to the skin and eyes. What is this
type of burncalled?
The ABC-rules are an important part of the First Aiders
knowhow. What does the First Aid ABC-rules stands for?
The aim of fire detection is
aninterpretation of that fire. Which are the factors we
should takeinto account?
The basic components of the self-contained breathing
The duty engineer of a UMS ship is approached by a
member ofthe ship's staff, seeking permission to hang wet
working clothes inthe engine room to dry. Should he:

The IMO Code requires protection against spillage of the

They shall be carried in cargo tanks independent of mostdangerous products (ethyl ether, antiknock lead
theships hull structure?
compounds suchas TML and TEL etc) by prescribing that:

251 at any moment before the ship proceeds to sea
ensuring that every passenger is provided with
animmersion suit or a thermal protective aid

253 combustible, oxygen, heat and chain reaction

Stand on dry insulating material and pull the

personaway with isolating material.
It reduces the visibility, provokes panic, is irritating
andmay be toxic

256 all of the above-mentioned

The muster list must be prepared:

crewmembers inrelation to passengers in case of
emergency. Which of thefollowing duties do not
necessarily have to be included in themuster list? The
The necessary elements to create fire are
result insevere and sometimes fatal injuries. You are
witness to mangetting electric current through his body and
is stuck to thedangerous area. It is impossible to
The presence of smoke represents one of the greatest
dangers inthe fire fighting. Why?
The pyrotechnics used to transmit visual signals to other
vessels,boats or aircrafts are of the following type

258 About 20 %

everybody onboard the vessel. General house-keeping

rules should be followed.Which of the listed rules is the
most important?
The rudder is hard over, full ahead in deep water. How
the engine
is stopped?

259 Means of escape - escape routes

information ineasily understood terms and illustrated

wherever possible. Whichof the following objects do not
have to be explained in detail inthe manual according to
The Training
Manual shall contain instructions and

260 The method and use of sea-anchors (drogues)

information onthe life-saving appliances and the best

method of survival. Whichof following detailed explanations
of crew duties in relation toemergency situations shall be
The Training
Manual shall contain instructions and


Do not use loose garments, belts, ties or scarfs

nearwinches and moving machinery.

Boarding, launching and clearing of survival

261 crafts(lifeboat/liferafts) and rescue boats

Best use of the survival craft facilities in order

262 tosurvive
The anchor to be all way in the hawsepipe and

263 securedby brake on winch and wire/chain stopper

264 Check the position only

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information onthe life-saving appliances and the best

method of survival. Whichof following detailed explanations
of crew duties in relation toemergency situations shall be
The Training
Manual shall contain instructions and
information onthe life-saving appliances and the best
method of survival. Whichof following detailed explanations
of crew duties in relation toemergency situations shall be
contained therein?
The vessel has weighed the anchor and is heading for sea.
Theanchor is to be stowed in position. How?
The vessel will anchor with Pilot onboard. You are the
dutyofficer on bridge. What is your main duty?

265 28,0 tons

266 When manoeuvring?
267 isfollowed.

The vessel's cranes are marked: "SWL 29,5 tons x 22

M/R(including lifting beam weight 1,5 tons)". You like to lift
onboarda load of steel coils being placed on the berth.
Distance from C/Lof crane to the steel coils is 22 meters.
The watertight integrity of a vessel must be intact, when?
To what purpose is safety meetings held prior to surveys?

The patient placed in a "face -to-the-floor" position, Unconscious casualties who are breathing and whose
andwith arms and legs arranged in order to
hearts arebeating should be placed in the Recovery
stabilize thisposition.
Position. What is theRecovery Position?
Push the hook through the skin until the barb
protrudes,then cut the hook between the barb and
the skin andgently withdraw the hook.
Gently flood the casualty's ear with terpid water so
thatthe insect will float out.

Unfortunately a fish hook has entered someone's finger.

The barbof the hook is even inside the skin. How to
remove the fish hook?
Unfortunately an insect has become lodged in the ear. How
toremove the insect?

271 Two prolonged blasts followed by one short blast

narrowchannel or fairway. What sound signal should A

make to indicatethat he wishes to overtake B on his
Jel side?
is a unique product regarding protection and first

272 1530 C

aid ofburns. Water Jel is delivered in different sizes.

Biggest is a carpetwith the size 182cm x 152 cm. What is
the highest temperaturethe Water Jel carpet is resistant


highestrisk of fire on board ships. Precaution has to be

The welder shall have been instructed in the use of taken to avoid thisrisk. Which of the following safety rules
theship's welding plant.
may be regarded as themost important?


