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This warrant orders long-term confiscation and forensic analysis of ALL

Walmart properties including: Walmart U.S.,

Sams Club, and Walmart International
until all available means of search and analysis are exhausted and until their evidentiary value has been
determined to be non-existent at a Natural Law evidentiary hearing. Focus of analysis is evidence of
human remains, body fluids or remnants in, around, and beneath facilities, freezers, floors, ceilings,
roofs, tunnels as well as any other items of forensic interest anywhere near or around stores, facilities,
corporate offices, branches, storage facilities and ALL WALMART RELATED assets & properties.
Militia and National Guard are deputized to carry out this warrant.
BE IT KNOWN that as of December 1, 2014, under the court decision of August 25, 2014 that convicted
the United States Corporation and their officers of fraud, extortion, human trafficking, involuntary
servitude, murder, high treason, and crimes against humanity, all corporate governmental powers and
authority are nullified and all corporate law enforcement personnel are hereby ordered to
immediately STAND DOWN. Attempts to delay or inhibit this investigation results in immediate arrest and
WHEREAS the Armistice & Accord of Novermber 22, 2013 states that all inhabitants of Earth are
Heirs of Creation; and
WHEREAS through the Letters Patent of December 15, 2013, a wholly indemnified court, the
Court of Ages, was established; and
WHEREAS the will of each Heir of Creation is assured by the law of nature; and
WHEREAS the conditions set forth by the Heirs of Creation, through court order, in the Armistice &
Accord of Novermber 22, 2013 have been breached; and
WHEREAS clause six of the Armistice states: Breaches of these clauses shall result in reprisals;
WHEREAS, according to International Law, a reprisal is an act of restoration, short of war, for
damage or loss suffered; and
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Court of Ages on behalf of ALL Heirs of Creation that
the will of the Heirs of Creation be fulfilled and immediate action taken to carry out this search
and seizure.
I am satisfied that there is probable cause for this warrant and that IMMEDIATE ACTION is in the
best interest of the safety and well-being of humanity.
Order issued this first day of August, 2015. Return on Service Requested: CourtofAges@mail.com

Cindy Kay Currier

Justice, Court of Ages
Ombudsman, Respublica of Earth