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Friends, products, rewards and fun!

You have a unique opportunity to become an Arbonne Host and earn exclusive rewards when you gather friends to learn about
Arbonne and experience our botanically based products. You and your friends will have fun learning and shopping for Arbonne
products; plus, the more everyone shops, the more rewards you earn.

Hosting a Group Presentation is a social event! You can plan a friends night out for an evening of relaxation and pampering. Do a
casual Sunday afternoon get together, grab a latte with a group of friends, or schedule a lunch hour Presentation with colleagues.
At your Presentation, youll receive advice and recommendations for skincare, cosmetics, or nutrition and wellness specially tailored
to the interests of your group. Better yet, everyone can try samples of the Arbonne products presented before making any purchases.

Ask your Arbonne Independent Consultant for more Group Presentation ideas!

Oh, the rewards

We love our Hosts, and we value the time and effort involved in hosting a Presentation. As a thank you, we offer our Hosts generous
rewards, including free Arbonne products, as well as incredible discounts on qualifying Presentations.

You can use your rewards to try new Arbonne products or get your favourites the choice is yours. Arbonne Hosts are rewarded in
four ways, based on the total Qualifying Volume (QV) for your Group Presentation and a minimum of three orders.

Heres how it all works

35 Free Product

50% Discount

65 SRP for 20

Host Order
Free Shipping


1 product


1 product

65 value for 20


2 products

130 value for 40


3 products

195 value for 60



4 products

260 value for 80



5 products

325 value for 100


Total Group
Presentation QV


Note: Rewards cap at 1,250 QV.


Arbonne Host Rewards Programme

Terms and Conditions
A minimum of three orders with unique Arbonne
(whether Client, Preferred Client or Independent
Consultant) must be placed through the
programme for the Host to qualify for rewards.
Host Rewards cap at 1,250 QV.
Guest orders processed through the Host Rewards
Programme are not eligible to earn the 65 for 20
promotion. This is only available to the Host as a
Host Reward. Guest orders must be placed within
10 days of the Group Presentation date.
Host Rewards can only be used toward regular
price products and cannot be used in conjunction
with other product promotions, such as Purchase
with Purchase and products with reduced QV.
In addition, Host Rewards may not be used in
conjunction with one another (for example, a Host
cannot use the 65 for 20 reward to purchase
the 50% discount reward product).
Host Rewards must be redeemed in one order
within 17 days of the Group Presentation date.
Unused Host Rewards will be forfeited and cannot
be redeemed at a later date.
Standard VAT rates apply. Standard shipping
applies on all Group Presentation orders. If the
Group Presentation total QV is 500 or more,
the Host will receive free shipping for products
selected as the Host Rewards.

It is illegal for a promoter or participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a
scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved. Arbonne Europe Srl (Arbonne) of Bsch 71, Postfach 683, CH 6331
Hnenberg, Switzerland, is the promoter of this direct selling opportunity in the United Kingdom. The goods which are sold under this opportunity are
skincare, colour cosmetics, and wellness products produced or supplied by Arbonne and such other goods or services as Arbonne may market from
time to time.

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