The place of welding-work to be cleaned and

allunnecessary objects to be removed.

highestrisk of fire on board ships. Precaution has to be

taken to avoid thisrisk. Which of the following safety rules
may be regarded as themost important?

Forces which bends the vessel up and down in

thefore-aft direction (hogg/sagg). fore-and-aft
direction (hogg/sagg).

What are bending moments?

They are going to weigh the anchor

What are the Bosun and 2nd Mate going to do?

All the mentioned alternatives.

What are the characteristics of CO2?


As per Builders' specification?


Vegetable / Fish Oil


To single up to one line and spring forward

What did the harbor pilot tell the master?

The load that can be safely lifted during
normalworking conditions.

What do you understand by the initials S.W.L. when
applied to acrane?

Making the grab bucket open and close.

What do you understand by the term Grabbing?

Making the grab bucket/hook move up and down.

What do you understand by the term Hoisting?

Making the crane jib move up and down.

What do you understand by the term Luffing?

Making the crane jib move from side to side.

What do you understand by the term Slewing?


What do you understand by the term Traversing?

STCW deals with minimum recommendation

ofeducation for seafarers and minimum standards
fortraining centre and schools
What does STCW deal with?
He wants the OS to show him where the switch
thatchanges between automatic, manual, and
emergencysteering is
What does the Chief Mate want the OS to do?
The Chief Officer wants the 1st Engineer to empty
thestarboard bilge in hold No. 5
What does the Chief Officer want the 1st Engineer to do?
What does the term DISCHARGE mean, as used in the
All the other alternatives
OilPollution Regulations?
All of the mentioned


Raise the boom, hold the load.

What does this crane signal indicate?

Raise the boom.

What does this crane signal indicate?


What does this crane signal indicate?

Lower the boom.

What does this crane signal indicate?

Lower the boom, raise the load.

What does this crane signal indicate?

Lower the load

What does this crane signal indicate?


What does this crane signal indicate?


What does this crane signal indicate?

Raise the boom, lower the load.

What does this crane signal indicate?


What does this crane signal indicate?

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What does this crane signal indicate?

Raise the load

What does this crane signal indicates?

I require assistance

What does this signal indicate?

I am in distress and require assistance

pumproom etc. is Carbon Dioxide CO2, Halon or
It is the SOLAS conventions that take care of
thehuman safety at sea
A contract between Master/Owner and Shipper
fortransportation of goods?
A receipt issued by the Chief Officer, stating
quantityand condition of goods loaded onboard?

What does this two flag hoist signal indicate?

What fixed fire fighting medium do we normally use in the
engineroom, pump room and other spaces?
What IMO conventions take care of the human safety at
What is a "Bill of Lading"?
What is a "Mate's Receipt"?

membersof the crew or other persons employed or

engagedonboard the ship in the business of that
What is a "passenger" according to SOLAS regulations?

312 A unit subordinate to a rescue co-ordinating centre What is a "Rescue Sub-Centre" (RSC)?

An area of defined dimensions within which search

andrescue services are provided
What is a "Search and Rescue Region" (SRR)?
Plan for safety preparedness

What is a contingency plan for ships?

Vessel Response Plan

What is a VRP (OPA-90)

He should take the padlock inside the room.


Measure oxygen contents in the atmosphere.

What is an oxygen analyzer used for?

What is correct UTC in this example? Approx. Pos:
N4951'W3523', zone +2, Local Time 0900.

318 11 00
319 Co-ordinator Surface Search
320 Water with less than 15 ppm vitiation of oil

What is CSS an abbreviation for?

What is definition on clean water?

Sinkage is the change in draft a vessel obtains

321 whenmoving through the water.

Self contained breathing apparatus in addition
tonormal safety equipment.

323 That people are well trained.
324 Both systems use same chart datum
325 Hypothermia
326 Circle the vessel.

What is meant when a vessel is said to have sinkage?

voidspace that is not gas free or does not contain sufficient
What is most important when preparing for emergencies?
other nav.systems?
What is one of the methods used by an aircraft to attract a
vessel'sattention for participation in a rescue operation?

moreVaseline from the storage room if they run

327 short

The GPS system gives information about

position,speed and time continuously world wide.

329 0,0004
330 Contain any oil-spill onboard the ship
331 Rescue Co-ordination Centre

He is worried that oil will run through the outlets

andinto the sea


spillsaboard a ship?
What is the Chief Mate worried about?

