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CG COLEGIO NOSSA SENHORA DA ASSUNCAO ENGLISH WORKSHEET = - _ / Class: A A Letter of Application _Peceptionist | : Receptionist Sa Writing fora 3-star hotel in Brighton, A letter of application is written to apply for a,job and it is usually ‘Atappicant mist speak a we , wo foreign languages. formal. It should refer to the job you are applying ior and it should The *y should have 800d people include information about your qualifications and training, skills and hi experience, qualities and skills ps ats st ast one ience. Good salary and career Prospects. Please send ‘plication Jeter, CV CV and Photograph W: Brighion Sea Howl Brighton A. Look at the letter of application below and match the following headings to the corresponding part of the letter. ef qualifications and experience AP) reason for writing a address written to by closing remark oJ date gysalutation A signature 9 personal qualities 6 sender's address _Wysubscription Brighton Sea Hotee | tow, ssc i ¥ adseest 42, Giiedanns Lane: | y see's B Sen perveg PO ee BN1 34 2rat Febsuosy —> > Dore salutation Dear Sir/Hadlom , | am cating 4 apy dr te ok of epost odie i gone SF tke Brighton Nees of 20% Febuary. from Homdhester Lusiversity Cast lam 23 ra of. | yn si ps2 the nag 4.1 have Been, working, 04 0 Like Hhke opportunity to work, in quai@ickon te ou oe B ord eecieren roceptionsal cong bet. [ Apeak quent Spaniat ond frends ond Kors a bittte se joy smiling, 24 port of feam onil omer miyaety to goo OP aciikes ae friendly ond organived person. levdose o photograph and my Curriadum Vitor amd | woutd be 9 SS. gfod to attend an mteview at omy tne. Yours sincerety D>] | BH oraaste Pout Reyrrotals >| GB Soke Tod « coritiog to Ae Fok! RBIs ie esonks 40 apyly, Rie Mee Bo CE reception He ts yes dd He chdied Holel Henccement Soha Sn'¥.He hos teen wWonkting Ac keeptioc “ein tan Me is Rueedly ond a M3 On BgpRiged ond eras cionk eye is. te specks 3 Rage. Ge and Wa Was eapeminee Gorm sO King 0s © Rxephonct fo an inn B. Answer the questions. 1- Why is Paul writing to the hotel? 4-Is he unemployed? Explain 2-How old is he? 3- What did he study at university? 5- What personal qualities does he mention? 6- Do you think he is suitable for the job? State your reasons C. Choose one of the advertisements and write a letter of application. Life guard Shop assistant For outdoor swimming-pool open 7 days a week. in fashionable new accessories shop. All applicants must have some first aid training ‘All applicants must speak and be at least 18. Must be responsible at least one foreign language. and enjoy working with children, Fall time / parttime, Part time / Full time. Please send application letter, CV Lee Lanier and photograph to: Blackwell Lido, ‘sd ioral ws Acsenarse Pa, Gulwich Road, SE26, London * om * reason for writing * qualifications / experience / skills / qualities / interests * closing remarks USEFUL LANGUAGE WHEN APPLYING FOR A JOB. Introduction: With reference to your advertisement. ; | am writing to apply for the job advertise Development: | have already worked as...; | worked for...; | enjoy...: My favourite hobby is... | studied Conclusion: | am available for an interview; | look forward to hearing from you... A job interview A. the part that few people enjoy about applying for a new job is the interview but it is the most important. Read the advice below about how to do well in job interviews. Before the interview: * Do your homework — check out the company web site and read the job description carefully. The more interest you show the better. * Prepare for typical questions ~ make sure you! know what you will say if they ask you why this jot instead of others. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Why should they employ you? © Om the doy the ckevia> eae fy PDA ges wi, COLEGIO NOSSA SENHORA DA ASSUNGAO ENGLISH WORKSHEET Name: _Yfoogna:da Tboeas Class: A Name: Address: Tel: | Date of Birth: Nationality Education: Completed secondary school in June 2003 with an average of 14 marks out of 20. Subjects taken: Portuguese, English, Mathematics, Economics, Geography, Law, Introduction to Economic and Social Development, Physical Education Cambridge First Certificate, B. Work experience: 2002-2004 2002 2003 Other skills: | Personal Information: Sara Silva Nogueira 120 Blantyre Street, London SW!0 |EG 0207 566 7391 4th June 1986 Portuguese Several babysitting jobs on weekends and school holidays. This included looking after the children of an English couple. Summer job as a waitress in a café by the sea Summer job working as a shop assistant in a clothes shop. Computer skills: working knowledge of Windows XP (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) Fluent in English and Portuguese, some knowledge of French and Spanish. A. Read Sara's CV. In pairs, discuss which job on page 27 is more suitable for her. B. Write a CV for yourself. Use