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riginal Message— From: HOFFMAN, CHARLES R CMSgt USAF PACAF 18 WG/CCC Sent: Tuesday, March 08, 2016 4:21 PM To: Kadena Commanders - All; Kadena Chiefs Subject: COMMANDER ACTION ITEM SUSPENSE 30 March: Course 15 Completion Importance: High Commanders and Chiefs, BLUF: Completion rates across Team Kadena are still extremely low. ONLY 149 ‘out of 1049 Course 15 eligible NCOs are complete and GTG, This means that 900 NCOs are incomplete with 4 months to go. Further, the education office can only test about 50/week...about 200 tests per months. Without intervention, and movement on this issue, demand will outstrip completion capacity. Inaction will become a readiness issue and the consequences will become a ‘Asa reminder, career ramifications for non-completion within ication are as follows: “According to the Air Force Guidance Memorandum to AFI 36-2301, Developmental Education, paragraph A2.2.1.2, failure to enroll, complete, and pass the assigned DL course within one year renders Airmen ineligible for reenlistment or promotion until this requirement is met. If the required EPME DL course is not completed within 12 months of the myPers notification, AFPC will automatically code Airmen as ineligible to reenlist/extend and are ineligible for promotion until the requirement is met. Per AFI 36-2502, Enlisted Airman Promotion/Demotion Programs, para 18, “when individuals are rendered ineligible for promotion, they cannot test, cannot be considered if already tested, and projected promotion will be canceled.” A promotion sequence number will not be reinstated upon DL course completion, NOTE: To remove the ineligibility codes, Airmen must ‘complete their DL courses and then work through their chain of command with ‘AFPC @ 180-525-0102 to have the code removed from their records." Although a member can automatically extend, this will only extend their course enrollment. Once the year has expired, they will be coded in the personnel system for the aforementioned sanctions. INFO: 16. As of February, 80% of Course 15 eligible were enrolled compared to 72% in Sept. The attached excel document includes separate worksheets: who is enrolled in Course 15, who is eligible for Course 15 broken down by TIS (7 - 12 years TIS) & (12+ years TIS) as well as the EPME Notification worksheets sent last week. Tab 1 is the by eligible specifics on their progress (THOSE IN RED on TAB 1 are COMPLETE). Tab 2 indicates by unit enrollment. Other Tabs are additional data breakout. in the attached document are the Course 15 statistics as of Feb ACTION: Dovetailing on BG Cornish’s comments at KTSM and after discussion with Col Amrhein, Sq Commanders and Chiefs (or senior enlisted equivalent) will review this attached data together and ensure non-complete Course 15 eligible NCOs are fully aware of their responsibility for completion. An MER detailing the consequences as outlined in the BLUF above is required. By 30 March, 18th Wing Sq Commanders or the Senior Enlisted Airman in the Chain will document a face to face discussion with ALL Airman not complete with Course 15 on this list via an MER (This is recommended to our partner units). The MER will document the face to face discussion and the ‘consequences of failing to complete course 15 and the (MFR is to be placed in their PIF, Report MFR requirement completion to Col Amrhein and please cc: me by 30 March. Thanks for getting on top of this. vir Chief CHARLES R. HOFFMAN, CMSgt, USAF Command Chief 18th Wing, Kadena AB, Japan DSN: 315-634-1809, Cell 080-2701-9656