A remedy to which the mooring lines are made fast What is the correct definition of "a bollard"?
The deck for the lifeboats.

What is the correct definition of "boat deck"?

Training in lifeboat handling.

What is the correct definition of "boat drill"?

To secure the rope

What is the correct definition of "make fast"

Legs bent, back straight, using leg muscles to lift

andportable fire extinguisher near to ships

What is the correct lifting technique?

What is the correct location of portable fire fighting
equipmentduring loading/discharging operations?

Total weight in tons of cargo, equipment,

complement,stores and supplies on summer
freeboard in saltwater
Waterline corresponding to deepest allowed
draftpermitted by subdivision requirements
The chemicals make it difficult to remove the oil
from the water

What is the deepest Subdivisional Load Line?

What is the disadvantage of using chemicals on an oil-spill
on thewater?

Two prolonged blasts on the whistle at intervals of

notmore than two minutes
One long blast followed by two short blasts at
intervalsof not more than two minutes

What is the first sign and symptom of a Cardiac Infarction?

What is the fog signal for a power driven vessel underway
butstopped, making no way through the water?
What is the fog signal for a vessel which is engaged in

342 thechest.

What is the AB to do?

What is the advantages of a GPS satellite system
compared toother navigational aids?
What is the alcohol content in the blood permissible under
USlegislation before it is defined as intoxication?

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What is the deadweight of a ship according to SOLAS?

One prolonged blast followed by two short blasts

345 atintervals of not more than two minutes

What is the fog signal for a vessel which is not under


A code issued by IMO for use onboard vessels

346 carryingpackaged dangerous goods?

347 People, officers and crew
348 Answering Pendant

What is the IMDG-Code?

efficient way?
What is the letter signal flag used by a vessel in response
to anaircraft's request for assistance in a rescue operation?

Weight of the ship including fixed and

permanentequipment, less cargo, complement,
passengers, storesand supplies
If the face mask has a leak toxic fumes/smoke
wouldstill not enter the mask.

What is the lightweight of a ship according to SOLAS?

What is the main advantage of a Positive Pressure

Increase safety for all ships in the area

What is the main purpose of VTS?

Safe working load

What is the meaning of "SWL"?

You are running into danger



What is the meaning of this flag signal?

tosurvivors on the surface? (Procedures performed by an
aircraft asillustrated below)

355 The aircraft wishes to inform or instruct survivors

356 I am dragging my anchor
357 3 cm
358 3
359 14
A large vessel overtaking a small vessel with

360 littledifference in speed between the two vessels

361 Aft part of the tank-deck
364 transferoperation
365 Zero-Point
To store quantities of oil at working pressure on
thedischarge side of a pump and smooth out any

367 LEL.
368 To receive information about ships in the vicinity.
369 Reduce the sea echoes.

What is the meaning of this single letter signal?

What is the minimum distance between the helmet and the
head ofthe wearer supposed to be?
requiredto be provided for each open lifeboat under
SOLAS rules?
What is the minimum number of lifebuoys carried by a
cargovessel of more than 200 metres in length?
What is the most dangerous overtaking situation shown on
theship's side in case of an overflow during
What is the name given to a devastating explosion that
may occurwhen a rigid container containing a liquefied gas
is exposed to avery high *temperature?
What is the name of the IMO publication giving guidance
inSearch and Rescue operations?
What is the possible position of a ship in distress called?
What is the primary purpose of an Accumulator in a
hydrauliccircuit associated with cranes?
What is the purpose of explosimeters?
What is the purpose of radar tracking of other ships?

Increased velocity and decreased waterpressure

370 aroundthe ship's hull

371 The vessel will roll violently?
372 Parallel System

Coordinated Crab

What is the search pattern system called where 1 ship and
1 planeare involved ?

Sector System

What is the search system pattern called using 1 vessel?

Square System

What is the search system pattern called using 1 vessel?

Great circle
What is the shortest distance between two points?
He has control of the navigation and movement of
What is the status and function of a Panama canal pilot?

378 Mandatory.

Pilotage is compulsory and the pilot is only the


380 1) 5 tons 2) 5 tons
381 On Scene Commander

What is the reason for the effect we call squat?

What is the result of a "high metacentric height"?

Safety shoes or safety boots

What is the status of the rules of the SOLAS convention?

