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Teens and E-Cigarettes

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As of 2014 13.4% of American Teen-

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Are they safe?

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agers have tried E-Cigarettes. They

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are attractive to teeangers because

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they come in a variety of flavors in-

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cluding: coffee, mint, candy and fruit

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flavors. Forty states have enacted

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laws to prohibit sales of e-cigs to minors, however, 10 states and D.C.

still permit these sales. They also

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available for purchasing online with-

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out ID.


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What is an ECigarette?

An e-cigarette, or electronic cigarette is a nicotine

delivery system first introduced by a Chinese company in 2004. They are battery powered devices
that come in many shapes and sizes, some look
like a traditional cigarette while others look like
pens or tape recorders. The smoke that is inhaled and exhaled is water vapor. There is no
smoke or flame involved. People report using
them to help them quit smoking, reduce costs
associated with smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, or to replace tobacco cigarettes.
Do E-cigarettes contain nicotine?
Yes, some, but not all contain nicotine. There are
types that the consumer fills a cartridge with a
liquid that contains nicotine. Some liquid vials contain nicotine, others do not.. The amounts of nicotine in the vials varies, this is a safety concern of
electronic cigarettes.


Are E-cigs safe to use?

There is much debate in the health care community about the safety of e-cigarettes. Studies show
that while they are addictive and contain nicotine
they may be a safer alternative for current smokers. The e-cigarettes do not have smoke involved
so there isnt the harm from smoking a traditional
cigarette in which smoke is the MOST damaging
part of the cigarette. Also, the dangerous chemicals that are released when someone uses an e-cig
are a fraction of what they are with a regular cigarette. Its important to remember that just because they are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes

Smoking Cessation

for smoking cessation. Nicotine replacement therapies all carry a risk of causing cancer, however,
the risk is less than that of a regular cigarette.
Can they help me quit smoking?
Currently there isn't FDA regulation on the
amounts of nicotine in the liquids, or consistency.
There is also not an outlined step down plan in
place for using e-cigarettes as a cessation tool as
there is with a patch or nicotine inhaler. With no
data on long-term adverse reactions it is a risk to
use e-cigarettes as a product. It is recommended
to use an FDA approved smoking cessation program like a patch or gum.

it doesnt mean they are 100% safe.

Studies indicate promise in using e-cigarettes as
What are the side effects of e-cigs?
Studies show that short-term side effects are pri-

part of a smoking cessation program, so in the

future there may be an e-cigarette option.

marily a sore throat, or nausea with high amounts

of nicotine.
There is not enough data for long term effects of e
Some studies indicate there is less cancer causing
risk to e-cigarettes, and show that pharmacologically they are similar to a Nicorette inhaler used

We wish you the best of luck

on your journey to being
smoke free.
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