Date: Wednesday October 15th, 2014

Duration: 30-40 mins (9:009:40)
Unit: English Language Arts
Subject: How to Write a
Persuasive Letter

Cycle Level: Grade 5
Group Size: 22 Students


By the end of this lesson, the students will be able to:
- Understand the components of a persuasive letter
- Write an effective and well written persuasive letter



Smart Board
“How to Write a Persuasive Letter Powerpoint” by Brittany R
Example of a persuasive letter
Paper for students to write persuasive letters on

Subject Competency: English Language Arts (ELA)
- Competency #2: To write self expressive, narrative and information based texts
- Competency #4: To use language to communicate and learn

Cross Curricular Competencies:

Competency #1: Uses information
Competency #3: Exercises critical judgement
Competency #4: Uses creativity
Competency #9: Communicates appropriately

MELS Professional Competencies:

Professional Competency 1: To act as a professional inheritor, critic and interpreter of knowledge or cult
teaching students.

Professional Competency 2: To communicate clearly in the language of instruction, both o
and in writing using correct grammar, in various contexts related to teaching.
Professional Competency 4: To pilot teaching/learning situations that are appropriate to th
students concerned and to the subject content with a view to developing the compete
targeted in the programs of study.
Professional Competency 6: To plan, organize and supervise a class in such a way as to pr
students’ learning and social development.




In the last couple of chapters we have read together of the class novel “Holes” I will ask th
students what is something that Stanley did in connection to his family.
I will ask the students to describe to me why they think Stanley was lying about what he w
doing at Camp Green Lake to this mother. I will explain to the students that we will be wr
our own letters just like Stanley did in the novel.

I will ask the students that if we wrote a letter about what Camp Green Lake is really like
a lot of people come to this camp.

I will then tell the students that they will be writing a persuasive letter that they will write
describe a camp created.

I will explain and go through my powerpoint that I have created for the students to under
what information is needed in order to write a well written persuasive letter about their c
will ask questions about each slide allowing students to brainstorm the different ideas the
include in the creation of a camp.

I will then show an example of a persuasive letter I have written about a camp I have crea
that the students understand exactly how it should be formatted and what must be includ
will ask the students to indicate the following aspects and where in the text they are place
example shown:
- fun introductory sentence


indication of purpose
indication of my desired audience
description of camp
reasons to join camp
action of what action audience should take

After the lesson, students will begin to begin writing their own persuasive letter on the wo
handed to them.

I will assess students by indicating if they have included all the appropriate components o
persuasive letter into their piece of writing.

Students on IEP’s

Students on IEP’s will be able asked to write a letter to a friend or audience just about a d
camp they have created. Instead of evaluating their ability to write a persuasive piece, the
evaluated on their ability to describe the camp that they have created. This allows these st
to still include it as apart of their writing skills and expression of their ideas. It is hard for
students in IEP’s to understand how to make a text persuasive as they will concentrate on
writing and expression skills.

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