What is the status on Suez canal pilots?
What is the strain on each of the two slings?
rescueoperation called?
What kind of foot wear should be used when working on
deckand in the engine room?

Cold work permit + Permit for entry .

coldwork in tanks?

Hot work permit + Permit for entry.

hot workin tanks?

All of the mentioned equipment.

A fixed sign on the mast plus signs on each radar
whenwork is in progress in the mast

What kind of safety sign(s) needs to be in place in
connection withwork in radar masts?

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Harness with a rope secured to a safe point on the What kind of special safety measures are required when
workingon a stage aloft?

387 ship.
388 All answers

389 Maintain sufficient intact stability

390 Ventilate the holds as well as possible
391 They are to let go of the stern lines

All of the mentioned must be performed

What number is being shown by this flag hoist?

Maximum allowable working pressure

What pressure shall a cargo hose be marked with?

Regulations of the light on the PPI.

Brightness"on the radar?

What rules and regulations are regulating the watch
keepingroutines in the engine room?
What shall a rescue person use if he has to jump into the
water inorder to assist a survivor?
What should be observed concerning a ship's water tight

397 Survival suit and lifeline

That all vessel's water tight ramps and doors are

398 lockedand secured at sea.

399 Distribution and weight of the containers?
the name of each inoccupants (passengers
included, ifany)

401 Milk

402 Discharge to a shore facility only

403 West cardinal buoy
404 Isolated danger
405 Twistlocks?
406 Twistlocks and rods with turnbuckles?
A vessel engaged in fishing other than trawling,
makingway, with gear extending more than 150m
from thevessel

408 Vessel not under command and not making way

Vessel engaged in dredging or underwater

operations,indicating that you should pass on the
dredgers portside
A vessel of more than 50m in length engaged
inpushing a barge/barges ahead

411 Vessel aground
412 Two vessels engaged in pair trawling

All ships that are covered by the IMO



What should be observed concerning the vessel's stress?

What should not be found on the muster list ?
What should you do with the ashes from your vessels
incineratorwhich had burned garbage containing plastics?
What type of buoy is this?
What type of buoy is this?
What type of lashing arrangement are needed on weather
deck forsecuring one container high?
What type of lashing arrangement are needed on weather
deck forsecuring two container high?

What type of vessel is this?

What type of vessel is this?

What type of vessel is this?

What type of vessel is this?
What type of vessel is this?
What type of vessels are these?
What vessels must have automatic fire detection onboard
withheat/ smoke detectors and audible alarm?

Grease was blocking the grease pipe

What was blocking the grease pipe?

Warm nutritious drinks.


Cold drinks and salt.

White or light grey to ensure all minor spills
andleakages are noticed and dealt with.

maintaining thepaint on shell, plating, structure and
in therudder
a conventional
is put hard over it creates a lift

418 About 80 %

What mooring lines are they going to let go?

What must be done if the Oil Discharge Monitoring
Equipment(ODME) should fail during a ballast voyage?


396 Both STCW and Class rules


order tomake passenger ships able to withstand critical
What measures should be taken in order to avoid explosive
gasesto form on top of coal cargoes?

forceand a drag force. When the ship has started to turn,

how much liftforce do you think remains if the rudder-angle
is decreased to 20degrees from hard over position (35

Good radio communication facilities (preferable

2182kHz and/or 156.8 MHz (channel 16)
radiotelephonyand 500 kHz radiotelegraphy)

orwarships, are participating in a search and rescue

operation, one ofthe vessels will have to assume the duty
as co-ordinator (CSS).Which one
to beundertaken. State which of following priority
Stop pumps - report - clean up?
sequences to beconsidered:
remedythe leakage and then immediately start to room havea large quantity of oil residues floating around.
clean thebilges
What actionshould you take?
The speed should be less than 5 knots, normally 3 - When connecting a tugboat, what speed do you think is
best foryour vessel to maintain during this operation?

423 15 minutes

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unsymmetricalflooding and excessive heel angels in

damaged condition areinstalled in passenger ships, what is
the maximum time allowedfor equalization?

When anything unusual happens, and 30 minutes

424 beforethe pilot station


When is the 2nd Mate supposed to call the Captain?

The master or his qualified representative must be When is the master required to be on the bridge during
onthe bridge at all times
transit ofthe Suez Canal?
When lashing -people from ashore is engaged, who has
The Master?
the formalresponsibility for the lashing of cargo?

