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Avamar Specialist Exam for Storage

EMC-EXAM #Time:90 min #Qus:60 Code:#-E20-598

Avamar Management - MR-1CP-AVAM635 Student Guide


Identify EMC Avamar tools for system monitoring, including Backup and Recovery Manager,
maintenance, and capacity management
Integrate EMC Avamar with Data Domain, database/e-mail/clustered applications, NDMP, and
virtual environments
Configure and perform backups and restores
Configure and run EMC Avamar replication solutions
Explain and conduct EMC Avamar server daily maintenance activities
Identify the best practices for configuring an EMC Avamar backup environment

Avamar Fundamentals - MR-1WP-AVAM SRG

Describe the EMC Avamar system architecture, components and processes

Identify EMC Avamar features and functionality

Avamar Fundamentals Document Click

Avamar Virtual Edition Overview_SRG

Explain EMC Avamar Virtual Edition solutions
Identify EMC Avamar features and functionality cu
Avamar Virtual Edition Document click

Practices Test
https://community.emc.com/docs/DOC-17867 New