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EIU National Association for Music Education

Meeting Minutes
I. Call to order
President Christina Farley called to order the meeting of the EIU National Association for
Music Education Collegiate Chapter at 7:10 pm on
II. Officer Reports
a) Secretary
No report
b) Treasurer
$50 IMEA Deposit due today
c) Vice President
Thank you to all who participated in the IAEA Art Show
d) President
Scavenger Hunt Sign-up, you must bring an item to share (finalized schedule
by Wednesday, November 11th)
Sign up for Lakewood Assisted Living dates
Sign-up for Lakewood Assisted Living Holiday Music on December 12th
NAfME fundraiser for IMEA
NAfME Care Packages
e) Dr. Larson
For Sure IMEA Sign-up sheet
Deposits due today
III. Topic: Transitioning from Student to Teacher
Nick Schulze
2 jobs
Its okay to say no!
Community band schedules often line up with school schedules
This job is a lifestyle-it is very busy
Talk to other teachers
There are several things you may not think of-parent calls, setting up busses,
instrument repair, etc.
Be open to anything
From another teacher: Some people work to live and some people live to work

Making time for other people and family is important

If you have had a bad day, go talk to another teacher to vent
Play jazz-take improve
Learn guitar or ukulele
It is difficult to teach percussionists with other ensemble members, try to schedule
a separate percussion class if possible
Charity Astrouski
Transferring teaching certificates from Illinois to Wisconsin
Subbed in four districts-different experiences, showed the importance of the
music community
Pay attention to what teachers are doing to teach you
Desires change-wanted to teach 5th grade, but different experiences changed views
Avoid stock drill sets
Make yourself visible
Your administration does not know music
Find a good stress reliever
Keegan Tucker
Student taught where he now directs
Transition from Keegan the choreographer to Mr. Tucker the band director
Was a choral/general music concentration, now teaching band (marching, concert
jazz), general music
Had similar teaching style as the teacher before, kept many of the same practices
Told section leaders-there are things I wont know Be honest!
Talk to other teachers
Explore different ways of grading, different classroom management styles
Incentives for behavior (candy)
No real curriculum set by the school
Stations-be flexible with your teaching methods
Always be prepared to fix an instrument
Its okay to walk away for a few seconds and cool down
How often do you play your instrument?
Modeling for kids, played more first few years, play other instruments for
the kids
What should we take advantage of while we are here?

Marching band, ensemble time-how rehearsals are run, observe more,

methods classes, play a secondary instrument in ESB

IV. Adjournment
President Christina Farley adjourned the meeting at 8:04.
Respectfully Submitted,
Teresa Richard, Secretary of the EIU NAfME Collegiate Chapter