427 Mutual agreement between participating vessels

428 Shear forces and bending moments.
429 Every month
430 port
431 At least once a watch
Calculate the time of the sunset and then take

432 thebearing
433 Intermittent signals by the ship's alarm bells.
434 The buoy may not be in its charted position
435 By muster lists exhibited in conspicuous places
436 All over the world
Within 200 nm of US waters including Guam,
Hawaii,Alaska and San Juan

438 Easy accessible by the gangway
439 In the Captain's office

Where can you expect piracy today?

Where is OPA-90 applicable
Where is the International Shore Connection to be stored?

Class B fire

Which class of fire involves liquids?


WasteManagement Plan?


Which item among those below is included in the
normalequipment of every lifeboat ?
Which item among those below is included in the
normalequipment of every lifeboat ?
Which item among those below is included in the
normalequipment of every liferaft ?

portable fire-extinguishing equipment suitable for

446 oilfires
447 two sponges
448 Using sinking agents
449 The heart.


ship'screw shall immediately proceed to their assigned fire

station.Which one of the following signals is used as fire
alarm signal onboard cargo ships?
When using a buoy as an aid to navigation, which of the
followingshould always be considered?
safetyrules, alarm instructions and your own duties in case
of anemergency?

At exits and in corridors

445 a buoyant bailer and two buckets


steering bechecked?
When taking a compass error by amplitude in the higher
latitudeswhen is the best time to take the bearing?

Where is the Safety Certificates for ships to be kept?

Where may as a general rule pressure containers for
gasfire-extinguishing medium be kept? (SOLAS II-2/5.1.10)
detectionand alarm systems be located in accommodation
spaces? (SOLASII-2/13.2.1)

440 Outside the space which is to be protected


vessels areparticipating in a search and rescue operation,

one of the vesselsshould be designated as CSS (Coordinator Surface Search). Which practice
When planning the distribution of the cargo, what are the
mostimportant forces to take in consideration?
boats belaunched with their assigned crew aboard and
manouvered in thewater?

Which method of oil cleanup is NOT usually allowed?

Leather safety boots and gloves

Which muscle is the most persevering one in the body?

Which of the equipment listed is not included in the
fireman'spersonal equipment? (SOLAS II-2/17.1.1)



Ammonium nitrate?

Which of the following cargoes can explode?

How to don lifejackets, immersion suits andantiexposure suits, as appropriate

Which of the following cargoes can solidify?

Which of the following detailed explanations should be
mentionedin the Training Manual ?
Which of the following detailed explanations should be
mentionedin the Training Manual ?

455 The use of drogues

456 Ear muffs
457 Water extinguisher
458 has inherent buoyancy of at least 70N

Which of the following extinguishers should NOT be used
on anelectrical fire?

exposuresuit ?
skates and fenders to facilitate launching down the Which of the following fittings shall be provided to all
sideof a ship

460 handholds on the underside of the hull

The signs use black lettering on a white


462 All the answers are good
463 Carbon dioxide

Download from http://crew-help.com.ua

signsrequired to be displayed on a tanker vessel while
transferring anyhazardous cargo?
prevent fire:
mediumfor fixed gas fire-extinguishing systems aboard

464 Figure 4 is correct.

465 Chemical foams
A calculation example showing the use of "KG"

466 limitation curves.

All life-buoys shall be placed in holders withquick-

467 release arrangement

adequatestability is achieved in all loading

468 condition.
469 All of the mentioned
470 Calculation 3 is correct.
471 Figure 2 is correct.
472 Cargo ships of less than 500 tons gross
473 Wood
474 be constructed of inherently buoyant material
Not less than half the total number of lifebuoys

475 shall beprovided with self-ignition lights.

476 Nylon.
Every motorized survival craft shall have a

477 certificatedengineer assigned

Which of the following Meridian figures is correct? Approx.

Pos:N3000' W1500'. Declination: 1500'S.
foamas far as they are differentiated according to the way
bubbles areobtained:
stabilitydata corresponds to present regulations?
(NSCL 4/12.1)
Which of the following requirements regarding life-buoys
doNOT correspond to present regulations? (SOLAS III/7.1)
normaloperation corresponds to present regulations?
(NSCL 4/12.2)
Which of the following would be considered pollution under
theUS water pollution laws?
youwant to find observed latitude when the sun is on the
line? Approx. Pos. N5000' W3000' 1200 GMT. Course:
090, speed:12 knots, bearing of the sun: 200, correction:
0002' (observedaltitude - computed altitude).
a "class A " fire ?
Which one of the following requirements regarding
lifebuoyscorresponds to present SOLAS regulations ?
Which one of the following requirements regarding
lifebuoyscorresponds to present SOLAS regulations?
Which one of the following types of rope is the most
dangerous to work with?
andsupervision of survival craft do not correspond to the
presentregulations? (SOLAS III/10)


