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GILLEN PTI DELGADO Tr CAL UY ea PAN tele DELGADO ne Pa * ai) Lh a rte ad aN) 3 Chaos grips the Galactic Empire. After the destruction of THE DEATH STAR, the disgraced Sith Lord, DARTH VADER was demoted ta Bird DE rd col Emperor fad) yn ee aed ram ee re Ue ee td Pe ae) Le ay danger. . eee to the Emperor, Vader is quietly pursuing his rei interests: Bait mysterious (Force-strong” pilot who CCT dee eM mo eee mila Colm Cette Trt ee conspiring lta the ale Tee AR ee eT. secret forces. Wader recruits «droid . archaeologist DOCTOR APHRA to-do so - and she leads the fallen Jedi ba the old. Pele en Li GEONOSIS.... rae te MT ETUC LUT Mme Dey Ur) Pars fen iels ' area At su CEE apt ead Ney PNA sseam te yl Soc “i AL a arene ey rd eC ae Tt od : aS , Sema aie a Pea mae SUE CSA aT as 4 eV] A) Ny ee \ ea Ne. sd A Se errr tee rights, in the United States and other OS Inia og ear countries, of Lucasfilm Ltd. and/or its affiliates. © & TM Lucasfilm Ltd. characters, persons, and/or institutions. in this magazine with those of any living or-dead person or institution ecm ere e rc aie aR omer ne ero m Tm AAS rmnot SOCAN FoR AN SOUT TWO FOR AN DROIDS. gs ARMY AND WE SHOULD Bm HAVE POWER TO.