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The political preferences of U.S. religious groups % of U.S. adults in each group who lean toward or identify with the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, or another party/no lean Ind. no. Republican/ Demoerat/ tean/ lean Rep. lean Dem. other Difference Mormon (TH 9% Church of the Nazarene [CS (NAN a9 Evangelical Southern Baptist Convention ngelical Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Evangelical Assemblies of God ‘Evangelical Presbyterian Church In America ee angelica Church of God (Cleveland, Tenn.) 20 2 +26 Evangelical Anglican Church Sy ars oe Mainline Sarina cia imc aia ei Churches of Christ, CO STAN 11 Evangelical American Baptist Churches USA “Ypres Mainline Presbyterian Church (USA.) 2 ao Mainline Evangelical Lutheran Church inAmerica [aS [f/f cc caTcuom +4 Mainline Catholic All US. adults. Episcopal Church Seventh-day Adventist Ss ss et Evangelical Orthodox Christian (SA AAT 10 ai """"""""‘ia ‘Nothing in particular’ Co as ZC! +23 United Church of Christ (SS 27 Mainiine lewish Agnostic Muslim Hindw Buddhist Atheist Church of God in Christ Unitarian Universalist National Baptist Convention 5 SZAMME +82 Historically black Aftican Methodist Episcopal Church Bp a +88 Historically black Source: 2014 U.S. Religious Landscape Study, conducted June 4Sept. 30, 2014. Note: Evangelical, mainline and historically black indicate Protestant tradition of the row group. PEW RESEARCH CENTER