Sara's CV as a model. Gs Colégio Nossa Senhora da Assungao English Worksheet Name: __\beacnido “oe Class: VOCABULARY: CHOOSING A CAREER / JOBS @) complete the sentences. ) If you're looking for a job you may go to a jot cx yt ce or toaca ve er centre. You may also find some help in nc w! decision taken at the moment of parents. speaking ¢} talk about intentions 4) prediction when (analysing the present situation) we are almost sure of what is going to happen. e) prediction about the future 3) [A] The computer is already repaired. So I'm going to finish this work very soon. 4) [@] They'll have to buy a new car next year. This one is very old, 5) [E] Look at this ad! The job seems interesting. Yes, Ill write an application letter, Put the verbs in brackets in the correct future tense. 1) I'm sure they I! covive (arrive) tomorrow. 4) What time sce you -ga'0e_ (go) to the 2) Look at those black clouds. It pins ta cuin job centre tomorrow? @ (rain). - 5) Hei} 25s,(probably / do) another exam 3) Are you going to the shopping centre? next year. He failed it this year. Yes, tam, Then} _l_g0 _ (go) with you. }) CONDITIONAL TYPE | ed @ took atithe pictures and write the sentences. Conditional type I. write / application letter / be called for an interview another one 1) te he wails an aplicction 2) 2 We emis the baw 3) 20 be! cost gel tw Late zi Roo toot oviie on time | | Lae ll £8 conde ore, on fokeevitd Bor Lhe inteoview Complete the sentences. WU soll ey (have) more money if | ck (get) a part-time job. 2) IF they oct ost (not / get ) a job they like, they _.'l cx (feel) unhappy. 3) She oii! acl. (get) a job more easily if she! \.n. (have) good qualifications. se" co (co Colégio Nossa Senhora da Assuncao . English Worksheet Class: A Name: kx VOCABULARY: JOBS ® t's difficult to choose our future career, especially with all the new professions... Match the definitions with the professions. Definitions Jobs _) 1) A person whose job is to write for print and the web. © a) Environmental Planner 2) A person who makes sure that nature and buildings go together. < b) Events Manager 3) A person who checks food production and nutrition management. in | ¢) Landscape Architect 4) A person whose job is to phone people and ask their opinion on | d) Fitness Consultant certain products. 9 5) person whose job it is to organize events to improve business | e) Copywriter communications and develop strategic relationships and links with other businesses. 6) A person whose job is to preserve environmental resources and | ) Telemarketer analyse construction impact and recommend alternative plans to minimize negative impact. 7) A person whose job is to assist and give fitness advice on fitness | g) Weekend Producer Programs and exercise equipment and design individual fitness activities. d 8)A person whose job is to decide weekend newscast stories and h) Dairy Consuttant production. o, ® Choose the word or phrase which best completes the sentence by indicating the letters ak orc. 1) To become a lawyer you have to get a university _ a) licence b) degree ¢) training 2) "I'm going totakemy __@) ___'s advice and study harder.” a) school counsellor b) school doctor —_<) school 3) 1t____¢)___about three or four years to get a university degree. a) does b) makes c) takes 4) My mother is unemployed and as we need more money | need to find a___a)__job in the morning and go to school at night. a) part-time b) full-time ¢) time 5) 15\__ of school is not a solution. A good education is important for our future. a) Giving up b) Dropping out ¢) Leaving Ns y2 ADJECTIVES + PREPOSITIONS Circle the correct preposition. Are you worried __©\_ your final exams? a)in b) of ¢) about 2) He's going to be a photographer. He's always been interested a) __ photography. a) in b)on cat 3) The school counsellor said ! was very good __<)__languages. | could get a language course. a)on b) for oat 4) He's quite capable __ doing a better job. a) of b) with ©) about GRRE oeresent perrect @) Fi 1) 've worked here___@o —_ three months, 2) She's shown interest in History and Geography since 3) Simon has been responsible for the school newspaper school. the blanks with for or since. she was a little girl he began secondary since 4) "I've been at my computer_@.-_ five long hours! I'm exhausted." PRESENT PERFECT AND PAST SIMPLE @ Present Perfect or Past Simple. Put in the correct form of the verbs in brackets. 1)" Hove tox dcisted (you / decide) to drop out of school?” "No.| haven't.|_Yxsn't sade (not / make) up my mind yet." 2) Last year our class _ 1 weiss herd _ (visit) a professional school. 3) "-Hox_she dhcsen (she / choose) her future job?" "Yes,she ac ‘She wants to become a fashion designer.” 