release the liferaft at a depth of not more than 4

give a bright red light during the entire emission

Which one of the listed requirements regarding "week

links" forfloat free arrangements for liferafts do not
correspond to presentregulations? Week links shall:
smokesignals do not correspond to present regulations?
The buoyantsmoke signal shall:


windows on both sides which can be closed

watertightand opened for ventilation

Which one of the listed requirements regarding enclosures

oftotally enclosed lifeboats do not correspond to present
regulation?The enclosures shall be provided with:


be provided with a painter system with a

breakingstrength of not more than 2.2 kN

releaseunit for float free arrangements for liferafts does not

correspond topresent regulations? Hydrostatic release
units shall:


All launching appliances shall be capable of

recoveringsurvival crafts and rescue boats with
their crew

Which one of the listed requirements regarding

launchingappliances for survival crafts and rescue boats do
not correspondto present regulations?


483 sea-charts and navigating equipment

powerstarting system with rechargeable energy

484 batteries
inherentlybuoyant material or have sufficient air

485 compartment forbuoyancy

Which one of the listed requirements regarding lifeboat

equipmentdo not correspond to present regulations? The
normal equipmentof every lifeboat shall include:
Which one of the listed requirements regarding lifeboat
propulsiondo not correspond to present regulations?
Which one of the listed requirements regarding lifebuoys
do notcorrespond to present regulations? (SOLAS III/31)


It allows the wearer to jump from height of at least Which one of the listed requirements regarding life4.5m into the water without injury and without
jacketscorresponds to present SOLAS regulations? A lifedamagingthe life-jacket.
jacket shall beso constructed that:


Only one type of launching and recovery

arrangementsshall be used for similar survival
crafts onboard the ship


ofinflatable liferafts do not correspond to present

in the event of capsizing it will automatically attain regulations? Thestability of inflatable liferafts shall be such
aposition providing an above water escape


In a secure and sheltered position and protected

fromdamage by fire or explosion

Which one of the listed requirements regarding the

stowage of asurvival craft corresponds to present SOLAS
regulations? Eachsurvival craft shall *be stowed:

So that neither the rescue boat nor its

launchingarrangements will interfere with any
survival craft atany other launching station
climb up and down vertical ladders from the
survivalcraft embarkation point to the water
Onboard training and instruction shall be given
inaddition to regular abandon ship drills

Which one of the listed requirements regarding the

stowage ofrescue boats corresponds to present SOLAS
regulations. Rescueboats shall be *stowed:
animmersion suit do not correspond to present regulation?
The suitshall permit the wearer to:
beincluded in onboard training and instruction of crew
members?(SOLAS III/18.4 - 18.5)


Download from http://crew-help.com.ua

Which one of the listed requirements regarding the

launching andrecovery arrangements for survival crafts do
not correspond topresent regulations? (SOLAS III/15)

493 the hydrostatic release unit

494 the painter


Sitting on a chair, leaning forward, with two

fingerspressing the nose together.

Which position is the best to stop bleeding from the nose?

All the mentioned alternatives.


B keeps clear of A


IMO Solid Bulk Cargoes Code?


IMO Grain Rules?

Which special regulations cover transportation of grain?

It is visible for a shorter time than a fuel oil spill

is true
of a gasoline
Whilst proceeding
a narrow
the vessel
asternwishes to overtake you on your starboard side and
gives theappropriate sound signal. Assuming that you are
One prolonged, one short, one prolonged and one in agreementwith this, what sound signal should you
Whilst underway, during the approach and in the process

Signals for vessels restricted in their ability

502 tomanoeuvre
503 Master, Chief Engineer & Chief Officer.
Inspectors from the International
MaritimeOrganization (IMO)
Personnel authorized by the master?

Who is authorized to operate hoisting equipment?

The master.


Ship's captain


The Master

Who is responsible for the voyage plan?

Who should be informed first when receiving a distress
signalfrom another ship/vessel?

