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FS 1

Episode 1
Name of FS Student: Charlene A. Paringit
Course: BSED Math
Resource Teacher: Mr.Arnel L.Poja

Year & Section: 2-1

Signature _____________________

Cooperating School Malinta National High School

Your Target
At the end of this activity, you will be competent in determining a school
environment that provides social, psychological, and physical environment supportive of

Your Map
A general observation of the campus and the classroom is an exciting way to start
your observation.
Your mission is to do the following tasks:
3. Visit a school. Look into
facilities and support
learning areas in the
campus, then in the
4. Present your idea of a good
school environment
through any of these:
a) Descriptive Paragraph
b) Photo Essay c) Sketch or
Drawing d) Poem, song, or

2. Accomplish the
checklist as you move
around the school
5. Make a reflection on
the characteristics of a
school environment
that promotes learning.

1. Based on your
gathered data in
the checklist,
describe the

Your Tools
As you move around the campus, activity forms are provided for you to document
your observations. It is advised that you read the entire worksheet before proceeding to
the school site. A good understanding of the activities and tasks to be accomplished in the
activity sheets will yield better learning results.


Familiarize yourself with the different areas and facilities of the school. Check the
column to indicate their availability. Give a brief description of those that are
available on the last column.


Office of the Principal

Counselling Room
Medical Clinic
Audio Visual/Media Center
Reading Center

Speech Laboratory
Science Laboratory


Well ventilated and have an

accommodating ambiance
There are only few books.
Just enough space for few students.
A little bit wide.
Well ventilated and comfortable room.
There are different kinds of books that are
so useful.

There are 6 tables and the apparatuses

were not being displayed.
Theyre only using the barangay

Home Economics
Industrial Workshop Area
PTA Office
Comfort Room for Boys
Comfort Room for Girls
Service Bureau
Publication Office
Registrars Office
Faculty Room
Head Offices


Theyre selling different street foods here.

This serves as the semi-canteen.

Just enough for 3 boys.

There are only two cubicles for girls.

Well ventilated.
Well ventilated.
Relaxing and tidy.
Cosy room.

SSC Office
Computer Laboratory

Clean and well organized room.

Well ventilated and dimly lit but

Others(Please Specify)

An Observation Guide for the CLASSROOM VISIT

Read the following statements carefully. Then write your observation report on the
space provided.
1. Describe the community or neighbourhood where the school is found.
2. Describe the school campus. What colors do you see? What is the condition of the
3. Pass by the offices. What impression do you have of these offices?
4. Walk through the school halls, the library, the cafeteria. Look around and find out
the other facilities that the school has.

Name of the School Observed Malinta National High School

School Address St. Jude Subdivision, Malinta, Valenzuela City
Date of Visit: February 15, 2016
Malinta National High School is beside the barangay Gymnasium and La
Consolacion College. There are 4 buildings inside the school. These were
named Building A, B, C, and D. Building A is a 2 story building and the
walls are painted with beige. Also the building B, C and D were in beige.
In the ground floor of building B we can found the Principals Office,
Registrars Office, Faculty Room, Reading Center, and Publication
Office.In Building C and B can be found the SSC Office, Counselling
Room, Medical Clinic, Canteen, and Home Economics. Over all, the
school is well-organized and clean. Enough for an adequate learning to

An Observation Guide for the CLASSROOM VISIT

Be guided by these tasks as you do your observation. Then accomplish the
matrix to record your data.
1. Look at the walls of the classroom. What are posted on the walls? What heroes,
religious figures, lessons, visual aids, announcements, do you see posted?
2. Examine how the furniture is arranged. Where is the teachers table located? How
are the tables and chairs/desks arranged?
3. What learning materials/equipment are present?
4. Observe te students. How many are occupying one room?
5. Is the room well lighted and well ventilated?


Classroom Facilities
1. Wall Displays

(location, number, arrangement, condition)

They have motivational quotes on the wall.

Prayer before and after the class is also
posted there. Of course the Class Officers,
Top 10 and announcement are there.
2. Teachers Table
It is located in front at the center for the
teachers better view of the students.
3. Learners Desks
Their desks are arranged in rows. Some
desk are
in good condition and not
Name of the School Observed Malinta National
for students use.
School Address St.Jude Subdivision, Malinta,
4. of
Just an ordinary and common blackboard
Visit: February 15,2016
that we see in public schools.
5. Learning Materials/Visual Aids
They use traditional materials like chalk
and manila papers. Theyre also using
Malinta National High School has adequate for learning classrooms.
printed materials.
Though some rooms are not well ventilated because of lack of
electric fan, students can still have cool air from the surroundings.
The school needs to have responsible students for an always clean
room.your observation report here.

Your Analysis
How do the school campus and the classroom in particular impact on the learning of the
students going to school? What are your conclusions?
As a student, we demand for a safe school. We look for the location of it and where we
are comfortable. Students will be more energetic on going to school if their school is a
well-built building and friendly surroundings.
How does this relate to your knowledge of child and adolescent development? How does
this relate to your knowledge of facilitating learning?
There are different factors that can affect the learning of students. As a future teacher, we
should help our students to feel comfortable in the school surrounding for a better
learning to happen.

Your Reflections
1. Would you like to teach in the school environment you just observed? Why? Why

Partly yes. The rooms are just enough for the students to learn well. There are also
only few noise that can distract the students. But my prefer school is having a
well-ventilated rooms. Though we will not be using aircon ,having electrifans
enough for the students to feel fresh is already good.
2. What kind of school campus is conducive to learning?
What kind of classroom is conducive to learning?
A school campus is that is conducive to learning is a kind of school that can
sustain the needs of the students. Like having complete facilities.
A classroom that is conducive to learning is a classroom that is clean and
3. In the future, how can you accomplish your answer in number 3?
I will study the qualities of effective teacher as well as the conducive learning
environment and how we can achieve that.
4. Write your additional learnings and insights here.
Since we will be soon teaching the students on public school, we should learn to
adapt on different changes that we encounter.

My Personal Illustration of an Effective School Environment

For me, an effective school environment is kind of school having complete

facilities. Facilities should be sustainable and available at the time of need. Teachers and
other school administrators should be approachable .Students should be well-disciplined
and friendly. And the location of school should be distant from computer shops offering
only online games and not for educational purposes.