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siemens SpeedStream 5100

siemens SpeedStream 5100

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siemens SpeedStream 5100, adsl modem manual
siemens SpeedStream 5100, adsl modem manual

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Published by: ian bele on Apr 20, 2010
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The Profile Constant IP Address window allows you to require that the profile login window display for
a certain IP address, thereby simplifying surfing and minimizing login prompts. For example, you can set
a static IP address on a network computer, and then enter that IP address as the constant IP for a specific
user profile. As a result, the router will always
assume that the IP address is already logged in
with that user profile.

1. On the Profile Constant IP Address
window, enter the static IP address.
2. To finish configuring this user profile,
click Next.

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