510 The nearest coastal radio station

511 Due to temperature expansion.
Because that was the safest passage considering
theship's draft.

513 tracks
514 To avoid pollution.

ofdouble banking, or whilst transferring cargo whilst

underway, thefollowing signals from the IMO's Collision
Regulations should bedisplayed (unless local regulations
differ) by both ships:
Who are responsible for safe working conditions onboard?
Who has the legal responsibility for the placing and stowing
of thecargo onboard?
inspectthe ship and control the validity of the ship's Safety
Certificates inforeign ports?

504 The Stevedore company?


liferafts ismade to free the container of the liferaft from its

berth during theship is sinking?
liferafts ismade to provide a connection between the ship
and the liferaft?

Why did the pilot recommend the SE channel?
Why does the Chief Mate have to reorder the cargo plan?
potentialpolluting operation?

The water will explode into steam causing hot fat to

bethrown far away thus possibly causing severe
burns orfire.
Why shall you never pour water into hot fat?
Why should water ballast not in general be carried in
Risk for pollution
tanksintended for oil fuel in passenger ships?
With a "good" GPS satellite position fix it is possible to
20 - 100 meters.
achievean accuracy of:
Due to suction, the two ships will be sucked
You are about to pass another ship in a close situation.
What canhappen in this situation?
Serious emergency - all vessels to stop or
red lightsin a vertical line at the entrance. What does this
divertaccording to instructions
A vessel may proceed only when it has
verticalline. The upper and lower are green and the middle
receivedspecific orders to do so
white. Whatdoes this mean?

521 Landing here is highly dangerous

You are approaching the shore in a lifeboat when you see

a personholding a white flag. He is moving it in a horizontal
motion fromside to side. What does this indicate?

522 Quadrupled

You are berthed with a steady offshore beam wind of 30

knotswhich suddenly increases to 60 knots. When this
happens, theforce driving the vessel off-berth will be:


Carry out a right or left hand search and

proceedcarefully, feeling the area in front with the
foot andusing the back of the free hand to check
the areaaround.

You are carrying out a search in a smoke filled room,

wearing abreathing apparatus. How would you conduct this

yourstarboard side. "A" is a heavy loaded tanker, while the

It is possible since the ballasted vessel stops faster other vessel"B" is in ballast. You would like to increase the
thanthe loaded vessel
CPA and reducethe speed to stop your vessel.
You are in a position as illustrated. What is the
30 L/nm
instantaneous oildischarge limit according to MARPOL ?
Your ship will sheer to starboard rather quickly with You are in confined waters. Is there any danger in the
thepossible consequence of grounding
situationsketched below if you should lose engine power?

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Have the engine ready for immediate manoeuvre

andadjust speed for safe navigation

528 No, food waste can not be dumped overboard


Yes, the bottles can be dumped if they are ground You are on a vessel 10 nautical miles off the coast of
sothat the resulting particles can pass through a
Nigeria,West Africa. Are you allowed to dump empty glass
screenwith 25 mm openings
bottlesoverboard ?

530 No, glass bottles can not be dumped overboard

531 until - 15C
Stop the engine before meeting, and apply

532 engineduring meeting

533 5 compressions after every 1 inflation
may bepushed away from the other ship as you

534 pass
535 The dedicated heavy weather ballast tank
536 Need more space than normal
Make sure your vessel + crew are safe and then

537 offeryour assistance to the other vessel


You are navigating in dense fog, visibility approx. 1 cable.

Onyour radar, range 12 nm, you can see the following
picture, howwill you navigate until all vessels are cleared?
Algerie, inthe Mediterranean Sea. Are you allowed to dump
food wasteoverboard?

You are on a vessel 60 nautical miles off the coast of the

nearestland, Algeria, in the Mediterranean Sea. Are you
allowed to dumpempty glass bottles overboard ?
fornavigation in cold regions. At what ambient temperature
shouldthe engine of the lifeboat *start within less than 2
minutes ?
You are on ship A. What would you do before meeting ship
resuscitationsituation. What is the rhythm of resuscitation
with two FirstAiders?
You are performing an overtaking manoeuvre in confined
waters.What should you watch out for?
withsegregated ballast tanks, SBT. Which of the cargo
tanks should becrude oil washed if you are expecting
heavy weather?
KeelClearance. Turning the ship around, what space do
you needcompared to deep water?
vesselsinvolved in a collision. What will your actions be
following thecollision?

Identify the extent of damage to own vessel and

takenecessary steps to safeguard the complement You are Sen.Off.Deck on a laden tanker which has collided
and thevessel.
with asmaller vessel. What should your first action be?
been in acollision, and have a big leakage under waterline.
What shouldyou do to reduce the pollution as much as
You are Sen.Off.Deck on a vessel and you have collided
withanother vessel which is on fire. What would you do?


