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Telephone: 5985 2864

Email Address: tootgarook.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au

Issue 3

17th February, 2016

Monday 22nd February
Wednesday 24th February
Saturday 27th February
Wednesday 23rd March

St Kilda FC Clinic
District Swimming Sports
Tootgarook Market 3B + 3W rostered on.
School Photo Day


P/T/S Conferences for all year levels have been planned for Tuesday 23rd February. Ten
minute conferences for each student will be scheduled from 2:30pm
To book your preferred conference times, please fill in your booking sheet
and return to school asap.
These conferences are an excellent opportunity to find out more about your
child/rens start to the school year and to learn more about some of the key
learning goals that will form the basis of your child/rens personalised
learning program.

We are very fortunate to have two supervised school crossings to help ensure our
students arrive at, and leave school safely each day.
When using our crossings, its very important that accompanying parents and
guardians model appropriate pedestrian behaviour for our students. To this end,
we seek everyones cooperation to listen carefully to our Crossing Supervisors
and heed their support and guidance. By all working closely together at these
peak times, we aim to optimise the safety of all of our students at Tootgarook
every day.


The Department of Education + Training again this year offering the Camps, Sports and Excursions
Fund of $125 per child which is to be used towards school camps, sports and excursions.

CSEF eligibility will be subject to the parent/legal guardians Centrelink Health Care Card (HCC) or
Pension Card being eligible on 27th January and successfully validated with Centrelink.
Application forms have been sent home with the eldest child in each family. Please
return asap.

Student of the Week

Students will be presented with certificates at next Thursday afternoons assembly.

Prep R Mrs Read Cooper Evelyn-Liardet For always listening in class and for trying so hard to do his best
work. Well done Cooper. Keep it up!
Prep S Miss Staley Sophie Leahy for listening when others are speaking and always remembering to put
your hand up. Well done Sophie.
1A Miss Arnold Loki Wood Welcome to Tootgarook Primary School you are showing an enthusiasm
towards your learning and you are BEING friendly to others.
1P Miss Perkins Callum Woulfe for his interest in our Term topic of comparing the past and the present.
Callum has shared many items with the class including items that show how music has changed over time.
Thank you for BEING an investigator!
2B Mrs Baird 2J - Mrs Johnstone Bryson Beagley for trying his best in all activities. Bryson has settled into Year 2 quickly
and is also very helpful. Thank you!
3B Mrs Bos Mikayla Bailey-Veith for being a reliable and enthusiastic monitor. Well done Mikayla.
3W Ms Walton Hani Mears - for her admirable approach to each task she is given. Hani is a delight to have
in our grade and is a caring friend to her classmates.
4B Miss Broomfield Matthew Hopcroft for a fantastic start to the year. You are a very helpful and kind
member of 4B. Keep trying your best in all that you do! Well done!
4F Miss Kain Jackson Vis for always smiling and being so helpful in class. You are always trying your best
and completing your work at a high standard.
4/5K Mr Kitchin Bailei Romeril you have started the year as a positive member and leader of grade 4/5K.
Keep up the outstanding work. Well done.
5/6M Miss McGhee Max Holbery - for using his mapping skills which lead his group around Sovereign Hill.
Well done Max, you showed the RICH school values throughout the entire camp.
5/6Q Miss Quintin It was a pleasure to have you in The best group in the world on our Sovereign Hill camp
Zak Williams. I was pleased you won the Max trophy during our education session because you listened
carefully and used your initiative. Keep it up Zakaroo!
Art / Craft Miss Davey - Lola Cooke - 1A - Well done Lola on your splatter painted garden. You have worked
hard on mastering some new techniques in art. Keep up the great work!
Music -Mrs Young
P.E. Miss Daley Asia Scollo 2B Asia has showed great sportsmanship this year. She is a very good
listener, team player, respectful, honest and should be very proud of herself. Well done Asia
Indonesian Prep Gr 4 Ms Lee Grace Bell 3W for her active listening skills. Grace participated with
enthusiasm in Indonesian this week, showing respect to our visiting Indonesian Teacher. She listened carefully
and tried her hardest with her pronunciation. Well done Grace.
Indonesian Gr 4 Gr 6 Mrs Clements -

News from the Indonesian classroom.

This year Tootgarook Primary School will have an Indonesian Assistant, during Indonesian classes for
the prep to class 4 students. Last year in conjunction with Rosebud Secondary College, I applied for a
grant from the Victorian Government. Only 7 assistants were funded in the whole state of Victoria
and we were lucky enough to secure a language assistant. It will be a great opportunity for the
language development. Ayu is a 23 year old University Graduate who majored in Languages and
English Teaching. She is from Bandung in West Java. Please make her feel welcome when you see her
on the School grounds. It is her first Overseas trip away from her family.
Amanda Lee, Indonesian Teacher.


Sovereign Hill Camp 5/6

On Wednesday 10th February the grade 5/6 students went to the Sorrento ferry with our parents and
our luggage.
We went up the stairs and went in the lounge area and
cruised for 45 minutes until we got to Queenscliff.
It took a long time! When we got to Sovereign Hill we got off
the bus and we got our bags and went down the stairs and
then we went into our
cabins and we all set up
our beds. When it was
time for our activities,
we went in our groups
and left. We first looked
around and went to a smelting demonstration. Next, we went off
and had another look around in the lolly shop and other
interesting shops and
then we went to the New
York bakery and had dinner. We had chicken with vegetables.
After that we went to the Victorian theatre to watch a
pantomime which was fantastic!
The next morning, we woke up, brushed our teeth and went
outside to the grassy hill. The girls waited 10 minutes (or
more) for the boys to come! Then we had activities all day.
Sovereign Hill was nothing like we had seen before. It looked
just like the goldfields would have looked like in the 1850s.
We went to Blood on the Southern Cross that evening. It was
The next morning, we woke up and went to the Sovereign Hill Caf to have breakfast. After that we
went to the Geelong Waterpark! It was super fun! We got back on the bus and went on the
Queenscliff ferry home. We would like to thank Kerry Hazendonk, Maura Harbour, Adam Kelly, Melisa
Peterson and Graham for coming along on our camp. We had SUCH a good time!

Thank you for your Book club order.
On Tuesday I placed an order for 135 books for Tootgarook Primary
School. Hopefully the books will arrive soon and Ill deliver them to the
Once again thank you for your support- Jacqui Waycott


Running has started on Tuesday and Thursday morning 8-8.45am Last year we had lots of
children, younger siblings and parents attend. This valuable community service can only
run with the assistance of parent helpers and volunteers. If you could assist on a
Tuesday and/or Thursday morning from 8-9am with keeping track of laps and writing
certificates could you please let the school office know. Thankyou

The following dates are for all Catholic children who are ready to receive the following
Sacraments for the first time:
Sacrament of Reconciliation Wednesday 4th May, 7pm
Sacrament of Eucharist Sunday 21st August at the 10am Mass.
Sacramental Classes for Government children for the Sacraments of Reconciliation will
commence at St Josephs School in Term 2. Enrolments are being taken now. Please let the
Presbytery know (59844374) or email Eileen with your details
Classes are scheduled for First Reconciliation on the following dates and times:
Wednesday 13th April 3.45pm 4.45pm
Wednesday 20th April 3.45pm 4.45pm
Wednesday 27th April 3.45pm 4.45pm
Wednesday 4th May 3.45pm -4.15pm (Rehearsal )
The Sacrament will be received at 7pm on the 4th May
Details will follow in Term 2 regarding Classes for the Sacrament of Eucharist (First