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Project Instructions- World Travel Unit 6

You have won a $3500 grant to visit a Spanish-speaking country. Before you can go, a committee needs to
make sure the money will be spent wisely on costs directly related to your travel. You are preparing an
informative visual report for them, that needs to include the following details in Spanish.
Each student will research the country assigned to him/her. You must include the following pieces of

My assigned country is _______________Panama_______________

Each student will research the country assigned to him/her. You must include the following pieces of

Most recent population count __________________________3,990,406_____________ (year

What form of monetary currency do they use? ______Panamanian Balboa__________
Look up the exchange rate. How much of their currency would you get if
you traded in $100?

Do they measure distance in miles or kilometers?

List at least 3 of its largest cities Also list population of each.
_Panama City , Panama 408,168
_San Miguelito , Panam 321,501
_Tocumen , Panam

List 3 major tourist attractions & briefly explain what it is. (could be popular places or events)
__RED FROG, BOCAS DEL TORO: A beautiful beach area where wildlife

__Campana: Panamas very first national park.

__Cerro Azul: A place away from panama city that has a quiet and peaceful

What time zone is the country located in? ________Eastern Standard Time
How many hours ahead or behind our time? Ex: if its midnight here, what time is it there?


Total time difference= ________________1___ hour ahead

Cost of plane ticket- Leave from the closest airport to San Antonio with a direct flight to your

destination. You want the cheapest price with the least amount of travel time (including layover or drive time).
Avoid switching airlines unless absolutely necessary. Date you choose to leave San Antonio_____November

Airline with least expensive flight: ___Copa (operated by united)

Total price (with taxes and fees) of a flight to your country $704 round trip
Fees for checked baggage? Explain __Baggage fees when purchased at the

airport (Prices may be cheaper if purchased online with Aeromexico)

Carry on:

No fee

1st checked bag:

No fee up to 23 kg

2nd checked bag:

No fee up to 23 kg
City Airport flight departs from: _San Antonio Intl.__ time of departure 12:45
Change planes? _yes (Aeromexico 633 to Aeromexico 7919 Layover duration 11 hours, 46

Arrival time at final destination 1:35PM Total travel time: 17 hours,45 minutes


Look at hotels in your destination city. List 2 choices that are drastically different from one


Name of hotel _Hyatt Place Panama City Distance from airport _11.2 miles Cost per

night (into US dollars!) $_____________92___ Circle the statements that apply:

bedroom has

private bathroom air conditioning in room non-smoking room bus to/from airport

Name of hotel _Wyndham Panama Albrook Mall _ Distance from airport __________13

miles__________ Cost per night (calculate into US dollars!) $________119________ Circle the
statements that apply:

bedroom has private bathroom air conditioning in room non-smoking room

bus to/from airport

Look at youth hostels in your destination city.
Name of hostel _Hostel Villa Vento Surf__ Distance from airport ________13
miles____________ Cost per night (calculate into US dollars!) $_____14___________ # of people per

room? ____4___ air conditioning in room bus to/from airport

Which one is best to stay in? Explain why you came to this conlcusion: ___Hyatt Place in

Panama City is the best. It has the best location and is very reasonably priced
Describe 3 options to travel around while you are visiting the city. How much does it typically

1. Casco Viejo costs $64 to tour around

2. Gamboa Rainforest Resort Monkey Island Tour costs $35
3. El Chorro Macho, El Valle de Anton will cost a hefty $230 for the tour
What restaurants are rated highest? Choose 3 vastly different restaurants in the city to eat at. 1

should serve traditional food from the country.

1. La Vespa costs from $10-30 a person. This ones rated #1 on the top restaurants
in Panama

2. Segundo Muelle is ranked #4. This place does local foods. Its pricey, though, at

a range from 10 to 100 dollars per person.

3. Madrigal is rated #2 on the list. It serves mediterranean food for an average of

$50 per person.

What places will you visit? Give details from each of the categories below.
Museum: Panama Interoceanic Canal Museum. This museum is in Panama City
in the Casco Viejo district, not the canal, despite its name.
Concert: (Concert Hall) Teatro Nacional is an old and beautiful concert hall. Tours
around the local area are ridiculously expensive, so decide your own tour. The hall itself is old

yet timeless, providing the perfect atmosphere for a night concert full of skilled orchestras and

Cultural event/ celebration : Fiestas Patrias On November 10 the Cry of

Independence of La Villa de los Santos (1821) and December 28 Panama's independence from
Spain (1821) are when this takes place
Historical site 1: Casco Viejo is one of the few old buildings of Panama that
stands strong against the threat of being teared down for more living space and large buildings.
A great place to walk around and take pictures.
Historical site 2: Of course, you can't forget about the Panama Canal. Its an
engineering marvel, operating since 1914
Outreach/ community involvement: Kalu Yala Environment & Community
Internships in Panama. This will give you an opportunity to get a hands-on experience in
entrepreneurial business development in Panama City.
outdoor/ adventure activity: Literally called Adventuras Panama, this water sports
and adventure based activity group allows you to enjoy the fun of snorkeling and kayaking
while providing tours and easy travel between locations.
Internet cafe- place to report your discoveries online (your cell phone will not
work) Gaucho's Steak House has free wifi and reasonably priced food.