Level in the tank to be reduced as much as

possible toreduce/stop any further oil spill.
ofexplosion and offer your assistance to the other


You are Sen.Off.Deck onboard a merchant vessel. During

Alarm the rescue centre and commence searching thenight you have been in a collision with a sail boat and
forany survivors
there are nosigns of life in the water. What would you do?


havereceived a telex from the Cargo Terminal asking if

Two tongue-type/hinged bowstoppers with
your SPMmoorings are according to the OCIMF standard.
fairleads - Capacity
tonsto pick What fittingsmust you have to comply?
Use the winch. Forerunner
and wire 200



upthe slack and stop the wire. One man operating

each.Make the forerunner fast on the bit, releasing You are to release the towing wire with forerunner. You
the eye ofwire and the stopper, lower the wire easy have 3men with you to do the work. How would you safely
by forerunner
carry thisout?
You are towing a vessel. The total length of the tow is
Diamond shape
249.5meters. What daylight signals are to be used?


Maintain course and speed with caution as he is

thegive way vessel
The person may be very pale, and pulse is slow at
firstand weak.
Organise a lookout system. Join up with other
survivalcraft if possible. Stream the sea anchor

whenyou observe a crossing power driven vessel

approximately 8 milesaway at 22 degrees on your port
bow. Bearing steady, what actiondo you take?
You are witnessing someone about to faint. What are
thesymptoms ?
You have abandoned ship in a liferaft. In most cases,
which of thefollowing actions should you generally take?


No, the turning diameter will be increased in


You have made a turning test on full speed in deep water.

You arenow going to make a test in shallow water. Do you
think theturning diameter will be the same?


549 8 tons.


Your crane is designed for Grab Service with a hoisting

load of 16tons including grab weight. Grab weight: 8 tons,
Grab cubic: 10m3. You are going to discharge a cargo of
dry minerals having astowage factor of 0,7 - 0,8 t/m3.

Yes, by putting the rudder hard stb. it will

whenyou put her full astern to stop her. Do you think the
shieldwaterflow to the stb. side of the propeller and rudder willhave any effect while the ship is making
vice versato port, this will effect turning of the ship Your
ship is equipped with 2 different types of grabs, small
and large, with cubic capacities of 5m3 and 10m3
respectively. Maximum crane load for grab service is 16
tons including grabweight. You are going to discharge...1,4

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gofull astern from full ahead the ship is sheering to

Put the rudder hard to port to reduce the water flow starboard. Isthere anything you can do to reduce the
tothe right side of the propeller
change in heading?


She will most likely sheer to starboard and

graduallylose headway

554 It will move aft as the ship slows down

555 Yes, it will give the stern a lift force to starboard
556 Let go starboard anchor 1 - 1,5 shackles
parties,except the Solicitor appointed by your

557 company.
558 The P & I Club's nearest representative.

Search for missing persons. Continue to

monitorsituation and prepare for abandonment in
case itbecome necessary.
Send a distress message and collect survival suits
/thermal bags.

Your ship is equipped with a single, right-handed fixed

screw.Steaming full ahead you reverse the engine to stop
the ship. Howwill the ship react? No wind or current.
Where isthe position of the "pivot point" now? No wind,
rudderis hard to starboard. Will this have any effect on the
nothrusters. What can you do to control your ship in the
firstopportunity a lot of people from outsides parties are
askingquestions. What shall you tell them?
resulted ina heavy oil leakage. Who should be called to
handle pollutionclaims and damages?
Your vessel have been in collision and you are not sure if
yourvessel is sinking or not. How will you handle this
You aretaking in water and you have to prepare for leaving
the vessel.How will you act?

ofabout 2 cables. On your radar screen you can see a

vesselapproaching, the anchorage and the vessel is
heading at yourposition. What will you do?
at themooring. How would you use the tugs, and at which
mooring.How do you want to use the tug and at which
Make fast on the vessel's shoulder to push and pull position?
must acrew man, capable of and ready to operate the
When a Panama Canal pilot is onboard
anchors, be on theforecastle?
Your vessel is moving in Panama Canal waters. When
At all times
must aregular engineer be on watch in the engine room?
Sound three blasts in succession, namely one
short, oneprolonged and one short blast
Pushing on ship's flat side and make fast in the
vesselfor pulling if needed

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