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To Whom It May Concern,

It is with great pleasure that I have been asked to complete a recommendation for my
colleague, Courtney Lord. I am ecstatic for her willingness to challenge herself with this new
venture, and further her learning process. Courtney and I have been working very closely over
the past year, here at InterAmerican Academy, in Guayaquil, Ecuador. As you know, she is the
middle school Language teacher, and I the middle school Science teacher.
Courtney and I have completed extensive interdisciplinary project based learning
activities during our short time together. Our school is currently working towards becoming the
first school in South America with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)
accreditation, and thanks to our joint efforts we have been able to provide substantial evidence to
ensure our programs are working in an interdisciplinary nature. She has been fully committed to
students sustained learning through interconnectedness of subject materials. I am also
completely aware that she has stretched her own boundaries through learning new topics related
to science, in order to complete these much needed projects. Some examples of this include but
are not limited to the workings of solar panels and the weather phenomena caused by El Nino.
Not only are her efforts beneficial to the school; but most importantly, they are highly respected
by students who feel their class materials have more meaning and value to them.
Another aspect in which Courtney has been very dedicated is through extracurricular
activities, most particularly service learning projects. She goes above and beyond with her time
and resources to guarantee that her students and those being served are benefiting. In Courtneys
most recent project her 7th grade students helped raised over $700 in funding for a childrens
cancer rehabilitation center. This was not a requirement from our school nor something required
in her contract, but rather a cause she was devoted to and this inspired her students to be
dedicated as well.
Apart from this, as a person, Courtney is extremely dedicated. I know as a new teacher
she had to learn the ropes on her own, per-se, as we do not have a mentor program at our school.
I am also mindful to the fact that she feels strongly on gaining greater skills in the field of
leadership, through this program, so that she can help teachers who may find themselves in
similar situations to the one she was in when she first arrived in Guayaquil. Courtney is already a
leader in our community through here involvement in STEM initiatives and her endless devotion
to extracurricular activities with the students; this program would strengthen her qualities.
Please feel free to contact me if any further information is needed, as I would be happy to speak
on Courtneys behalf.
Caitlin OLeary M.A.
Science Academic Coordinator
Middle and High School Science Teacher