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low through the IP and HP coupressore over the ‘angle of the IP compressor inlet guide vanes vanes is varied to match compressor conditions» is vented from both compressors through four IP and ihtes EP bleed valves at low engine speed. Varying the angle of inlet guide vanes and the stage 1 and 2 stator vanes to match compressor conditi ‘a VIGV/VSV Control Unit ne diaplayed on the 2/WD screen on the |. Bleed atr off-takes (¥ig 2) Air 12 tapped from delivery of the IP and HP compressors and ducted, ‘duct. This IP/HP air is through a pre-cooler, to the aircraft services used for the Environmental Control System (ECS), wing anti~icing, and for erose-bleed engine starting. Whenever the IP pressure falls below,the value IP air ie used normally. required to maintain the aireraft services, that is, at lov engine power. the High Pressure Valve (HPV) opens and provides HP air to maintain system supply pressure and temperature. Re bleed air off-take duct