4) They ayeo! | Grishas(not / finish) their training. They are only in their second year 5) I Soaue ncss(already / choose) what | want to do in the future. @® Complete the sentences with the Present Perfect or Past Simple of the verbs in brackets. ‘The words in bold can help you decide. Emma __ decide (decide) to get a part-time job last year. She {\___ (tell) her parents about her decision. They _ aac (not / say) no. Her father _ (be) out of work then. Emma va. ses (be) a delivery girl for six months now. She nas snade __ (make) new friends at Pizza Hut and she _\o. (learn) to drive a motorcycle! She at_ (go) to a party a week ago. Her new friends _« (want) to organize a surprise party for Je her 17th birthday. set cow LEGI@ N@SSA SENHORA BA ASSUNCA® As x ENGLISH WORKSHEET Name: sroocoitn Class: \y4e Cultural spot Se pls have exams at the end of the schoo! == High school students in the USA have a ysis. The results go into their reports. But © === specific designation according to the year pupils always go up to the next year; you don't they are in usually repeat a year in a British schoo 418 year ~ freshman, 3°4 year — junior 24 year — sophomore ath year - senior Ach Reading Higher Education in Britain and the USA Higher Education in Britain agi There are over a hundred. universities all ov a Candidates are selected Se according to the results they get in thelr Aclevels and in some cases they have to . MEAs attend an interview: The ‘Open University ‘exists for adults who do not have these formal qualifications but want to obstain’a degree or for mature students who work. 5 ‘To obtain a degree students usually have to study for three years, although some degrees like medicine (five to seven years) and foreign: languages (four years as some courses iniclude a year abroad) take longer. After three years the students receive a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Science (BSc) degree. To get'an MA or ‘MSc (Master of Arts or Science) ora PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) they must study: for longer. ‘Many students go to universities fe from their hare, They ler lve'on the campus. n halls of residence or rent flats in town, To pay fees many students get a loan. which they: uBt payback wher -they start working. Higher Education in the United States There’ are about 3,000 colleges: and universities in the USA. To apply for tollege students have to write letters, send in forms and go in for aa interview. © During the fitst two years at college, students follow general courses and ‘then: choose a major, which they concentrate on. At the end they get a 5 Bachelor's degree. But this is usually not endugh for the job they want so they go on fortwo more years to get a Master's degree, After that they can go on fo: get a PhD-0 tedomeneore oe ee The cost of higher education in the US is high, Many students apply for a scholarship of choose colleges supported by the state, which are cheaper. 10 For many going to college also means leaving home. Students live on the campus or rent apartments together Decide if the sentences refer to Britain, the USA or both. 1- There are about 100 universities. 2- There are about three thousand universities and colleges. 0: wa 3- Students are selected mainly according to their grades. e«' 4- Students are selected according to the information on their application forms and the interview. us 5- You can get a BA in two years. use 6- To become a doctor you have to study for up to seven years. 7- if you study languages you are expected to spend a year in the country of the language you are learning. 8- Going to university is very expensive. 1% /Be:\.) 9- Most students leave home when they go to university. ©, / usa 10- There is a system of student loans to help young people through university. INS, COLEGIO NOSSA SENHORA DA ASSUNCAO: Z ENGLISH WORKSHEET Name: Ti Raveis ww Class: _A Sara is an 18-year-old Portuguese girl who decided to go to England to improve her English, meet new people and earn some money. She is looking for a job in the newspaper. Look at the advertisements she has select ® © Ue Ue ile) Oa Oe aa eal Soteeeatrnteteat oP Need ajo that gives you ABs Dar elt gre sae a ‘Aexibility for travelling, parying Sa eee st, yet pave on avorace fh ti aon ‘wou you re isan pilaaerncnnpead aac Tossa ot mite ltt mal ca cal ae 09528 Pmicatr acconmacoion Lifegua Liat ea Codes spar ea A en F/T SHOP ASSISTANT required ASAP at wonderful thriving For Borkshiro Based Company Director Mw Wighbarhoed Ps Racor Node Office & PC skis, Driving Licence. Chiron Aternative Wook-ond 8 holkays | WARING & BaR ‘To £25,000 pe | ears ot enh) i east Yt ‘Contact - FOCUS EXECUTIVE LTD Tita nd Please phone Chige on : CALL NOW | sees 029 7381 4005 / foie 020 7301 0003 | A, Abbreviations are commonly used in advertisements. Match the abbreviations from these job adverts with their meaning. 1- ASAP. a) personal computer 2-F/T b) as soon as possible 3- PA ©) per year (from latin per annum) 4- PC ) full time 5- pa ————>e) personal assistant B. Read the advertisements carefully and fill in the table. REQUIREMENTS e CONDITIONS OFFERED. A B c le | Ga