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Burning Seed is an experimental

gathering dedicated to creativity,
collaboration and a gifting community
conceived, built, run and returned to
nothing again by YOU. Ten principles
guide this special something we call a Burn.
People new to Burning Seed often assume that a
Burn is like a festival: a mostly passive experience
where event producers organise everything and you
just need to pay and rock up. Heres my ticket
now feed me, entertain me and clean up after me.
Instead, a Burn is created by its participants,
not for them.
Together, we pool our resources, skills, ideas and
imagination to create the funding, the city, the
entertainment and the experience itself. Its a week
filled with art, Theme Camps, gifting, performances,
crewing, music, fire and more. We also take care of
our day-to-day needs and the environment while were
there and when we leave.

It is this very act of collaboration and participation that

makes Burning Seed special, and our week culminates
with the burning of the Effigy and the Temple before
the city returns once more to forest.
As an official regional Australian Burn, we follow in the
footsteps of Burning Man, which began life on a San
Francisco beach in 1986 and has been taking place in
Nevadas Black Rock Desert since 1991. You can find
out more (and ooh over the pictures) at
But while we are part of the greater global family
called Burning Man, we still call Australia home and
were looking to build our own world here.

Join in and help us build it!



Our community is committed to

a radically participatory ethic. We
believe that transformative change,
whether in the
individual or in society, can
occur only through the medium
of deeply personal participation.
We achieve being through doing.
Everyone is invited to work.
Everyone is invited to play.
We make the world real through
actions that open the heart.


Burning Seed is devoted to acts

of gift giving. The value
of a gift is unconditional. Gifting
does not contemplate a return
or an exchange for something of
equal value.


We encourage the individual to

discover, exercise and rely on his
or her inner resources.


Immediate experience is, in many ways, the most important touchstone

of value in our culture. We seek to overcome barriers that stand between
us and a recognition of our inner selves, the reality of those around us,
participation in society, and contact with a natural world exceeding human powers. No idea can substitute for this experience.


Our community values creative cooperation and collaboration.

We strive to produce, promote and protect social networks,
public spaces, works of art and methods of communication
that support such interaction.


We value civil society. Community members who organise events should

assume responsibility for public welfare and endeavour to communicate
civic responsibilities to participants. They must also assume
responsibility for conducting events in accordance with
Australian laws.


Our community respects the environment. We

are committed to leaving no physical trace of
our activities wherever we gather. We clean
up after ourselves and endeavour, whenever
possible, to leave such places in a better
state than when we found them.


Anyone may be a part of Burning Seed. We

welcome and respect the stranger.
No prerequisites exist for participation
in our community.


Radical self-expression arises from

the unique gifts of the individual.
No one other than the individual or a collaborating group can determine its content.
It is offered as a gift to others.
In this spirit, the giver should respect
the rights and liberties of the recipient.


In order to preserve the spirit of gifting, our

community seeks to create social environments that are unmediated by commercial
sponsorships, transactions or advertising.
We stand ready to protect our culture from
such exploitation. We resist the substitution
of consumption for participatory experience.

These are the core values that guide the event and make the Burner community tick.

Anything and everything. There are no booked bands or main stages.

Everything you see, touch, taste, smell and experience at a Burn is
dreamed up, created and gifted by participants.
So, it can include music, art, theatre, workshops, healing spaces,
tea houses, fetish temples, fire: whatever creative space people
and YOU want to make.
You can find out who is doing what in our What Where When guide,
which is handed to each participant as they arrive. Once published,
it will also be available here: www.burningseed.com/guides-forms

Burn night is the climax of Burning Seed. The

Effigy, which has kept watch over Red Earth
City all week, is set alight on Saturday night as
people gather to watch and phwoarrrr! Theres
fire spinning, performances and for some a
little nudie run around the fire. Others choose to
shake their butts in the many sound camps that
throw their biggest celebrations of the week.

Based on a Burning Man tradition, the wooden art

installation is a place for people to commemorate
their deepest sorrows and greatest joys. Poems,
photos, shrines, letters and mementos are pinned,
posted and penned all over the temple walls. It
stands until Sunday of the event, when it is burned,
allowing participants to bear witness to the release
and renewal that fire brings.

There are many ways you can

You dont have to be an artist to make art, and you dont
have to make art to be involved with it. You can create an
art piece yourself, or join others who are doing the same.
An artwork can be a static object, or an interactive and
visually entertaining piece. Often a standalone creation
that does not require intervention from the artist, Burner
art provides a sense of destination or experiential awakening for participants to explore or engage with.
The ARTery team oversees art at Burning Seed, and it
also manages our small and large art grants. In 2015 the
applications for large grants ($1000-$5000) close 1 June.
Small art grant (up to $1000) close 5 July. You can apply
at http://www.burningseed.com/art/art-grants/
You can also contact them at artery@burningseed.com

Theme Camps
Theme camps are the interactive core of Burning Seed.
They create an ambience and a visual presence,
providing communal spaces for burners to play,
eat, create, meditate, dance, debate and learn. Fun,
frivolous or food for thought, they are open to all and
a gift to those who enter.
If you want to experience the heart of burning, join a
Theme Camp, or combine forces with some friends and
create your own it can be as big or small as you like. Or
contact themecamps@burningseed.com to ask about
our Adopt a Burgin initiative. (Burgin = Burner virgin) For
more info go to www.burningseed.com/themecamps



Crewing is one of the best ways to participate at

Burning Seed before, during and after the event. We
depend on the passion, support and drive of community crew to not only come on board and help make
Red Earth City a safe, happy and healthy place, but to
challenge us to stage the best event that we can. We
are all doers in our do-ocracy.

Gifting is also a basic way in which you can participate.

Think about a skill you have and how you might share
that. You could be the mistress of massages, the prince of
poi or the countess of cupcakes show others the ropes
or offer them around. Or perhaps your call is to create and
disseminate a badge, a sticker or any token of your affection.

If you would like to find out more about participating as a community crew member, please visit www.

But you can also gift

in a simpler and more
fundamental way. Youve
over-catered for dinner
one night. Why not invite
your camp neighbours
over for a bite? The chai
tent seems to be fullsteam ahead with serving but the pile of dirty
cups is getting out of
control. Why not jump in
and give them a hand?


Whats in store are no stalls. What does that
mean? Radical self-reliance, baby. Youll need
to bring everything necessary to survive for
seven days in an area that can be prone to cold,
wet and wind at this time of year: enough water,
food, shelter, tickets and clothing.
Its all up to you, so confront your survival and
prepare. To understand what you must bring,
please read the survival guide, which is found at

There are no garbage bins at Seed. You are
responsible for your own waste and were all
responsible for keeping our city free of MOOP
(Matter Out of Place).

Every time we say goodbye, we aim to leave the

Burning Seed site exactly as we found it, or even
better. We may call the Matong State Forest home
for a few short weeks, but it is the beautiful yearround home of numerous types of flora and fauna.
Your own garbage bags are du jour!

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